23:42 Ticket #2578 (/tmp only 1.0M though /proc/meminfo shows 6.0M of RAM) created by anonymous
Hi, I installed OpenWRT White Russian 0.9 on a Linksys WAP54G with 6M of …
22:03 Changeset [9382] by nbd
mark ipset as 2.6 only
21:46 Changeset [9381] by nbd
fix the remaining patch reject in 700-libtoolize.patch in linux-atm
21:13 Changeset [9380] by blogic
refreshed madwifi patches
21:10 Changeset [9379] by nbd
ignore mconf_check
21:10 Changeset [9378] by nbd
reorganize subtargets, sort subtargets below top level targets
21:07 Changeset [9377] by blogic
fixed linux-atm
21:06 Changeset [9376] by blogic
fixed lib howl
20:53 Changeset [9375] by blogic
fixed xyssl
19:22 Changeset [9374] by blogic
fixed menu
19:21 Changeset [9373] by nbd
refresh linux-atm patches
18:59 Changeset [9372] by nbd
remove obsolete zd1211-driver, replaced by the in-tree module
18:59 Changeset [9371] by nbd
mark shfs as 2.4 only, it is broken on 2.6.23 and unmaintained. 2.6 …
18:59 Changeset [9370] by blogic
fix compile bug of avahi
18:50 Ticket #2577 (Add ushare (patch attached)) created by xaviour
This patch has been tested on my WL-700gE and works fine. It is dependent …
18:44 Ticket #2576 (Update libupnp (patch attached)) created by xaviour
"libupnp" is not maintained anymore. There is a fork called "pupnp" that …
18:07 Changeset [9369] by nbd
disable driver_devicescape in hostapd will be enabled again when the …
17:30 Changeset [9368] by nbd
fix quilt update breakage for kernel related packages
17:30 Changeset [9367] by nbd
show md5sums on mismatch in download.pl
17:30 Changeset [9366] by nbd
fix update fuse to 2.7.1 - fixes compile breakage with 2.6.23
17:06 Changeset [9365] by nbd
re-libtoolize linux-atm to fix random libname breakage
16:39 Changeset [9364] by nbd
fix up a few ide related kernel config issues (related to #2516)
16:32 Changeset [9363] by juhosg
make morse LED trigger available as a package, and fix it to compile with …
13:05 Ticket #2386 (compex np28g - unstable network connection) closed by juhosg
09:46 Ticket #2153 (adm5120: make switch port leds work) closed by juhosg
fixed: Added in [9362], thanks.
09:45 Changeset [9362] by juhosg
[adm5120] add LEDs trigger for switch port states, thanks to Bernhard Held …
09:43 Ticket #2575 (broadcom-diag: Add support for MS MN-700 platform with its dualcolor power ...) created by michael.heimpold@…
The Microsoft MN-700 router (very similar to the ASUS WL-500g) is not …
07:52 Ticket #2573 (adm5120 no ethernet receiption since r9324) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in [9361], thanks.
07:51 Changeset [9361] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix typos in the switch driver, thanks to Bernhard Held (closes: …
07:27 Ticket #2572 (adm5120 restore r8376: support for special LED brightness values) closed by juhosg
fixed: Added in [9360], thanks.
07:26 Changeset [9360] by juhosg
[adm5120] add patch for gpio-leds to support special brightness values, …
03:34 Ticket #2574 (Routing problem Kamikaze Openwrt) created by anonymous
Hello, I don't know if this classifies as a bug but I'll try explaining …
01:15 Ticket #2573 (adm5120 no ethernet receiption since r9324) created by berny156 at gmx.de
A typo prevents ethernet receiption since r9324: […]


22:27 Ticket #2572 (adm5120 restore r8376: support for special LED brightness values) created by berny156 at gmx.de
The support added in r8376 was deleted by the update to 2.6.23 (r9260). …
16:07 Ticket #2571 ([patch] radsecproxy: a generic radius proxy for UDP/TLS (Radsec)) created by zandbelt
radsecproxy: a generic radius proxy for UDP/TLS (RadSec) by Stig Venaas …
13:24 Ticket #2570 (Off-by-one error with -j DNAT (brcm 2.4)) created by dottedmag@…
After some time DNAT starts redirecting packets to the <port>+1, then to …
09:27 Ticket #2554 ([PATCH] Add support for Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support) reopened by juhosg
Now the Realtek 8169 driver defined twice in …
08:19 Changeset [9359] by florian
Fix madwifi dependency accordingly
08:19 Changeset [9358] by florian
Convert the karma changes to be an ioctl
05:21 Ticket #2569 (r9337: eth0: tx dma ring full) created by nabcore
Switched on my main PC to find that the Ethernet connection to my DG834G …
05:02 Changeset [9357] by ejka
fritzbox leds detection (thanks Axel Gembe)
01:54 Ticket #2568 (SysKonnect Yukon2 support) created by anonymous
see attached file for diff to add sky2 driver.
00:12 Ticket #2567 ([Packages] Fuse does not compile) created by anonymous
See buildlog…


