23:30 Changeset [8696] by nbd
add support for device type based package preselections
22:04 Changeset [8695] by nbd
adapt profiles for subtarget changes
21:55 Changeset [8694] by nbd
major target cleanup. it is now possible to have subtargets that can …
20:30 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [8693], thanks !
20:29 Changeset [8693] by florian
Fix portmap running now as nobody (#2317)
19:48 Changeset [8692] by florian
Add freeradius-mod-exec, thanks to olli !
18:26 Ticket #2273 (WR 0.9: S35firewall script error) closed by florian
18:20 Ticket #2337 (kmod-ppp on AR7 is not being written to fs image.) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8691], thanks !
18:20 Changeset [8691] by florian
Fix kmod-ppp generation (#2337)
17:49 Ticket #2339 (updatedd script missing restart() (called in hotplug) and stop terminates ...) created by adam@…
updatedd.init missing restart() which hotplug calls '/etc/init.d/updatedd …
17:48 Ticket #2338 (NO build grub image file in x86 platform after revision 8653) created by telstar924@…
From revision 8653 in menuconfig there is no build grub image file option …
16:18 Ticket #2337 (kmod-ppp on AR7 is not being written to fs image.) created by nabcore
Very recently, something has changed in the building process with respect …
15:39 Changeset [8690] by nbd
fix pci init for brcm-2.4 with atheros wifi cards
14:17 Changeset [8689] by florian
Change the banner to 7.09
14:11 Changeset [8688] by nbd
remove fixed rev for package sources - a more current one will be added …
14:01 Changeset [8687] by nbd
point the STAGING_DIR_HOST variable to STAGING_DIR for compatibility with …
13:40 Ticket #2336 (Vendor zone for NTP) created by freycinet
As per the requirements available from the NTP Pool project, obtain a NTP …
12:46 Ticket #2327 (imagebuilder seems to be broken in trunk) closed by florian
12:45 Ticket #2327 (imagebuilder seems to be broken in trunk) reopened by florian
12:45 Ticket #2327 (imagebuilder seems to be broken in trunk) closed by florian
duplicate: Please update your svn copy, this error is fixed with [8412]
12:35 Ticket #2335 (Add backup/restore feature to broadcom devices) created by florian
Backup/restore as implemented for x86 should be ported to other …
12:28 Changeset [8686] by florian
Add some EHCI related symbols when usb is selected
11:16 Changeset [8685] by ejka
11:02 Changeset [8684] by ejka
Add TNETW1350 to known devices. Style cleanups.
08:52 Changeset [8683] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix the symlink of the lzma-loader
04:45 Ticket #2334 (Extra gcc configure flags are ignored) created by jk@…
Hi, I'm trying to build a biarch powerpc toolchain for an openwrt build, …
04:06 Ticket #2333 (avahi-daemon on WAN interface) created by jablko
The avahi-daemon package is great, thanks for maintaining it! …
02:56 Ticket #2332 (Random crash with "serial8250: too much work for irq15") created by nabcore
Sometimes, my DG834G(v2) running r8577, will crash/hang with the following …


23:31 Ticket #2331 (Enable -w (--wildcard) support for updatedd) created by KanjiMonster
Please compile updatedd with wildcard support enabled. This should be …
22:57 Changeset [8682] by nbd
some backports from trunk (untested)
22:43 Ticket #2073 (Kamikaze Repeater Quit Working on Atheros after Upgrade to 7.06) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [8681]
22:42 Changeset [8681] by nbd
fix madwifi channel setting (#2073)
22:41 Changeset [8680] by nbd
bump package versions after updates
22:37 Changeset [8679] by nbd
add tags/kamikaze_7.09 (copy of 7.07, will contain bugfix backports from …
22:27 Changeset [8678] by olli
gnutls: * Update 1.0.25 > 2.0.0 * Cleanup Makefile
21:37 Changeset [8677] by nico
fix multi-packages builds, cleanup
21:27 Changeset [8676] by nico
update xl2tpd to 1.1.11, fix opt flags, rename ppp related config files, …
21:21 Changeset [8675] by nico
fix cbtt build
21:06 Changeset [8674] by nico
fix configure and opt flags, cleanup, actually revert [8668] after [8672]
20:57 Changeset [8673] by nico
fix yapsnmp configure when swig is detected on the host system
20:00 Changeset [8672] by nico
proper fix for asterisk14-mysql recursive dependency, it was a faulty …
19:01 Changeset [8671] by olli
gnupg: * Update > 1.4.7 * Cleanup Makefile * Don't build po and …
18:11 Changeset [8670] by nico
enable cgi & python at configure time, use new python packaging, cleanup
18:07 Changeset [8669] by nico
add libelf pkgconfig file, cleanup
17:03 Ticket #2330 (wrong includes in xyssl install) created by Luboš Staněk <lubek@…>
