23:32 Ticket #2049 (New package: Adventure game) created by mikkelerup@…
I've created a kamikaze package for the classic adventure game originally …
22:53 Ticket #2048 (Backport Content-Disposition workaround from haserl-dev) created by anonymous
% Workaround for bug in Opera 9.10 - Reported by Alexander Kriegisch * …
22:13 Ticket #2047 (busybox help shows wrong information) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [7887]
22:12 Changeset [7887] by mbm
fix busybox --help problems on rebuild
20:02 Ticket #2046 (dibbler: download URL broken) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed.
18:23 Ticket #2047 (busybox help shows wrong information) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
If you use the --help parameter on a busybox application, it shows the …
18:14 Ticket #2046 (dibbler: download URL broken) created by olli
Please mirror …
15:02 Ticket #1981 (lcd4linux does not compile) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed with r7886. New udelay patch comes from Ubuntu.
14:58 Changeset [7886] by olli
lcd4linux: fix compile (#1981)
11:39 Ticket #2045 (r7880 LINUX_2_4_BRCM madwifi build failure even when PACKAGE_kmod-madwifi ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [7885]
11:29 Changeset [7885] by nbd
fix madwifi compile for 2.4
11:06 Changeset [7884] by crazy_imp
removed apu-1-config, you won't need it on a router, it's only for …
11:05 Changeset [7883] by crazy_imp
removed apr-1-config, you won't need it on a router, it's only for …
06:56 Ticket #2045 (r7880 LINUX_2_4_BRCM madwifi build failure even when PACKAGE_kmod-madwifi ...) created by seniorr@…
I checked out a fresh version of r7880 and compiled it for LINUX_2_4_BRCM …


23:57 Changeset [7882] by florian
Upgrade to 3.0.6 and fix download
23:36 Changeset [7881] by florian
Upgrade to 0.9.1 and fix download problem
21:30 Ticket #2044 (Killing kismet_{server,drone} will reboot the system) created by maus@…
Hi .*! Using Kamikaze 7.06 on my Linksys WRT54GL (starting to replace my …
21:15 Ticket #2043 (Can't set channels above channel 11 although the card reports more ...) created by maus@…
Hi .*! I'm very pleased to run Kamikaze 7.06 on my neat Linksys …
14:03 Ticket #2042 (countrycode for atheros) created by anonymous
countrycode setting in wireless config file has no influence on loading …
11:14 Ticket #2041 (ar7 color of the status led) created by ewout_xt@…
The current led driver only has the application of changing the color of …
00:22 Ticket #2040 (madwifi.sh kills wpa-supplicant if more than one atheros interface is ...) created by lschweiss
The disable_atheros function is called for once each device and kills …
00:09 Ticket #2039 (wget segfaults when trying to update dyndns) created by baikonur
When I do […] I get: Connecting to members.dyndns.org …


19:22 Ticket #2038 (YAFFS support for RB532 {still|again} broken) created by giampaolo.mancini@…
It seems that the YAFFS support for RB532 is broken: […] and so on …
17:08 Ticket #2037 (samba compile on mac osx cannot determine host system) created by hanicka@…
loading site script …
16:45 Ticket #2036 (typo in /lib/network/pppoe.sh) created by crean <openwrt@…>
pppoe contains a typo in start_pppd arguments.
15:38 Ticket #2035 (asus wl500gp - random bus errors / segmentation faults) created by hause@…
hello, after flashing the asus with openwrt-brcm47xx-2.6-jffs2-64k.trx …
12:16 Ticket #2034 (atheros-2.6 crashes when entering wifi0 monitor mode) created by olg
Kamikaze r7876 - atheros 2.6 - La Fonera […] Could someone reproduce …
00:13 Ticket #1953 (ipset does not compile again) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed with r7740 for now.


