23:57 Ticket #2201 ([PATCH] Update dropbear) created by anonymous
* Update dropbear: 0.49 > 0.50 * Delete 140-use_dev_urandom.patch and …
22:07 Ticket #2200 (dropbear/openssh) created by pwalton@…
Hello, I've tried to figure this out for the last week or so and haven't …
21:23 Changeset [8391] by juhosg
[adm5120] USB driver fixes * fix allocation of the ED/TD descriptors * …
21:22 Ticket #2199 (WDS Appears to not function with WPA1) created by anonymous
Configured a WDS setup and it functions, but only if neither the AP and …
21:17 Ticket #2198 (rc.common not wrapping properly or finding the init.d file) created by anonymous
Using "/etc/rc.common /etc/init.d/timedate enable" to create a bootup …
20:21 Ticket #2197 (Trunk is broken (r8390)) created by nabcore
Something seems to be wrong in the final stages of the build process: …
19:44 Ticket #2196 (asus wl-500gP uhci_hcd error) created by evseenko@…
USB host error after inserting yealink driver (Yealink usb-p1k) and doing …
16:02 Ticket #2189 (Ubiquity LS2 and PS2 will not boot Kamikaze 7.07) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [8390]
16:01 Changeset [8390] by florian
Revert the command line appending, was causing some devices not to boot
15:10 Ticket #1978 (New package; AoE tools) closed by ryd
fixed: fixed in [8389]
15:10 Changeset [8389] by ryd
adding aoetools (fix #1978)
15:09 Changeset [8388] by rwhitby
ixp4xx-2.6/nslu2: Added support for building 16MB images
14:54 Changeset [8387] by rwhitby
slugimage: Added support for 16MiB flash chips
14:50 Ticket #2187 (mpd update from v0.12.0 to v0.13.0) closed by ryd
fixed: fixed in [8386]
14:48 Changeset [8386] by ryd
mpd update to 0.13.0 (fix #2187)
10:56 Changeset [8385] by juhosg
[adm5120] minor usb driver cleanup
03:19 Ticket #2195 (madwifi does not support Ubiquiti LS5) created by lschweiss
When booting the latest from Kamikaze (r8381) madwifi fails to load: Dec …
03:11 Changeset [8384] by rwhitby
neon: Set XML2_CONFIG explicitly, so that configure can find xml2-config


23:38 Changeset [8383] by florian
Fix gdb installation, thanks to Alfred Heggestad
23:04 Ticket #2194 (gnutls fails to compile) created by loswillios
compile of gnutls for atheros with gcc-4.1.2 fails […]
23:01 Ticket #2193 ([PATCH] srelay bind to device) closed by ryd
fixed: Done in [8382]
23:00 Changeset [8382] by ryd
srelay bind to device (#2193)
15:57 Ticket #2193 ([PATCH] srelay bind to device) created by Brian Candler
This patch allows srelay to bind to a specific outbound interface. Why is …
13:51 Ticket #2192 (Add conntrack support to kmod-ip6tables) created by ivo.vangeel@…
I have changed the build system to include conntrack support for IPv6 …
12:04 Ticket #2191 (x86 [2.6] make world occurs pcmcia-cs error) created by xlcwu
Build (make world) pcmcia-cs error: Steps: * 1. make menuconfig, select …


19:28 Ticket #2190 (dev svn tree do not build) created by hapi
constructing ../fixinc.sh for mipsel-unknown-linux-uclibc to run on …
17:35 Changeset [8381] by florian
Fix the bcm96358 PRID
14:40 Ticket #2189 (Ubiquity LS2 and PS2 will not boot Kamikaze 7.07) created by anonymous
The LS2 and PS2 (ar2316) will not boot up after flashing Kamikaze 7.07. …
14:23 Changeset [8380] by florian
Use the dmz led as diagnostic led
14:03 Changeset [8379] by florian
rdc can be built with gcc4 as well, my mistake
14:01 Changeset [8378] by florian
More rdc fixes, thanks to Daniel Gimpelevich
13:31 Ticket #2188 (wifi sets tkip-only in case of wpa-psk; option to use aes-ccmp lacking) created by doddel
rev 8348, aug 6 2007 in attempt to introduce kamikaze based units in …
01:29 Ticket #2187 (mpd update from v0.12.0 to v0.13.0) created by michu at neophob dot com
This update contains some important bug fixes - some segfaults should be …
01:25 Ticket #2186 (mpc update to v0.12.1) created by michu at neophob dot com
I've updated the mpc Makefile, mpc will updated from v0.12.0 to v0.12.1 …
00:31 Ticket #2185 (SD/MMC Driver for 2.6 kernel) created by anonymous
Hi guys, after googling around, watching forums, reading people …


