19:29 Ticket #1527 (ntpclient wrongly always uses one-shot sync) reopened by anonymous
Without the -s argument, ntpdate doesn't seem to change the clock. Is this …
18:45 Ticket #1578 (mini_sendmail full name support) created by zandbelt
mini_sendmail 1.3.5 chokes on in-mail To: headers containing full names in …
15:41 Ticket #1577 ([patch] add dt) created by olg
This patch adds "dt": "dt is a generic data test program used to verify …
13:57 Changeset [6914] by florian
Fix postinstallation script errors
11:51 Ticket #1576 (ifdown hotplug call, cfg vs. config) created by framer99
shouldn't $INTERFACE be set to $cfg in ifdown? […]
10:30 Changeset [6913] by florian
Fix airlink image generation tool
10:29 Changeset [6912] by florian
Fix patch doubling
10:13 Changeset [6911] by florian
Fresh fixes for rdc from sn9, thanks !
10:12 Ticket #1575 (add clisp) created by seniorr@…
I don't know if it is even possible, but since we've got ruby, it'd be …
08:50 Ticket #1574 (WDS interface not getting added to bridge) created by mikeyman77
I found a issue with WDS on brcm 2.4 target. I got WDS working on my …
08:41 Ticket #1573 (Update Flite) created by bradkarhu
Here is the update to have flite use shared libraries.
03:02 Changeset [6910] by nbd
fix dependencies for metadata scanning
02:50 Changeset [6909] by nbd
add magicbox 2.0 cf slot support - kmod-ide must not be used on magicbox …
00:56 Ticket #1572 (Please upgrade olsrd to v0.5.0) created by hernanrossetto@…
olsrd 0.5.0 has been released and it contains a lot of patches. More …
00:12 Ticket #1571 (apr package) created by noeoeh@…
here is my apr package, needs testing


23:50 Changeset [6908] by florian
Upgrade iodine
23:22 Ticket #1552 (Syslog started before hostname is set) closed by florian
fixed: Applied [6907], thanks !
23:22 Changeset [6907] by florian
Set hostname before logging (#1552)
23:18 Ticket #1554 (Add kernel support for East European encodings) closed by florian
fixed: Whiterussian is feature-freeze. Added in [6906] to kamikaze
23:18 Changeset [6906] by florian
Enable codepage 1250 support (#1554)
23:12 Ticket #1498 ([PATCH] add kmod-capi) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6905]
23:12 Changeset [6905] by florian
Add ISDN support (#1498)
22:59 Ticket #1533 (Build for iprout2 failes on MacOS X and some other observation) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6904], you will need bison >= 2 to build iproute2
22:59 Changeset [6904] by florian
Fix MacOSX build errors with iproute2 (#1533)
22:36 Ticket #1557 (ntpd needs /etc/services) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6903]
22:35 Changeset [6903] by florian
Create /etc/services for ntp if not existing(#1557)
22:24 Ticket #1494 (psmisc fails to compile with tinfo error) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug.
22:22 Ticket #1542 (yamonenv does not work on the mtx1 cube as of KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, ...) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed in [6902]
22:21 Changeset [6902] by florian
Fix yamonenv errors on accessing environment (#1542)
22:17 Ticket #1529 (Build failure on adm5120 with bluetooth) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6901]
22:17 Changeset [6901] by florian
Enable bluetooth modules (#1529)
22:12 Ticket #1570 (tsocks for openwrt) created by puchu
this is the MAkefile for tsocks but it only works with tsocks on && irssi …
22:10 Ticket #1567 ([PATCH] ssmtp SSL support) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [6900]
22:10 Changeset [6900] by florian
Enable SSL support in ssmtp (#1567)
22:02 Changeset [6899] by florian
Fix warnings
21:59 Changeset [6898] by nbd
add aircrack-ptw (patch by Jens Muecke)
19:26 Changeset [6897] by florian
Re-enable MPI/PCI code
19:20 Changeset [6896] by florian
Major cleanup : - no more Broadcom kerSys* code - working runtime boot …
19:03 Changeset [6895] by pavlov
bring in squid 2.6, this disables winbind as it is no longer part of …
19:01 Ticket #1569 (kamikaze - incoming arp reqests on ath0 ignored) created by wolfgang.rupprecht@…
setup: kamikaze 2007-4-4 snapshot on a ubiquiti LS2 card installed as per: …
17:50 Changeset [6894] by nico
update axtls to 1.1.4, rename awhttpd to axhttpd, (un)install dev files
17:34 Ticket #1568 (ipt_LOG.ko has gone !) created by gandalf@…
Hi, I'm using daily snapshot of kamikaze and it's seems ipt_LOG kernel …
15:03 Ticket #1567 ([PATCH] ssmtp SSL support) created by zandbelt
patch to build ssmtp 2.61 with SSL support (needed e.g. for sending mail …
12:15 Changeset [6893] by florian
Rename mipsIRQ.S to int-handler to match the kernel naming convention, …
04:13 Changeset [6892] by pavlov
move openssl to 0.9.8e
02:40 Changeset [6891] by pavlov
update dropbear to 0.49 for whiterussian as well
02:34 Changeset [6890] by pavlov
update dropbear to 0.49
01:40 Ticket #1566 (Changes to AR7-2.6 mtd to find squashfs with new EVA image format) created by obsidian@…
AVM introduced a new bootloader called EVA, which is based on ADAM2. It …