23:46 Changeset [9356] by blogic
fixed missing symbols in atheros kernel config
23:25 Ticket #2537 (package/iptables: Should include libipt_policy.so in ...) reopened by lucaf3rr@…
[…] It's not there!
22:53 Ticket #1902 (wpa_supplicant madwifi) closed by blogic
fixed: fixed in [9355]
22:51 Changeset [9355] by blogic
fixed wpa2 support for madwifi/wpa_supplicant
22:30 Changeset [9354] by blogic
remove whitespaces
21:54 Ticket #2322 (shorewall update to 4.0.3) closed by blogic
wontfix: we are already on 4.0.4
21:52 Ticket #2434 (defective build/config after r8694) closed by blogic
21:36 Ticket #2553 (shorewall 4.0.4 update) closed by blogic
fixed: thanks, added in [9353]
21:36 Changeset [9353] by blogic
added shorewall from #2553
21:13 Changeset [9352] by blogic
more package submenus
21:08 Changeset [9351] by blogic
more package submenus
21:03 Changeset [9350] by blogic
more package submenus
20:46 Changeset [9349] by blogic
remove PKG_CAT from packages
20:37 Changeset [9348] by blogic
add submenus to several packages
20:27 Changeset [9347] by nbd
don't dispatch spurious irq0 events
17:14 Changeset [9346] by juhosg
[adm5120] add kernel config option to disabling common PCI quirks, resync …
15:20 Changeset [9345] by florian
Turn off stp by default, thanks ejka
15:08 Changeset [9344] by florian
Revert [9176] now that we have network config handling stp [9343]
15:07 Ticket #2476 (add "brctl stp br-lan on" in network config for wds mode) closed by florian
15:07 Ticket #2476 (add "brctl stp br-lan on" in network config for wds mode) reopened by florian
Better fixed with [9343].
15:07 Changeset [9343] by florian
Turn on stp by default for bridges (#2476)
09:40 Changeset [9342] by juhosg
[adm5120] add ids for Edimax BR-6104Wg boards
01:50 Ticket #2566 (dnsmasq uses filterwin2k by default, which blocks SRV records needed e.g. ...) created by obi@…
According to http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3920, sections 14.3 and 14.4, …


23:48 Ticket #2565 (Last ar7 driver from source of AG241v2) created by anonymous
Lastest ar7 driver from …
22:27 Ticket #2564 (WL-700gE does not boot after the power cord has been removed for several ...) created by suspam
After changing root to hdd my wl-700ge isn't able to boot properly when …
21:56 Ticket #2563 (segmentation fault with bad wlanconfig line) created by dako
hardware: wrap + sr5 + sr2, soft : kamikaze 7.09 (with last update) …
20:28 Ticket #2404 (No DHCP on Chillispot using 2.6 kernel version) reopened by anonymous
on my system running a IXP4xx 2.6 - Kernel the problem still exists.
19:26 Changeset [9341] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix initcall level in i2c-gpio-custom driver if not built as a …
16:49 Ticket #2562 (fix dbus (patch included)) created by loswillios
- make dbus run as root - fix init script
16:28 Ticket #2561 (Various fixes for AR7) created by Axel Gembe
I've updated the AR7 patches on my site for the trunk version. …
16:12 Ticket #2560 (add p54 (patch included)) created by loswillios
add p54 for the new mac80211
15:36 Ticket #1947 (can not associate with the AP using WPA2-PSK) closed by florian
14:38 Ticket #2559 (AR7: acx-mac80211 driver often hangs on insmod) created by Wodin
TI AR7 (TNETD7200) with a TNETW1350A wireless chip running Kamikaze …
10:10 Changeset [9340] by juhosg
[adm5120] switch driver cleanup, 4th phase
09:16 Ticket #2558 (iptables rules doesnt work after some time) created by mangel@…
The iptables rules doesnt work after 2-3 days without reboot. I can see …
01:29 Ticket #2540 (dbus doesn't work (with mini_fo?)) closed by nbd
00:58 Ticket #2557 (update and fix hcidump (patch included)) created by loswillios
hcidump doesn't compile, I guess it's because of uClibc. The following …


