23:43 Ticket #3151 (rt2x00 fails to load) closed by florian
worksforme: Updated with [10602], please have a try.
23:40 Ticket #3220 (disable debug in rt2x00) closed by florian
fixed: I prefer keeping it since if there any issues, I would like mximum of …
21:21 Ticket #3233 (No /dev/usb/lp0 on NLSU2 when plugging in USB printer) created by anonymous
When I plug in a USB printer (HP DeskJet 990Cxi) in my Linksys NSLU2 box I …
18:20 Changeset [10602] by matteo
[AR7]: fix serial patch
18:01 Ticket #3205 (AR7: Cpmac related hang? r10546) closed by matteo
fixed: fixed in r10585
18:00 Ticket #3227 (cpmac broken on ar7 (r10590)) closed by matteo
17:54 Ticket #3230 (Upgrade to babel 0.10) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [10601], thanks !
17:53 Changeset [10601] by florian
Upgrade babel to 0.10 (#3230)
17:00 Changeset [10600] by hcg
at91: added new sim enable code as well as detection code to …
16:22 Changeset [10599] by mb
Check the return values of kmalloc()
15:54 Changeset [10598] by blogic
make madwifi startup script aware of new iwpriv options
15:46 Changeset [10597] by mb
Update cleanups of ssb-gige
15:42 Changeset [10596] by hcg
Removed binary file added in error
15:40 Changeset [10595] by hcg
Add back support for 2.6.21 kernels - add some required directories.
14:41 Ticket #3232 (Shell injections in /etc/functions.sh) created by x-alina@…
Fixed script attached.
13:00 Ticket #3231 (System freezes under high packets/s load) created by g.bernardi@…
I'm using a Gateworks Avila board with Kamikaze 7.09, and two miniPCI …
12:49 Ticket #3230 (Upgrade to babel 0.10) created by florida
Hello Babel 0.10 is available changelog: babel 0.10 * Implemented …
01:13 Ticket #3207 (A patch to allow to be used) closed by matteo
wontfix: as long as we have backport patches we will ever need to patch even on …


22:26 Ticket #3229 (Add hg (Mercurial) checkout support to include/download.mk) created by anonymous
21:35 Ticket #3228 (libjava fails to compile (rev) created by danny
19:58 Ticket #3019 (AR7 keeps hanging after a while) reopened by matteo
I had this: […] Maybe it's teh reboot issue that many users are …
14:07 Ticket #3226 (Upgrade dibbler to 0.6.1 (security upgrade)) closed by olli
fixed: Fixed in [10594].
14:05 Changeset [10594] by olli
[Packages] ipv6/dibbler: Update to 0.6.1 (closes: #3226
13:35 Changeset [10593] by rwhitby
Added a new mach id
11:37 Ticket #3227 (cpmac broken on ar7 (r10590)) created by nail@…
In r10590, booting openwrt on my d-link dsl-g684t results in broken …
01:26 Ticket #3226 (Upgrade dibbler to 0.6.1 (security upgrade)) created by anonymous
The dibbler package in OpenWrt should be upgraded to 0.6.1. According to …
00:47 Ticket #3212 (Devel svn tree 2.6+atheros in asus 500gp wifi up crash) closed by agb
duplicate: #3213 appears to be a dupe, but has more replies. Closing this one. In …
00:37 Ticket #3221 (madwifi in crash in r10555, r10519 works okay.) closed by agb
duplicate: Dupe of #3213, as noted.


21:53 Ticket #3225 (suggestion for buildroot enhancement) created by battlehawk
First of all I consider the Kamikaze buildroot system as the easiest and …
20:42 Changeset [10592] by olli
[Packages] net/lighttpd: Update to 1.4.19
18:42 Changeset [10591] by matteo
wshaper: add init scripwshaper: add init scriptt
18:39 Changeset [10590] by matteo
ar7-atm: patch was against an older tarball, fixear7-atm: patch was …
18:36 Ticket #3224 (Upgrade Busybox to 1.9.1 (latest stable) in trunk) created by anonymous
18:16 Changeset [10589] by matteo
ar7-atm: apply patch well
18:03 Ticket #2742 (libtorrent compilation failure) closed by nico
worksforme: libtorrent needs libsigc++ Please use scripts/feeds to …
18:02 Ticket #3019 (AR7 keeps hanging after a while) closed by matteo
fixed: Seems to be fixed in r10588, closing bug
15:03 Ticket #3223 (madwifi fails to set the mode) created by matteo
Mode is always 11g, no matter what you do: […]
14:43 Ticket #2692 (updatedd doesn't find plugins when compiled into image) closed by matteo
02:25 Ticket #3122 (AR7 DSL has error in /proc files) closed by matteo
fixed: fixed in r10588
02:25 Changeset [10588] by matteo
ar7-atm: fix sysctl (closes #3122)
02:23 Changeset [10587] by matteo
wshaper: stupid me, forget to create dirs
02:18 Changeset [10586] by matteo
wshaper: fix install path
02:04 Ticket #2569 (r9337: eth0: tx dma ring full) closed by matteo
fixed: Re-fixed in r10585
01:59 Changeset [10585] by matteo
cpmac: patch to reimplement rx ring with EOQ markers to avoid reset storms …
01:45 Ticket #1089 (ar7: AG241V1 cannot flash original FW -> openwrt-ar7-2.4-squashfs.bin) closed by matteo
fixed: applied in r10584
01:45 Changeset [10584] by matteo
Add AG241 code pattern (fixes #1089)


