23:58 Changeset [10905] by nico
[packages] liboil: - change dependency on libnotimpl to build-time only …
23:03 Ticket #3360 (pulseaudio - one step closer) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
Adding this patch to the pulseaudio package: […] results in a new …
22:46 Changeset [10904] by matteo
packaged the atd daemon
21:45 Ticket #3358 (iptables wont compile) closed by nico
duplicate: Duplicate of #3336
21:03 Ticket #3359 (WRT300Nv2: Ethernet not working with 2.6.24 kernel) created by Davidkra <david@…>
Ethernet on the WRT300Nv2 stops working after I upgrade to kernel version …
20:08 Ticket #3340 (replace "none" with filesystem names) closed by matteo
fixed: applied in r10903
20:08 Changeset [10903] by matteo
assign names to filesystems when mounting virtual ones (closes #3340)
19:58 Changeset [10902] by juhosg
[packages] net/mii-tools: must include linux/sockios.h for the correct …
19:07 Ticket #3304 (r10736 - pppd : Interface nas0 not Ethernet) closed by agb
fixed: Fixed in [10783]
18:33 Ticket #3358 (iptables wont compile) created by anonymous
mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc -Os -pipe -mips32 -mtune=mips32 -funit-at-a-time …
11:07 Changeset [10901] by kaloz
update config files
05:45 Changeset [10900] by nbd
add some more fine tuning for madwifi
05:45 Changeset [10899] by nbd
madwifi: add configurable rssi threshold and timeout values for protection …
05:45 Changeset [10898] by nbd
reorder patches
04:39 Changeset [10897] by nbd
madwifi: remove the minstrel_mrr hack and add two patches that massively …
04:00 Changeset [10896] by matteo
cpmac fix (closes #3124)
00:01 Changeset [10895] by nbd
fix a some txq races (merge from madwifi-trunk)


23:01 Changeset [10894] by nbd
add missing kmod-hid module (thx, fish)
22:59 Changeset [10893] by nbd
add missing dependency (thx, fish)
22:58 Ticket #3357 (Building the b43 module out of compat-wireless in mac80211 package) created by Hauke <openwrt@…
With this patch the b43 kernel module will be build in the mac80211 …
22:46 Ticket #3316 (b43 driver in compat-wireless-2008-04-07 fails to build) reopened by Hauke <openwrt@…
The real problem was that kbuild had problems when cross compiling for arm …
20:18 Changeset [10892] by kaloz
remove unneeded patch
20:17 Changeset [10891] by kaloz
add ixp4xx 2.6.25 patchset
20:13 Changeset [10890] by kaloz
disable IMQ on 2.6.25 until we have a new patch
20:10 Changeset [10889] by kaloz
fix mini_fo compile -- still oopses on boot
18:32 Changeset [10888] by nbd
fix gpio on rb532 - fixes the cf driver
16:44 Changeset [10887] by kaloz
fix patch
15:50 Ticket #3356 (add static routes support) created by matteo
This patch adds static route support to UCI and init scripts
13:23 Changeset [10886] by nico
add ushare package
13:11 Changeset [10885] by nico
add libdlna package
13:07 Changeset [10884] by nico
add "configurable" ffmpeg packages, testing & feedback welcome ;)
12:52 Changeset [10883] by olli
[Packages] net/rtorrent: * Update to 0.7.9 * Fix linking against …
12:51 Changeset [10882] by olli
[Packages] libs/libtorrent: Update to 0.11.9
12:48 Ticket #3355 (activat AP support for mac80211) created by Hauke <openwrt@…
In the compat-wireless-2008-04-07 package AP support is deactivated for …
11:49 Changeset [10881] by nico
build the kmod-video-quickcam module only if it was selected
11:48 Changeset [10880] by nico
don't build acx* kernel modules on UML
11:46 Changeset [10879] by nico
add a gpio feature for devices supporting the generic GPIO interface
11:10 Changeset [10878] by juhosg
[atheros] remove the clz function, use fls instead
10:40 Ticket #2410 (Only one Ethernet detected on Fonera+ and it is unusable) closed by nbd
fixed: finished in [10877]
10:39 Changeset [10877] by nbd
make use of the marvell switch in the atheros port
10:29 Changeset [10876] by nbd
Add support for the ultra-crappy Marvell 88E6060, which is used in Fonera+ …
09:14 Changeset [10875] by juhosg
[atheros] remove strange direct usage of dev->priv as well
08:49 Changeset [10874] by juhosg
[atheros] use the netdev_priv() macro instead of directly accessing …
08:47 Changeset [10873] by juhosg
[atheros] use stats from net_device structure
08:40 Changeset [10872] by juhosg
[atheros] nuke trailing whitespaces
07:27 Ticket #3079 (Move up to busybox 1.9.0 and remove now-redundant patches?) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #3353
05:24 Changeset [10871] by nbd
make use of the adm6996 switch for atheros devices that support it …
05:24 Changeset [10870] by nbd
remove some redundant code
04:53 Changeset [10869] by nbd
Add stub driver for ADM6996F switches (configured through MII) The driver …