23:49 Ticket #2031 ([patch] fix vim so 7.1 can be used without making the binary huge) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed with r7880.
23:47 Changeset [7880] by olli
vim: finally update vim to 7.1 with a small binary again (#2031)
23:31 Ticket #2005 ("insmod imq" causes kernel Oops on WGT634U, r7815) reopened by anonymous
Sorry, the same Oops still happens in r7868...: […]
22:29 Changeset [7879] by olli
zile: all is not required
22:08 Ticket #2028 ([patch] add zile (zile is lossy emacs)) closed by olli
fixed: Added with r7878, thanks!
22:06 Changeset [7878] by olli
Add zile (#2028)
21:21 Ticket #2033 (kernel crash on insmod bcm43xx_mac80211) created by rumi@…
I've installed openwrt-brcm47xx-2.6-squashfs.trx (Kamikaze snapshot 7864) …
20:34 Changeset [7877] by mbm
fix bug with ap+sta modes using wpa
18:53 Ticket #2032 (broadcom.sh sta-mode with wpa) closed by mbm
fixed: proper patch is in [7875]
18:51 Changeset [7876] by mbm
rearrange diag's platform detection code to look for known platform …
18:49 Changeset [7875] by mbm
patch wlc and scripts to control wl's builtin wpa supplicant
17:55 Ticket #2032 (broadcom.sh sta-mode with wpa) created by sangpilot@…
In /lib/wifi/broadcom.sh line 199 If you change mode="-A" to mode="-S" …
17:08 Ticket #2031 ([patch] fix vim so 7.1 can be used without making the binary huge) created by h3sp4wn
[…] […] the patch from when it was added before was fine.
16:10 Ticket #2030 (dhcp_lease=0 (typical for default) conflicts with ...) created by cagney@…
It seems that the default value for dhcp_lease is not nothing, but rather …
15:46 Ticket #2029 (enable the conditional crond start) created by Luboš Staněk <lubek@…>
Enable stopping crond according to the configuration. If the configuration …
14:15 Ticket #2028 ([patch] add zile (zile is lossy emacs)) created by h3sp4wn
New package zile (Zile is lossy emacs) […] and patch to make it …
13:33 Ticket #2027 (openswan _realsetup script uses unsupported ps options) created by mvalsasna@…
hi folks, I noticed that on kamikaze 7.06 /usr/lib/ipsec/_realsetup uses …
13:30 Ticket #2026 (mcpu is depreciated - fix toolchain/Config.in for xscale) created by h3sp4wn
[…] (Got a package that depends on this change)
13:28 Ticket #2025 (Disclaimer was removed from firewall.user inbetween RC6 and 0.9 - readd.) created by h3sp4wn
13:21 Ticket #2015 (Add hardware clock support to util-linux) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7874],thanks !
13:20 Changeset [7874] by florian
Package the hardware clock utility and fix english typos (#2015)
13:15 Changeset [7873] by mbm
clean up default wifi config
07:26 Ticket #2024 (RFC - release testing proceedures) created by mbm
We need to devise/document testing proceedures for new releases Although …
07:05 Changeset [7872] by nbd
fix a race condition with broadcom wl devices in a bridge if a device is …
06:50 Ticket #1686 (7173 revision not working on Asus WL-500G Premium (network problem)) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed with [7865]
06:39 Ticket #1501 (no failsafe mode on meraki/fonera) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [7871], [7870]
06:39 Changeset [7871] by nbd
merge r7869 and r7870 to 7.07
06:35 Changeset [7870] by nbd
add failsafe support for atheros-2.6 (#1501) - only works with ar5315+ at …
06:34 Ticket #2022 (atheros problem) closed by nbd
invalid: the kernel is a bit too big for your partition layout. recreate your …
05:55 Changeset [7869] by nbd
refactor atheros system code - also add support for the reset button …
04:11 Changeset [7868] by nbd
remove ad-hoc tx hang workaround - the underlying issue has been fixed a …
03:53 Changeset [7867] by nbd
remove minstrel rate hack
03:25 Changeset [7866] by nbd
another madwifi update
02:58 Ticket #1963 (r7717 broken on wgt634u) closed by nbd
02:58 Ticket #2005 ("insmod imq" causes kernel Oops on WGT634U, r7815) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [7847]
02:48 Changeset [7865] by nbd
more fixes for the crazy cpu cache issues on brcm47xx-2.6 (mainly affects …


23:03 Changeset [7864] by nbd
update to the latest madwifi snapshot
20:16 Ticket #2023 (wrt54g v8 not supported??) closed by olli
invalid: Please use the forum or the mailinglist for such kind of questions.
20:05 Ticket #2023 (wrt54g v8 not supported??) created by developer01@…
Does anybody know a open source firmware that supports Linksys WRT54g …
19:06 Ticket #2008 (add another macronix id for edimax BR-6104K) closed by juhosg
fixed: fixed with [7863]
19:04 Changeset [7863] by juhosg
[adm5120] more generic handling of Macronix flash chips, fix #2008
18:41 Ticket #2022 (atheros problem) created by anonymous
Hello I compiled the last version of kamikaze (7862). Compilation is …
17:05 Ticket #2021 ([PATCH] Broken HEX and OCT conversion in busybox' printf) created by giampaolo.mancini@…
Conversion from hexadecimal and octal ("0x" and "0" prefixes) to integer …
11:41 Changeset [7862] by olli
Fix gettext: * add missing md5sum * use CONFIGURE_ARGS and MAKE_FLAGS
10:01 Ticket #2020 (OpenWRT Compatibility with APC WMR1000B) created by anonymous
Is this wireless mobile router compatible with OpenWRT? Are there any …
07:42 Ticket #2018 (Reduce memory footprint of Chillispot) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [7859], thanks !
03:16 Changeset [7861] by nbd
oops, forgot to apply the last change to 7.07
03:13 Changeset [7860] by nbd
fix util-linux compile on avr32
03:06 Ticket #2019 (Add the syslog port config option) created by Carlos Sobrinho <epilog@…>
Some, like me, may have the syslog udp port blocked so here is a small …
02:53 Changeset [7859] by epilog
Reduce memory footprint of chillispot. Allocate 128 connections instead of …
02:14 Ticket #2018 (Reduce memory footprint of Chillispot) created by Carlos Sobrinho <epilog@…>
Reduce the amount of statically allocated connections. Reduces the memory …
00:58 Changeset [7858] by mbm
wds-wpa support


