23:21 WikiStart edited by mbm
22:37 Ticket #1835 (NTPClient hotplug script fix) created by Ricadelic@…
Please change the NTPCient to the following: (made changed lines bold.) …
21:28 Ticket #1527 (ntpclient wrongly always uses one-shot sync) reopened by ielbury@…
ntpclient needs to be run once with the -s and then a second time without …
18:04 Ticket #1832 (fix gcc warning with 'make menuconfig') closed by mbm
17:29 Ticket #1832 (fix gcc warning with 'make menuconfig') reopened by anonymous
the warning in changeset:7509 was also totally harmless and got fixed.
17:04 Ticket #1829 (isakmpd does not work with parallel builds (patch included)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7510], thanks !
17:04 Changeset [7510] by florian
Force 1 job at-a-time for isakmpd
17:01 Ticket #1832 (fix gcc warning with 'make menuconfig') closed by florian
wontfix: This is totally harmless.
16:53 Ticket #1633 (acx111 hangs on firmware load on WAG345G) closed by florian
16:45 Ticket #1834 (OpenWRT and WAG354G V.2 (MacOS build)) created by scramer@…
Hello... I tried building OpenWRT (current SVN-Trunk) for the LinkSys …
16:03 Ticket #1833 (brcm47xx isnt compileable any more ... im on the latest trunk rev 7509) created by anonymous
make[3]: Entering directory `/mnt/compile/openwrt/trunk/package/iptables' …
14:58 Ticket #1832 (fix gcc warning with 'make menuconfig') created by anonymous
14:51 Ticket #1831 (WLAN-LED on WRT54GL does not switch off at wifi down) created by anonymous
If you issue a wifi up the WLAN-LED goes up. If you want to bring down …
14:05 Ticket #1830 (Linksys WRT54G3G: yenta_socket.ko completely crashes kernel 2.6.19 (from ...) created by pavol.luptak@…
Hello, I use Linksys WRT54G3G, when I insmod yenta_socket.ko, kernel …
13:57 Ticket #1829 (isakmpd does not work with parallel builds (patch included)) created by forum2006
everything > CONFIG_JLEVEL=1 and isakmpd fails to compile. from the …
13:08 Ticket #1779 (Updated Yaffs to support old flash layout with new MTD layer (kernels > ...) reopened by mancho <giampaolo.mancini@…>
I'm also experencing the same edit/modify problem as acoul. I'm using …
12:45 Changeset [7509] by kaloz
fix the annoying error on package scan
11:11 Changeset [7508] by hcg
Changed autoboot timeout in dfboot
09:39 Ticket #796 (Port empty to whiterussian) reopened by anonymous
Hi, is this package included?
00:46 Changeset [7507] by nbd
upgrade a few packages to newer versions (includes patch by kaloz) - …


23:26 Ticket #1828 ([patch] Fix for WPA-PSK client mode on broadcom hardware.) created by lschweiss
Attached is a patch that will correctly call nas when sta mode is selected …
22:55 Changeset [7506] by kaloz
add support for jffs2 filesystems with 256k blocksize, fix taishan support
21:57 Ticket #1827 (neither selfcompiled nor kamikaze release-7.06-Images boot on ASUS WL-500G) created by tetzlav@…
Neither selfcompiled nor kamikaze release-7.06-Images boot on ASUS …
21:22 Ticket #1823 (oops upgrading base-files-brcm in kamikaze 7.06) closed by mbm
19:47 Ticket #1822 (adasd) closed by florian
invalid: I am sorry, but do not understand what you are trying to request.