22:57 Ticket #3354 (fix swap{on,off} path) created by anonymous
Why matteo changed swapon/swapoff path? swap-utils install it in …
22:48 Ticket #3353 (Upgrade busybox) created by anonymous
Upgrade busybox to the last one!
20:13 Changeset [10868] by kaloz
we can't handle the switch on the GW2345 yet, but we cna support the …
20:09 Changeset [10867] by kaloz
rename patch to make it clear what it is
18:56 Changeset [10866] by juhosg
[ixp4xx] avila: add model detection, refresh patches. Kaloz: thank you for …
17:20 Changeset [10865] by kaloz
add proper 2.6.25 support
17:14 Changeset [10864] by kaloz
nuke empty directory, we need actual patches there
16:36 Changeset [10863] by matteo
fix swap{on,off} path
16:21 Ticket #3275 (PPPOE doesn't come up on boot) reopened by chris@…
I am testing 10850 and the problem is still there. I too had to add "ifup …
14:06 Changeset [10862] by olli
[Packages] libs/libgphoto2 & multimedia/gphoto2: Update to 2.4.1
13:42 Ticket #3352 (RFE: create a "user utils" package) created by KanjiMonster
As a second part of the PostgreSQL-Server dependency problem, i propose …
13:38 Ticket #3351 (PostgreSQL-Server: Missing dependency/Package) created by KanjiMonster
PostgreSQL server currently needs 'su' to run, but there is no package …
12:48 Ticket #3259 ([PATCH] Fix batman and batman-advanced on 2.6.24 kernel) reopened by Acinonyx <acinonyxs@…>
Upgrading ([10676]) indeed fixed batman-advanced but didn't fix plain …
00:42 Changeset [10861] by ymano
add patch dir for 2.6.25 kernel
00:04 Changeset [10860] by ymano
rename the bootloader image to standard name "otheros.bld"
00:02 Changeset [10859] by ymano
remove config for non supported kernel version


23:59 Changeset [10858] by ymano
* update ps3 target kernel version to 2.6.25 * add default config for ps3 …
19:28 Ticket #3249 (iptables loops with 2.6.24 on x86) closed by nico
worksforme: You have to rebuild your kernel (see #3336): […]
19:23 Ticket #3350 (acx does not encrypt broadcast frames when WEP is on, hence interclient ...) created by nabcore
This little modification fixed this :) […]
15:41 Ticket #3249 (iptables loops with 2.6.24 on x86) reopened by michu-at-neophob-com
I'm using r10857, linux 2.6 kernel, brcm47xx platform. […]
12:25 Ticket #3333 (X86 target fails to compile) closed by nico
wontfix: Replying to Wlanman: > Is this error x86 specific? Is seems, …
01:04 Ticket #1430 (compex interface config doesn't start the WAN) reopened by chris@…
Just tested with 10850. The problem is still there