23:45 Changeset [10583] by nbd
fix ixp4xx-microcode compile on osx
23:45 Changeset [10582] by nbd
fix apex compile on osx, suppress some build warnings
17:08 Ticket #3222 (r10579: Random ntpclient related spam in dmesg) created by nabcore
00:00 Ticket #3221 (madwifi in crash in r10555, r10519 works okay.) created by lorenz.schori@…
This is a two-interface setup on x86. Madwifi crashes during "iwpriv ath0 …


23:47 Ticket #3025 (update mpd) closed by ryd
fixed: Fixed in [10581]
23:44 Changeset [10581] by ryd
Fix alsa to mpd Patch by Mirko Vogt <dev at nan1.de> fix [3025]
23:40 Changeset [10580] by ryd
Adding libtool fixup to libvorbisidec
22:42 Changeset [10579] by nbd
build dtc for all powerpc targets (suggested by Kaloz)
22:22 Changeset [10578] by nbd
fix uclibc build on osx
22:22 Changeset [10577] by nbd
only build dtc for the target that uses it
18:58 Changeset [10576] by matteo
ar7-atm: add an useful patch from #2561, tnx Axel Gembe
16:58 Ticket #3220 (disable debug in rt2x00) created by anonymous
maybe it is a good idea to set debug=n in package/rt2x00/Makefile ??
15:10 Ticket #3171 (ixp4xx kernel NULL pointer dereferce) reopened by nlinux <mekelly5@…>
this is happening now for me with 10575, but didn't happen with 10544 …
12:23 Ticket #3073 ([Packages] rt2x00 does not compile) closed by florian
invalid: Disable rt73-usb.
12:21 Ticket #3211 (RDCPort: rt2x00 driver fails to build in rev. 10565) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [10575]. Please stick to the ticket subject next time, it did …
12:21 Changeset [10575] by florian
Upgrade x86 to 2.6.24
12:08 Changeset [10574] by florian
Fix bzImage copy with 2.6.24 kernels
12:07 Ticket #3211 (RDCPort: rt2x00 driver fails to build in rev. 10565) reopened by anonymous
Still does not compile for X86 target. See buildlog…
12:04 Ticket #3211 (RDCPort: rt2x00 driver fails to build in rev. 10565) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [10573].
11:55 Changeset [10573] by florian
Fix rt2x00 compilation and upgrade to the current mainline version …
11:07 Changeset [10572] by olli
[Packages] admin/gkrellmd: Update to 2.3.1 …
05:11 Ticket #3219 (aiccu should run in hotplug, not init) created by adam@…
When aiccu starts up at boot time in init, ntpdate may not have run. This …
00:31 Ticket #3218 (kmod-ipt-extra missing physdev match support in r10465 and HEAD on ...) created by anonymous
The kmod-ipt-extra claims to include support for ipt_physdev, however …


21:24 Ticket #3217 ([Packages]: Update e2fsprogs to 1.40.7) created by anonymous
Update e2fsprogs to 1.40.7
20:10 Changeset [10571] by matteo
[AR7]: Fix two of the three bugs in #3122
18:54 Ticket #3132 (FTBFS: gpioctl) reopened by anonymous
Does not ADM5120 support generic gpio aswell?
18:00 Changeset [10570] by matteo
added module (un)load to wshaper
15:22 Ticket #3216 ([Packages] ov51x-jpeg: Package getjpeg and update to latest upstream) created by anonymous
* Build and package getjpeg into ov51x-jpeg-utils package * Update …
14:33 Ticket #3215 ([Packages]: Update qc-usb to 0.6.6) created by anonymous
* Update qc-usb to 0.6.6 * Delete patches. They are in upstream now See …
14:15 Changeset [10569] by matteo
added the wshaper script
14:09 Ticket #3214 ([PATCH] Add VIA SATA support) created by anonymous
Adds VIA SATA support to the Kernel.
10:32 Ticket #3191 (openntpd.postinst script fails if /etc/services entry exists) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [10568], thanks !
10:32 Changeset [10568] by florian
Successfully exit from the postinst script if the /etc/services entry …
10:03 Ticket #3213 (madwifi > [10549] @ x86 --> Oops) created by acoul <alex@…>
this is on a wrap & on an alix tested against snapshot @10567 with gcc …
08:34 Ticket #3212 (Devel svn tree 2.6+atheros in asus 500gp wifi up crash) created by haes
03:40 Ticket #3211 (RDCPort: rt2x00 driver fails to build in rev. 10565) created by anonymous
Seems there is a problem in the rt2x00 package with revision 10565. It …
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