19:45 Ticket #1690 (ar7 TNET7200 clock initialisation hangs kernel) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7487], though I agree wreduce with the forum thread that we …
19:40 Ticket #1649 (r7119 Breaks ar7-2.6) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7487]
16:23 Ticket #1182 (Recent openssl patch causes problems) reopened by zandbelt
this does not seem to be fixed: when running a (custom) executable that …
16:15 Ticket #1826 (brcm47xx 2.6 iptables seems to be partly broken....) created by anonymous
after building the latest svn rev ... iptables doesnt seem to know …
16:03 Changeset [7505] by florian
USB probe rewrite, really needs testing
15:57 Ticket #1825 (140-cmdline_hack.patch failed) created by anonymous
make V=99 *snip* Applying ./patches/110-korina_ethernet.patch using …
15:48 Changeset [7504] by florian
Add a ralink profile (for ADM5120 based IP cameras)
14:29 Changeset [7503] by hcg
Fixed bug in mmc driver (can now write to SD-Card within Linux). Changed …
12:53 Ticket #1824 (VMware image profile) created by anonymous
There is no VMware image profile in trunk repositiory. There is only …
10:02 Ticket #1823 (oops upgrading base-files-brcm in kamikaze 7.06) created by mspang@…
# ipkg upgrade Upgrading base-files-brcm-2.4 on root from 8-7431 to …
09:44 Ticket #1295 (astrisk database is in flash - should be ram) reopened by zandbelt
the actual patch https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/7122 does not solve the …
06:42 Ticket #1822 (adasd) created by oscarpe62@…
06:34 Changeset [7502] by hcg
Changed target for ubpar.c to directly write to mtd device
06:01 Changeset [7501] by hcg
Changed default ipkg source for new release
05:39 Changeset [7500] by hcg
Removed romboot from tree - replaced by dfboot
05:37 Changeset [7499] by hcg
Corrected PLLA setting to remove error in BRG at 115k. Removed 2 files not …
05:31 Changeset [7498] by hcg
Sets GPIO PB28 to multi-drive (open collector) - fixes reset issue
00:40 Changeset [7497] by blogic
small changes to the default netconfig and ipkg repo for the foxboard


23:59 Ticket #1821 (parameter are in wrong order) created by rootkit85@…
cpmac is broken so I investigated a bit and I discovered that the …
23:31 Ticket #1820 (openssl didn't compile with ccache enabled) created by janee DOT issklar AT gmx DOT net
openssl didn't compile with ccache enabled. […]
22:33 Changeset [7496] by blogic
reboot now works on foxboard
22:09 Changeset [7495] by blogic
small fix on etrax basefiles to avoid bogus error msg
21:59 Ticket #1819 (Kamikaze pre1 brcm-2.4 usb-storage not working) created by demoosvaldo@…
When i connect a usb sd/mmc card reader (with a 2Gb SD card inserted) …
20:51 Changeset [7494] by blogic
added light edition of spca5xx driver and the streamin server+web-applet
19:46 Changeset [7493] by hcg
Fixed at91 ethernet driver for dm9161a PHY interrupt issue
19:41 Changeset [7492] by hcg
add new dfboot loader - a complete revison of romboot code.
19:39 Changeset [7491] by hcg
Remove a debug statement from trx.c, add config changes for at91
18:47 Ticket #1817 (gd don't compile) closed by mbm
duplicate: #1818
13:25 Changeset [7490] by nbd
refresh all package patches in the buildroot using quilt
13:20 Changeset [7489] by nbd
package/refresh should clean all packages before refreshing their patches
13:14 Changeset [7488] by nbd
Rename 'refresh' to 'update' and make the new 'refresh' actually refresh …
11:46 Changeset [7487] by nbd
add ar7-2.6 fixes by Stefan Weil
11:26 Changeset [7486] by kaloz
enable image generation for the WRT150N
07:42 Changeset [7485] by nico
update uml-2.6 to on i386, fix uml-2.6 sound modules packaging
07:36 Ticket #1811 (kernel-.config update) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [7483]
00:51 Ticket #1818 (gd don't compile) created by janitux
Well, i don't know why fail, but the complete compilation log is attached …
00:50 Ticket #1817 (gd don't compile) created by janitux
Well, i don't know why fail, but here is the complete compilation log: …
