20:39 Changeset [8604] by nico
really fix ccache issue (hopefully)
18:09 Changeset [8603] by nico
id3lib: add libtoolism fixes, Makefile cleanup
18:08 Changeset [8602] by nico
Makefile cleanup
18:07 Changeset [8601] by nico
mrd6: remove invasive stuff from patch 001 and rename it, Makefile cleanup
18:04 Changeset [8600] by nico
dibbler: fix linking against uClibc++
18:00 Changeset [8599] by nico
add a patch to let our optimization flags override default ones
17:58 Changeset [8598] by nico
fix uClibc++ issue after build dir reorg: install uClibc++ headers in a …
17:33 Changeset [8597] by nico
p910nd fixes: * move DESCRIPTION to a separate macro * add conffiles …
16:48 Changeset [8596] by olli
p910nd: * Migrate configuration to UCI * Minor Makefile cleanups
16:14 Changeset [8595] by nico
add babel (another Ad-Hoc network routing daemon)
16:13 Changeset [8594] by nico
add ahcpd (Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol daemon)
15:36 Ticket #2305 (Bad 'ln -s' in Kamikaze docs under 2.1.1) created by johan.adler@…
Docs suggest '$ ln -s packages/*/* kamikaze/package/' which does not work …
15:11 Changeset [8593] by nico
tweak Makefile
12:44 Ticket #2304 (kmod-pcmcia-core and kmod-pcmcia-serial not builded; tested for adm5120 ...) created by ggp81
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it sounds like it's not possible to …
11:06 Changeset [8592] by nico
move TARGET_* flags from ./include/package-default.mk to ./rules.mk, …
10:58 Changeset [8591] by nico
require all CONFIG_* symbols listed in its KCONFIG to be set to m in order …
10:44 Changeset [8590] by nico
tweak Build/Compile/PyMod: add CPPFLAGS, allow caller to override any of …
10:23 Changeset [8589] by nico
another cleanup missed from [8587]
10:21 Changeset [8588] by nico
rename hostap package to hostap-driver
10:20 Changeset [8587] by nico
package Makefile cleanup: remove uneeded vars
10:18 Ticket #2303 ([PATCH] Make aiccu compile on Mac OS X + cleanups) created by danchr@…
AICCU doesn't compile when hosted on Mac OS X. The attached patch fixes …
10:12 Changeset [8586] by nico
rename bridge package to bridge-utils (to match source name)
10:02 Changeset [8585] by nico
rename zd1211_firmware to zd1211-firmware
10:01 Changeset [8584] by nico
rename zd1211 package to zd1211-driver
09:51 Changeset [8583] by nico
provide default PKG_BUILD_DIR for packages missing a PKG_VERSION
09:47 Changeset [8582] by nico
remove duplicate ./include/kernel.mk inclusion
08:46 Changeset [8581] by nico
move ipkg related vars from ./rules.mk to ./include/package-ipkg.mk
07:50 Changeset [8580] by nico
remove uneeded PATH setting in ipkg invocation
07:02 Changeset [8579] by nico
change case of conflicting option
07:00 Changeset [8578] by nico
use $(TARGET_CPPFLAGS) & $(TARGET_LDFLAGS) instead of full -I... & -L…
01:21 Ticket #2302 (acx-mac80211 on r8577 not working) created by nabcore
With r8577 (modded see https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/1858#comment:16) on …


