23:35 Changeset [9042] by blogic
added lame
23:34 Ticket #2404 (No DHCP on Chillispot using 2.6 kernel version) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [9041]
23:34 Changeset [9041] by nbd
fix chillispot endianness bugs (thx, SeG), fixes #2404
19:58 Changeset [9040] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix mach_type for the WP54G-WRT board
19:08 Ticket #2431 (adm5120 PCI & IRQ broken) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in [9039], thanks for reporting!
19:05 Changeset [9039] by juhosg
[adm5120] add missing PCI irq map for the RouterBOARD 133 (closes #2431)
18:58 Changeset [9038] by crazy_imp
- move into the "Web" Submenu - add a second mirror because the first is …
18:20 Changeset [9037] by blogic
moved readline to libreadline to represent the package name correctly
18:10 Ticket #2433 (Problems running KK7.07 or KK7.09 on WRTSL54GS) created by kjmph@…
I'm overclocking my WRTSL54GS, yes this is non-standard. However, Kamikaze …
17:54 Ticket #2432 (iperf multithread for mipsel) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed in r9036.
17:52 Changeset [9036] by olli
iperf: * Split into two packages. One without threads support and one …
17:08 Changeset [9035] by blogic
added xine
15:38 Changeset [9034] by blogic
fixed wrong dependency of gtk1.2.10
12:57 Ticket #2432 (iperf multithread for mipsel) created by gizze@…
Do you have a multithread version of iperf? root@OpenWrt:~# iperf -v iperf …
12:11 Ticket #2431 (adm5120 PCI & IRQ broken) created by acoul <alex@…>
patchset #9009 or #9017 broke something on the propper detection of the …
09:22 Changeset [9033] by rwhitby
dfu-util: USB device firmware upgrade utility.
07:02 Changeset [9032] by rwhitby
file: Only build in the src subdir, cause building in the magic subdir …
05:42 Changeset [9031] by rwhitby
bluez-utils: added the pppdopts configuration option for dund
05:34 Ticket #2304 (kmod-pcmcia-core and kmod-pcmcia-serial not builded; tested for adm5120 ...) closed by nico
worksforme: Tested with trunk [9030] on brcm-2.4 & x86 […] The other targets …
05:21 Ticket #1957 (pcmcia support for hostap) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [9030], thanks!
04:49 Changeset [9030] by nico
fix kmod-hostap build on 2.4, add kmod-hostap-cs (closes: #1957)
01:32 Changeset [9029] by nico
move empty from net to utils, bump release number
01:17 Ticket #2429 (more fixes for dnsmasq.init) closed by thepeople
fixed: Fixed in r9028
01:16 Changeset [9028] by thepeople
include fixes from #2429 Thanks Lubos Stanek
00:08 Ticket #2430 (imagebuilder seems to be broken ... on brcm47xx) created by anonymous
hi i created a imagebuilder from trunk for brcm47xx-2.6 but instead of …


22:23 Changeset [9027] by blogic
added new XOrg folders/makefiles
22:22 Changeset [9026] by blogic
remove old XOrg Makefiles
21:13 Ticket #2429 (more fixes for dnsmasq.init) created by Luboš Staněk <lubek@…>
- return back the network state - rename _tmp in append_bool() to fix …
21:08 Changeset [9025] by olli
Category reorganization
20:47 Ticket #2428 ([patch] wifidog.conf: default bridge interface name of kamikaze) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed in r9024.
20:46 Changeset [9024] by olli
wifidog: Fix default bridge interface (#2428)
20:38 Changeset [9023] by olli
Category reorganization
20:36 Changeset [9022] by olli
Category reorganization
20:33 Ticket #2428 ([patch] wifidog.conf: default bridge interface name of kamikaze) created by anonymous
Hi. "br0" is set for default bridge interface in …
20:29 Changeset [9021] by olli
Category reorganization
20:22 Changeset [9020] by olli
Category reorganization
20:16 Changeset [9019] by olli
Category reorganization
20:10 Changeset [9018] by olli
Reorganize categories
15:45 Changeset [9017] by juhosg
[adm5120] remove unused PCI externs
15:42 Changeset [9016] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix initcall level of adm5120_board_setup()
10:34 Changeset [9015] by juhosg
[brcm-2.4] fix vlan configuration on Dell TrueMobile 2300
10:08 Changeset [9014] by nico
disable MD2, bump release number
09:15 Changeset [9013] by nico
move polipo from ipv6 to net, put it in 'Proxy Servers' submenu, bump …
05:21 Ticket #2426 (create a package for THC-Hydra) created by anonymous
If you guys have spare time, i really would love to see THC-Hydra …


23:48 Ticket #2423 (Polipo should not depend on kmod-ipv6) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [9012], thanks !
