21:54 Ticket #3489 (Probing USB crashes or hangs wrtsl54gs.) created by jim@…
This problem has been present for over a year, and persists but more …
21:10 Ticket #3488 (lzma expansion code in kernel init/initramfs has fragility.) created by jim@…
This probably doesn't affect the openwrt builds yet, but it could as …
20:41 Changeset [11305] by matteo
avr32: fix kernel panic when using ondemand cpufreq givernor
20:38 Changeset [11304] by cyrus
Added lua (lua host bytecode-compiler) to tools/
19:24 Changeset [11303] by kaloz
refresh avr32 patches to match upstream style
19:21 Ticket #3485 (11289 does not enable /dev/gpio on ixp4xx devices) closed by kaloz
fixed: Should be fixed with [11294].
19:19 Changeset [11302] by kaloz
refresh generic 2.6.24 patches to match upstream style
19:01 Changeset [11301] by kaloz
import Gateworks CF optimizations, add support for additional features for …
18:59 Changeset [11300] by florian
fix typo
18:56 Ticket #3256 (Remove dependency to x86 target on some packages) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [11299], with some changes on lilo.
18:55 Changeset [11299] by florian
Remove x86 dependency on some packages (#3256)
18:50 Ticket #3475 (add virtubox (vdi) image targets for x86) closed by florian
fixed: Applied with some minor modification in [11298].
18:50 Changeset [11298] by florian
Add virtualbox images to x86 (#3475)
18:32 Changeset [11297] by kaloz
refresh ixp4xx patches to match upstream style
18:30 Changeset [11296] by kaloz
refresh generic 2.6.25 patches to match upstream style
15:51 Changeset [11295] by kaloz
override user/system specific quilt configuration
14:18 Ticket #3487 ([.packagedeps] Wrong generation of file) created by Steven Van Ingelgem <steven@…>
In trunk (#11293), I tried to compile FreeRadius without SSL support... I …
12:20 Changeset [11294] by kaloz
gpiodev should be in drivers/char, not in drivers/gpio..
11:21 Ticket #3486 (enable /dev/gpio on AR7 devices) created by rlim
01:06 Ticket #3485 (11289 does not enable /dev/gpio on ixp4xx devices) created by nlinux
I have tested this on Avila 2345 (ixp425) and an NSLU2 and neither of them …


23:36 Changeset [11293] by ymano
Update ps3 linux banner and hostname
23:01 Ticket #3411 (shorewall-common update to and shorewall-shell update to 4.0.10) closed by florian
22:58 Ticket #3480 (Babel 0.13 and Ahcpd 0.5: proper /etc/init.d) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11291] and [11292].
22:58 Ticket #3478 (Upgrade babel to 0.13) closed by florian
fixed: Thanks, upgrade with [11292].
22:58 Changeset [11292] by florian
Upgrade babel to 0.13 (#3480) (#3478)
22:57 Changeset [11291] by florian
Upgrade ahcpd to 0.5 (#3480)
19:35 Ticket #3484 (Danube support) created by mark.wehner@…
Hallo, I have compiled the openwrt project (Revision 11276) for infineon …
15:51 Changeset [11290] by crazy_imp
fixed a small typo, (pointed out in #3139)
15:41 Changeset [11289] by kaloz
enable gpiodev on ixp4xx
11:27 Changeset [11288] by nbd
This Makefile patch adds support for the "Privacy Extensions", "IP-in-IPv6 …


23:07 Changeset [11287] by ymano
add newline at EOF
23:00 Changeset [11286] by ymano
adding ps3 specific banner and system name
21:56 Ticket #3094 (MAC addresses not set on pronghorn) closed by kaloz
fixed: Actually, they were random in 7.09. Should work now with [11285].
21:54 Changeset [11285] by kaloz
fix up mac address setting on ixp4xx for devices that store this info in …
21:51 Ticket #2263 (kmod-nls-cp437_2.6.21.6-ixp4xx-1_armeb.ipk missing from ...) closed by kaloz
wontfix: use the binary snapshots or the source in trunk
21:42 Changeset [11284] by ymano
fix path of initrun script
21:16 Changeset [11283] by ymano
Add an initrun script that is respawned by init. This default initrun …
21:12 Ticket #3483 (Building toolchain for ixp4xx didn't work) closed by nbd
worksforme: works on rebuild, closing.
20:57 Changeset [11282] by ymano
Reduce the kernel verbosity of the ps3_system_bus_match output for ps3 …
20:43 Changeset [11281] by ymano
Fixup inittab for PS3. Make ctrl-alt-del do a system reboot. …
16:14 Changeset [11280] by juhosg
[adm5120] enable yaffs fs on 2.6.25
16:13 Changeset [11279] by juhosg
[adm5120] resync kernel configs
15:33 Changeset [11278] by juhosg
[kernel] fix yaffs on 2.6.25
09:31 Changeset [11277] by juhosg
[kernel] nuke trailing whitespaces in the yaffs code