The includes are installed into $(DESTDIR)/include/include/xyssl instead …
16:14 Ticket #2329 (Changeset r8423 breaks VYLNQ-PCI linking on DG834G) created by NRForbes
Hi, I am running r8650 on a DG834Gv1 and vlynq-pci never links …
16:01 Ticket #2328 (VLYNQ does not initialise on DG834Gv1) created by NRForbes
Hi, I am running Kamikaze r8650 on a DG834G, and the VLYNQ bus does not …
15:19 Ticket #2325 (Packages asterisk14 and asterisk14-mysql returning to config randomly) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8668]
15:19 Changeset [8668] by florian
Default to n for asterisk-mysql-1.4 (#2325)
15:18 Changeset [8667] by florian
Fix the recursive dependency on zlib when asterisk-1.4 and …
15:10 Changeset [8666] by nico
fix typo
15:09 Ticket #2178 ([8343] Breaks pppoe) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [8665]
15:09 Changeset [8665] by nbd
fix ppp unit number issues (#2178)
14:54 Changeset [8664] by nico
fix board name for nvram and switch packages on brcm-2.4 after [8653]
13:50 Ticket #2327 (imagebuilder seems to be broken in trunk) created by anonymous
build stops here.... …
13:16 Ticket #2324 (ctorrent segfaults) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed in subversion by an update to dnh3.2. Confirmed by a few users on …
13:11 Ticket #2326 (Changeset 8601 broke mrd6 on 2.4) created by eisvogel embinet de
mrd6 will compile fine for brcm-2.4 with changeset 8601 reverted.
11:54 Ticket #2183 (random boot disorder, kamikaze v7.07) closed by nbd
duplicate: I'm pretty sure this is related to #2035
11:27 Ticket #2291 ([qos-scripts] TOS and DSCP matching and setting support) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [8663]
11:27 Changeset [8663] by nbd
qos-scripts: add patch for tos and dscp support from #2291
11:24 Ticket #2314 (drop VIDEO_SUPPORT from webcam driver packages) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [8662]
11:23 Changeset [8662] by nbd
remove obsolete dependencies on VIDEO_SUPPORT (#2314)
11:10 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) reopened by anonymous
portmap: illegal uid: 0 this is the erro portmap gives now .... when i …
10:58 Changeset [8661] by nico
add missing endef
10:55 Changeset [8660] by nico
remove remaining description field missed from [8659]
10:34 Changeset [8659] by nico
move package description to a separate definition, remove it when …
10:30 Changeset [8658] by nico
remove automake prereq not needed anymore since [7011], use a separate …
10:24 Changeset [8657] by nico
zd1211-firmware: remove uneeded commands in install, use a separate …
09:00 Ticket #2325 (Packages asterisk14 and asterisk14-mysql returning to config randomly) created by Vchat20@…
Running revision r8656 here and despite trying to disable asterisk from …
02:03 Ticket #2324 (ctorrent segfaults) created by xscript
ctorrent segfaults when starting to download or check a torrent file. …


22:54 Ticket #2323 (AR7: big cleanup) created by rootkit85@…
I'm working to get the AR7 port into the mainline kernel (read: …
21:35 Changeset [8656] by nico
cosmetic fixes for ar7: indent, use lowercase hex notation, format
19:21 Changeset [8655] by olli
libtasn1: * Update 0.2.13 > 1.1 * Cleanup Makefile
18:56 Ticket #1839 (squid broken) closed by florian
18:49 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) closed by florian
18:40 Changeset [8654] by nbd
remove some obsolete files
18:27 Changeset [8653] by nbd
strip the kernel version suffix from target directories, except for …
17:25 Changeset [8652] by nbd
enable start-stop-daemon by default, i want to use this to clean up a few …
17:13 Ticket #2322 (shorewall update to 4.0.3) created by puchu
shorewall update to 4.0.3
17:07 Ticket #2078 (usbmodem slow speed) reopened by Darkza
Thats not the problem. The problem is im running it with the 2.4 …
16:32 Changeset [8651] by olli
portmap: * Fix compilation * Cleanup Makefile
14:54 Changeset [8650] by florian
Upgrade portmap to 6.0 (#2317)
13:48 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) reopened by anonymous
$BIN -u 0 -g 0 $OPTIONS doesnt seem to start portmap for me ..... and i …
13:47 Ticket #1858 (ar7-2.6 with r7540 hangs after printing CPU revision) closed by florian
fixed: Worked around with [8649], this is not a real fix, because we will need to …
13:45 Changeset [8649] by florian
Disable the USB clock for now, will be used later for the AR7-HCD driver, …
13:41 Changeset [8648] by florian
Install missing script files, thanks to Thomas Riche for his submission !