23:52 Changeset [7857] by nbd
refresh a patch that is causing problems on certain systems
23:28 Ticket #2017 (check for working-g++ is incomplete) created by Thomas Langer
the prerequisite check for 'working-g++' does not find something like …
21:10 Changeset [7856] by nbd
fix a glitch in the status output of the non-verbose builds for adm5120
20:53 Ticket #2016 (RB1xx nand device not found) created by mike-openwrt@…
I've got the most recent svn of openwrt and have built it for the RB150 …
20:36 Changeset [7855] by nbd
fix sdk build
19:53 Changeset [7854] by nbd
move ncurses to trunk and 7.07 (util-linux depends on it)
18:07 Changeset [7853] by crazy_imp
add some deps, now it shouldn't add features if it notices something it …
17:46 Ticket #2015 (Add hardware clock support to util-linux) created by h3sp4wn
[…] Minor grammar fix also.
16:15 Changeset [7852] by olli
vim: revert update requested by h3sp4wn, thepeople (binary 200K vs. 700K …
15:51 Ticket #1711 (x86 and qemu: bootup fails, /proc is not mounted correctly) closed by nbd
worksforme: looks like an old bug. should be working with latest
15:50 Ticket #1697 (route for vlan device) closed by nbd
invalid: looks like a config error on your part
15:34 Ticket #1994 (miniupnpd.hotplug always enables miniupnpd) closed by thepeople
invalid: the line is [ "$ACTION" = "ifup" -a "$INTERFACE" = "wan" ] && …
15:11 Changeset [7851] by crazy_imp
fix typo in UninstallDev part
14:37 Ticket #2014 ([patch] dnsmasq, dropbear - missing conffiles) created by jirif <jiri.fojtasek@…>
This patch add missing connfiles for dnsmasq and dropbear. This fixing …
13:17 Ticket #2013 (build complains about missing GNU assembler) created by volker@…
There is trouble to compile openwrt […] touch tmp/.prereq-target && …
13:04 Ticket #2011 (apr points at a non-existant version as of r7843) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [7849]
12:59 Changeset [7850] by nbd
fix a horrible memleak in madwifi
12:59 Changeset [7849] by crazy_imp
change version of apr to 1.2.9 (they removed the sources for 1.2.8 from …
11:57 Ticket #2012 (Patches for adm5120-based Edimax routers) created by floe@…
First patch to make it use the CFE-compatible flash mapping: […] …
09:48 Ticket #1969 (kmod-ipt-nat missing in kamikaze brcm47xx-2.6 repository) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed in 7.07
08:53 Changeset [7848] by nbd
nuke magicbox-2.6 2.6.21 patches - 2.6.22-rc is stable here
08:32 Ticket #1838 (Madwifi AP Mode memory leak) closed by nbd
worksforme: please try the lastest version. should be fixed now
08:31 Ticket #2009 (Fix IMQ in 2.6.21 and 2.6.22-rc) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [7847]
08:31 Changeset [7847] by nbd
update imq patches (fixes #2009)
04:10 Changeset [7846] by nbd
upgrade layer7 to the latest version and add fixes for 2.6.21 and …
01:45 Ticket #2011 (apr points at a non-existant version as of r7843) created by seniorr@…
r7841 pointed at apr-1.2.8.tar.gz, but that file no longer seems to exist …
01:09 Changeset [7845] by florian
Massive propset of svn:keywords for packages newly addded, next time, we …
00:44 Changeset [7844] by noz
Move SSB out of brcm47xx target into generic-2.6 target
00:03 Changeset [7843] by crazy_imp
update subversion to 1.4.4, svnserver works now (problem fixed since 7804)
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