22:07 Changeset [10617] by ralph
adding the possibility of local file cache specify …
21:44 Changeset [10616] by ralph
put the dtc to the other host tools (thanks to Thomas)
20:07 Changeset [10615] by nbd
Port of the dyndns.com update client ndyndns. Signed off by: Conrad …
17:07 people edited by kaloz
16:50 Changeset [10614] by ralph
fix multiple update (cpy), added index generation (allows to re-create …
08:52 Ticket #3033 (glib2 fails to build) closed by florian
04:16 Changeset [10613] by thepeople
fix broken init file and some cleanup
02:06 Ticket #3244 (madwifi on x86 10610) created by anonymous
BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address …
01:10 Ticket #3243 (x86 alix boot error) created by anonymous
Freeing unused kernel memory: 184k freed …
00:57 Changeset [10612] by thepeople
Add bin/ directory as an argument of make distclean Signed-off-by: Robert …


14:10 Ticket #2517 (Pronghorn metro - kamikaze 7.09: strange random problem) closed by kaloz
worksforme: bug timeout
13:48 Ticket #1980 (Kamikaze doesn't support multiple flash chips on IXP4xx) closed by kaloz
fixed: Should be working now.
13:43 Changeset [10611] by kaloz
fix switch support on the Compex WP18/NP18A
13:41 Ticket #3241 (x86 error on boot with trunk - grub Error 15: File not found) closed by kaloz
fixed: should be fixed with [10610]
13:40 Ticket #3242 (x86 alix kernel not found on boot revision 10609) closed by kaloz
duplicate: duplicate of #3241
13:37 Changeset [10610] by kaloz
fix image generation on x86
07:37 Ticket #3242 (x86 alix kernel not found on boot revision 10609) created by anonymous
Booting 'OpenWrt' root (hd0,0) Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition …
01:52 Ticket #3241 (x86 error on boot with trunk - grub Error 15: File not found) created by rob.stabler@…
Find a bug after building x86 trunk where I get the following error from …


21:32 Changeset [10609] by florian
Fix compilation of fuse with 2.6.24
19:35 Ticket #3238 (minor bug in dbus.init, ARG --system is missing while there is a system ...) closed by agb
fixed: Fixed in [10607] thanks!
19:33 Changeset [10608] by agb
bumped wpa_supplicant to 0.5.10
19:32 Changeset [10607] by agb
packages: fix dbus init script, closes #3238
19:32 Changeset [10606] by agb
packages: move batman kmods into Kernel Modules menu
18:37 Ticket #3240 (Oops while starting wifi on RB153) created by chris@…
Hi there, i have compiled an openwrt trunk kernel (r10605) for my …
18:34 Ticket #3239 (Had to get NTFS kernel module for 2.4.34-brcm from bizarre source.) created by anonymous
Hi, I have an Asus WL-500gP running 2.4, Kamikaze 7.09, and I needed …
18:31 Ticket #3163 (b43, brcm47xx - fails to build) closed by agb
18:07 Ticket #3238 (minor bug in dbus.init, ARG --system is missing while there is a system ...) created by fish
For starting the dbus-daemon you must specify a config file or --system to …


23:19 Ticket #3237 (Firmware for the kernel-space driver for Alcatel SpeedTouch USB modems) created by norbert
This package download and extract the speedtouch firmware files, version …
22:27 Ticket #3151 (rt2x00 fails to load) reopened by fri
On an Gateworks avila 2348-4 (ixp4xx) the rt2x00lib and rt2x00pci module …
21:52 Changeset [10605] by mb
bcm47xx: Fix GPIO data direction output bit assignment
21:00 Changeset [10604] by mb
gpioctl: Allow build on bcm47xx
20:59 Changeset [10603] by mb
gpioctl get: Fix typo in the printf arguments.
17:23 Ticket #3236 (Fix hostapd script to use same configuration options for wpa as broadcom) created by wberrier@…
I'm configuring wpa on an atheros based router, and had to go read the …


21:58 Ticket #3235 (Linksys AG241v2 ethernet does not work at all) created by paul@…
None of the four ports work. If I ping -I eth0 from the …
09:57 Ticket #3234 (Add portbunny to repositorys) created by charlesyarnold@…
Hello, Would it be possible to have portbunny added to the repositorys? …


23:43 Ticket #3151 (rt2x00 fails to load) closed by florian
worksforme: Updated with [10602], please have a try.
23:40 Ticket #3220 (disable debug in rt2x00) closed by florian
fixed: I prefer keeping it since if there any issues, I would like mximum of …
21:21 Ticket #3233 (No /dev/usb/lp0 on NLSU2 when plugging in USB printer) created by anonymous
When I plug in a USB printer (HP DeskJet 990Cxi) in my Linksys NSLU2 box I …
18:20 Changeset [10602] by matteo
[AR7]: fix serial patch
18:01 Ticket #3205 (AR7: Cpmac related hang? r10546) closed by matteo
fixed: fixed in r10585
18:00 Ticket #3227 (cpmac broken on ar7 (r10590)) closed by matteo
17:54 Ticket #3230 (Upgrade to babel 0.10) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [10601], thanks !
17:53 Changeset [10601] by florian
Upgrade babel to 0.10 (#3230)
17:00 Changeset [10600] by hcg
at91: added new sim enable code as well as detection code to …
16:22 Changeset [10599] by mb
Check the return values of kmalloc()
15:54 Changeset [10598] by blogic
make madwifi startup script aware of new iwpriv options
15:46 Changeset [10597] by mb
Update cleanups of ssb-gige
15:42 Changeset [10596] by hcg
Removed binary file added in error
15:40 Changeset [10595] by hcg
Add back support for 2.6.21 kernels - add some required directories.
14:41 Ticket #3232 (Shell injections in /etc/functions.sh) created by x-alina@…
Fixed script attached.
13:00 Ticket #3231 (System freezes under high packets/s load) created by g.bernardi@…
I'm using a Gateworks Avila board with Kamikaze 7.09, and two miniPCI …
12:49 Ticket #3230 (Upgrade to babel 0.10) created by florida
Hello Babel 0.10 is available changelog: babel 0.10 * Implemented …
01:13 Ticket #3207 (A patch to allow to be used) closed by matteo
wontfix: as long as we have backport patches we will ever need to patch even on …
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