23:44 Changeset [11349] by noz
[brcm47xx] Update 2.6.25 config
23:43 Changeset [11348] by nbd
update uci to v0.4.0 - improves lua binding
23:43 Changeset [11347] by noz
[brcm47xx] Build against
23:11 Changeset [11346] by blogic
add lots of python dependencies of sugar
22:46 Changeset [11345] by blogic
adds gstreamer and basic plugins
22:37 Changeset [11344] by blogic
pycairo was not installed at all
22:37 Changeset [11343] by blogic
files installed incorrectly
22:34 Changeset [11342] by blogic
gtk was not installing all files
22:29 Changeset [11341] by blogic
fixes files installed by xterm
21:53 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) closed by cyrus
fixed: thanks for telling me, i didn't know there was such a function
21:29 Changeset [11340] by noz
[brcm-2.4 and brcm47xx] Include missing part of r11275. Fix fw_argX from …
19:58 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) reopened by anonymous
@cyrus: If you refresh patches, please use 'make …
17:07 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) closed by cyrus
fixed: done in r11339
17:06 Changeset [11339] by cyrus
Updated Dnsmasq to 2.42 (#3498)
16:28 Ticket #3501 (Can't compile hostapd for x86) created by anonymous
Here the output: i386-linux-uclibc-gcc -O2 -pipe -march=i486 …
11:38 Ticket #3500 (IRQ Issue: ASUS WL-500g Premium, SVN 11319, Madwifi and AR5212) created by michu at neophob.com
check also the forum thread: …
11:31 Changeset [11338] by kaloz
soft-float shouldn't be used on targets with FPU
11:29 Changeset [11337] by kaloz
add new target feature option for fpu


23:22 Ticket #3499 (Port Openwrt to Gemini Board) created by romary@…
Hello, i made a patch to port openwrt to stormlink GEMENI chipset. The …
21:49 Changeset [11336] by juhosg
[kernel] refresh generic 2.6.26 patches
21:46 Changeset [11335] by juhosg
[package] netfilter/iptables: enable IMQ on 2.6.25
21:34 Changeset [11334] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: oops, fix gpio_dev (commited a wrong file in [11333])
21:26 Changeset [11333] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: fix gpio_dev compile error
21:08 Changeset [11332] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: fix a typo in the latest mini_fo patch
20:41 Changeset [11331] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: sync IMQ patch with 2.6.25
20:33 juhosg edited by juhosg
20:27 Changeset [11330] by juhosg
[kernel] fix mini_fo on 2.6.26-rc4
19:49 Changeset [11329] by juhosg
[kernel] netfilter: minor IMQ fix for 2.6.25
18:14 Ticket #3495 (Client speed is always 36M in client mode - Fonera 2100 A/B/C) closed by nbd
worksforme: Ignore the iwconfig output part that mentions the rate. A more reliable …
17:50 Changeset [11328] by nbd
makefile cleanups, make sure that the build system cflags are used
17:50 Changeset [11327] by nbd
add luaposix crypt support (and darwin_compile patch for patch …
17:48 Changeset [11326] by kaloz
revert an upstream change to retain compatibility with iptables 1.4.0
17:25 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) created by wlanman
This Patch updates dnsmasq to 2.42 (30.5.08).
14:58 Ticket #3497 (madwifi locks on AP43) created by bart.swinnen@…
Hi I rebuild my OpenWrt to day for Atheros AP43 board. Madwifi locks the …
13:54 Changeset [11325] by florian
We do not need to make the experimental/install-experimental targets …
11:10 Changeset [11324] by kaloz
* add a prerelease IMQ patch for 2.6.25 * reenable IMQ in the kernel …
10:22 Changeset [11323] by kaloz
add generic 2.6.26 patches/files
08:49 Ticket #3496 (lzo doesn't install its development files into the staging area) created by russell-openwrt@…
I was trying to build openvpn, which apparently needs lzo. I added the lzo …


23:02 Changeset [11322] by florian
Fix dependencies when selecting drivers/modules
22:52 Ticket #3438 (update lcd4linux, modular config) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [11321]. Thanks !
22:51 Changeset [11321] by florian
Update lcd4linux to svn revision 877, add modular configuration to choose …
22:42 Ticket #3495 (Client speed is always 36M in client mode - Fonera 2100 A/B/C) created by Crazy
In client mode the speed of connection is always 36M. Please check it :( …
20:37 Changeset [11320] by florian
Updates libnfnetlink from 0.0.30 to the current version 0.0.38. …
18:01 Ticket #3494 (zoneedit changed its update URL) created by anonymous
I recently installed updatedd-mod-zoneedit, and it would fail with the …
17:38 Ticket #3493 (11266 - olsrd .5.6 rc4 is not stable on ixp4xx) created by nlinux <mekelly5@…>
This build dies for no apparent reason after a random amount of time on …
14:57 Ticket #2841 (br-lan doesn't work with sta mode on ixp4xx and atheros with wpa) reopened by L-ZiX
What need for fix this bug? May be money? I can pay for this bugfix.
14:08 Changeset [11319] by nbd
madwifi: fix cflags for generic mips hal
12:19 Ticket #3492 (libnl compilation error) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here with brcm47xx and svn revision 11318
11:12 Ticket #3414 (dropbear 0.51 update) closed by cyrus
11:10 Ticket #3408 (new package: libst2205) closed by cyrus
08:06 Ticket #3490 (Wlan led is always on - Fonera) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in 11314, please update to 11318
08:00 Changeset [11318] by nbd
fix madwifi menuconfig (thx, Othello)
05:40 Changeset [11317] by nbd
add missing export
05:01 Changeset [11316] by nbd
madwifi: refresh patches
05:00 Changeset [11315] by nbd
madwifi: clean up scanning code, add support for changing scan lists
05:00 Changeset [11314] by nbd
madwifi: update to sam leffler's latest hal fixes LED on wisoc fixes rx …
02:11 Changeset [11313] by nbd
clean up performance patch, add some head/tailroom calculation fixes (thx, …
02:11 Changeset [11312] by nbd
madwifi build scripts cleanup
02:10 Changeset [11311] by nbd
fix wpa_supplicant cflags