23:12 Ticket #2301 (Buildroot fails for file names containing blanks) created by anonymous
Given a customized buildroot filesystem: […] Running make gives: …
23:02 Ticket #2257 (Here are upgrades for php5, libxml2, sqlite3 packages) closed by florian
fixed: Thanks for the diffs. nico upgraded your packages.
21:46 Ticket #2172 (parallel build error) closed by florian
fixed: This option has been removed because it broke too many builds.
21:41 Ticket #2212 (StrongSwan hotplug script is calling ipsec restart for ifup event) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8577], thanks !
21:40 Changeset [8577] by florian
Do not restart ipsec on hotplug events (#2212)
21:36 Ticket #2284 ([PATCH] OpenVPN init script fix) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8576], thanks !
21:36 Changeset [8576] by florian
Fix openvpn init script (#2284)
21:21 Ticket #2300 (updatedd patched tarball) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed, thanks !
18:39 Changeset [8575] by nico
use a default VERSION field for kmod packages
18:10 Ticket #2300 (updatedd patched tarball) created by olli
Florian, here is the patched tarball for updatedd 2.6. Please upload to …
17:22 Ticket #2299 (Program Abort from loading olsrd-mod-nameservice (0.5.2-1)) created by knox
The olsrd daemon does not start when trying to load the nameservice plugin …
17:16 Ticket #2298 (Segfault in olsrd-mod-dyn-gw 0.5.2-1) created by anonymous
The olsrd plugin olsrd-mod-dyn-gw (0.5.2-1) segfaults: […] From …
17:06 Ticket #2297 (kernel 2.6.22 netfilter conntrack modules build fix + RTSP conntrack ...) created by aorlinsk
When compiling kernel 2.6.22, the conntrack modules are not built. It is …
16:21 Ticket #2274 (add Junxion patch to usbserial to improve HSDPA throughput) closed by nico
fixed: Added 2.4 patch in [8573], thanks!
16:20 Changeset [8574] by nico
rename 2.6 high-speed usb serial fix to match 2.4 one
16:18 Changeset [8573] by nico
add high-speed usb serial fix from Junxion to 2.4 kernel too (closes: …
14:20 Ticket #2296 (xrelayd) created by znerol
Xrelayd is a basic tcp proxy server which enables you to encrypt arbitrary …
14:06 Ticket #2295 (XySSL 0.7 Package) created by znerol
XySSL is a small footprint SSL library. Contained in the package are the …
12:57 Changeset [8572] by olli
php5: * Update 5.2.3 > 5.2.4 * Minor Makefile cleanups * Refresh …
05:35 Ticket #2274 (add Junxion patch to usbserial to improve HSDPA throughput) reopened by anonymous
Thanks Nico and the team for including the 2.6 patch and accept my …


23:01 Changeset [8571] by blogic
reduce watchdog trigger from 10 to 5 seconds
17:20 Changeset [8570] by nico
add an abs2rel.pl helper script (returns a path relative to another)
16:12 Ticket #2294 (updatedd doesn't support different WAN interfaces) created by openwrt@…
Here's my hacked version of /etc/hotplug.d/iface/30-updatedd, that …
14:57 Changeset [8569] by nbd
allow the user to disable the defaultroute option for ppp
09:18 Ticket #2293 (wifi0: rx FIFO overrun; resetting) created by telstar924@…
I am using openwrt/kamikaze development branch ( x86 platform + ubiquiti …
08:46 Ticket #2292 (ntpclient does not keep running) created by gerti-openwrt@…
/etc/hotplug.d/iface/20-ntpclient starts ntpclient with -s which prevents …
07:25 Changeset [8568] by nico
small rdc-2.6 fixes (from sn9, thanks!)
07:20 Changeset [8567] by nico
fix .dep_files exclusion in rdep calls
05:42 Changeset [8566] by nico
add dependency on python (closes: #2283)
04:01 Changeset [8565] by nico
fix typo left in [8562] (thanks to sn9)


18:20 Changeset [8564] by nbd
oops... typo
18:19 Changeset [8563] by nbd
fix issues with multiple ppp links (noticed by Stefano Rivera)
15:07 Ticket #2291 ([qos-scripts] TOS and DSCP matching and setting support) created by ffrrrr at gmail
define options : * option dscp dscp-value * option DSCP dscp-value * …
12:09 Changeset [8562] by nico
oops, include missing change from [8560]
10:07 Ticket #2290 (dnsmasq init scrip ignores dns settings from network interfaces) created by christoph.thielecke@…
The dnsmasq init script on kamikaze ignores the dns entries from network …
00:43 Changeset [8561] by nbd
fix a dependency bug
00:24 Changeset [8560] by nico
more rt2x00 fixes (thanks to sn9): * pkg: add missing kmod dependencies …
00:19 Changeset [8559] by nico
build eeprom_93cx6 as a module, add a KernelPackage for it and for …