23:35 Ticket #2184 (usb-hid - Unknown symbol's) created by michu
root@OpenWrt:/# ipkg install kmod-usb-hid Installing kmod-usb-hid …
23:19 Ticket #2183 (random boot disorder, kamikaze v7.07) created by michu
When I boot my openwrt box, from time to time the module-loading-order …
18:19 Changeset [8377] by juhosg
[adm5120] LED driver fixes * add LED definitions for the BR-6104K boards …
18:11 Changeset [8376] by juhosg
add support for special LED brightness values
16:28 Ticket #2182 (toolchain/gdb/Makefile seems to be broken) created by nabcore
13:41 Ticket #2181 (include kmod-fs-ntfs in build for read-only NTFS support) created by anik@…
On brcm-2.4 platform there is total lack of NTFS support. But it could be …
11:46 Ticket #2180 (Update netperf package from 2.3pl1 to 2.4.3) created by kkoehne
Update of the netperf package from 2.3pl1 to the current 2.4.3.
11:44 Changeset [8375] by florian
These patches moved to generic-2.6
11:43 Changeset [8374] by florian
Remove the eeprom patches, but move the git-newsetup to generic, so that …
11:42 Ticket #2179 (kernel tarball is not downloaded when doing kernel-headers installation ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [8373]
11:41 Changeset [8373] by nbd
fix kernel-headers download (#2179)
11:38 Changeset [8372] by florian
Also add eeprom 93cx6 to generic-2.6
11:34 Changeset [8371] by florian
Update rdc-2.6 description and fix the firmware for sitecom devices
11:30 Ticket #2179 (kernel tarball is not downloaded when doing kernel-headers installation ...) created by florian
After the new toolchain layout [8362], after a make distclean, …
11:20 Changeset [8370] by florian
Remove empty file
11:14 Changeset [8369] by florian
Fix the mac80211 installation, remove the in-kernel mac80211 package, …
11:13 Changeset [8368] by florian
Upgrade hostapd to 0.5.8, thanks to Daniel Gimpelevich
11:12 Changeset [8367] by florian
Upgrade rt2x00 to a more recent snapshot, master mode now working, thanks …
11:12 Changeset [8366] by florian
Fix the gpio handling and flash resource declaration, thanks to Daniel …
09:49 Ticket #2141 (kexec module is not build) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8365], providing kernel configuration using packages will be …
09:48 Changeset [8365] by florian
Enable kexec for x86 as well (#2141)
09:37 Changeset [8364] by florian
Revert 8353, can cause more bad than good
02:07 Changeset [8363] by nbd
update svn and git ignore settings
02:04 Changeset [8362] by nbd
build system cleanup/restructuring as described in …
01:10 Changeset [8361] by crazy_imp
glib2 now needs the dev package from glib 2.0 installed on the host, …


23:19 Ticket #2178 ([8343] Breaks pppoe) created by Weedy <weedy2887@…>
After [8343] the firewall scripts sets $WAN as "eth0.1" instead of "ppp0". …
22:28 Changeset [8360] by florian
Prevent the ioctl from handling even unsupported ioctls
21:43 Changeset [8359] by florian
Allow rdc-2.6 to kexec
21:25 Changeset [8358] by florian
More led driver fixes
20:56 Changeset [8357] by florian
Remove the LED code from the network driver
20:50 Changeset [8356] by florian
Still broken for now
20:48 Changeset [8355] by florian
More rdc-2.6 fixes by Daniel Gimpelevich, thanks !
20:40 Changeset [8354] by florian
Put back some code from the 2.4 driver, supposed to boot network perfs
20:13 Changeset [8353] by florian
Disable NAPI by default (#1671)
19:38 Changeset [8352] by juhosg
remove case sensitivity from the board name checking
19:32 Ticket #2177 (Sangam DSL driver update) created by rootkit85@…
Updated it: […]
19:25 Changeset [8351] by juhosg
[adm5120] add special values for GPIO lines in switch
18:17 Ticket #2174 (option dns differences from docs and wiki (docs broken)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8350]. By the way, the wiki has never been an official …
18:17 Changeset [8350] by florian
Fix the option dns usages (#2174)
17:54 Changeset [8349] by crazy_imp
- add: gmodule, gobject and gthread (now the package includes the same …
17:35 au1000 edited by florian
17:05 Ticket #2176 (Each usbdrive mounted to the same dircetory with usb-storage) created by syncro@…
see package/base-files/files/sbin/usb-storage […] possible (simple) …
16:15 Changeset [8348] by florian
Add generic gpio support to rdc, convert the led driver to be a platform …
15:25 Ticket #2175 (srelay misses libwrap as requirement) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8347], thanks !
15:24 Changeset [8347] by florian
Fix the libwrap dependency for srelay (#2175)
15:20 Ticket #2175 (srelay misses libwrap as requirement) created by anonymous
After installing srelay, it claims on start about missing libwrap: # …
00:23 Ticket #2174 (option dns differences from docs and wiki (docs broken)) created by openwrt@…
compare http://downloads.openwrt.org/kamikaze/docs/openwrt.html Section …


18:26 Changeset [8346] by blogic
added improved watchdog driver for amazon
13:05 Changeset [8345] by florian
rdc-2.6 must be built with gcc-3.4.6, if not it will not boot at all
10:53 Changeset [8344] by blogic
cleaned up amazon serial and prom code
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