23:31 Changeset [8850] by olli
wol: cosmetic changes
23:30 Ticket #2407 (dropbear fails to compile) created by loswillios
make package/dropbear-{clean,compile} […] full log attached
23:21 Changeset [8849] by olli
wol: Add a init script and a UCI configuration file
22:58 Changeset [8848] by nbd
clean up jffs2 config options
22:55 Changeset [8847] by nbd
fix kconfig.pl split for config symbols that have "0" as value
22:43 Changeset [8846] by nbd
enable jffs2 summary for faster mount time
21:58 Changeset [8845] by blogic
made HOME=/root global instead of x86 specific
21:51 Changeset [8844] by blogic
root users folder is now in the fs and no longer /tmp
20:16 Ticket #2406 (Event-Firing boot aka simple events) created by fabiand@…
The attached patch will add a new script to base-files, called event. This …
18:00 Changeset [8843] by olli
wol: Cleanup Makefile
17:53 Changeset [8842] by rwhitby
bluez-utils: Added startup script and configuration file. Set bluetooth …
17:36 Changeset [8841] by nbd
sync awk implementation of config_get_bool with the shell variant
16:43 Changeset [8840] by nbd
support true and false in config_get_bool
14:58 Changeset [8839] by ejka
cleanup (use dma API, use accessors, debugging/printk cleanup)
13:56 Changeset [8838] by nico
only build sound-core module on targets supporting USB, since we don't …
13:09 Ticket #2405 (Building / features with QUILT do not seem work) created by jonas.greutert@…
- refresh of patches for 2.6.22.x needed - make target/linux-refresh …
11:14 Ticket #2404 (No DHCP on Chillispot using 2.6 kernel version) created by ggp81
I tried Chillispot on a brcm-2.4 kernel, and I had not issues dealing with …
09:50 Ticket #2403 (madwifi memleak in ad-hoc mode) created by j-nox@…
06:18 Ticket #2401 (lighttpd fails with default writev network backend) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8837], thanks for reporting!
06:17 Changeset [8837] by nico
force use of the "write" network-backend (closes: #2401), bump release …
03:31 Changeset [8836] by nico
update tor to (3 major bugfixes), mode description to a separate …
02:52 Changeset [8835] by ejka
We have generic irqs now.


20:01 Ticket #2402 (Package the tctool ADSL model control tool) created by Maik.Zumstrull@…
tctool is a program that can be used to talk to a type of DSL modem very …
19:08 Changeset [8834] by olli
gmediaserver: migrate configuration to UCI
15:55 Changeset [8833] by rwhitby
Added support for generating the cdc-ether kernel module (used to …
12:42 Changeset [8832] by olli
gmediaserver: use br-lan instead of br0
12:33 Changeset [8831] by olli
gmediaserver: * Fix missing dependencies * Cleanup Makefile
11:09 Changeset [8830] by olli
file: * Package magic.mime (required by the GMediaServer) * Cleanup …
01:19 Ticket #2401 (lighttpd fails with default writev network backend) created by pmeerw@…
from lighttpd's error.log: 2007-09-18 00:55:47: (network_writev.c.115) …
00:46 Changeset [8829] by pavlov
miniupnpd updated to RC8
00:19 Changeset [8828] by crazy_imp
Fix problem of including libsqlite2 & libsqlite3 into apr-util, also …


17:22 Changeset [8827] by nico
merge 3G usb serial card patches and move it at 802
16:55 Changeset [8826] by olli
mpd: Fix missing dependencies
16:48 Changeset [8825] by nico
i2c changes: * split i2c algos in separate packages * remove deprecated …
14:45 Changeset [8824] by matteo
detect ar7 at runtime in set_except_vector and remove useless volatile
14:43 Ticket #2400 (Enabling of storage dir /jffs takes around 30 sec on boot up.) created by nabcore
The enabling of the /jffs partition takes a very log time on boot up. This …
12:00 Ticket #2394 (ar7: Update acx to 20070610) closed by nico
11:36 Ticket #2394 (ar7: Update acx to 20070610) reopened by nabcore
With r8823: I think there is an issue with the patch: […] And looking …
10:11 Ticket #2399 (Update of OpenCDK) created by Simon Josefsson <simon@…>
Hi! Here is an update for the opencdk library, changes include: * Use …
04:04 Changeset [8823] by nico
disable package that can't build on atheros target (no pci/usb)
03:51 Changeset [8822] by nico
fix typo again (do i need some sleep?)
03:48 Changeset [8821] by nico
fix wrong submenu for kmod-leds-wrap
03:36 Changeset [8820] by nico
only build in-kernel bcm43xx on broadcom targets
03:34 Changeset [8819] by nico
move CAPI/ISDN module from other.mk to network.mk
02:08 Changeset [8818] by matteo
disable powersave, vlynq can't handle this
01:29 ar7 edited by matteo
00:49 Changeset [8817] by matteo
acx: Fix Makefile
00:41 Changeset [8816] by nico
oops, fix typo
00:19 Ticket #2398 (Add a new package 'mg') created by kjmph@…
'mg' is a microscopic GNU Emacs-style editor. There are reasons that it is …


