23:09 Ticket #3385 (error building gcc in kamikaze 7.07) created by dninja
I checked out version 7.09 from svn: $ svn info Path: . URL: …
23:03 Ticket #3171 (ixp4xx kernel NULL pointer dereferce) closed by kaloz
fixed: That's not related to the original ticket.
22:54 Changeset [10985] by kaloz
fix the wan phy on the GW2355 - thanks, Chris ;)
22:40 Changeset [10984] by kaloz
the ds1672 can be detected -- fix the driver and remove unneeded hacks
22:08 Ticket #2991 (ixp4xx driver cannot set 100mbps with mii-tool on gw2345) closed by kaloz
fixed: Shouls work since [10966].
22:06 Ticket #3176 (module for temperature and voltage sensors on gw2345) closed by kaloz
fixed: Should work now that we are using i2c-gpio. We also compile the driver …
22:06 Changeset [10983] by kaloz
compile the AD7418 driver into the kernel
20:31 Changeset [10982] by juhosg
[package] import w1-gpio-custom driver from the Squidge …
20:13 Changeset [10981] by juhosg
[package] kernel/modules: modify AutoLoad levels of the W1 modules
19:21 Changeset [10980] by juhosg
[package] kernel/modules: make use the new GPIO_SUPPORT option
19:18 Changeset [10979] by juhosg
[package] remove the i2c-gpio-custom driver from adm5120, and make it …
19:00 Ticket #3384 (after upgrading to kamakazie 7.09) created by ronnieb@…
I am able to telnet to the wrt54g3g and lgin.... ssh and everythin but …
18:23 Ticket #3383 (Problem when port wan is conected) created by Carlos Cuellar M <carloscmrave@…>
hi. first my english is not very well.. when i connect the port wan to …
18:18 Changeset [10978] by juhosg
[ixp4xx] enable legs-gpio by default
17:53 Changeset [10977] by juhosg
[kernel] add Dallas's 1-wire related packages
16:58 Changeset [10976] by juhosg
[ixp4xx] include/asm-arm/arch-ixp4xx/io.h must include linux/bitops.h on …
14:55 Changeset [10975] by nbd
enable a different pseudo-vlan mode in the marvell switch (uses a …
12:28 Changeset [10974] by olli
[Packages] utils/gnupg: Update to 1.4.9
11:17 Ticket #3382 (activating wireless bricks router) created by Bastian Bittorf
After flashing rev10958 and simply delete the line {{{option disabled …
02:25 Ticket #3381 (WDS doesn't work between 2 atheros (Fonera) devices) created by anonymous
The config/wireless file creates a working WDS connection between two …
00:20 Changeset [10973] by kaloz
add support for the Gateworks Cambria
00:01 Changeset [10972] by nbd
add optional version suffix to kernel files/ directories
00:00 Changeset [10971] by nbd
fix lua cflags


23:59 Changeset [10970] by nbd
allow bigger packets in the marvell switch (does not fix the mtu problems …
23:52 Changeset [10969] by kaloz
enable support of the kendin switch on the ap1000, too
23:43 Ticket #3380 (Python does not install at /opt) created by wguerra@…
I did the steps as described by …
20:46 Changeset [10968] by juhosg
[ixp4xx] update Avila patches
20:45 Changeset [10967] by juhosg
[ixp4xx] enable switch support on Compex boards
20:44 Changeset [10966] by juhosg
[ixp4xx] add switch support to the npe driver
18:28 Changeset [10965] by kaloz
naming convention
18:15 Changeset [10964] by kaloz
be politically correct
17:49 Changeset [10963] by kaloz
clean up patch
17:29 Changeset [10962] by kaloz
ooops, fix typo
16:10 Changeset [10961] by kaloz
enable optional building of u-boot for avr32
16:07 Changeset [10960] by kaloz
fixup on avr32
12:23 Changeset [10959] by kaloz
upgrade to


20:36 Changeset [10958] by juhosg
[atheros] fix a typo in the previous commit
19:54 Ticket #3379 ([Packages] hostapd: Package filename is too long) created by anonymous
Please remove the git commit id from the hostapd package filename. …
19:40 Changeset [10957] by juhosg
[atheros] enable 2.6.24 to run on ar53xx
19:03 Changeset [10956] by kaloz
add preliminary support for Storm SL3512 based devices, not ready yet
18:56 Changeset [10955] by kaloz
incomplete Gumstix support
17:06 Changeset [10954] by nico
add another bunch of missing CONFIG_ symbols
16:58 Changeset [10953] by kaloz
remove symlink
14:31 Changeset [10952] by nico
properly disable CONFIG_CRYPTO_HW
10:00 Ticket #3378 (bad cflags on x86 in revision 10951) created by exobyte
in …
03:48 Ticket #3377 (Mac80211 source package no longer exists) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [10951]
03:47 Changeset [10951] by florian
Use the locally mirrored compat-wireless tarblall (#3377)


16:20 Ticket #3377 (Mac80211 source package no longer exists) created by nabcore
the source file (compat-wireless-2008-04-07.tar.bz2) specified in the …
16:16 Changeset [10950] by florian
Re-enabled the CompactFlash driver for rb532
12:14 Changeset [10949] by kaloz
PXA can use EABI, too
12:12 Changeset [10948] by kaloz
PXA has Xscale core as well, so optimize the same way as we do on IXP/IOP
12:08 Changeset [10947] by kaloz
Intel P3x chips use CFI 1.5 -- treat them the same way as 1.4 ones
12:02 Changeset [10946] by kaloz
backported ixp4xx ehci driver
12:00 Changeset [10945] by kaloz
generate and install NPE-A ethernet microcode as well
11:46 Changeset [10944] by kaloz
split npe ethernet and hss patch, sync with upstream
10:11 Changeset [10943] by juhosg
[kernel] fix mini_fo on 2.6.25
09:51 Changeset [10942] by agb
Fix typo in last commit
09:49 Changeset [10941] by agb
Remove old feeds symlink in distclean. Thanks fish - Fixes duplicate …
04:26 Changeset [10940] by thepeople
fix avr32 compiling


22:49 Changeset [10939] by noz
First step to upgrade of brcm47xx to kernel version 2.6.25
21:49 Ticket #3376 (it seems that pkg-config tool is broken) created by MoD
I cant compile any packages for broadcom kernel 2.4. It seemst that …
19:54 Changeset [10938] by thepeople
fix compile on avr32
16:45 Changeset [10937] by thepeople
add missing symbols
15:59 Changeset [10936] by thepeople
fix compiling on avr32
15:02 Changeset [10935] by thepeople
add missing symbol
09:50 Ticket #3375 (batman package missing) created by Bob Keyes
Apparently we only have one source for batmand (B.A.T.M.A.N.), and the …


17:20 Ticket #3374 (kernel oops on first boot when mount-utils in image) created by anonymous
happens during/after jffs2-init on first boot. mount-utils in config, …
11:33 Ticket #3362 (Iptables issue when ipt_LOG build into the kernel: doesn't support ...) reopened by chris@…
The point is - when you build the modules in the kernel - it doesn't work …
11:04 Ticket #3373 (ftp.gnu.org is annoyingly slow, so better let the user choose a mirror) created by adi@…
severity: wishlist Hello, when building kamikaze, several source …
09:28 Ticket #3367 (r10902-r10926 changes kernel panic x86 wrap/alix) closed by florian
fixed: Ok, thanks !
09:12 Ticket #3071 (rb532a watchdog & madwifi) closed by florian
fixed: Ok, thanks for testing.
03:09 Changeset [10934] by nbd
fix vlan mapping for cpu port on the marvell switch
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