20:25 Changeset [11401] by juhosg
[package] add button-hotplug driver, will be usable to check status of …
19:47 Changeset [11400] by juhosg
[rb532] fix image names in the wget2nand script
19:45 Changeset [11399] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix image names in the whet2nand script
19:43 Changeset [11398] by juhosg
[images] strip kernel version from image names
19:14 Changeset [11397] by juhosg
[kernel] generic-2.6: refresh yaffs patches
18:04 Changeset [11396] by blogic
fixes ifxmips pci support and adds GENERIC_GPIO
17:49 Ticket #3514 (r11385 brakes madwifi under linux-2.6) closed by nbd
fixed: late night hacking, committed wrong patch. fixed in r11395
17:11 Changeset [11395] by nbd
oops. accidentally committed the wrong patch version
16:58 Changeset [11394] by blogic
rename ifmips images
16:57 Changeset [11393] by blogic
several uboot fixes
15:15 Ticket #3516 (No devices in mount list (webif)) created by Mario
If you want to check your mounted devices at webif -> status -> usb, you …
12:33 Changeset [11392] by blogic
fixes ifxmips danube flashing using uboot, 2nd try
12:31 Changeset [11391] by blogic
fixes ifxmips danube flashing using uboot
12:15 Changeset [11390] by cyrus
[packages] utils/collectd: Updated to 4.4.1
12:12 Changeset [11389] by blogic
clean up etehrnet driver
12:01 Changeset [11388] by blogic
missing file in ifxmips driver support patch
11:51 Ticket #3515 (Wi-Fi unstable with Fonera and r11336.) created by anonymous
With Kamikaze r11336 the wi-fi connection is unstable with many freeze :( …
11:30 Changeset [11387] by nbd
fix spurious ifxmips u-boot build errors
10:37 Ticket #3513 (target/rb532: compile error, broken patch) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [11386].
10:35 Changeset [11386] by juhosg
[kernel] add a chip_fixup function to the plat_nand driver on 2.6.23 as …
10:06 Ticket #3514 (r11385 brakes madwifi under linux-2.6) created by acoul <alex@…>
perhaps r11385 needs to be moved to …
09:46 Ticket #3513 (target/rb532: compile error, broken patch) created by tetzlav@…
this changeset https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/11377 brokes make with …
01:53 Changeset [11385] by nbd
fix madwifi on linux 2.4


22:22 Changeset [11384] by blogic
remove axis toolchain dependency for etrax
22:12 Changeset [11383] by blogic
finally fixes etrax toolchain problems, thanks nbd
21:57 Changeset [11382] by blogic
fixes au1000 ethernet support, signed off: Bruno Randolf
21:04 Ticket #3320 (Sync the Git ignore list with the SVN ignore list) closed by nbd
fixed: did it a bit differently (r11381) ;)
21:04 Changeset [11381] by nbd
update svn:ignore and .gitignore
20:49 Changeset [11380] by blogic
use default gateway for routes that have no gw specified, Signed off by: …
16:44 Ticket #3458 (generate /etc/fstab from uci configuration) closed by matteo
15:14 Changeset [11379] by juhosg
[kernel] generic-2.6: yaffs cleanup * reduce compiler warnings, * …
14:52 Changeset [11378] by juhosg
[kernel] generic-2.6: sync yaffs code with the official CVS tree
11:53 Ticket #3512 (Compilation errors - Libnl package) created by raver@…
Arch: brcm47xx-2.6 Kamikaze: r11372 - r11377 Package: …
11:04 Changeset [11377] by juhosg
[rb532] make use the chip_fixup function of the plat_nand driver
11:03 Changeset [11376] by juhosg
[adm5120] make use the chip_fixup function of the plat_nand driver
11:01 Changeset [11375] by juhosg
[kernel] add a chip_fixup function to the plat_nand driver
10:54 Changeset [11374] by juhosg
[adm5120] refresh patches to match upstream style
09:56 Changeset [11373] by blogic
oops, wrong file name
09:29 Ticket #3410 (enhance hostap to support wpa/wpa2 802.1x on atheros) closed by agb
fixed: Code committed in [11355].
09:27 Ticket #3410 (enhance hostap to support wpa/wpa2 802.1x on atheros) reopened by agb
07:38 Ticket #3511 (Problems with ncurses) created by robert.goldner@…
Hi, during compilation of actual openwrt, I got a problem with ncurses. …