23:03 Changeset [8815] by blogic
changed the timeout for grub to load the menu from 10 secs to 2 secs
21:31 Changeset [8814] by nico
add kernel module for PCengines WRAP leds
21:21 Changeset [8813] by nico
rename packages dependecies missed from [8806]
21:16 Changeset [8812] by nico
move kmod-nbd & kmod-loop from other.mk to block.mk, disable cryptoloop …
21:09 Changeset [8811] by nico
rename kmod-libata to kmod-ata-core, add some missing descriptions, sort …
21:06 Changeset [8810] by nico
fix updatedd service plugin lookup and loading
19:48 Changeset [8809] by nico
usb-atm fixes: * change dependency for usb-atm modules from kmod-atm to …
19:45 Changeset [8808] by nico
cosmetic changes: rename submenu vars, add missing copyright headers
18:57 Changeset [8807] by nico
just build polipo, not all info and html docs, mark polipo.conf as a …
18:39 Changeset [8806] by nico
various changes for kernel video support: * move kernel video related …
18:32 Changeset [8805] by nico
change dependency on kmod-atm from depends to select for usb atm modules
18:28 Changeset [8804] by nico
remove (unused?) linux symlink in BUILD_DIR
18:27 Changeset [8803] by nico
don't assume PCI support, cleanup
18:25 Changeset [8802] by nico
move exec permissions fix at Build/Prepare stage
18:21 Changeset [8801] by nico
add missing dependencies on PCI/PCMCIA/USB support
18:16 Changeset [8800] by nico
add dependencies on kmod-crypto for kmod-ipsec and kmod-mppe, change …
18:12 Changeset [8799] by nico
fix hostap dependencies
18:10 Changeset [8798] by nico
revert CONFIG_* symbols set m enforcement introduced in [8591], it can't …
17:17 Ticket #2394 (ar7: Update acx to 20070610) closed by matteo
fixed: Updated in r8797
17:13 Changeset [8797] by matteo
Updated acx (#2394) and fixed acx-mac80211 build
16:09 Changeset [8796] by nico
allow targets for override generic config …
16:08 Changeset [8795] by nico
quote LINUX_VERSION to avoid shell errors at DUMP time
15:36 Ticket #2372 (PPPd does not set IPv6 default route after successful IP6CP negotiation) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8794], thanks !
15:35 Changeset [8794] by florian
Add ipv6 up/down using route (#2372)
15:22 Ticket #2395 (New package: psplash) closed by florian
fixed: Added with [8793], thanks !
15:22 Changeset [8793] by florian
Add psplash (#2395), mark it as x86 only
15:18 Ticket #2397 (Changeset 8763 used strings in place of numbers for wlc macfilter) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [8792], thanks !
15:17 Changeset [8792] by florian
Fix macfiltering options (#2397)
14:12 Ticket #2397 (Changeset 8763 used strings in place of numbers for wlc macfilter) created by Tristan Plumb <openwrt@…>
"wlc macfilter" takes a single integer argument (0: disabled, 1:deny, …
13:38 Ticket #2375 (Put files into SVN ignores) closed by florian
13:38 Ticket #2375 (Put files into SVN ignores) reopened by florian
Ok, I did not understand it was the $(TOPDIR)/files directory you were …
13:38 Changeset [8791] by florian
Fix the svn:ignore property on the files directory (#2375)
12:57 Changeset [8790] by florian
Add support for the D-Link DIR-450, thanks to Macpaul Lin !
12:52 Changeset [8789] by florian
Update firmware md5sums
12:32 Ticket #1275 (add wpa-passphrase package (patch included)) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [8788], thanks !
12:32 Changeset [8788] by florian
Package wpa-passphrase (#1275)
12:28 Ticket #2043 (Can't set channels above channel 11 although the card reports more ...) closed by florian
wontfix: Setting the channel should be done in /etc/config/wireless. The …
12:24 Changeset [8787] by florian
Revert the InstallDev section, was only there testing
12:22 Ticket #1543 (request for ldconfig (its in ./utils in the uclibc source)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8786]
12:21 Changeset [8786] by florian
Put back ldd and ldconfig (#1543)
11:58 Ticket #2373 (PPPd does not detect link failure on AR7) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8785], thanks !
11:58 Changeset [8785] by florian
Use default values for lcp-echo-failure and lcp-echo-interval (#2373)
11:54 Ticket #2375 (Put files into SVN ignores) closed by florian
worksforme: How do we track down the changes if doing so ?
11:53 Changeset [8784] by florian
Add config and init files for iodined
11:43 Ticket #2392 (add package polipo) closed by florian
fixed: Added with [8783], thanks !
11:43 Changeset [8783] by florian
Add polipo, IPv6-ready web caching proxy (#2392)
11:06 Ticket #2360 (missing ] in a S05nvram - whiterussian 0.9) closed by florian
08:14 Ticket #2396 (VLAN does not work on FON AP) created by anonymous
FON (OpenWRT Kamikaze 7.0.7) connected via 802.1q capable connection. …