23:48 Changeset [9012] by florian
Do not depend on kmod-ipv6 (#2423)
23:40 Ticket #2368 (RB532 (rev5) nand detect FAIL) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [9008].
23:21 Changeset [9011] by florian
prom_free_memory should be init
19:39 Changeset [9010] by blogic
added a delete feature to the xorg package generator script
18:59 Changeset [9009] by juhosg
[adm5120] move pci_irq_map definitions into the board specific files
17:09 Changeset [9008] by florian
Fix rb535 revision 5 detection
16:42 Ticket #2425 ([patch] conffiles entries may be generated twice for base-files package) created by jirif <jiri.fojtasek@…>
This copy/paste patch fixing wrong ipkg conffiles generation for …
16:42 Ticket #2424 (alix3b1: irq 15: nobody cared) created by acoul <alex@…>
I am testing a beta alix3b1 pcengines board based on AMD LX700 CPU and …
15:30 OpenWrtPackageCategory edited by nico
15:11 Changeset [9007] by rwhitby
Increased the size of the microcode payload area.
05:01 Ticket #2423 (Polipo should not depend on kmod-ipv6) created by anonymous
packages/ipv6/polipo/Makefile, line 26: DEPENDS:=+kmod-ipv6 There's …
02:11 Changeset [9006] by nbd
dep fix
02:11 Changeset [9005] by nbd
remove obsolete file
01:48 Ticket #2422 (r9003: kmod-crypto-core broken) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [9004], thanks to reporting!
01:47 Changeset [9004] by nico
fix kmod-crypto-core error missing crypto_hash (closes: #2422)
01:03 OpenWrtPackageCategory created by nico
Some initial thoughts at sorting packages in categories / subcategories
00:35 Ticket #2422 (r9003: kmod-crypto-core broken) created by nacbore


23:31 Ticket #2330 (wrong includes in xyssl install) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [9003], thanks!
23:30 Changeset [9003] by nico
fix xyssl headers install (closes: #2330), refresh patches.
23:22 Ticket #2419 (LM77 thermal monitor support) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [9002], thanks!
23:21 Changeset [9002] by nico
add LM77 sensors support (closes: #2419)
23:07 Changeset [9001] by matteo
update acx-mac80211
21:58 Changeset [9000] by olli
amule: * Cleanup Makefile * Refresh patch
21:52 Changeset [8999] by olli
wxbase: ups…
21:24 Changeset [8998] by olli
wxbase: Cleanup Makefile
20:21 Changeset [8997] by nico
rename pear packages with a common 'php-' prefix
20:18 Changeset [8996] by nico
move php related packages in a 'PHP' submenu, cleanup
20:17 Changeset [8995] by nico
move perl/microperl in a 'Perl' submenu, cleanup
20:16 Changeset [8994] by nico
move jamvm & sablevm in 'Java' submenu, move descriptions in separate …
20:15 Changeset [8993] by nico
remove twisted menu
20:14 Changeset [8992] by nico
move lua packages (except liblua) in a 'LUA' submenu
20:13 Changeset [8991] by florian
Fix the description, thanks to Juliusz Chroboczek
20:11 Changeset [8990] by florian
Fix the title, thanks to Juliusz Chroboczek
20:11 Changeset [8989] by florian
Fix URL of babel
20:08 Changeset [8988] by nico
move python packages to 'Python' submenu and make them depends on 'python'
19:56 Ticket #2421 (net4801 (x86) headless system grub serial console improvement) created by anonymous
The problem with the default settings for net4801 grub is that it stops …
19:53 Ticket #2286 (ruby fix UDP sockets / uClibc stdio) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [8985], thanks!
19:52 Changeset [8987] by blogic
backport json-c to k7.09
19:52 Ticket #2254 (update ruby 1.8.6 -> 1.8.6-p36) closed by nico
fixed: Updated in [8985], thanks!
19:51 Changeset [8986] by florian
Upgrade to 0.4, thanks to Juliusz Chroboczek
19:51 Changeset [8985] by nico
update ruby to 1.8.6-p36 (closes: #2254), add uClibc stdio fix (closes: …
19:23 Ticket #2192 (Add conntrack support to kmod-ip6tables) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8984], thanks!
19:22 Changeset [8984] by nico
add ipv6 conntrack support (closes: #2192)
19:14 Changeset [8983] by nico
move hardware monitoring support in a separate hwmon.mk (before adding …
17:35 Changeset [8982] by nico
add the aMule P2P client
17:33 Changeset [8981] by nico
add wxBase framework library
17:12 Changeset [8980] by nico
move crypto support to a seperate crypto.mk file, split modules into …
16:12 ar7 edited by nico
16:04 Changeset [8979] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix a copy-paste error
15:51 Ticket #2420 (Sinus 154 DSL Basic SE with OpenWRT) created by Axel Gembe
After much wrestling with the build system I am able to build a flashable …
15:11 Changeset [8978] by juhosg
[adm5120] add preliminary support for the Mikrotik RouterBOARD 192
15:07 Ticket #2387 (compex np28g - eth0 not connected) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in [8977], thanks.
