23:01 Changeset [10461] by nbd
add eabi autoselection for the kernel as well - fixes iptables problems
22:17 Changeset [10460] by thepeople
create the dhcp leasefile if it doesn't exist
20:41 Changeset [10459] by nbd
add missing config change for OABI
17:46 Ticket #3142 (ifdown: can't open '/etc/network/interfaces': No such file or directory) created by telsta924@…
When I try to use the ifdown or ifup coommand with any interface i get " …
15:31 Changeset [10458] by nbd
revert ARM to oabi by default, add some eabi patches for fixing up the …
11:25 Changeset [10457] by olli
[Packages] net/ctorrent: Build two version of the package * ctorrent: …


22:49 Changeset [10456] by agb
packages: Fix multiple download urls.
19:54 Ticket #3141 (BCM4710A0 snapshot [10450] problems) created by acoul <alex@…>
I have two BCM4710A0 devices, a Toshiba wrc-1000 & an Askey RT-220W that …
18:31 Changeset [10455] by florian
Upgrade brcm63xx to 2.6.24
17:24 Ticket #3109 (wifi scripts not working anymore) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed r10447
17:23 Ticket #3108 (network config) closed by thepeople
15:44 Changeset [10454] by florian
Upgrade to 1.4.11 and fix compilation failure on check_pgsql
15:35 Changeset [10453] by florian
Upgrade rdc to 2.6.24
13:07 Ticket #3129 (olsrd 0.5.5 released !) closed by florian
fixed: Upgraded in [10452]
13:06 Changeset [10452] by florian
Upgrade olsrd to 0.5.5 (#3129)
11:05 Ticket #3140 (gpsd 2.35 reports wrong day) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed with [10451].
11:04 Changeset [10451] by olli
[Packages] net/gpsd: * Update 2.35 > 2.36 (closes #3140) * Refresh patch
04:40 Changeset [10450] by thepeople
fix problems with the use of a passphrase, add option to use a key instead …
03:39 Ticket #3140 (gpsd 2.35 reports wrong day) created by anonymous
http://www.nabble.com/Emergency-2.36-has-been-shipped-td14569505.html see …
02:57 Ticket #3139 (gpsd segmentation fault on startup.) created by anonymous
Running gpsd on x86 ALIX board causes immediate segmentation fault. …
02:41 Changeset [10449] by blogic
remove old profile
01:22 Changeset [10448] by nbd
eabi fix for uclibc++


23:04 Changeset [10447] by nbd
upgrade uci to 0.3.0 - fix for adding changes to empty config files - …
13:28 Changeset [10446] by olli
[Packages] net/openssh: * Package ssh-keysign as well. Required for …
12:36 Changeset [10445] by olli
[Packages]: Add libs/libshout (added from: …
07:00 Ticket #3138 (wget should continue) created by Bob Keyes
the scripts/download.pl call wget without using -c. by using -c, you would …


17:00 Ticket #3137 (wireless stopped and does not working after 10 min without active ...) created by unixmast@…
I use two WHR-G54S from buffalo with kamikaze-7.0.9, kamikaze-trunk. The …
16:28 Changeset [10444] by juhosg
[brcm63xx] resync kernel config
13:00 Ticket #3136 (Defects in openswan_2.4.8-1_mipsel) created by anonymous
/usr/libexec/ipsec/calcgoo requires /usr/bin/perl. This should be changed …
11:50 Changeset [10443] by kaloz
upgrade & standardize kernel versions
11:32 Changeset [10442] by kaloz
upgrade sibyte to 2.6.24
07:45 Ticket #3135 (Ethernet Physical layer detection not working in fonera (accton)) created by iloop
The accton fonera with kamikaze (7.09 and and trunk) does not detect …


