20:04 Ticket #2751 (ether-wake is available as part of busybox) created by anonymous
It only costs 552 bytes to enable it ... […] (this is kamikaze …
18:15 Changeset [9598] by nbd
work around kernel config issues with sound modules
17:31 Ticket #2444 (Slow bidirectional printing in p910nd, fix available) reopened by Torx
Hello, The patch can not be applied to the current version 0.91. IMHO …
17:26 Changeset [9597] by nbd
add missing dependency
15:42 Ticket #2750 (ipsec-tools: feature request) created by jon@…
Please add support for the admin port to racoon. racoonctl is useless …
15:19 Ticket #2749 (kmod-crypto-des installs aes.ko instead of des.ko) created by jon@…
At revision 9596. Using atheros target.
13:07 Changeset [9596] by olli
[Packages] softflowd: Fix typo
00:12 Ticket #2680 (apr-util-1.2.8) closed by crazy_imp
fixed: fixed with r9595
00:04 Changeset [9595] by crazy_imp
add missing libuuid dependency


22:11 Ticket #2748 (New Package: softflowd) closed by olli
fixed: Added with [9594].
22:10 Changeset [9594] by olli
[Packages] Add softflowd package (#2748)
18:03 Ticket #2748 (New Package: softflowd) created by pdbogen-openwrt@…
softflowd is a software NetFlow exporter, which can be used for producing …
13:02 Ticket #2747 (atheros 2.6 (la fon) psk2 - dump) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
hello, im using la fon (ap51) with the latest svn version of openwrt... …
01:42 Ticket #2746 (Leds working on D-Link DSL 502T (ar7port)) created by Gelotus
I edited the file platform.c using the work done for Fritz Box. The 502T …


20:36 Ticket #2745 (more wrt350n leds (diag patch)) created by pseudonym404
Adds the remaining leds to broadcom-diag kmod.
19:45 Ticket #2744 (broadcom 57xx drivers from linksys wrt350n_v1.03.7_us tarball) created by pseudonym404
With the attached patch and tarball, I have a working switch on a wrt350n …
19:11 Changeset [9593] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix USB driver to compile with ADMH_VERBOSE_DEBUG defined
16:53 Changeset [9592] by juhosg
[adm5120] USB driver updates, the driver passes usbtests 1-10 now
15:58 Changeset [9591] by juhosg
[adm5120] disable INITRAMFS_EXTRA_FILES, in initramfs it cause errors
14:13 Ticket #2743 (Revision: 9590: libnl fails to compile on atheros) created by jon@…
In addition, should it build even if I don't have it selected? Thanks, …
11:51 Ticket #2742 (libtorrent compilation failure) created by mr. sneaky
See attached log


20:57 Ticket #2628 (shourewall shell,common update 4.0.5) closed by florian
fixed: Updated with [9590], thanks !
20:56 Changeset [9590] by florian
Upgrade shorewall to 4.0.5
20:52 Ticket #2727 (autossh , open-ssh client -server , sftp-client -server cant be compiled ( ...) closed by florian
worksforme: Cannot reproduce the bug here, can you try again please ?
16:36 Ticket #2741 (ImageBuilder does not create /etc/rc.d/*) created by ramon.nb@…
There is an error on Imagebuilder as it doesn't create the links on …
16:06 Ticket #2740 (WRT54GL can be bricked permanently with wrong commands !!!) created by wiedemann@…
Hello, we recently discovered a serious bug which is existend in 7.07 and …
15:40 Ticket #2739 (uci script issue) created by ggp81
I would like to describe a way of working of /bin/uci. I think this is a …
10:15 Ticket #2738 (make error (axis ETRAX)) created by einyx
When i try to run make from topdir i obtain this: make[3]: Entering …
01:17 Ticket #2737 (broken kernel-header for foxboard) created by einyx
einyx@tech-0:~/Desktop/openwrt/trunk$ make V=99 make[1]: Entering …


22:02 Changeset [9589] by olli
[Packages] liboil: Fix compilation
03:33 Ticket #2736 (Error compiling gcc after updating to changeset 9587 & 9588) created by uniix@…
When it comes to compiling gcc I'm getting this error: […]


23:43 Changeset [9588] by nbd
fix build issues that happen when the staging dir is cleared and the build …
20:58 Changeset [9587] by nbd
fix a few stampfile locations
19:58 Ticket #2735 ([Packages] spca5xx-le does not compile) created by anonymous
See buildlog…
19:22 Changeset [9586] by olli
[Packages] subversion: * Fix compilation * Cleanup Makefile * Add …
17:27 Changeset [9585] by olli
[Packages] bmon: * Fix compilation * Cleanup Makefile * Refresh patch
14:21 Changeset [9584] by ejka
add external kernel tree support
11:53 Ticket #2734 ([adm5120] 2.6.24-rc2 on RB1xx boards) created by anonymous
Someone was able to port adm5120 based RB1xx boards to kernel 2.6.24rc2: …
00:31 Changeset [9583] by pavlov
update l7 protocols package
00:07 Changeset [9582] by pavlov
update stripped subset of l7 patterns to 11-03-2007 patterns
00:03 Changeset [9581] by nbd
fix libnl include issues which broke a few packages


23:03 Ticket #2733 (r9580: Crash at acxpci_l_alloc_tx+0x3c0/0x748 in acx-mac80211) created by nabcore
19:07 Ticket #2732 (libreadline-5.1 fails to compile) created by b0ris
See attached build log... Without it not possible to compile asterisk (x86 …


16:40 Changeset [9580] by nbd
remove madwifi tx locking patch - i don't trust it
15:59 Ticket #2731 (Freeradius 1.1.6 package - Libtool header missing) created by arne-jorgen@…
I have had a compiler error on the Freeradius-1.1.6 package, and have …
08:32 Ticket #2730 (Bad comments in /etc/config/firewall break iptables) created by Nalin
This bug was a pain in my side for a long time. I could never figure out …
02:31 Ticket #2729 (Update Avahi please?) created by anonymous
Kamikaze's avahi is a bit dated, 0.6.17 from last February, there have …
00:44 Ticket #2728 ([Packages] vtun does not compile) created by anonymous
See buildllog…
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