15:05 Changeset [8977] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix ethernet vlan matrix of the NP28G board (closes: #2387)
14:28 Changeset [8976] by nico
add a patch to prevent the wrapper from linking when generating dep files
13:12 Changeset [8975] by nico
backport [8862] to pre 2.6.22 kernels as well
10:59 Ticket #2419 (LM77 thermal monitor support) created by anonymous
PC Engines WRAP2.C board has LM77 chip build in, but the LM77 support in …
10:13 Changeset [8974] by ejka
add necessary includes
04:39 Changeset [8973] by nbd
add initial version of a package feeds management script
02:59 Changeset [8972] by blogic
fixed fon-mp3 makefiles in 7.09, the were already tuned for the new …
02:37 Changeset [8971] by blogic
added support for disabling atheros reset button to k7.09
02:36 Changeset [8970] by blogic
added fonera-mp3 support to k7.09
02:32 Changeset [8969] by blogic
added option to atheros kernel to be able to disable reset button from …
01:40 Changeset [8968] by nbd
only build linux-atm if it's actually selected
01:36 Changeset [8967] by nbd
make ATM_DRIVERS default to n
01:35 Changeset [8966] by rwhitby
Added dependency libraries to ensure configure can find and use librrd.so
01:34 Changeset [8965] by nbd
add missing kconfig option for pppoa
01:32 Changeset [8964] by nbd
remove linux-atm from ppp build deps - the internal version seems to be …
01:25 Changeset [8963] by blogic
made kdrive a menuconfig option for an alternative build of xserver
01:24 Changeset [8962] by blogic
removed old XOrg kdrive package
01:24 Changeset [8961] by blogic
added XOrg calibrateproto needed by kdrive


23:58 Changeset [8960] by blogic
make xinit a essential dependency of XOrg
23:23 Changeset [8959] by blogic
updated xcalc font dependency
23:02 Changeset [8958] by blogic
fixed compilation of XOrg ati video driver
23:02 Changeset [8957] by blogic
fixed install of Mesa
20:52 Changeset [8956] by blogic
split XOrg font base package into 2 files, to reduce size of std …
20:38 Ticket #2297 (kernel 2.6.22 netfilter conntrack modules build fix + RTSP conntrack ...) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [8955], thanks!
20:37 Changeset [8955] by nico
add missing 2.6 conntrack/nat helpers, add 2.6 conntrack/nat helper for …
20:32 Ticket #2407 (dropbear fails to compile) closed by nico
20:21 Changeset [8954] by nico
add mutella (thanks to olli)
18:07 Changeset [8953] by nico
add libtorrent & rtorrent (thanks to belrpr in the forum) URL: …
18:04 Changeset [8952] by nico
add libtool fixes, remove uneeded packages files, cleanup
17:44 Changeset [8951] by nico
add libtool fixes, cleanup
17:25 Changeset [8950] by rwhitby
rrdcollect: Build against the latest version of librrd - there is no need …
17:06 Changeset [8949] by nico
refresh brcm-2.4 kconfig
17:03 Changeset [8948] by nico
set CONFIG_JFFS2_FS_DEBUG=0 in generic 2.4 kconfig
15:47 Changeset [8947] by rwhitby
base-files: Added support for swap configuration in /etc/config/fstab
15:41 Changeset [8946] by nbd
enable ps -w by default
11:08 Ticket #2390 (dual lan interfaces in menuconfig under 'image configuration') closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8921]
11:06 Ticket #2412 (image pre-configuration broken) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [8921]
06:41 Changeset [8945] by nico
add curl pkgconfig dev file, add libtool fixes, cleanup
06:27 Changeset [8944] by nico
add back scx200 gpio i2c module removed in [8825] (too early for generic …
06:22 Changeset [8943] by nico
remove uneeded flags, fix shared lib install
06:17 Changeset [8942] by nico
add 2 new kernel modules for USB webcams: ovc511 and ovcamchip
06:15 Changeset [8941] by nico
install OpenSSL pkgconfig dev files
05:54 Changeset [8940] by nico
add another wrapper (like g++-uc) to link against both uClibc++ and …
01:32 Changeset [8939] by rwhitby
Build both NPE-B and NPE-C microcode for the fsg-3 and other dual-ethernet …
00:27 Changeset [8938] by blogic
XOrg font install fixed


21:32 Changeset [8937] by blogic
missed a patch in previous commit of Xorg-server commit
21:30 Changeset [8936] by blogic
clean up of XOrg-server package
21:24 Ticket #2244 (rb133 & gcc 4.2.1 problem) closed by juhosg