21:37 Ticket #3492 (libnl compilation error) created by rektide@…
libnl has not been compiling for me for a month now brcm47, 2.6 kernel. …
20:45 Changeset [11310] by kaloz
gcc 4.2.4 support
18:45 Ticket #3491 (128k JFFS2 image don't boot on Asus WL500gp (8 mb flash embedded)) created by djamolsky@…
I've just build a custom firmware for my Asus WL500gp (V1 Atheros Wifi). I …
17:52 Changeset [11309] by cyrus
updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8h
16:26 Ticket #3490 (Wlan led is always on - Fonera) created by Crazy <m4ss1m0_7u@…>
It's normal that the wlan led on r11277 is always on and flashes also with …
14:35 Ticket #3410 (enhance hostap to support wpa/wpa2 802.1x on atheros) closed by florian
wontfix: Please provide a patch which modifies hostapd.sh.
14:32 Ticket #3416 ([Patch] Add SE505V2 Detection to Diag.ko) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [11308], thanks !
14:32 Changeset [11308] by florian
Add Siemens SE505v2 detection to diag (#3416)
14:14 Ticket #3429 (Cannot select kmod-usb-atm-speedtouch in "make menuconfig") closed by florian
fixed: Confirmed, applied in [11307], thanks !
14:14 Changeset [11307] by florian
Fix ATM usb device selection (#3429)
14:00 Ticket #3391 (kernel-nfsd not working (unknown symbols)) closed by florian
fixed: It should be fixed now.
13:04 Ticket #3363 (Collectd package has been upgraded but still using old config file.) closed by florian
fixed: This is now fixed.
12:57 Ticket #3460 (iee80211_crypt_wep needs a dependency on ecb) closed by florian
fixed: It should be fixed already : kmod-ieee80211 depends on kmod-crypto-arc4 …
12:53 Changeset [11306] by florian
dmidecode should depend on the x86 target


21:54 Ticket #3489 (Probing USB crashes or hangs wrtsl54gs.) created by jim@…
This problem has been present for over a year, and persists but more …
21:10 Ticket #3488 (lzma expansion code in kernel init/initramfs has fragility.) created by jim@…
This probably doesn't affect the openwrt builds yet, but it could as …
20:41 Changeset [11305] by matteo
avr32: fix kernel panic when using ondemand cpufreq givernor
20:38 Changeset [11304] by cyrus
Added lua (lua host bytecode-compiler) to tools/
19:24 Changeset [11303] by kaloz
refresh avr32 patches to match upstream style
19:21 Ticket #3485 (11289 does not enable /dev/gpio on ixp4xx devices) closed by kaloz
fixed: Should be fixed with [11294].
19:19 Changeset [11302] by kaloz
refresh generic 2.6.24 patches to match upstream style
19:01 Changeset [11301] by kaloz
import Gateworks CF optimizations, add support for additional features for …
18:59 Changeset [11300] by florian
fix typo
18:56 Ticket #3256 (Remove dependency to x86 target on some packages) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [11299], with some changes on lilo.
18:55 Changeset [11299] by florian
Remove x86 dependency on some packages (#3256)
18:50 Ticket #3475 (add virtubox (vdi) image targets for x86) closed by florian
fixed: Applied with some minor modification in [11298].
18:50 Changeset [11298] by florian
Add virtualbox images to x86 (#3475)
18:32 Changeset [11297] by kaloz
refresh ixp4xx patches to match upstream style
18:30 Changeset [11296] by kaloz
refresh generic 2.6.25 patches to match upstream style
15:51 Changeset [11295] by kaloz
override user/system specific quilt configuration
14:18 Ticket #3487 ([.packagedeps] Wrong generation of file) created by Steven Van Ingelgem <steven@…>
In trunk (#11293), I tried to compile FreeRadius without SSL support... I …
12:20 Changeset [11294] by kaloz
gpiodev should be in drivers/char, not in drivers/gpio..
11:21 Ticket #3486 (enable /dev/gpio on AR7 devices) created by rlim
01:06 Ticket #3485 (11289 does not enable /dev/gpio on ixp4xx devices) created by nlinux
I have tested this on Avila 2345 (ixp425) and an NSLU2 and neither of them …


23:36 Changeset [11293] by ymano
Update ps3 linux banner and hostname
23:01 Ticket #3411 (shorewall-common update to and shorewall-shell update to 4.0.10) closed by florian
22:58 Ticket #3480 (Babel 0.13 and Ahcpd 0.5: proper /etc/init.d) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11291] and [11292].
22:58 Ticket #3478 (Upgrade babel to 0.13) closed by florian
fixed: Thanks, upgrade with [11292].
22:58 Changeset [11292] by florian
Upgrade babel to 0.13 (#3480) (#3478)
22:57 Changeset [11291] by florian
Upgrade ahcpd to 0.5 (#3480)
19:35 Ticket #3484 (Danube support) created by mark.wehner@…
Hallo, I have compiled the openwrt project (Revision 11276) for infineon …
15:51 Changeset [11290] by crazy_imp
fixed a small typo, (pointed out in #3139)
15:41 Changeset [11289] by kaloz
enable gpiodev on ixp4xx
11:27 Changeset [11288] by nbd
This Makefile patch adds support for the "Privacy Extensions", "IP-in-IPv6 …
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