23:03 Ticket #2554 ([PATCH] Add support for Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support) closed by blogic
fixed: fixed in [9339]
23:02 Changeset [9339] by blogic
added rtl8169, from #2554
22:47 Ticket #2556 ([Packages] libast does not compile) created by anonymous
See buildlog…
22:21 Ticket #2555 (r9337: acx-mac80211 Crash when setting essid) created by nabcore
The following is seen via the serial port on a DG834G v2 when iwconfig …
21:22 Changeset [9338] by nbd
add mconf_check to svn:ignore
17:05 Ticket #2528 (Add a "route6" option to parallel "route" for IPv6) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [9337], thanks !
17:05 Changeset [9337] by florian
Add route6 option to setup IPv6 routes (#2528)
16:54 Ticket #2554 ([PATCH] Add support for Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support) created by olli
See patch. Thanks.
16:04 Changeset [9336] by florian
Update description, iptables-mod-ipsec includes libipt_policy.so
16:03 Ticket #2537 (package/iptables: Should include libipt_policy.so in ...) closed by florian
worksforme: if you choose kmod-ipsec and iptables-mod-ipsec, libipt_policy.so is there …
15:54 Ticket #2533 (typo in foxboard-utils) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [9335], thanks !
15:54 Changeset [9335] by florian
Fix typos and add quotes, potentially fix build failures with ccache …
15:12 Changeset [9334] by juhosg
[adm5120] switch driver cleanup, 3rd phase
14:53 Ticket #2552 (r9327: eth0: tx dma ring full, dropping) closed by ejka
fixed: fixed in r9333
14:53 Changeset [9333] by ejka
Fix tx error handling (#2552). Make rx ring size actually configurable …
14:25 Ticket #2553 (shorewall 4.0.4 update) created by puchu
shorewall shell.common 4.0.4 update
14:22 Changeset [9332] by kaloz
resync avr32 with 2.6.23.atmel.1
11:26 Changeset [9331] by ejka
clear flags always
10:15 Changeset [9330] by juhosg
[adm5120] switch driver cleanup, 2nd phase
02:56 Ticket #2536 (acx-mac80211 Oops) closed by ejka
fixed: this issue was fixed in r9326, see #2547 though
02:52 Ticket #1615 (Ethernet on AR7 stops to works after big load) closed by ejka
fixed: this ticket was about different issue. please move further discussion to …
02:32 Ticket #2552 (r9327: eth0: tx dma ring full, dropping) created by nabcore
Seen this crash during normal operation on a Netgear DG834G v2
01:47 Ticket #2551 (Error downloading updatedd package) created by nabcore
r9329 with make V=99 […]


21:57 Ticket #2550 (CompactFlash driver for RB153) created by Cédric RICARD <cedric.ricard@…>
CompactFlash can't be acceded on RouterBoard 153 cards. It seems there is …
21:54 Ticket #2495 (brcm47xx-2.6: revision 9217 did not boot on 500gP) closed by nbd
21:49 Ticket #2549 (adm5120 reduce wasted flash space by ~60kB) created by berny156 at gmx.de
The lzma-loader is just 4+ KiB long, but at the moment it is stored in a …
21:04 Ticket #2548 (WPA hotplug script fails on coldboot) created by tiger
Hi, In /etc/hotplug.d/net/20-broadcom_wds there is a sleep command before …
21:04 Ticket #2127 ([PATCH] admswconfig: right matrix display with port number < 4) reopened by carlopires@…
Hi, I have to re-diff patch for svn rev 9329 get compiled. Please check.
19:26 Changeset [9329] by florian
Resync kernel config, do not enable the setup file
19:07 Ticket #2547 (r9327: acx-mac80211 weirdness on ifconfig up) created by nabcore
This is seen via the serial port when the wlan0 interface is activated …
19:04 Changeset [9328] by florian
Typo on PCI ids
18:38 Ticket #2546 (Digitemp package) created by obsy (cezary@…
Digitemp Temperature Sensors for Linux
18:13 Changeset [9327] by florian
Add the RDC PCI ids for a fancier PCI device table.Return the system name …
17:28 Ticket #2545 (USB driver doesn't seem to mount all USB flash drives/devices? for WGT634U) created by anonymous
Maybe 2.6.23 patches need to be applied? http://lwn.net/Articles/254348/
16:58 Ticket #2544 (hostapd does not build in r9326 due to inability to find mac80211 headers) created by openwrt@…
hostapd and hostapd-mini do not build in r9326, with lots of errors in …
15:48 Changeset [9326] by ejka
fix acx-mac80211
13:37 Changeset [9325] by olli
pure-ftpd: * Migrate configuration to UCI * Cleanup Makefile * Refresh …
13:05 Ticket #2543 (ruby: move syck.so into ruby-yaml package) created by b.candler@…
syck.so is the YAML parser (and is quite large), so this change moves it …
10:01 Ticket #2542 (BCM4710 & [9320] brcm-2.4 --> no boot) created by acoul <alex@…>
trunk [9320] brcm-2.4 does not boot a BCM4710 device. kamikaze snapshot …
08:22 Changeset [9324] by juhosg
[adm5120] switch driver cleanup, 1st phase
04:54 Ticket #2541 (update to kismet-2007-10-R1) created by seniorr@…
Here is a new Makefile and (stupid) patch for kismet-2007-10-R1. The …
02:17 Ticket #2540 (dbus doesn't work (with mini_fo?)) created by loswillios
[…] I think it boils down to "fstatfs(3, 0x7fc74860) …
02:04 Ticket #2539 (hcid fails to read /etc/bluetooth/givepin - pairing doesn't work) created by loswillios
I can't connect my mobile phone with openwrt via bluetooth. In the default …
01:44 Ticket #2538 (strongSwan 4 support for Linux 2.6 systems) created by lucaf3rr@…
This initiative has been taken since there is currently no …
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