23:08 Ticket #2130 (qos-scripts choke connection) closed by nbd
fixed: This has been fixed in later versions. I suggest trying 7.09 or svn trunk
23:07 Ticket #2766 (SFTP Server drops unhandled kernel unaligned access[#1]) closed by nbd
fixed: Stability of brcm47xx has been improved in svn trunk.
23:03 Ticket #2469 (kmod-iptunnel4 not available on ixp4xx) closed by nbd
worksforme: fixed in trunk
22:59 Ticket #2659 ([PATCH] 7.09 SDK fails under POSIX shell) closed by nbd
fixed: added in r9643
22:58 Ticket #2745 (more wrt350n leds (diag patch)) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r9641
22:58 Changeset [9643] by nbd
add shell compatibility patch from #2659
22:58 Changeset [9642] by nbd
add switch gpio init for bcm57xx (untested, see #2744)
22:58 Changeset [9641] by nbd
add extra wrt350n leds (patch from #2745)
22:23 Ticket #2217 (can not set the root password) closed by nbd
invalid: This forum thread clearly indicates there's not enough flash space (only 2 …
22:14 Ticket #2775 (r9635 x86 kernel fails to build without V=99) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r9640
22:11 Ticket #2747 (atheros 2.6 (la fon) psk2 - dump) closed by nbd
20:33 Ticket #2778 (r9640 Trunk build broken for AR7 target) created by nabcore
18:22 Changeset [9640] by nbd
fix kernel config related build error
16:28 Ticket #2777 (netgear wag302 - second radio on netgear wag302 doesn't work) created by gdistasi@…
There are 2 devices: wifi0 and wifi1. I created two athX devices, …
14:11 Ticket #2776 (New LED trigger type netdev - triggers LEDs on network device activity) created by oliver@…
I have a D-Link DSL-502T (AR7-based) which, while it has an ethernet …
12:58 Ticket #2775 (r9635 x86 kernel fails to build without V=99) created by b.candler@…
Build platform is Ubuntu 6.06 […] However, if I then make V=99 it …
12:40 Ticket #2774 (hotplug button event, $SEEN) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
I'm using atheros 2.6 latest svn version and want to use a wifitoggler. I …
12:33 Changeset [9639] by nbd
make sure iw doesn't get compiled on older kernels
12:33 Changeset [9638] by nbd
adjust libnl url
12:30 Changeset [9637] by nbd
add iw utility (untested)
12:29 Changeset [9636] by nbd
upgrade libnl to 1.0-pre8
10:48 Ticket #2773 (startup path asterisk with developers path) created by tjibbe
I have ubuntu 7 with the latest sources [9632] download and compiled …
10:43 Changeset [9635] by nbd
include the kernel config for kernel related packages (should fix some b43 …
10:43 Changeset [9634] by nbd
fix ppp issues (thanks to Fatus for debugging this)
10:41 Changeset [9633] by nbd
packages: add rsync package This patch adds a rsync package to openwrt. …
00:50 Ticket #2772 (/etc/hotplug2-init.rules) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
remove the following section from the file /etc/hotplug2-init.rules: …