23:55 Ticket #1561 (rp-pppoe-client - missing files?) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #1562
23:54 Ticket #1562 (rp-pppoe-client - missing files?) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6889]
23:54 Changeset [6889] by florian
adsl-start is now pppoe-start (#1562)
23:24 Ticket #1555 (wrong samba packaging; add Central/East European encodings) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6888]
23:24 Changeset [6888] by florian
Add samba fixes from #1555
23:15 Ticket #988 (iptables -m conntrack does not accept valid syntax. Shorewall declines to ...) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed now.
17:22 Ticket #1565 (add /etc/inputrc) created by anonymous
add /etc/inputrc to enable use of home/end/del/ins/pgup/pgdn keys in …
17:11 Changeset [6887] by mbm
fix a few bugs with the last few commits
15:30 Changeset [6886] by nbd
make a few commands silent and fix defconfig logic
15:28 Ticket #1564 ([Kamikaze] Build system is broken, since r6882) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [6885]
15:26 Changeset [6885] by nico
fix typo
15:08 Ticket #1564 ([Kamikaze] Build system is broken, since r6882) created by jeschke@…
14:37 Changeset [6884] by nbd
fix package/target scanning
14:06 Changeset [6883] by mbm
trivial formatting - remove a few @'s and use a .silent instead
13:53 Changeset [6882] by mbm
same as [6881]
13:03 Changeset [6881] by nbd
fix menuconfig
12:36 Changeset [6880] by ejka
Fix free space size check
12:31 Changeset [6879] by mbm
fix menuconfig checks
02:20 Changeset [6878] by nbd
qos-scripts: fix RED burst calculation
01:15 Changeset [6877] by nbd
add a menuconfig option for specifying a local download mirror
01:09 Changeset [6876] by nbd
use ~/.openwrt/defconfig as default config if it exists


