22:13 Changeset [11165] by nbd
ifndef is not supported inside make variable expansion
21:53 Ticket #2664 (zd1211-rw against zd1211 community based driver (current r85)) closed by florian
wontfix: We can no longer maintain the community zd1211 driver which fails building …
21:51 Ticket #2956 (rb532: package: keynote: link fails) closed by florian
worksforme: No matter what the CFLAGS are, I cannot reproduce the bug here. Please try …
21:36 Changeset [11164] by cyrus
[packages] net/tinc: update to 1.0.8
20:16 Ticket #3450 (coova-chilli-xwrt fails to "install") created by Steven Van Ingelgem <steven@…>
This is the output of make V=99: IPKG_TMP=/src/router/openwrt/tmp/ipkg …
17:04 people edited by cyrus
14:44 Changeset [11163] by florian
When downloading pci we store them locally, let svn ignore those files
14:41 Changeset [11162] by florian
New download location for the Intel NPE microcode
14:40 Ticket #3329 (SDK is 64 bit only) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed, SDKs and ImageBuilder are now available for i686 architecture for …
13:29 Changeset [11161] by rwhitby
atheros/config-2.6.25: Removed MII override
13:15 Ticket #1815 (epoll not working with kamikaze closed by florian
13:08 Ticket #2826 (Add Coova package to openwrt) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed again with [11160].
13:07 Changeset [11160] by florian
Fix URL for coova-chilli (#2826)
12:28 Ticket #3449 (fprobe forked process exits immediately) created by zanchey@…
fprobe 1.1 on Kamikaze 7.09 running on a WRT54G with the 2.4.23 kernel …
12:15 Ticket #3443 (Bind patch broken) closed by florian
worksforme: We have bind-9.4.1 in the repository not bind-9.3.1 therefore if you mixed …
12:07 Ticket #3448 (Make mpd init script create required directories) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [11159], thanks !
12:06 Changeset [11159] by florian
Create playlist and music directory set in the configuration file (#3448)
12:05 Ticket #3370 (update mpd package - add iconv support) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [11158], thanks !
12:05 Changeset [11158] by florian
Add iconv support to mpd (#3370)
12:03 florian edited by florian
12:01 rb532 edited by florian
02:21 Ticket #3448 (Make mpd init script create required directories) created by openwrt@…
This patch enables the mpd init script to create the playlist and music …
02:13 Changeset [11157] by rwhitby
base-files: Update /etc/init.d/fstab with new location of swapon and …


23:43 Changeset [11156] by ryd
start fluxbox if available - otherwise try matchbox
21:44 Ticket #3447 (LM77 module not compile for x86) created by anonymous
LM77 module not compile after select option in menuconfig (as M).
21:25 Changeset [11155] by noz
[generic-2.6] Remove files now present upstream in files-2.6.25 (This …
20:56 Changeset [11154] by ymano
update version
20:22 Changeset [11153] by thepeople
fix avr32 compile
20:03 Changeset [11152] by thepeople
fix typo
19:50 Changeset [11151] by thepeople
fix a bug and a typo
19:39 Ticket #3446 (sableVM with openwrt on ASUS router WL-500G Premium) created by anonymous
Hello, I installed the last release of openwrt on a ASUS router WL-500G …
18:35 Changeset [11150] by rwhitby
modules/other.mk: Enable bluetooth for atheros
18:34 Changeset [11149] by thepeople
Remove broken patch which was causing the path to be incremented as well …
15:06 Ticket #3445 (iksemel-1.3 package fails to compile) created by anonymous
did a make distclean, and this still fails to compile: checking for C …
11:49 Ticket #3444 (madwifi update) created by bart.swinnen@…
Is there any chance to put a newer version of MadWifi. So that the mode …
09:59 Changeset [11148] by ryd
Adding pixman dependency to cairo
06:44 Changeset [11147] by thepeople
fix avr32 compiling
05:45 Ticket #3439 (pycairo 1.4.12 requires cairo 1.4.12 or later) closed by thepeople
fixed: fixed r11144
05:31 Changeset [11146] by nico
[packages] add avrdude
03:18 Changeset [11145] by florian
Add support for Asus wl-520gc
02:57 Ticket #3443 (Bind patch broken) created by rektide@…
Get the following error applying patch 100 to bind: make[3]: Entering …
00:38 Ticket #3437 (vim-full configuration failes) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here.
00:24 Ticket #3045 (batmand 0.3 beta can't run in ixp4xx) closed by florian
00:22 Ticket #3259 ([PATCH] Fix batman and batman-advanced on 2.6.24 kernel) closed by florian
00:21 Ticket #3334 ([Packages] net/batman does not compile) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed.
00:17 Ticket #3375 (batman package missing) closed by florian
worksforme: The batman subversion repository is now the source for it.
00:05 Ticket #3385 (error building gcc in kamikaze 7.07) closed by florian
worksforme: Humm, I cannot reproduce the bug. Try using a different version of your …