23:01 Changeset [8782] by florian
Add support for IP over ATM
18:19 Changeset [8781] by nico
prevent include/netfilter.mk from being included multiple times
15:55 Ticket #2395 (New package: psplash) created by anonymous
Makefile for http://projects.o-hand.com/psplash. "PSplash is a tiny …
12:47 Ticket #2394 (ar7: Update acx to 20070610) created by nabcore
As per http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=55731#p55731 I assuming …
10:53 Changeset [8780] by nbd
add 'make prepare' target for building the tools and toolchain
07:10 Ticket #2393 (ar7-port and ethernet / modem crashing) created by brian@…
I am having a difficult time keeping my Actiontec GT-701 modem running for …
00:43 Ticket #2392 (add package polipo) created by anonymous
hello, it's possible to create ipk polipo in package list. Polipo has …


23:37 Changeset [8779] by rwhitby
Moved config back to config-default, but left the FSG3 profile config …
22:26 Changeset [8778] by matteo
don't broke other archs, we're close to mainstream (i hope)
16:27 Ticket #2391 (Patch: iso-target) created by anonymous
This patch should add an iso target. This image uses grub to boot an …
16:09 Changeset [8777] by olli
updatedd: be more human-friendly :)
15:26 Changeset [8776] by rwhitby
Reinstated the kernel configuration for the FSG3 profile.
11:01 Ticket #2390 (dual lan interfaces in menuconfig under 'image configuration') created by Matthew Bonnett <Vchat20@…>
As of the current revision r8775 and a handful of revisions earlier, the …
10:18 Changeset [8775] by florian
Package support for IP over ATM
08:50 Ticket #2389 (r8771: acx kernel module hangs unit when rmmoded) created by nabcore
On DG834G(v2), the unit hangs when the acx kernel module is removed. This …
07:30 Changeset [8774] by ejka
fix previous commit
07:00 Ticket #2371 (Replace kmalloc with kzalloc in vlynq-pci.c) closed by ejka
fixed: fixed in r8759
06:55 Ticket #2328 (VLYNQ does not initialise on DG834Gv1) closed by ejka
06:54 Ticket #2329 (Changeset r8423 breaks VYLNQ-PCI linking on DG834G) closed by ejka
06:49 Changeset [8773] by ejka
add *dma_mask's to cpmacs
06:48 Ticket #2383 (AR7 watchdog kick -ESPIPE error) closed by ejka
fixed: fixed in r8772
06:46 Changeset [8772] by ejka
fix watchdog seek test (#2383)
05:40 Ticket #1865 (PCI over VLYNQ assings wrong IRQs) closed by ejka
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