22:54 Ticket #1609 (br2684ctl error) created by kenjiru.ro@…
I can't get br2684ctl to work in Kamikaze, revision 6947, on ASUS …
22:34 florian edited by florian
22:33 florian edited by florian
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22:30 adm5120eb-2.6 created by florian
22:28 adm5120 edited by florian
22:28 platforms edited by florian
17:39 Ticket #1608 (pkg mp route cache algorithm modules and quagga pkg update and patch) created by framer99
== Multipath route caching algorithm modules package == multipath …
15:27 Changeset [7009] by florian
Add io, thanks Thomas Langer !
15:24 Changeset [7008] by florian
Fix a typo
15:19 Changeset [7007] by florian
Add admswconfig until we add support for adm5120 switch in kmod-switch, …
14:06 Changeset [7006] by kaloz
we don't need the shared library there
13:42 Changeset [7005] by nbd
don't try to set up wpa if hostapd is not installed
00:35 Ticket #1607 (lighttpd 1.4.15: error parsing config file (r7004)) created by MMCM
After upgrading from 1.4.11 to 1.4.15 the following error is printed when …


22:19 Ticket #1606 (File missing in kmod-ipt-extra_2.4.30-brcm-5_mipsel.ipk) created by m.sailerATitaurus.at
Dear OpenWrt team, I assume the ipt_limit.o is missing in the package: …
20:22 Changeset [7004] by malbon
Click has a new website. Updating package template.
19:35 Changeset [7003] by nbd
the default_subtargets template was a bad idea, since different makefiles …
19:09 Changeset [7002] by nbd
fix up dependencies
18:03 Changeset [7001] by nbd
move the lzma decompressor out of squashfs-lzma patch and into a new patch …
15:21 Ticket #1605 (tqm86x-2.4 support) created by br/R
hello, pls see attached patch to support the tqm86x platform for kernel …
15:12 Ticket #1604 (tools/ext2fs broken) created by anonymous
target: atheros [2.6] revision: 7000 […]
14:40 Changeset [7000] by nbd
move hostapd setup script from wireless-tools to hostapd package
14:40 Changeset [6999] by nbd
minor cleanup
14:28 Changeset [6998] by nbd
Improved autorebuild for kernel related stuff. - make modules_install in …
12:12 Changeset [6997] by nbd
ignore errors in the find command for dep checks
11:44 Ticket #1603 (rp-pppoe package file pppoe-connect missing) created by anonymous
pppoe-start needs pppoe-connect to work, but it's missing. Package is …
10:09 Ticket #1602 (squid 2.6 can't find openssl headers (patch enclosed)) created by Bartman007
Since squid was updated to 2.6 I've hit this error: […] The following …
07:31 Ticket #1601 (tun0 does not show up in list of network interfaces) created by thomas@…
When using Whiterussian 0.9 and vpnc from the backports repository to …
03:08 Ticket #1331 (freeradius update) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to 1.1.6 in [6996] (commit message is wrong)
03:06 Changeset [6996] by nico
update freeradius to 1.0.6 (closes: #1331), rename patches to match our …
02:53 Changeset [6995] by nico
replace sablevm and sablevm-classpath with sablevm-sdk, add a sablevm-mini …
02:46 Changeset [6994] by nico
update lua to 5.1.2
02:44 Changeset [6993] by nico
update lighttpd to 1.4.15
00:16 Changeset [6992] by florian
Remove this target since rb-2.6 will build both rb532 and adm5120 later on
00:15 Changeset [6991] by florian
Move NAND driver from rb1xx to adm5120, rbmipsnand fixed by David …
00:14 Changeset [6990] by florian
Patches for rt61 are no longer required