13:24 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) closed by florian
fixed: I think portmap will by default use privileged port numbers, thus only …
12:48 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) reopened by anonymous
should it be run as nobody instead of root?
12:33 Changeset [8647] by nico
oops again, forgot to remove old twisted in [8642]
12:29 Ticket #2320 (ifstat 1.1 fails to compile on brcm 2.4) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [8646], thanks!
12:27 Changeset [8646] by nico
fix cross-compiling issue in configure, force configure args to what we …
11:17 Ticket #2321 (SuperG Quit Working on Kamikaze) created by cr
With all of the stability improvements to madwifi, the SuperG / turbo mode …
06:11 Changeset [8645] by nico
remove ref to EXTRA_*FLAGS, convert description, cleanup
06:01 Ticket #2320 (ifstat 1.1 fails to compile on brcm 2.4) created by Weedy <weedy2887@…>
trunk [8644] ifstat-1.1 fails with the following. […]
05:47 Changeset [8644] by nico
convert rdiff-backup to new python packaging
05:23 Changeset [8643] by nico
add missing install dir creation
05:22 Changeset [8642] by nico
oops, forgot twisted in [8639]
05:20 Changeset [8641] by nico
allow scan.mk to find python packages introduced in [8639]
04:57 Changeset [8640] by nico
remove uneeded stuff after python changes in [8639]
04:52 Changeset [8639] by nico
massive python changes: * move all python packages to lang section * add …
04:39 Changeset [8638] by nico
remove uneeded install step, move description to a separate def, cleanup
04:30 Changeset [8637] by nico
disable building of examples and tests, add libtool fixes
00:07 Ticket #2319 (new package nw802 for USB webcams) created by pmeerw@…


23:41 Ticket #2316 (Problems when router IP is in Kamikaze 7.07) closed by florian
worksforme: This is exactly my router IP address, and I do not see any issues with …
23:40 Ticket #2318 (Enable ip6table-save/restore.) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [8636], thanks !
23:40 Changeset [8636] by florian
Package ip6tables-utils as well (#2318)
23:34 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8635], thanks !