21:19 Changeset [8935] by blogic
remove useless xorg macros patch
21:15 Changeset [8934] by blogic
removed xorg keyboard driver patches, not needed since [8933]
21:11 Changeset [8933] by blogic
added XOrg video drivers for i810, ati, nv and fbdev
21:00 Changeset [8932] by juhosg
[adm5120] rename NAND driver
19:51 Changeset [8931] by nico
fix dev stuff, add libtool fixes, cleanup
19:40 Changeset [8930] by blogic
added 2 more libs needed by several Xorg video drivers
19:38 Changeset [8929] by blogic
cosmetic changes to XOrg uitls/ and misc/
19:35 Changeset [8928] by blogic
cosmetic fixes to xorg meta package
19:33 Changeset [8927] by blogic
cleaned up installdev of xorg libs
19:27 Changeset [8926] by blogic
fix bug when compiling libXaw a second time
19:24 Changeset [8925] by blogic
moved gtk to lib/ folder
19:23 Changeset [8924] by blogic
cleaned up XOrg lib/common.mk
19:15 Changeset [8923] by blogic
added gtk-1.2 package
19:13 Changeset [8922] by juhosg
[adm5120] use prepare_generic_squashfs in image generation, thanks ffrrrr
19:01 Changeset [8921] by ejka
fix image preconfiguration
18:20 Changeset [8920] by nico
fix glib1 dev stuff, add libtool fixes
16:06 Changeset [8919] by nico
actually forgot 2 'PROVIDES' in [8910]
16:04 Changeset [8918] by ejka
add initial generic gpio-leds support
15:59 Changeset [8917] by nico
oops, forgot to remove a 'PROVIDES' in [8910]
15:20 Changeset [8916] by rwhitby
Added support for /etc/default/fstab - a means of automatically mounting …
15:10 Ticket #2315 (new package ov51x-jpeg for USB webcams based on OV51x chipset) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8915], thanks for your help!
15:10 Changeset [8915] by nico
add support for OV51x based USB video devices with in-kernel JPEG …
15:07 Ticket #2319 (new package nw802 for USB webcams) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [8914], thanks for you help!
15:06 Changeset [8914] by nico
add support for NW8xx based USB video devices (closes: #2319)
15:05 Changeset [8913] by nico
add support Konica based USB video devices
14:58 Changeset [8912] by nico
add a kernel module for usb video devices
14:37 Changeset [8911] by ejka
make gpio conformant to generic gpio spec.
14:01 Changeset [8910] by nico
revert [8907] and rename kmod-soundcore and kmod-ipip modules in 7.09 as …
13:54 Ticket #2326 (Changeset 8601 broke mrd6 on 2.4) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [8909], thanks for your help!
13:51 Changeset [8909] by nico
update mrd6 to 0.9.5rev3, refresh patches, fix build on 2.4 and remove 2.6 …
13:27 Changeset [8908] by rwhitby
apache-server: Defined conffiles so user changes are not overwritten. …
12:08 Changeset [8907] by nico
add compat 'PROVIDES' for renamed kernel modules
12:05 Changeset [8906] by nico
add 'Provides:' line in ipkg control files
09:32 Changeset [8905] by juhosg
[adm5120] checkin a new, experimental USB driver
09:29 Changeset [8904] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix description of Kconfig option for the Macronix flash chips …
09:24 Changeset [8903] by juhosg
[adm5120] clean up jffs2 config options
06:25 Changeset [8902] by rwhitby
apache: Updated to 2.2.6, and moved the config files into /etc/apache as …
03:09 Changeset [8901] by blogic
remove unused fonts from XOrg essentials package
02:58 Changeset [8900] by blogic
make the xserver package even smaller
02:17 Changeset [8899] by blogic
strip down xserver and split it into several packages
02:16 Changeset [8898] by blogic
split fluxboxs apps into several packages
02:16 Changeset [8897] by blogic
small changes to the way Xorg apps are installed
02:07 Changeset [8896] by nbd
update mksh to R31b
01:18 Ticket #2417 (Support for hardware accelerated encryption on Broadcom platforms (ie. ...) created by baracudaz
Hi guys, It would be really nice if OpenWrt utilizes hardware accelerated …
00:18 Changeset [8895] by blogic
added new XOrg lib folders
00:17 Changeset [8894] by blogic
removed old XOrg lib folder, new ones coming in next commit
00:15 Changeset [8893] by blogic
fixed XOrg lib meta files
00:14 Changeset [8892] by blogic
fixed doggy install of fluxbox
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