20:51 ixp4xx edited by kaloz
20:38 Changeset [6989] by florian
More stuff enabled in config, fix squashfs image, thanks sn9
18:49 Changeset [6988] by florian
Suppress the useless ioctl function
18:46 Ticket #1591 (rp-pppoe.so - ethernet devices with names shorter than 4 characters cannot ...) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6987]
18:45 Changeset [6987] by florian
Fix the device names too long (#1591)
18:27 adm5120 edited by florian
18:25 rdc edited by florian
18:11 Changeset [6986] by florian
rt61 is not broken on 2.6 kernels, use a daily snapshot instead
18:00 Changeset [6985] by florian
brcm63xx cleanups; add a watchdog driver, indent serial console driver, …
14:47 Changeset [6984] by florian
Re-enable PCI subsystem here too :))
14:46 Changeset [6983] by florian
Re-enable PCI subsystem :)
13:55 Ticket #1597 (r6962 Kamikaze, netgear 634u can not mount usb storage) closed by nbd
worksforme: reported to be working again in the latest version.
13:15 Ticket #1188 (Quagga packages in RC6-backport built with incorrect --localstatedir ...) reopened by ohp6oD3y@…
What version of the package is this fixed in? I have backports and just …
11:25 Changeset [6982] by kaloz
disable jffs2 support for ixp4xx
11:21 Changeset [6981] by kaloz
add support for the Compex WP18 and NP18A
01:58 Changeset [6980] by nbd
we can use some more hotplug processes here…
01:51 Changeset [6979] by nbd
hide some junk in non-verbose mode
01:29 Changeset [6978] by nbd
add jffs2_mark_erase function for erasing jffs2 partitions on the next …
01:15 Ticket #792 (network input goes away during usb-storage writes) closed by nbd
worksforme: Probably either a ram usage or cpu slowness issue…
01:12 Ticket #1507 (ixp4xx build is broken.) closed by nbd
worksforme: Please put some more information in the report if you want to report a …
01:11 Ticket #1600 (WRT54GL (v1.1) & White Russian RC6: Setting ESSID not working when in ...) closed by nbd
invalid: The driver won't show the ESSID as long as it hasn't associated with the …
01:09 Ticket #1599 (ccache compilation fixes for several packages (included patch)) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [6977], thanks!
01:08 Changeset [6977] by nico
various ccache fixes (closes: #1599), thanks to Bartman007
01:04 Ticket #1600 (WRT54GL (v1.1) & White Russian RC6: Setting ESSID not working when in ...) created by j_stam_84@…
When setting eth1 in managed mode, there is no way I can set the ESSID. …
01:00 platforms edited by nbd
00:35 Ticket #1599 (ccache compilation fixes for several packages (included patch)) created by Bartman007
The included patch just encases the value of the $(CC) field in the …


23:46 Changeset [6976] by florian
No longer mark rdc-2.6 as broken, squashfs is now working, thanks sn9
22:59 Changeset [6975] by nbd
improve handling of 11a/b/g mode setting. redirect iwconfig channel errors …
20:12 Ticket #1598 (qc-usb fails to compile) created by thepeople
make[3]: Entering directory …
16:14 Ticket #1584 (miniupnpd) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed in [6973]
15:54 Ticket #1597 (r6962 Kamikaze, netgear 634u can not mount usb storage) created by anonymous
I build r6962 in kernel 2.6, and I can not mount usb storage, router can …
15:19 Changeset [6974] by florian
Symlink to the kernel configuration
15:18 Changeset [6972] by florian
Restore symlinks
15:18 Changeset [6973] by thepeople
fix external ip address detection
15:06 Ticket #1219 (olsrd-nameservice does not work properly with ipv6 addresses) closed by florian
wontfix: Should be fixed with olsrd-0.5.0
15:05 Ticket #1068 (lm-sensors package) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6971]
15:04 Changeset [6971] by florian
Add lm-sensors (#1068)
14:48 Changeset [6970] by florian
Reorder profiles, TI Wi-Fi is more common than atheros on adm5120eb
14:45 Changeset [6969] by florian
Add wireless profiles for adm5120eb
14:39 Changeset [6968] by florian
Fix the symbolic link to lzma-loader
14:35 Changeset [6967] by florian
Forgot that includes
14:31 Ticket #1193 (add qc-usb 0.6.5 package) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6966]
14:31 Changeset [6966] by florian
Add qc-usb modules (#1193)
13:05 Ticket #1596 (I am from nokia siemens network.) created by metarnet@…
hi I am from nokia siemens network.Our team will develop a new AP which …
12:07 Ticket #1556 (Openswan _startklips / ifconfig incompatibility) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6965]
12:06 Changeset [6965] by florian
Fix startklips with bb's ifconfig (#1556)
11:56 Changeset [6964] by florian
Add preliminary support for ADM5120 big-endian targets (Zyxel P-335WT for …
11:55 Changeset [6963] by florian
Fresh fixes from Gabor Juhos : detects RouterBoot, Bootbase, improve board …
10:04 Ticket #1072 (soekris x86 target) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6962], please check that all modules are built. For the module …
10:03 Changeset [6962] by florian
Add profile for Soekris Net4801 boards (#1072)
09:55 Changeset [6961] by florian
Enable videodev, but do not build all hardware modules
08:45 Changeset [6960] by florian
Add lzma compression for x86 based targets
04:14 Ticket #1594 (AR7 DSL driver for kernel 2.6) closed by ejka
02:51 Ticket #1595 (AR7 DSL driver for kernel 2.6) created by rootkit85@…
I've ported the DSL driver to the 2.6.19 kernel, it should work fine on …
02:51 Ticket #1594 (AR7 DSL driver for kernel 2.6) created by rootkit85@…
I've ported the DSL driver to the 2.6.19 kernel, it should work fine on …
00:28 Ticket #1593 (cannot find bzip2find clinkcfind libbfd) created by loswillios@…
Collecting target info: done Collecting package info: …