23:34 Changeset [8635] by florian
Start portmap with uid and gid 0 by default (#2317)
23:28 Changeset [8634] by florian
init script should be executable by default
22:43 Ticket #2318 (Enable ip6table-save/restore.) created by nwfilardo@…
The iptables package has experimental targets for ip6tables-save/restore …
22:00 Changeset [8633] by olli
updatedd: hotplug scripts should not be executable
20:29 Ticket #2317 (portmap starts with UID 1) created by puchu
portmap start with userid 1 and lsof gives me this error .... […] …
20:04 Ticket #2316 (Problems when router IP is in Kamikaze 7.07) created by fophillips@…
If the router's IP is set to using Kamikaze 7.07, when …
19:36 Changeset [8632] by florian
Fix wiviz compilation
19:32 Changeset [8631] by florian
Do not build documentation
18:36 Changeset [8630] by florian
Fix streamripper compilation
18:31 Changeset [8629] by florian
Fix ssmtp compilation
15:38 Changeset [8628] by florian
Fix nagios compilation
15:14 Changeset [8627] by florian
Fix logrotate compilation
15:02 Changeset [8626] by nico
rename libjpeg to jpeg (match source name), cleanup
14:45 Changeset [8625] by nico
mark dibbler 2.6 only, it needs <linux/ip_mp_alg.h> to build
14:17 Changeset [8624] by nico
force linking against libgcc (fix build on 7.07)
14:13 Ticket #2315 (new package ov51x-jpeg for USB webcams based on OV51x chipset) created by pmeerw@…
14:10 Ticket #2314 (drop VIDEO_SUPPORT from webcam driver packages) created by pmeerw@…
drop VIDEO_SUPPORT from webcam driver packages VIDEO_SUPPORT is defined …
13:29 Changeset [8623] by olli
ifstat: ups
13:29 Changeset [8622] by olli
ifstat: cleanup Makefile
13:16 Ticket #2171 (qos-start -> getsockopt failed strangely: No such file or directory) closed by florian
13:13 Ticket #2030 (dhcp_lease=0 (typical for default) conflicts with ...) closed by florian
wontfix: This only applies to whiterussian which is feature frozen.
13:02 Ticket #2239 ('make download V=3 fails) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed now, mac80211 sources was in timeout.
13:00 Ticket #2311 (ifstat networking bandwidth usage monitor) closed by florian
fixed: Added with [8621], thanks !
13:00 Changeset [8621] by florian
Add ifstat (#2311)
12:47 Ticket #2313 (procps package build fails) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8620], thanks !
12:47 Changeset [8620] by florian
Fix procps compilation (#2313)
11:59 Ticket #2312 ([PATCH] Backport "define Build/Compile/PyMod" to 7.07) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8619]
11:58 Changeset [8619] by florian
Backport the PyMod template to 7.07 (#2312)
11:10 Ticket #2313 (procps package build fails) created by pmeerw@…
curses.h: No such file or directory
10:59 Changeset [8618] by nico
fix typo (thanks to jonasg[1] on irc)
08:16 Changeset [8617] by nico
update axtls to 1.1.6


22:09 Ticket #2099 (xl2tpd now supports openwrt build natively) closed by nico
fixed: A patch has been added to handle optimization flags properly.
22:03 Changeset [8616] by florian
Upgrade sqlite3 to 3.4.2
21:59 Ticket #2310 (shorewall update to 3.4.6) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed in r8615.
21:58 Changeset [8615] by olli
shorewall: * Update 3.4.3 > 3.4.6 (closes: #2310) * Cleanup Makefile * …
21:46 Changeset [8614] by nico
add asterisk-addons-1.4.x (thanks to Hans Zandbelt)
21:42 Changeset [8613] by nico
enable asn & http (required for asterisk-1.4.x)
21:41 Changeset [8612] by nico
add iksemel library (for asterisk-1.4.x)
21:34 Ticket #2312 ([PATCH] Backport "define Build/Compile/PyMod" to 7.07) created by olli
Fixes the build of pyevent, pysqlite and kid packages.
21:33 Ticket #2311 (ifstat networking bandwidth usage monitor) created by puchu
a very little basic prog that monitors the rx/tx rate of network devices
21:16 Changeset [8611] by nico
add asterisk-1.4.x (thanks to Hans Zandblet)
21:08 Ticket #2310 (shorewall update to 3.4.6) created by puchu
Index: Makefile …
20:05 Ticket #1820 (openssl didn't compile with ccache enabled) closed by nico
19:25 Changeset [8610] by nico
fix build against uClibc++, add libtool fixes, cleanup
19:17 Ticket #2309 (802.11b devices crashes Madwifi on RB133) created by jirin.sv
Hi all, I got problem with my Routerboard 133. On the board are 2 …
17:07 Ticket #2308 (gcc 4.1.2 compilation failure) created by minev.risto@…
/home/comacsd.projects/risto/open_wrt/toolchain_build_powerpc/gcc-4.1.2-ini …
15:23 Changeset [8609] by nico
suppress warning in gcd()
12:46 Ticket #2307 (AR7: remove useless recursion and functions) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8608], thanks Matteo! Note: I added a check to keep original …
12:44 Changeset [8608] by nico
use kernel abs(), remove recursion in gcd() (closes: #2307)
12:28 Ticket #2306 (AR7: make use of constants) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8607], thanks Matteo!