23:12 Changeset [8558] by nbd
clean up recursive dependency handling, use timestamp.pl again, because it …
23:11 Changeset [8557] by nbd
allow the kernel to provide own series files for specific subdirs
21:17 Changeset [8556] by olli
ssmtp: some more cleanups
20:57 Changeset [8555] by olli
ssmtp: * Cleanup Makefile * Refresh patches
19:18 Changeset [8554] by thepeople
fix incorrect parameters
18:59 Changeset [8553] by nico
acx-mac80211: another bigendian fix
18:53 Changeset [8552] by nbd
fix ifname in network state for pppoe and pptp, add a workaround for isps …
18:41 Changeset [8551] by nico
rt2x00 fixes after [8548]: * fix creating defines from kconfig * revert …
18:09 Ticket #2289 ([dnsmasq] typo in #8540) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed r8550
18:08 Changeset [8550] by thepeople
fix typo closes #2289
18:05 Ticket #2274 (add Junxion patch to usbserial to improve HSDPA throughput) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8549] for 2.6.22 targets, thanks for reporting!
18:04 Changeset [8549] by nico
add high-speed usb serial fix from Junxion (closes: #2274)
17:38 Changeset [8548] by nico
rt2x00 fixes (thanks to sn9): * make build depends on in-kernel mac80211 …
17:05 Changeset [8547] by florian
uvc-streamer uses v4l2 which is 2.6 specific
17:01 Ticket #2204 (rrdtool does not compile) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here with trunk/
16:48 Changeset [8546] by florian
Fix tinyproxy patch
16:39 Changeset [8545] by florian
taglib now uses uclibc++ and compiles again
16:32 Ticket #2289 ([dnsmasq] typo in #8540) created by ffrrrr at gmail
Line 176, "ingore" instead of "ignore". In the "dnsmasq" functions, are …
16:19 Changeset [8544] by nico
bcm43xx-mac80211 fixes: * make build depends on in-kernel mac80211 …
16:15 Changeset [8543] by nico
acx-mac80211 fixes: * make Build/Compile conditionnal (only if in-kernel …
14:55 Ticket #2283 (yapsnmp does not compile) closed by florian
worksforme: It builds fine with trunk. Looks like some CFLAGS and include path were …
14:50 Ticket #2288 (PATCH ruby Net::HTTP performance fix) created by b.candler@…
This patch makes a big improvement to the performance of Net::HTTP (and …
14:47 Changeset [8542] by florian
Upgrade uclibc++ to 0.2.2, it does not break uclibc++ dependent packages …
11:26 Ticket #2203 (busybox bbconfig compilation error) closed by florian
10:01 Changeset [8541] by nico
use $(INSTALL_BIN) instead of $(CP)
05:24 Ticket #2287 (yafc attempts to connect to port 5376 instead of 21) created by thomas@…
It seems that yafc attempts to connect to port 5376 instead of 21 […] …


20:40 Changeset [8540] by thepeople
dnsmasq: extend the init script thanks Sedky
20:27 Changeset [8539] by thepeople
add patch to fix typo in 403 error message thanks Stereo
19:27 Changeset [8538] by juhosg
I have new e-mail address. Thanks to Kaloz ;)
18:31 Changeset [8537] by juhosg
[adm5120] simplified image file generation
15:14 Ticket #2095 (add package: ClearSilver) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [8536], thanks !
15:13 Changeset [8536] by florian
Add clearsilver (#2095)
13:26 ar7 edited by nico
12:44 Changeset [8535] by florian
Strip down the build time by desactivating docs test and examples in …
12:41 Changeset [8534] by nico
add xyssl
12:17 Ticket #2286 (ruby fix UDP sockets / uClibc stdio) created by b.candler@…
This patch fixes UDP sockets, by detecting stdio buffer pointers …
12:07 Ticket #2282 (fcgi does not compile) closed by florian
fixed: Commit [8513] should have fixed it, can you check you have updated to this …
05:51 Changeset [8533] by nbd
avoid rdep in the top level make process (subdir.mk) - it leaks too much …
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