00:29 Changeset [7484] by blogic
several changes to the basefiles for cris target


23:04 Ticket #1775 (madwifi fails to let clients associate after a while) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed with the latest version
22:57 Ticket #1816 (remove referenced to already removed functions) created by rootkit85@…
prom_printf is no longer here, remove that reference
22:05 Ticket #1815 (epoll not working with kamikaze created by aeh@…
I am using kamikaze r7476 with linux 2.6.21 on Asus WL-500 GP my program …
21:58 Ticket #1814 (prism54 on WGT634U segfaults) created by loswillios@…
I tried to replace my broken atheros card with an ISL3880IK one but it …
21:52 Changeset [7483] by nbd
more fixes for the patching stuff (was testing it on the wrong target)
21:43 Changeset [7482] by nbd
revert bogus change
21:39 Changeset [7481] by nbd
fix quilt related unpack/patch error
21:02 Ticket #1813 (RB-1XX memsize detection incorrect) created by ielbury@…
The memsize detection algorithm for the RB-1XX is not correct as it always …
20:54 Ticket #1812 (dnsmasq does not have privs to /etc/host and /tmp/resolv*) created by ielbury@…
After dnsmasq has changed user to nobody, it cannot open the syslog, …
19:09 Ticket #1811 (kernel-.config update) created by loswillios@…
ARC console support (ARC_CONSOLE) [N/y] (NEW) EISA support (EISA) [N/y/?] …
18:48 Changeset [7480] by florian
quilt is now a preriquisite
18:01 Ticket #1810 (Wrong compiler call in package/patch-cmdline/Makefile) created by giampaolo.mancini@…
In package/patch-cmdline/Makefile the Build/Prepare target calls $(CC) as …
17:25 Changeset [7479] by florian
Fix endianness issues with adm5120eb, thanks to Gabor !
15:46 Ticket #541 (easy-rsa package from OpenVPN) reopened by oliver@…
Doesn't seem to work for me, i get all sort of 'permission denied' and …
15:02 Changeset [7478] by blogic
reworked memset,memcpy of the cris kernel, this improves board speed by …
13:40 Changeset [7477] by nbd
update wireless-tools to the latest version
12:26 Changeset [7476] by florian
Update the adm5120 config to use IRQ_CPU and physically mapped flash for …
11:43 Ticket #1718 (pdc202xx_old module for ide disk) closed by florian
fixed: had some problems with IDE and MIPS boards. Should be fixed with …
11:08 Ticket #1809 (snmpd init script broken - probably effects more the just snmpd) created by Weedy <weedy2887@…>
Because of https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/7164 START is no longer set …
10:52 Changeset [7475] by florian
adm5120 timing specific routines, was part of the IRQ handling rewritte
10:28 Changeset [7474] by nbd
implement quilt handling for the kernel tree ... and there was much …
09:33 Changeset [7473] by nbd
enable quilt for host builds and add some additional checks
08:54 Changeset [7472] by nbd
Improve quilt patch handling: All quilt managed patches are checked before …
08:16 Changeset [7471] by nbd
Add quilt integration for packages make package/<package>-prepare QUILT=1 …
04:28 Changeset [7470] by nbd
madwifi: fix an unhandle cryptoapi change (wpa2)
03:38 Changeset [7469] by blogic
missing -p on mkdir command
03:37 Changeset [7468] by nbd
remove duplicate include statement (fixes a warning)
03:15 Ticket #1808 (WRT54GL wireless client mode dies after a while) created by anonymous
I have a WRT54GL 1.1, connecting to various host routers(d-link, linksys, …
02:32 Changeset [7467] by blogic
when compiling a tool to upload firmware to the cris, it should be build …
01:47 Changeset [7466] by florian
Changed the RouterBOOT main to rootfs
01:17 Changeset [7465] by blogic
the etrax bootloader tools source was added on initial merge, it is now …
01:13 Changeset [7464] by florian
IRQ handler rewrite by Gabor Juhos, uses C no longer assembly
01:00 Ticket #1807 (Add opencubicplayer) created by h3sp4wn
I have almost managed to get this working. (Builds find but something is …
00:58 Ticket #1799 (add support for iprange module) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [7462], thanks !