21:13 Ticket #2771 (LED driver for PC Engines ALIX 2/3) created by petrliebman@…
I've implemented a small driver for the LEDs on the ALIX 2/3 boards.
19:30 Changeset [9632] by nbd
Fix zlib for powerpc For some architectures like powerpc, the library …
19:28 Changeset [9631] by nbd
Add gzip package. Quicker than busybox's implementation. Signed-off-by: …
17:49 Ticket #2770 (Possible bug in UCI (if config files are outside of /etc/config)?) created by anonymous
Below could be a bug in UCI if you store the UCI configuration file …
12:42 Changeset [9630] by juhosg
[packages] utils/gadgetfs-test: fix PKG_BUILD_DIR
11:19 Ticket #2769 (Port forwarding redirects to a wrong port) created by emil@…
These rules suppose to redirect all incoming traffic to a given IP in the …
09:51 Changeset [9629] by juhosg
[adm5120] switch to
09:27 Changeset [9628] by juhosg
[packages] utils/gadgetfs-test: add test program for gadgetfs from …
09:09 Changeset [9627] by juhosg
[packages] libs/libaio: add Linux kernel AIO interface access library
03:32 Ticket #2768 (Missing dependency in package bind-libs) closed by thepeople
invalid: it already depends on libopenssl PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=libopenssl
03:25 Ticket #2696 (New package: Gnokii) closed by thepeople
fixed: add in [9626]. thanks
03:24 Changeset [9626] by thepeople
add Gnokii closes #2696
03:06 Changeset [9625] by thepeople
update busybox to 1.8.2
02:57 Ticket #2768 (Missing dependency in package bind-libs) created by anonymous
bind-libs should depend on libopenssl
02:02 Ticket #2767 (FreeBSD sed problem) created by Bob Keyes
When trying to build OpenWRT on FreeBSD, building the toolchain gcc fails. …
01:57 Ticket #2766 (SFTP Server drops unhandled kernel unaligned access[#1]) created by anonymous
Hey guys, i just tried to sftp to my openwrt and look what i got in dmesg: …


21:34 Changeset [9624] by thepeople
add options for rate 80211h compression bursting wmm and mac filtering …
21:30 Changeset [9623] by noz
Correct package description field
20:43 Changeset [9622] by nbd
move bzip2 library installation to utils/bzip2 package to avoid redundancy …
20:33 Changeset [9621] by nbd
fix spaces, cflags issue
20:29 Changeset [9620] by nbd
Add ipupdate package Add ipupdate package. Signed-off-by: Patrick …
20:25 Changeset [9619] by thepeople
some cleanup and remove overwriting of device defaults for bgscan and …
20:02 Changeset [9618] by nbd
drop the '0' default in config_get_bool
18:22 Changeset [9617] by nbd
Add bzip2 package. Add bzip2 package. Signed-off-by: Fabian Deutsch …
17:01 Changeset [9616] by nbd
Simple SVN keyword patch. This patch just cleans up soem typos in …
14:34 Ticket #2765 (Autoload misspelled) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [9615], there was more typos actually.
14:33 Changeset [9615] by florian
Fix AutoLoad macro typos (#2765)
14:11 Ticket #2765 (Autoload misspelled) created by erik@…
The AUTOLOAD:= lines for the (kernel/modules/usb.mk) modules usbnet, asix, …
13:51 Changeset [9614] by nbd
net/samba: Removed unneeded line, closes #2758
13:50 Changeset [9613] by nbd
package/kernel/modules: Fixed (3)DES crypto kmod, closes #2749 (Thanks …
05:12 Ticket #2759 (dnsmasq.init uses $3 where it means $value) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed in [9611] thanks
05:11 Changeset [9612] by thepeople
use instead of closes #2759
05:07 Changeset [9611] by thepeople
add support for the PCEngines Alix
04:45 Ticket #2264 (provide /lib/wifi/hostap.sh) closed by thepeople
fixed: added in [9610]
04:44 Changeset [9610] by thepeople
add txpower patches and add uci configuration file From: Vasilis T. (aka …
04:07 Ticket #2321 (SuperG Quit Working on Kamikaze) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed in [9609]. thanks
04:07 Changeset [9609] by thepeople
don't overwrite device default for fast frames closes #2321
04:03 Ticket #2694 (Please add an option in /etc/config/dhcp & /etc/init.d/dnsmasq to disable ...) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed in [9608]
04:02 Changeset [9608] by thepeople
add option to turn off dynamic dhcp closes #2694
03:36 Changeset [9607] by nbd
init: check permissions on rc.d files We try to unconditionally execute …
03:36 Changeset [9606] by nbd
init: don't start hotplug2 if it doesn't exist The current init script …
03:36 Changeset [9605] by nbd
ps3: use readable video mode descriptions in readme The ps3 video modes …
03:36 Changeset [9604] by nbd
ps3: build-in ps3 system manager This changes the ps3 kernel config to …
02:49 Changeset [9603] by nbd
fix olsr config errors