23:08 Changeset [11144] by ryd
Update cairo from 1.2.4 to 1.6.4 and remove usless stuff from Makefile
23:06 Changeset [11143] by ryd
Adding gtk-2.10.14 maybe gtk-2.8.20 can be removed.
11:17 Ticket #3427 (r11060: WL-153 (RDC) squashfs image crashes during startup) closed by florian
worksforme: I do not need to have this option enabled to run squashfs images on my …
10:53 Ticket #3405 (can we include this link "http://subversion.tigris.org/") closed by florian
fixed: Done.
10:53 SubmittingPatches edited by florian
05:16 Changeset [11142] by thepeople
fix compile for avr32
05:13 Changeset [11141] by thepeople
The attached patch includes /usr/share/postgresql/snowball_create.sql in …
02:59 Changeset [11140] by thepeople
This patch adds a number of configuration options to the MadWifi package. …
02:57 Changeset [11139] by thepeople
This patch makes kernel modules check if config is defined and creates a …


21:53 Ticket #3442 ([Patch] Add support for two new usb-serial converters) created by Wlanman
This Patch adds build support for the ark3116 and oti6858 usb to serial …
18:16 Ticket #3441 (psyBNC uses endianess of the host system for encryption) created by KanjiMonster
psyBNCs encryption routines for passwords fail if the target system's …
17:03 Changeset [11138] by noz
Allow package/switch to compile against 2.6.25
15:43 Changeset [11137] by blogic
add proper led support to ifxmips
09:04 Changeset [11136] by rwhitby
shorewall-common: Fix the source URL


20:09 Ticket #3440 (mac address on wp54) created by nettlynx@…
Hi, I installed 7.09 on wp54 but strangely the default mac address is …
19:17 Changeset [11135] by juhosg
[kernel] fix mini_fo bug on 2.6.25
17:50 Ticket #3439 (pycairo 1.4.12 requires cairo 1.4.12 or later) created by agb
cairo needs to be version bumped […]
14:48 Changeset [11134] by rwhitby
config-2.6.25: Enable NETDEV_1000, so that the via-velocity gigabit …
14:43 Ticket #3369 (update bemusedserver) closed by florian
14:40 Ticket #3438 (update lcd4linux, modular config) created by michu at neophob.com
check …
12:03 Changeset [11133] by blogic
fixes u-boot compile in clean tree
11:22 Ticket #3436 (Configuring tar...ln: cannot remove `/bin/tar': Permission denied) closed by fish
fixed: Should be fixed in r11131, thx to Tripp Lilley.
11:21 Changeset [11132] by ralph
adding check for /proc/net/vlan/config (==vlan enabled kernel)
11:20 Changeset [11131] by fish
Fixed #3436, thx to Tripp Lilley
06:20 Changeset [11130] by thepeople
revert to before ubnt images were made
02:10 Changeset [11129] by matteo
atheros: added marvell switch driver
01:37 Changeset [11128] by matteo
php5: update php5: fixes an annoyng bug: PHP Fatal error: Balloc() …
01:34 Changeset [11127] by matteo
libdb: avr32 compile fix
00:35 Changeset [11126] by ryd
Adding pixman fot gtk dependencies.


21:46 Changeset [11125] by noz
Fix typo in broadcom-diag LED output enable
21:15 Ticket #3437 (vim-full configuration failes) created by christian.gmeiner@…
Configuring vim-full...ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/share/vim': …
21:07 Ticket #3436 (Configuring tar...ln: cannot remove `/bin/tar': Permission denied) created by christian.gmeiner@…
make[3]: Entering directory …
21:00 Changeset [11124] by ryd
Update size and inodes of grup image Enlarge default size of grup image …
15:29 Ticket #3435 (bind-host package md5sum mismatch) created by phr3ak
14:44 Ticket #3434 (ar7 doesn't boot on a W701V) created by loswillios
This bootlog is with r11101 on my Speedport W701V. I tried both squashfs …
14:30 Ticket #3433 (new package: anyremote) created by openwrt@…
anyremote is a remote control program capable of executing arbitrary …
13:58 Ticket #3432 (Automatic mounting/unmounting of usb devices) created by openwrt@…
I hacked the usb-storage script to automount multiple disks and unmount …
13:56 Changeset [11123] by juhosg
[ar7] use the righ value in the DSP clock calculation
11:57 Changeset [11122] by juhosg
[ifxmips] remove svn:executable property from u-boot source files
08:41 Changeset [11121] by agb
[kernel] Fix kmod-ata-piix deps
08:40 Changeset [11120] by agb
[kernel] Package nvidia sata driver
08:40 Changeset [11119] by agb
[kernel] Package AHCI driver
08:40 Changeset [11118] by agb
[kernel] Package VIA sata driver
00:41 Changeset [11117] by nico
disable ip6tables as well on 2.6.25 until we have working IMQ support
00:27 Changeset [11116] by nico
fix fuse: use in-kernel module for 2.6.25+ kernels
00:20 Ticket #2967 ([Packages] dirvish) closed by nico
fixed: Replying to anonymous: > Can someone get dirvish into the …
00:19 Ticket #3354 (fix swap{on,off} path) closed by matteo
wontfix: Why using swap-utils? busybox has swapon and swapoff, and they are in …
00:17 Ticket #3072 ([Packages] kernel does not compile) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [11097], thanks for reporting!
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