00:58 Changeset [7463] by blogic
added some tools that the foxboard users are used to, when working with …
00:57 Changeset [7462] by florian
Add iprange (#1799)
00:52 Ticket #1806 (zd1211 removement neccesary?) closed by florian
fixed: zd1211 is back with [7461]. Can you please attach your patch to make it …
00:51 Changeset [7461] by florian
Put back zd1211 with r85 (#1806)
00:12 Ticket #1806 (zd1211 removement neccesary?) created by szsoftware at gmx dot de
Florian, actually I'm working on the zd1211 package for 2.4 Kernel. In …


22:52 Changeset [7460] by rwhitby
apex: fixed patch pathnames
20:29 Ticket #1694 (trunk - madwifi (refcount) crashing) closed by florian
20:28 Ticket #1798 (ez-ipupdate lacks dnsexit support) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [7459]
20:28 Changeset [7459] by florian
Add dnsexit support from #1798
20:20 Ticket #1805 (End quote (") missing in Config.in) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7458]
20:19 Changeset [7458] by florian
Fix config.in typo and enable by default only for ixp4xx-2.6
20:08 Ticket #1805 (End quote (") missing in Config.in) created by anonymous
The file target/linux/ixp4xx-2.6/image/Config.in has an unterminated …
19:53 Changeset [7457] by florian
Unmark as broken
19:50 Ticket #1734 (freeradius build fails) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7456], thanks for reporting !
19:50 Changeset [7456] by florian
Add openssl libraries to the configure script for eap submodules (#1734)
19:39 Ticket #1804 (module load order for ppp_mppe) created by anonymous
The modules ppp_mppe and ppp_mppe_mppc will be loaded before …
19:37 Ticket #1190 (Scrambled characters when using Weechat inside Screen) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [7455]
19:37 Changeset [7455] by florian
Upgrade weechat to 0.2.4, close #1190
19:36 Changeset [7454] by florian
Put iconv.h in $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include also
19:04 Changeset [7453] by nbd
fixes for wpa/wpa2
18:56 Changeset [7452] by rwhitby
apex: Mark the build apex image as an OpenWRT build (instead of a SlugOS …
18:35 Changeset [7451] by rwhitby
apex: Updated to version 1.5.6 (which includes the compiler inlining …
16:51 Changeset [7450] by florian
Use the in-kernel pwc driver, no need to maintain it externally
14:44 Changeset [7449] by blogic
made the target name of etrax lowercase.
14:42 Changeset [7448] by blogic
fixes compile bug of iptables
12:55 Ticket #1765 (The nodogsplash package, a nocatsplash replacement) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [7447]
12:54 Changeset [7447] by florian
Add nodogsplash (#1765)
12:35 platforms edited by blogic
12:21 Changeset [7446] by florian
Update linuxigd to 1.0, fix compilation
12:00 Milestone Kamikaze 7.06 completed
OpenWrt 7.06 (codename Kamikaze) - Initial release of the new …
11:40 Changeset [7445] by florian
Unmark adm5120eb as broken, disable NAND and YAFFS2 for this target, …
11:39 Ticket #1740 (postgresql is still broken on different targets) closed by florian
worksforme: I guess you are missing some host side tools, I cannot reproduce the bug …
11:27 Changeset [7444] by blogic
Fixed a bug in the kernel-headers/Makefile introduced by the cris merge
11:26 Ticket #1790 (Spca5xx package) closed by florian
worksforme: This is the whiterussian kernel module. The kamikaze SVN revision includes …
11:25 Ticket #1704 (libgphoto2 does not compile) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug, I guess you are missing some host side …
11:23 Ticket #1787 (darkstat compile error with zlib) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7443], thanks !
11:23 Changeset [7443] by florian
Add zlib dependency (#1787)
11:18 Ticket #1593 (cannot find bzip2find clinkcfind libbfd) closed by florian
wontfix: It is harmless ! so stop do not re-open.