12:27 Changeset [8607] by nico
use constant for clock values (closes: #2306)
10:45 Ticket #1106 (asterisk-1.4.0) closed by nico
duplicate: Obsoleted by [1560]
09:58 Changeset [8606] by nico
rename libgdbm to gdbm (match source name), add libtool fixes, cleanup
09:51 Changeset [8605] by nico
uClibc++: really really fix ccache issue
00:59 Ticket #2307 (AR7: remove useless recursion and functions) created by rootkit85@…
Remove useless ABS() and use the in-kernel abs(). Replace gcd with a non …
00:17 Ticket #2306 (AR7: make use of constants) created by rootkit85@…
We have global vars for costant values, they are assigned once and read …


20:39 Changeset [8604] by nico
really fix ccache issue (hopefully)
18:09 Changeset [8603] by nico
id3lib: add libtoolism fixes, Makefile cleanup
18:08 Changeset [8602] by nico
Makefile cleanup
18:07 Changeset [8601] by nico
mrd6: remove invasive stuff from patch 001 and rename it, Makefile cleanup
18:04 Changeset [8600] by nico
dibbler: fix linking against uClibc++
18:00 Changeset [8599] by nico
add a patch to let our optimization flags override default ones
17:58 Changeset [8598] by nico
fix uClibc++ issue after build dir reorg: install uClibc++ headers in a …
17:33 Changeset [8597] by nico
p910nd fixes: * move DESCRIPTION to a separate macro * add conffiles …
16:48 Changeset [8596] by olli
p910nd: * Migrate configuration to UCI * Minor Makefile cleanups
16:14 Changeset [8595] by nico
add babel (another Ad-Hoc network routing daemon)
16:13 Changeset [8594] by nico
add ahcpd (Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol daemon)
15:36 Ticket #2305 (Bad 'ln -s' in Kamikaze docs under 2.1.1) created by johan.adler@…
Docs suggest '$ ln -s packages/*/* kamikaze/package/' which does not work …
15:11 Changeset [8593] by nico
tweak Makefile
12:44 Ticket #2304 (kmod-pcmcia-core and kmod-pcmcia-serial not builded; tested for adm5120 ...) created by ggp81
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it sounds like it's not possible to …
11:06 Changeset [8592] by nico
move TARGET_* flags from ./include/package-default.mk to ./rules.mk, …
10:58 Changeset [8591] by nico
require all CONFIG_* symbols listed in its KCONFIG to be set to m in order …
10:44 Changeset [8590] by nico
tweak Build/Compile/PyMod: add CPPFLAGS, allow caller to override any of …
10:23 Changeset [8589] by nico
another cleanup missed from [8587]
10:21 Changeset [8588] by nico
rename hostap package to hostap-driver
10:20 Changeset [8587] by nico
package Makefile cleanup: remove uneeded vars
10:18 Ticket #2303 ([PATCH] Make aiccu compile on Mac OS X + cleanups) created by danchr@…
AICCU doesn't compile when hosted on Mac OS X. The attached patch fixes …
10:12 Changeset [8586] by nico
rename bridge package to bridge-utils (to match source name)
10:02 Changeset [8585] by nico
rename zd1211_firmware to zd1211-firmware
10:01 Changeset [8584] by nico
rename zd1211 package to zd1211-driver
09:51 Changeset [8583] by nico
provide default PKG_BUILD_DIR for packages missing a PKG_VERSION
09:47 Changeset [8582] by nico
remove duplicate ./include/kernel.mk inclusion
08:46 Changeset [8581] by nico
move ipkg related vars from ./rules.mk to ./include/package-ipkg.mk
07:50 Changeset [8580] by nico
remove uneeded PATH setting in ipkg invocation
07:02 Changeset [8579] by nico
change case of conflicting option
07:00 Changeset [8578] by nico
use $(TARGET_CPPFLAGS) & $(TARGET_LDFLAGS) instead of full -I... & -L…
01:21 Ticket #2302 (acx-mac80211 on r8577 not working) created by nabcore
With r8577 (modded see https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/1858#comment:16) on …
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