23:39 Changeset [6959] by nbd
remove reference to unused .kernel.mk
21:44 Ticket #1553 ("so lame i won't even put my name" LED change for wgt634u) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6958]
21:44 Changeset [6958] by florian
Fix reverse polarity on WGT634U (was : green while booting, amber when …
21:09 Ticket #1581 (New package - scponly restricted shell) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6957]
21:08 Changeset [6957] by florian
Add scponly (#1581)
20:29 Ticket #1420 (Installation of sstrip fails) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed in [6956]
20:28 Changeset [6956] by nbd
clean up dependency handling for autorebuilds
18:21 Ticket #1592 (matrixtunnel client side certificate verification fix, patch) created by u+owrt-7pze@…
Hope the patch will be usable despite the possible formatting problems …
16:47 Ticket #1481 (Add support for - asix based usb ethernet adapters) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6955], thanks !
16:47 Changeset [6955] by florian
Build usbnet modules for brcm targets (#1481)
16:37 Ticket #273 (Add ADM5120 port to kamikaze) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6614]
16:34 Ticket #1226 (package/gmediaserver compilation error) closed by florian
16:33 Ticket #1591 (rp-pppoe.so - ethernet devices with names shorter than 4 characters cannot ...) created by cristi.toader@…
In the package ppp-2.4.3 (source file pppd/plugins/rp-pppoe/plugin.c), …
16:33 Ticket #1223 (packages/libs/avahi compilation error) closed by florian
16:32 Ticket #889 (cron does not execute jobs) closed by florian
16:31 Ticket #1087 (ar7: segfault: cat /proc/led/led) closed by florian
wontfix: Should be working with ar7-2.6
16:30 Ticket #1497 (OpenVPN error while reading p12 file) closed by florian
wontfix: Since it seems to affect only FC6 users, and it is better using stronger …
16:10 Ticket #1589 (brcm-2.4: WL500GP - wrong usb1 standard selection) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6954]
16:10 Changeset [6954] by florian
Add kmod-usb-uhci instead of ohci as defaults for WL500GP (#1589)
16:09 Ticket #1509 (override kernel command line) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [6948]
16:08 Ticket #1587 (Update ctorrent to dnh3) closed by florian
fixed: Updated in [6953], thanks !
16:08 Changeset [6953] by florian
Update ctorrent to dnh3 (#1587)
15:55 Changeset [6952] by florian
Restore the old flash mapping, no brcm63xx has the HDR0 header
14:21 Ticket #1517 (r6036 causes kmod-alsa not to build on 2.6 ... wtf?) closed by nbd
invalid: the alsa driver from the kernel tree is used on 2.6
11:53 Changeset [6951] by nbd
export the IMAGEBUILDER variable so that makefiles can test for the image …
11:33 Ticket #1590 (wifi interface not dynamicaly assigned in NAS startup script -> WPA wifi ...) created by el.goretto@…
When switching from bridged wifi/lan to routed wifi mode (on a WRT54GL via …
09:23 Ticket #1576 (ifdown hotplug call, cfg vs. config) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6950]
09:23 Changeset [6950] by nbd
fix ifdown hotplug event (#1576)
09:22 Ticket #1580 (ifup -a prints bogus "interface not found." errors) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6949]
09:22 Changeset [6949] by nbd
fix bogus "interface not found" errors in ifup -a (#1580)
09:17 Ticket #1563 (Too large firmware results in corrupted flash (?), awaiting firmware ...) closed by nbd
wontfix: This is a boot loader problem. Flash a small image using TFTP and then a …
06:02 Ticket #1566 (Changes to AR7-2.6 mtd to find squashfs with new EVA image format) closed by ejka
fixed: fixed in r6948
06:01 Changeset [6948] by ejka
ar7: improve search for image start (thanks matteo), add support for avm …
01:11 florian edited by florian
01:09 florian edited by florian
01:07 florian edited by florian
01:03 Ticket #1526 (unable to bridge wifi and ethernet on la fonera) closed by florian
01:01 Ticket #1589 (brcm-2.4: WL500GP - wrong usb1 standard selection) created by othiman@…
If I select Asus WL500GP in brcm-2.4, kmod-usb-ohci is selected by …


20:11 Ticket #1588 (Shorewall Makefile for openwrt) created by puchu
a Makefile for shorewall
12:07 Changeset [6947] by nbd
sync qos-scripts in whiterussian with the kamikaze version
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