23:58 Ticket #138 (udhcpc script cause wan connection drops on dhcp mode) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [7215]
23:58 Changeset [7215] by florian
Do not suppress routes if the router received on renew is the same (#138)
23:56 Changeset [7214] by florian
Fix routeboard board detection, add some new ZyXEL boards, thanks to Gabor …
23:32 Ticket #1684 (brcm47xx-2.6) closed by mbm
fixed: should be fixed in [7199]
21:25 Ticket #1686 (7173 revision not working on Asus WL-500G Premium (network problem)) created by marcin.reda@…
Hello, It takes me a lot of time, but finally I have found that there is …
21:21 Ticket #1658 (brcm47xx broken) closed by nbd
21:19 Changeset [7213] by nbd
madwifi: fix xscale build
21:14 Ticket #1685 (mksh is not added to /etc/shells (svn diff included)) created by h3sp4wn
21:01 Ticket #1684 (brcm47xx-2.6) created by anonymous
only the squashfs is used .. no jffs partition is used .... fs only ro :(
20:59 Ticket #1683 (FreePOPs support) created by gareuselesinge@…
I've packaged freepops, the patch in attachment.
19:40 Ticket #742 (installing rc5 bin/openwrt-wr850g-squashfs.bin via org. fw web interface ...) reopened by dondruce@…
I recently obtained a Motorola WR850G v2 router and decided to Flash it. …
19:34 Changeset [7212] by kaloz
disable not-fully supported ixp42x boards for pre1
18:24 Changeset [7211] by nbd
huge madwifi update - use a madwifi-ng-refcount snapshot as base, includes …
18:07 Changeset [7210] by nbd
add openwrt_version
18:04 Changeset [7209] by nbd
update ipkg.conf for new location
18:03 Ticket #1682 ([patch] conloglevel system option) created by jirif <jiri.fojtasek@…>
This patch allow setup kernel console log level via UCI option. Console …
18:03 Changeset [7208] by nbd
remove ar7-atm
18:01 Changeset [7207] by nbd
remove unsupported compilers
17:59 Changeset [7206] by nbd
remove unsupported targets
17:54 Changeset [7205] by nbd
branch kamikaze_pre1
16:55 Ticket #1658 (brcm47xx broken) reopened by anonymous
this happens again with the newest release
16:43 Ticket #1674 (kmod-nls-base missing?) closed by florian
wontfix: On 2.4 kernels. NLS is a boolean and can only be built into the kernel, …
15:31 Changeset [7204] by kaloz
fix the nslu2 image for the new layout
14:47 Changeset [7203] by florian
Standardize makefile and init script
14:44 Ticket #1453 (New package: gkrellmd system monitoring daemon) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [7202], thanks !
14:43 Changeset [7202] by florian
Add gkrellmd (#1453)
14:00 Ticket #1681 (Yealink p1k usb voip phone) created by john@…
kernel module was not build as the makefile in 2.6 was kacked. patch …
13:50 Ticket #1680 (AT91 uboot build fails with make 3.81) created by john@…
on my etch machine i have mae 3.81 and on my ubuntu 3.80 ubuntu compiles …
13:38 Changeset [7201] by ryd
add sshfs
13:33 Ticket #1679 (added linphone voip app) created by john@…
this patch adds the linphone voip app as described here -> …
13:27 Ticket #1678 (speex does not compile/generates non linkable libs on arch with no fpu) created by anonymous
speex depends on cosf which is not supported by current uclibc. also if …
13:05 Ticket #1677 (alsa does not run correctly on 2.6 kernel) created by john@…
alsa-lib needs kmod-alsa, which is only available on 2.4. also nodes are …
12:17 Changeset [7200] by florian
Fix set_state preinit stuff
11:39 Changeset [7199] by mbm
clean up the mtd unlocking
11:04 Ticket #1659 (glib2 broken) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [7198]
11:03 Changeset [7198] by florian
Fix glib2 compilation errors when no glib2-dev package is installed on the …
04:58 Changeset [7197] by ryd
update to 1.0.7


21:08 Ticket #1676 (squid does not compile) created by anonymous
kamikaze rev 7195 - target: atheros 2.6 […]
21:03 Ticket #1675 (lm-sensors does not compile) created by anonymous
kamikaze rev 7195 - target: atheros 2.6 see attacheched buildlog: […]