18:25 Ticket #3403 (ip (Routing control utility) compilation error) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with the latest upgrade of iproute2.
17:08 Changeset [11276] by noz
[brcm47xx] Remove obsolete CFE workaround, now proper fix went in r11275
17:01 Changeset [11275] by noz
Don't nuke fw_argX from CFE - Thanks jhansen
15:21 Changeset [11274] by kaloz
move the fconfig package into trunk
12:03 Ticket #3394 ([Packages] madwifi: multiple madwifi versions) closed by florian
11:36 Ticket #3472 ([Patch] Update Tor Daemon to closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11265].
11:14 Ticket #3483 (Building toolchain for ixp4xx didn't work) created by fri < openwrt at frithjof-hammer.de >
08:41 Ticket #3127 (Madwifi with WPA2: repeated deauthenticating due to local deauth request) reopened by anonymous
request to re-open ticket
08:27 Changeset [11273] by juhosg
[brcm63xx] revert kernel version to
00:59 Ticket #3482 (adm5120 (rb133) crashes with rev 11269) created by carlopires@…
I noticed my RB133 with rev 11269 detects 64mb ram instead of 32. But it …
00:57 Changeset [11272] by nico
remove hacks to disable modules on some targets now that we do have proper …


23:27 Ticket #3481 (Please release) created by jch@…
The last release was in September 2007. Since then, OpenWRT has improved …
22:55 Ticket #3480 (Babel 0.13 and Ahcpd 0.5: proper /etc/init.d) created by jch@…
I guess this is for Florian. I've just released babel 0.13 and ahcpd 0.5. …
22:54 Changeset [11271] by olli
[Packages]: Add net/transmission. Thanks, rohde.
21:51 Changeset [11270] by cyrus
[packages] utils/collectd: Build fixes Fixed Makefile to handle …
19:20 Ticket #3469 (Multiple SSID with broadcom apparently broken in current svn HEAD) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #3470
16:26 Ticket #3479 (Support for gcc4.3) created by luigi.mantellini@…
The gcc 4.3 compiler is out and an experimental/broken support in openwrt …
12:19 Ticket #3477 (rdiff-backup won't start) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [11269].
12:19 Changeset [11269] by florian
Correct python interpreter path (#3477)
11:48 Ticket #3476 (rdiff-backup depency missing) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11268]. Thanks !
11:46 Changeset [11268] by florian
Fix missing dependency against libpopt (#3476)


22:18 Ticket #3478 (Upgrade babel to 0.13) created by florida
Hello Babel 0.13 is available changelog: babel 0.13 * Removed all …
22:03 Changeset [11267] by matteo
fixed mount path (closes #3464)
18:30 Changeset [11266] by blogic
update olsrd version, thanks aaron
16:00 Ticket #3426 (Pango have not built pangocairo and gtk+2 cannot be built without it) closed by blogic
fixed: works in head revision
15:45 Changeset [11265] by blogic
bump tor to newer version, fixes #3472, thanks Wlanman
13:56 Ticket #3477 (rdiff-backup won't start) created by anonymous
Because She-Bang of file /usr/bin/rdiff-backup is broken. Please correct …
13:55 Ticket #3476 (rdiff-backup depency missing) created by anonymous
Package rdiff-backup is missing depency of libpopt. It won't start without …
02:07 Ticket #3475 (add virtubox (vdi) image targets for x86) created by poelzi
add option to autogenerate vdi images for x86 targets. this image can …
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