22:55 Ticket #3349 ([Packages] net/apache: ipkg install error (wrong dependency)) created by anonymous
21:28 Ticket #3348 (no ethernet connection on NFS-101u) created by Mihauek
It seems that NFS-101u is not really supported by Kamikaze. There is IRQ …
19:34 Ticket #3132 (FTBFS: gpioctl) closed by florian
fixed: Yes, ADM5120 supports generic GPIO. Fixed with [10857].
19:34 Changeset [10857] by florian
Adm5120 also supports generic GPIO, allow gpioctl to be built (#3132)
19:11 Ticket #3337 ([Packages] rt61 does not compile) closed by florian
fixed: rt61 should not be used with 2.6.24 but rather rt2x00-rt61. See [10856]
19:11 Changeset [10856] by florian
Mark rt61 as 2.6.23 only (#3337)
19:03 Ticket #3342 (svn: REPORT of '/openwrt/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: ...) closed by florian
worksforme: Make sure, your client supports SSL, this might not be the case with all …
18:52 Ticket #3329 (SDK is 64 bit only) reopened by florian
We can also provide official 32-bits builds. So let's keep this ticket …
18:37 Changeset [10855] by nbd
more performance for madwifi :)
18:37 Changeset [10854] by nbd
disable CONFIG_BRIDGE_NETFILTER by default
18:05 Ticket #3347 (Unable to install make: /bin/sh: line 21: ./make: No such file or ...) closed by olli
invalid: Can't reproduce. Also compiles fine here.
17:25 Ticket #3346 (undefined reference in libdvbpsi4-0.1.5) closed by juhosg
16:46 Ticket #3347 (Unable to install make: /bin/sh: line 21: ./make: No such file or ...) created by IroNiQ <iron@…>
I got an error when i tried to create pkg about 'make'. The error can be …
16:42 Ticket #3346 (undefined reference in libdvbpsi4-0.1.5) created by IroNiQ <iron@…>
I got an error when i tried to complie the libdvbpsi4 package. The error …
15:12 Changeset [10853] by juhosg
[package] use the spi-ks8995 driver on the WRT55AG v2 boards
15:11 Changeset [10852] by juhosg
[package] spi-ks8995: fix a compiler warning, fix the copyright header
11:59 Changeset [10851] by juhosg
[package] add a driver for the KS8995 ethernet switch, will be usable to …
04:40 Changeset [10850] by nbd
add performance improvement for madwifi on low-memory systems
02:19 Changeset [10849] by nbd
disable CONFIG_NO_HZ by default (who enabled this?)
00:08 Ticket #3345 (kmod-ipv6: missing dependency) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
I'm using r10786, linux 2.6 kernel, brcm47xx platform. I'm unable to use …


23:50 Ticket #3344 (kmod-ipv6 is needed all the time.) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
I'm using r10786, linux 2.6 kernel, brcm47xx platform. I guess there is …
23:24 Ticket #3343 (kmod-usb-hid - missing dependency) closed by nico
duplicate: I'm working on a fix…
22:48 Ticket #3343 (kmod-usb-hid - missing dependency) created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
I'm using r10786, linux 2.6 kernel, brcm47xx platform. When I insert the …
18:31 Ticket #3342 (svn: REPORT of '/openwrt/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: ...) created by william@…
Error in svn: svn: REPORT request failed on '/openwrt/!svn/vcc/default' …
16:10 Ticket #3341 (some helper packages for huawei e220 modems) created by pieterp@…
I've created some packages/diffs for the HUAWEI e220 USB modems on …
09:26 Ticket #2480 ([adm5120] BR-6104KP USB support) closed by florian
09:24 Ticket #2673 ([adm5120] USB now more broken then before) closed by florian
09:20 Ticket #3308 (hostapd broken (in driver_nl80211.c) on atheros platform) closed by florian
fixed: This is a different topic, if you want hostapd to be upgraded, open a new …
02:41 Ticket #3340 (replace "none" with filesystem names) created by matteo
in preinit we mount everything with the "none" name. this can make …
00:09 Changeset [10848] by thepeople
add missing symbol
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