19:33 Ticket #1674 (kmod-nls-base missing?) created by phr3ak
18:34 Ticket #1673 (need reload usb-storage module) created by phr3ak
asus wl-500gp usb-storage 68240 0 scsi_mod …
14:47 Ticket #1615 (Ethernet on AR7 stops to works after big load) reopened by rootkit85@…
It hangs too after printing a lot of […]
13:02 Ticket #1358 (Roofnet/Click not working with current Kamakize on WGAT634U) closed by malbon
fixed: Fixed in r7196
12:59 Changeset [7196] by malbon
This patch removes the need for ath0 to be defined. Also fixes the tun …
12:09 Ticket #1671 (Cpmac panics when forwarding IPv6 packets) closed by florian
wontfix: If you can report this bug to the netdev linux kernel mailing list, I …
11:55 Ticket #1672 (remove unmaintained code (ez-ipupdate)) created by anonymous
remove ez-ipupdate from packages/net/ez-ipupdate since it's unmaintained …
07:36 Ticket #1670 (ImageBuilder problem in 11th May Snapshot/SVN) closed by mbm
duplicate: previously reported and fixed in #1668 / [7188]
02:34 Ticket #1671 (Cpmac panics when forwarding IPv6 packets) created by rootkit85@…
I have a kernel panic while tryng to access IPv6 hosts: […] It happens …
00:27 Changeset [7195] by florian
Correction, there is no USB for RB1xx targets
00:20 Changeset [7194] by florian
Add a RB1xx profile to generate RouterBoard RB1xx series image and kernel …
00:19 Changeset [7193] by florian
Add patch-cmdline to patch the RB1xx kernel command line after …
00:15 Changeset [7192] by florian
Add wget2nand from David Goodenough, useful for RouterOS to OpenWrt


22:48 Changeset [7191] by florian
Include admswconfig for adm5120 based targets
21:15 Changeset [7190] by florian
adm5120 is no longer broken now
20:22 Changeset [7189] by florian
Fix 32/64bits issues with airlink image generator
20:13 Ticket #1670 (ImageBuilder problem in 11th May Snapshot/SVN) created by Kebab
ImageBuilder appears to be broken in the current snapshot/SVN. When I …
19:58 Ticket #1669 (Problem getting a WAN IP address via DHCP (Broadcom based routers)) created by kebab
My Broadcom based routers are unable to get a WAN IP address via DHCP. I …
19:48 Ticket #1668 (When creating a firmware image using Image builder, the build fails at ...) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7188]
19:47 Changeset [7188] by mbm
fix bug in imagebuilder init.d scripts
19:22 Ticket #1493 (Fortune-mod package) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [7187]
19:22 Changeset [7187] by florian
Add fortune-mod (#1493)
19:09 Ticket #1668 (When creating a firmware image using Image builder, the build fails at ...) created by kebab
When creating a firmware image using Kamikaze Image builder, the build …
19:03 Changeset [7186] by florian
Fix wrong dependency, gettext provides libintl, not gettext
18:43 Changeset [7185] by florian
Rewrite LED driver, enable PCMCIA modules
17:36 Changeset [7184] by florian
Backport [7172] to adm5120 mtd map driver
15:13 Ticket #1667 (joe 3.5 editor package) created by anonymous
joe 3.5 editor package tested on a custom x86 embedded system and on …
14:02 Changeset [7183] by florian
Suppress OpenWrt partition, no needed anymore
12:54 Changeset [7182] by nbd
add support for 16 bit pcmcia cards
12:02 Changeset [7181] by florian
Fix some \n and kernel logging levels
11:57 Changeset [7180] by florian
LED driver update
08:52 Ticket #1666 (usb host controller not working on ar7) created by quitte@…
Some of the Fritzboxes and probably other ar7 devices hava a usb host …


21:41 Changeset [7179] by mbm
tweaks for 2M devices
21:19 Changeset [7178] by mbm
18:54 Changeset [7177] by mbm
fix bug in mount script
18:29 Changeset [7176] by mbm
cleanup the broadcom preinit.arch
16:50 Changeset [7175] by mbm
use generic inittab for x86
16:43 Changeset [7174] by nbd
minor cleanup
16:40 Ticket #1639 (size of /tmp partition in 2.6 targets) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7173] We use 50% ram unless that puts the free memory under the …