23:49 Ticket #1563 (Too large firmware results in corrupted flash (?), awaiting firmware ...) created by stano@…
Trying to build a firmware containing all of the packages I am using …
18:59 Changeset [6875] by nbd
update qos-scripts to v1.1 - rewritten hfsc rate calculation
18:29 Changeset [6874] by nbd
add bnep to the bluetooth kmod package (patch by Henryk)
18:07 Changeset [6873] by nbd
use rc.common for usb init script
16:27 Changeset [6872] by nbd
meshcube: override the boot loader's (wrong) kernel command line
16:01 Ticket #1562 (rp-pppoe-client - missing files?) created by mib_force@…
hi, i installed rp-pppoe-client and if i try to run …
16:01 Ticket #1561 (rp-pppoe-client - missing files?) created by mib_force@…
hi, i installed rp-pppoe-client and if i try to run …
13:39 Ticket #1560 ([PATCH] asterisk 1.4.2) created by zandbelt
asterisk 1.4.2 support, named as asterisk14-* so it co-exists with …
13:34 Ticket #1559 ([PATCH] libiksemel) created by zandbelt
iksemel 1.2 package providing libiksemel needed for chan_gtalk support in …
13:32 Ticket #1558 ([PATCH] zaptel 1.4.1) created by zandbelt
zaptel 1.4 package that provides libtonezone needed for asterisk 1.4.x …
10:53 Ticket #1557 (ntpd needs /etc/services) created by stano@…
ntpd needs ntp entries in /etc/services, otherwise it won't connect to any …
10:09 Ticket #1556 (Openswan _startklips / ifconfig incompatibility) created by stano@…
On the line 150 in /usr/lib/ipsec/_startklips there is a command […] …
01:33 Ticket #1555 (wrong samba packaging; add Central/East European encodings) created by Luboš Staněk <lubek@…>
The samba packages are wrong. The configuration file, encodings and …
00:13 Ticket #1554 (Add kernel support for East European encodings) created by Luboš Staněk <lubek@…>
These kernel modules are necessary for the proper East European language …
00:08 Changeset [6871] by nbd
fix mksh compile with ccache


15:50 Ticket #1435 (respawn start-stop not function) closed by mbm
15:34 Ticket #1435 (respawn start-stop not function) reopened by andrewchan01@…
Since I am already have a pre-config OpenWRT and May I add on the …
15:23 Changeset [6870] by hcg
Added module to generate u-boot config file. Added platform overrides for …
14:30 Ticket #1553 ("so lame i won't even put my name" LED change for wgt634u) created by anonymous
either the power settings in diag.sh should be swapped or the wgt634u's …
13:30 Ticket #1535 (Patch for 2.6 kernel to build snd.ko files into an ipkg) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [6869]
13:29 Changeset [6869] by nbd
add missing modules for usb sound support on 2.6 (#1535)
07:07 Ticket #1552 (Syslog started before hostname is set) created by anonymous
As syslogd is started after the hostname is set, output lines in its ring …
04:08 Ticket #464 (ath_pci causes kernel oops in build 3598) closed by nbd
fixed: fix added in [6868]
04:07 Changeset [6868] by nbd
brcm47xx-2.6: reset the pci core at boot time (see #464)
00:05 Ticket #1546 (brcm47xx PCI setup suggestion) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [6867], thanks
00:04 Changeset [6867] by nbd
add pci latency timer workaround for atheros cards (from #1546)


22:24 Ticket #1551 (link error with r6861) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6866]
22:24 Changeset [6866] by florian
Remove ldd/ldconfig for the moment (#1551)
18:13 Changeset [6865] by nbd
move gen_busybox_menuconfig.pl to package/busybox
18:11 Changeset [6864] by nbd
replace gen_busybox_config.pl with a simple sed command
17:13 Changeset [6863] by nbd
add workaround for the jamvm sdk compile - the sdk does not understand …
16:33 Changeset [6862] by hcg
Cleanups on romboot and u-boot. Conditionally apply ldd and ldconfig …
12:26 Ticket #1551 (link error with r6861) created by anonymous
make[5]: Entering directory …
12:05 Changeset [6861] by kaloz
set up the NPEs and microcode loading on the Pronghorn Metro
11:05 Changeset [6860] by mbm
revert [6857] for rules.mk; make cannot parse dependancies properly
02:46 Ticket #1550 (qos-scripts restarting my wrt54g) closed by mbm
invalid: Do not use ipkg upgrade to upgrade between releases; you need to reflash …
02:39 Ticket #1550 (qos-scripts restarting my wrt54g) created by debigboss at web.de
About 9 Month ago I installed "white russian" and among other things also …
02:26 Ticket #630 (power led blinking) closed by mbm
invalid: The power led blinks on power up and is changed to solid after the …
02:18 Changeset [6859] by mbm
remove duplicate python package
01:29 Changeset [6858] by mbm
Accidentially broke sdk and imagebuilder in [6857]
01:03 Changeset [6857] by mbm
Tidy up Makefiles
00:50 Changeset [6856] by florian
Add ldd and ldconfig support, template packages derived from gcc and …
00:40 Changeset [6855] by florian
Add the infrastructure to support different flash sizes/address
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