23:31 Changeset [10441] by florian
Add missing bridge ioctls to make bluez-utils compile with brcm-3.4
22:14 Changeset [10440] by kaloz
upgrade iop32x to 2.6.24
21:30 Changeset [10439] by matteo
update acx100
19:55 Ticket #3134 (uci-0.2.5 brakes system network configuration) created by acoul <alex@…>
[…] […] […] […] […]
19:55 Changeset [10438] by kaloz
prepare 2.6.24 on ixp4xx
19:50 Changeset [10437] by kaloz
fix typo
16:35 Ticket #3133 (RB532 - Microdrive Serial Number is wrong) created by david.rene@…
On RB532 the serial number of microdrive is not correct. All characters …
15:50 Ticket #3132 (FTBFS: gpioctl) created by zobel@…
The package gpioctl fails to build from source (FTBFS): […]


22:43 Ticket #3131 (startup scripts do not check for vlan existence) created by acoul <alex@…>
if vlan funcionality is disabled, lan can not properly be set either on a …
21:23 Ticket #3128 (startup scripts not working due to missing uci functions or wrappers) closed by nbd
worksforme: What does that have to do with this ticket? Please open a separate ticket …
21:21 Ticket #3128 (startup scripts not working due to missing uci functions or wrappers) reopened by acoul <alex@…>
I have disabled vlan functionality and here is the ifup lan output: …
20:59 Ticket #3127 (Madwifi with WPA2: repeated deauthenticating due to local deauth request) closed by nbd
worksforme: The ABI for hostapd in MadWiFi changed, including the header files, but …
20:53 Changeset [10436] by nbd
add missing dependency for the target metadata scan
20:51 Ticket #3130 (Neither uci nor uci-sh included in default configuration) closed by nbd
worksforme: Not yet. I'll add an extra dependency to make this unnecessary.
20:45 Ticket #3130 (Neither uci nor uci-sh included in default configuration) created by lorenz.schori@…
20:38 platforms edited by matteo
20:28 Changeset [10435] by nbd
use cp instead of $(CP), because bzImage might be a symlink
19:40 Ticket #2677 ([PATCH] Working b43 WiFi driver for brcm47xx (2.6) target) reopened by mangoo
Reopening. At least two reports that it doesn't work in the newest SVN …
19:14 Changeset [10434] by nbd
commit after running uci_set_default
19:08 Changeset [10433] by nbd
don't fail on uci_load() with nonexisting config files, but return the …
18:59 Ticket #3129 (olsrd 0.5.5 released !) created by anonymous
Hello Just to mention that the version olsrd 0.5.5 was released regards,
18:27 Changeset [10432] by nbd
make uci_add() create anonymous sections if requested and store the new …
18:14 Ticket #3128 (startup scripts not working due to missing uci functions or wrappers) closed by nbd
worksforme: Seems like you did not run make oldconfig after updating. The function is …
18:12 Ticket #3128 (startup scripts not working due to missing uci functions or wrappers) created by lorenz.schori@…
This is what i get if i try to manually bring up my lan (via serial …
17:37 Changeset [10431] by nbd
bump uci to 0.2.5 - adds support for adding unnamed sections
17:09 Changeset [10430] by juhosg
ignore package/openwrt-packages in svn as well
17:01 Changeset [10429] by nbd
add package/openwrt-packages to .gitignore
15:01 Ticket #3127 (Madwifi with WPA2: repeated deauthenticating due to local deauth request) created by zobel@…
[…] /etc/config/wireless: […] /var/run/hostapd-ath0.conf: […] …
14:23 Changeset [10428] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix RB153 CompactFlash driver for .24
11:29 Changeset [10427] by juhosg
[adm5120] switch to 2.6.24
10:46 Ticket #3125 (`aiccu` package depends on package `ip` but it isn't a package depency) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [10426], thanks !
10:46 Changeset [10426] by florian
Add missing dependency on iproute2 (#3125)
04:40 Ticket #3126 (Allow the dropbear init script to spawn multiple dropbear instances) created by Giel van Schijndel <me@…>
The attached patch allows the execution of multiple dropbear instances …
00:48 Ticket #3125 (`aiccu` package depends on package `ip` but it isn't a package depency) created by Giel <me@…>
ip should be made a dependency of the aiccu package. This because …
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