16:37 Changeset [7173] by mbm
unified preinit environment
15:56 Changeset [7172] by nbd
brcm47xx: mtd map driver cleanup - reuse generic mtd rootfs split
14:38 Changeset [7171] by nbd
broadcom: rename the OpenWrt partition to rootfs_data
14:16 Ticket #1665 ([patch] init scripts linked incorrectly) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7170]
14:15 Changeset [7170] by mbm
fix typo
14:09 Changeset [7169] by nbd
14:02 Ticket #1665 ([patch] init scripts linked incorrectly) created by jirif <jiri.fojtasek@…>
This patch fixing a bug with linked init scripts whish contains only STOP …
13:42 Ticket #1479 (Kamikaze - change or bug in network scripts. broken between r6595 and ...) closed by nbd
13:29 Changeset [7168] by kaloz
fixup avila networking, add support for the loft
13:27 Ticket #1661 (the kamikaze build environment seems to search trough my complete file ...) closed by nbd
13:00 Changeset [7167] by kaloz
preliminary board support for the Linksys WRT300N v2 (incomplete)
12:45 Changeset [7166] by mbm
unmount filesystems at shutdown
12:42 Changeset [7165] by nbd
vncrepeater: do not install an incompatible init script
12:38 Changeset [7164] by mbm
START/STOP values must be specified in the init script
12:07 Changeset [7163] by mbm
add K* scripts to be run at shutdown
12:02 Changeset [7162] by mbm
just nuke the dir; not needed anymore
11:55 Changeset [7161] by mbm
forgot a file in [7158]
11:29 Changeset [7160] by mbm
move syslogd and klogd to init.di/boot script, add remote logging support
10:54 Changeset [7159] by mbm
Add a "Rebooting ..." message to the mtd util
10:36 Ticket #1648 (Add /files/ processing to Generic-2.x processing) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7158]
10:35 Changeset [7158] by mbm
change handling of target/linux/generic-2.x/files to match other targets …
10:02 Ticket #1653 (tftp client of busybox 1.4.1 is not working) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7157]
10:01 Changeset [7157] by mbm
update to busybox 1.4.2 (fixes #1653)
09:04 Ticket #1662 (ar7-2.6 - RAM size is improperly detected on DG834Gv2) closed by mbm
09:03 Ticket #1664 ([Fix] "make tools/mkimage-prepare" fails) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7156]
09:03 Ticket #1663 ([Fix] "make tools/sstrip-prepare" fails) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7156]
09:02 Changeset [7156] by mbm
host-build.mk used incorrectly
08:54 Changeset [7155] by mbm
fix isolate mode
08:05 Ticket #1664 ([Fix] "make tools/mkimage-prepare" fails) created by b.sander
[…] Regards
07:54 Ticket #1663 ([Fix] "make tools/sstrip-prepare" fails) created by b.sander
[…] Regards
06:12 Ticket #1662 (ar7-2.6 - RAM size is improperly detected on DG834Gv2) created by KillaB
As detected on stock firmware […] As detected on r7038 […]
02:59 Ticket #1661 (the kamikaze build environment seems to search trough my complete file ...) created by anonymous
arget/linux/brcm47xx-2.6/config/default Checking 'working-make'... ok. …
02:36 Ticket #1642 ([Review] Patched exception handler for BCM-Mips) closed by nbd
fixed: you're right. we did patch the wrong exception handler in 2.6 fixed in …
02:35 Changeset [7154] by nbd
patch the correct exception handler (see #1642)
02:27 Ticket #1634 (wrong url for ixp microcode download) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [7153]
02:27 Changeset [7153] by nbd
fix ixp4xx npe microcode link (from #1634)
02:23 Changeset [7152] by nbd
improve metadata scanning time
01:06 Ticket #1660 (sableVM 1.13 does not process java synchronisation functions properly.) created by stefan.diercks@…
I am currently having a very big problem with sablevm. Actually, it does …
00:47 Changeset [7151] by nbd
fix recursive dependencies on build directories - should lead to fewer …


23:21 Ticket #1646 (mtd unlock rootfs or linux in mount_root ?) closed by florian
worksforme: I think it should unlock the rootsf, not the kernel.