11:16 Ticket #958 (YAFFS issues) closed by florian
11:15 Ticket #1721 (RB1xx NAND boot patches) closed by florian
11:14 Ticket #1772 (brcm47xx-2.6 no NAT since .21) closed by florian
11:10 Ticket #1781 (ipkg does not remove all files when the install procedure runs out of free ...) closed by florian
duplicate: duplicate of #607
11:09 Ticket #1774 (password ending with \ causes problems) closed by florian
wontfix: Whiterussian is feature-freeze and this is not a security issue.
11:08 Ticket #1782 (ipkg upgrade breaks the system totally when it runs out of free space on ...) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #607
07:21 Changeset [7442] by nbd
fix error handling in qos-scripts
07:17 Changeset [7441] by rwhitby
apex: Updated to 1.5.4 - this time it boots
04:22 Changeset [7440] by nbd
madwifi update: include upstream fixes for ff handling, disable ff by …
02:46 Changeset [7439] by blogic
add initial support for the crisarchitecture used on foxboards to openwrt
01:56 Ticket #1699 (aireplay) closed by mbm
wontfix: Packet injection on the Broadcom is not supported.
01:42 Ticket #1699 (aireplay) reopened by anonymous
the same with aircrack-ng 0.9 wl monitor 1 strace aireplay-ng -0 1 -a …
01:21 Changeset [7438] by florian
remove ueagle-atm and use the in-kernel driver, split up usb-atm
00:16 Ticket #1803 (streamripper [patch]) created by olg
Here it comes: […]


23:57 Ticket #1802 (WEP will not authorize in STA mode on brcm-2.4) created by lschweiss
My wireless config: […] wl sta_info MyAP_MAC: […] iwconfig wlo: …
23:32 Ticket #1801 ([FIX] mini_fo dir corruption (also Ticket #1502)) created by b.sander
[…] Regards, b.sander
22:04 Changeset [7437] by nbd
optimize the performance of the minstrel rate algorithm - don't sample …
20:25 Changeset [7436] by nbd
minor locking change
20:25 Changeset [7435] by nbd
madwifi: fix a crash in ff handling
20:24 Changeset [7434] by nbd
disable tpc in madwifi by default (seems to be hurting performance in …
19:28 platforms edited by kaloz
18:34 Ticket #1800 (resolv.conf symlink) created by peter@…
This avoids an error when rerunning /etc/init.d/boot start […]
18:13 platforms edited by kaloz
18:09 platforms edited by kaloz
16:15 uml edited by florian
16:15 rdc edited by florian
16:14 brcm63xx edited by florian
16:13 au1000 edited by florian
16:12 adm5120 edited by florian
16:11 adm5120eb-2.6 edited by florian
16:10 Changeset [7433] by florian
Remove zd1211 now we have zd1211rw which is in the kernel source
16:06 Ticket #1647 (kmod-nls-base not generated for brcm-2.4) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7432], though nls-base will not be generated for brcm-2.4 …
16:05 Changeset [7432] by florian
Make nls-base dependency 2.6 specific, really closes #1647
15:40 Ticket #1799 (add support for iprange module) created by anonymous
the attached patch adds support for iptables iprange module for kamikaze …
15:21 Changeset [7431] by nbd
make xscale images containing proprietary microcode optional, but enabled …
15:09 Changeset [7430] by mbm
change wifi defaults (was default hidden ssid)
15:02 Changeset [7429] by nbd
merge [7418] to 7.06
15:00 Changeset [7428] by nbd
'pre1' will be released as Kamikaze 7.06
13:48 Changeset [7427] by florian
Mark aodv-uu as broken with the .21 upgrade
12:30 Changeset [7426] by nbd
forgot a small change
12:29 Changeset [7425] by nbd
clean up madwifi and sync with trunk
03:13 Ticket #1798 (ez-ipupdate lacks dnsexit support) created by Pedro Algarvio, aka, s0undt3ch <ufs@…>
You can grab a patch I built for gentoo sources, you'll find it …
02:03 Ticket #1797 (dhcpcd support) created by peter@…
My scripts presumed dhcpcd generated files, so on balance, I decided it …
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