23:36 Ticket #2764 (util-linux still needs the avr32 patch to compile on avr32 target) created by Luboš Staněk <lubek@…>
23:06 Changeset [9602] by nbd
update to latest madwifi snapshot - fixes some noderef bugs
23:05 Changeset [9601] by nbd
fix remaining netif_rx calls in napi polling patch
22:01 Ticket #2763 (128mb NAND on routerboard 153 not working properly, even with latest build ...) created by asheard@…
21:24 Ticket #2762 (start_pppd broken unless pppoe is used) created by Fate <openwrt@…>
For an ordinary PPPoE setup like this […] everything's fine, pppd is …
19:38 Ticket #2761 (atheros gpio module) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
This is the well known gpio module from. I know there are already 2 …
17:41 Ticket #2016 (RB1xx nand device not found) closed by juhosg
fixed: It works, confirmed by Fabian Tamas Laszlo. Thanks!
17:32 Ticket #2217 (can not set the root password) reopened by david@…
I get this same error after upgrading, I am quite sure there is not enough …
16:23 Ticket #2760 (snd_rawmidi: Unknown symbol snd_seq_device_new) created by aeh@…
kamikaze from svn trunk r9600 when installing the kmod-usb-audio and …
15:24 Ticket #1815 (epoll not working with kamikaze reopened by aeh@…
I am re-opening this ticket, since the bug is not fixed yet. I have …


23:02 Ticket #2759 (dnsmasq.init uses $3 where it means $value) created by jra@…
In this routine: 20 append_bool() { 21 local section="$1" 22 …
22:59 Ticket #2758 (samba.init does not get linked into rc.d) created by jra@…
the new way of making links in rc.d requires the init scripts to consist …
20:37 Ticket #2757 (PATCH - working ohci driver for BCM5354 USB 2.0 core) created by sbrown
Added patches from linux-mips and found missing ssb_dma_set_mask. I'm not …
20:03 Ticket #2756 ([adm5120] Edimax BR6104Wg board LED support) closed by juhosg
fixed: Added in [9600], thanks!
20:02 Changeset [9600] by juhosg
[adm5120] add Edimax BR-61x4WG board support to the LED driver, thanks to …
19:52 Ticket #2756 ([adm5120] Edimax BR6104Wg board LED support) created by scream_
Patch to enable LED support in Edimax BR6104Wg boards. Works from …
19:25 Ticket #2755 (dhcp-fwd fails to start when upstream interface is set to use DHCP) created by peter.hicks@…
I have eth0 with a static IP address, and wl0 with a DHCP-assigned …
19:17 Ticket #2754 (PATCH - BCM5354 now boots w/ 2.4 build) created by sbrown
This device is found on Asus WL520GU & Buffalo WHR-G125. Patch is based …
09:49 Changeset [9599] by juhosg
[adm5120] more USB driver fixes, now it passes usbtests 1-14
06:58 Ticket #2753 (Update OpenSSL from 0.9.8e to 0.9.8g) created by anonymous
Could someone with knowledge of creating new patches please (and thanks) …
01:37 Ticket #2752 (Improved version of mount_root) created by macura@…
This mount_root enhances functionality to mount any device as overlay …


20:04 Ticket #2751 (ether-wake is available as part of busybox) created by anonymous
It only costs 552 bytes to enable it ... […] (this is kamikaze …
18:15 Changeset [9598] by nbd
work around kernel config issues with sound modules
17:31 Ticket #2444 (Slow bidirectional printing in p910nd, fix available) reopened by Torx
Hello, The patch can not be applied to the current version 0.91. IMHO …
17:26 Changeset [9597] by nbd
add missing dependency
15:42 Ticket #2750 (ipsec-tools: feature request) created by jon@…
Please add support for the admin port to racoon. racoonctl is useless …
15:19 Ticket #2749 (kmod-crypto-des installs aes.ko instead of des.ko) created by jon@…
At revision 9596. Using atheros target.
13:07 Changeset [9596] by olli
[Packages] softflowd: Fix typo
00:12 Ticket #2680 (apr-util-1.2.8) closed by crazy_imp
fixed: fixed with r9595
00:04 Changeset [9595] by crazy_imp
add missing libuuid dependency
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