23:20 Ticket #1656 (dropbear download url broken) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here, with latest SVN revision : 7149
23:08 Changeset [7150] by pavlov
fix squid 2.6 config generation
22:55 Ticket #1659 (glib2 broken) created by anonymous
test the damn packages before comitting them at least on two targets. see …
22:54 Ticket #1658 (brcm47xx broken) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [7149]
22:54 Changeset [7149] by nbd
fix networking on broadcom and possibly other targets as well (#1658)
21:15 Ticket #1651 (Dropbear hangs ssh connection on exit) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [7148]
21:15 Changeset [7148] by nbd
fix tty close patch (#1651)
17:44 Ticket #1658 (brcm47xx broken) created by anonymous
brcm47xx profile doenst work any more ... it seems to be broken ... the …
17:33 Changeset [7147] by nbd
fix build of pcmcia package on x86-2.6
17:19 Changeset [7146] by hcg
Midified UART init, added interrupt handlers for DCD lines
16:09 Ticket #1657 (add package libdvbpsi4 (0.1.5) - patch included) created by anonymous
see patch
13:11 Ticket #1656 (dropbear download url broken) created by anonymous
11:20 Ticket #1655 (pppoe can not start correctly in Kamikaze r7145) created by damiel_1016@…
pppoe can not start correctly in Kamikaze r7145
10:52 Changeset [7145] by hcg
Corrected inverted DCD/DTR logic
10:29 Changeset [7144] by hcg
Add support for VersaLink modem control on DCE ports 0 and 3
02:39 platforms edited by nbd
remove reference to ar7-2.4 (diff)
01:00 Ticket #1654 (ar7-2.6 - Unable to edit ADAM2 environment variables on DG834Gv2) created by KillaB
I'm pretty sure I was able to modify environment variables in the 2.4 …
00:38 Ticket #1651 (Dropbear hangs ssh connection on exit) reopened by lschweiss
Not the case. Removing trunk/package/dropbear/patches/160-tty_close.patch …


23:48 Changeset [7143] by nbd
fix nozomi unpack command
23:45 Changeset [7142] by florian
Forgot comitting patches
22:23 Changeset [7141] by nbd
remove problematic patch from fuse (was only needed with devfs on 2.6)
22:22 Ticket #1614 (Can't detect ADM6996L Switch on AR7) reopened by anonymous
Replying to florian: > Duplicate of #99 Ticket #99 is for the …
22:06 Ticket #1653 (tftp client of busybox 1.4.1 is not working) created by Thomas Langer
Please update to version 1.4.2 or add the fix …
21:46 Ticket #1376 (/etc/hotplug.d/usb/01-ln failing sometimes) closed by florian
fixed: 01-ln was removed because it caused more troubles than it helped.
21:40 Ticket #1643 (module order is wrong) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [7140]
21:39 Changeset [7140] by florian
Fix objects linking order (#1643)
21:34 Ticket #1144 (couldn't load module 'wlan_scan_wds' (-89) r5972 2.6.19 kernel) closed by florian
21:33 Ticket #863 (kmod-usb-printer: usblp module doesn't create /dev/usb/lp0) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with hotplug2 now.
21:32 Ticket #1471 (Miscellaneous IPv6 problems) closed by florian
invalid: Please use the latest kamikaze and report back if you meet any IPv6 …
21:29 Ticket #1614 (Can't detect ADM6996L Switch on AR7) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #99
21:27 Ticket #1652 (Port ADM5120 switch to kmod-switch) created by florian
Make an adm5120sw port to kmod-switch so that we can also configure it …
21:26 Ticket #1073 (port sshfs to kamikaze) closed by florian
wontfix: shfs is kept in trunk because it is smaller and has less dependency.
21:23 Ticket #1474 (madiwifi.sh has wrong setting for PSK key) closed by florian
21:20 Ticket #1530 (shfs fixes (taken from gentoo) - fixes) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [7139]
21:20 Changeset [7139] by florian
Use shfs fixes from #1530, unmark as broken
21:09 Ticket #1593 (cannot find bzip2find clinkcfind libbfd) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7138]
21:09 Changeset [7138] by florian
Fix warnings and should also fix compilation (#1593)
21:05 Ticket #1447 (Blank pages on http://wiki.openwrt.org/ caused by broken apache install ...) closed by florian
worksforme: Should be fixed with the trac/moinmoin/ubuntu upgrade.
20:40 Ticket #1650 (glib2 (2.12.12) package.) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [7134], thanks !
20:40 Changeset [7137] by nbd
update spca5xx to latest upstream release - old version no longer …
20:01 Ticket #1651 (Dropbear hangs ssh connection on exit) closed by mbm
invalid: It sounds as if you spawned a background process from the shell, when the …
19:49 Ticket #1651 (Dropbear hangs ssh connection on exit) created by anonymous
When typing exit or Ctrl-D when connected to OpenWRT via SSH, the …
18:05 Changeset [7136] by florian
Build multipath caching modules
18:04 Changeset [7135] by florian
Typo, again
16:59 Changeset [7134] by florian
Add glib2 (#1650)
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03:25 Ticket #1636 (Add isolate support to madwifi.sh) closed by thepeople
fixed: added in [7133]
03:11 Changeset [7133] by thepeople
add isolate closes #1636
00:22 Ticket #1650 (glib2 (2.12.12) package.) created by noeoeh@…
glib2 (2.12.12) package. crazy_imp
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