22:59 Changeset [11372] by cyrus
[packages] net/bmxd: Updated to revision 1075
22:07 Changeset [11371] by cyrus
[packages] utils/collectd: Updated wireless compatibility patch to support …
20:42 Changeset [11370] by ymano
Set executable permissions on ps3 target specific scripts
19:15 Changeset [11369] by kaloz
add little endian arm wpa_supplicant config file
19:14 Changeset [11368] by kaloz
rename and renumber storm patches
19:10 Changeset [11367] by kaloz
* refresh storm patches * disable BX in uClibc config, add ethernet and …
19:04 Ticket #2416 (Kamikaze cannot be compiled without Large File Support) closed by nbd
duplicate: see #2902
19:03 Ticket #3435 (bind-host package md5sum mismatch) closed by nbd
duplicate: #3453 has more information
19:01 Changeset [11366] by kaloz
refresh generic 2.6.23 patches in upstream style
18:59 Ticket #2374 (KERNEL: assertion) closed by nbd
worksforme: bug timeout. closing…
18:58 Ticket #3142 (ifdown: can't open '/etc/network/interfaces': No such file or directory) closed by nbd
worksforme: Haven't seen it in any current build. Please clean your config and build …
18:55 Ticket #2105 (nas: can't enable both wpa and wpa2) closed by nbd
18:54 Ticket #3148 (Router goes out of range) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed in trunk
18:53 Ticket #2689 (startup error message) closed by nbd
invalid: Haven't seen it in any of the default images.
18:52 Ticket #2740 (WRT54GL can be bricked permanently with wrong commands !!!) closed by nbd
invalid: It's not bricked, since failsafe can bring it back.
18:38 Changeset [11365] by kaloz
add patch to fix EABI compiles on ARMv4
18:32 Ticket #1289 (pptp sometimes don't work) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed in newer versions
18:19 Changeset [11364] by florian
Add bcm3350 cpuid
17:06 Ticket #3510 (Kernel Panic - b43 - brcm47xx r11363) created by raver@…
Arch: brcm47xx Kamikaze: r11363 Kernel: …
12:54 Ticket #3509 (ez-ipupdate => wrong file in makefile for install) created by gerd@…
since rev 11363 install wants to find ez-ipupdate.config but it was before …
11:45 Changeset [11363] by blogic
make ez-ipupdate uci aware, Signed-off-by: David Bird <david@…>
03:27 Ticket #3508 (Cannot put /etc/resolve.conf into image from files/ directory) created by camh <openwrt@…>
When putting /etc/resolv.conf in files/ to build into the image, it fails …
01:30 Ticket #3111 (Access denied on dnsmask - Static dhcp not working.) closed by nbd
01:25 Ticket #2954 (Atheros porting kernel panic) closed by nbd
01:24 Ticket #3132 (FTBFS: gpioctl) closed by nbd
invalid: separate issue. please make a separate ticket for it. also make sure that …
01:20 Changeset [11362] by nbd
fix sysupgrade 'do_upgrade: not found' error
01:03 Ticket #2058 (UCI uses ' instead of ") closed by nbd
fixed: works in r11361
00:43 Changeset [11361] by nbd
upgrade uci to 0.4.2 - fixes some escaping and library issues
00:34 Changeset [11360] by ymano
Adding ps3 target specific /bin/login script. For security reasons, allow …
00:02 Ticket #3243 (x86 alix boot error) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r11359


23:56 Ticket #3317 (Issues in x86-squashfs image) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r11359
23:55 Changeset [11359] by nbd
fix x86 image build order (fixes #3317)
23:55 Ticket #3291 (madwifi panic when using WPA) closed by matteo
23:55 Ticket #3277 (Missing semicolon in scan.mk) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r10273
23:38 Ticket #2890 (DIR-300 and Wireless in Kamikaze 7.09) closed by nbd
fixed: wifi should be fixed in trunk (new HAL)
23:37 Ticket #2601 (Madwifi failed to operate all wireless cards in 802.11b on IXP4XX board) closed by nbd
worksforme: old bug, closing.
23:30 Ticket #3507 (ethernet doesn't work on fonera+) created by matteo
Ethernet doesn't work on FOnera with the Marvell switch: […] but I …
21:47 Changeset [11358] by noz
Update b43 from compat-wireless-2008-05-26 codebase
21:47 Changeset [11357] by noz
Update mac80211 to compat-wireless-2008-05-26
21:45 Changeset [11356] by noz
Update libnl to compile on and after 2.6.25
21:24 Ticket #3506 (kernel modules are not created, r11354, created by michu-at-neophobdotcom
i did a new kernel build, those 2 modules gets not build. […] the …
20:18 Changeset [11355] by thepeople
add wpa-eap uci configs Signed-off-by: David Bird <david@…>
17:28 Changeset [11354] by nbd
upgrade uci to 0.4.1 improves uci.foreach and uci.get_all in the lua …
17:12 Changeset [11353] by nbd
move the uci lua plugin to /usr/lib/lua instead of /usr/lib/lua/5.1
15:51 Changeset [11352] by kaloz
add preliminary Marvell Orion support
15:16 Changeset [11351] by kaloz
refresh madwifi patches using upstream style
15:10 Changeset [11350] by kaloz
upstream style quilt refresh
11:09 Ticket #3505 (motorola-bin tool failure if target file already exists) created by Eko
If target file exists before running the tool and it is bigger then input …
10:30 Ticket #3504 (Auto channel setting don't works on Fonera) created by anonymous
If I set 'option channel 0' the auto channel don't works on Fonera 2100. …
01:35 Ticket #3503 (dbus compile failed on ppc 405 trunk rev. 11349) created by anonymous
00:53 Ticket #3502 (brcm47xx high load when doing nothing) created by anonymous
brcm47xx-2.6 has really high load when doing nothing.. about 50-100& …


23:44 Changeset [11349] by noz
[brcm47xx] Update 2.6.25 config
23:43 Changeset [11348] by nbd
update uci to v0.4.0 - improves lua binding
23:43 Changeset [11347] by noz
[brcm47xx] Build against
23:11 Changeset [11346] by blogic
add lots of python dependencies of sugar
22:46 Changeset [11345] by blogic
adds gstreamer and basic plugins
22:37 Changeset [11344] by blogic
pycairo was not installed at all
22:37 Changeset [11343] by blogic
files installed incorrectly
22:34 Changeset [11342] by blogic
gtk was not installing all files
22:29 Changeset [11341] by blogic
fixes files installed by xterm
21:53 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) closed by cyrus
fixed: thanks for telling me, i didn't know there was such a function
21:29 Changeset [11340] by noz
[brcm-2.4 and brcm47xx] Include missing part of r11275. Fix fw_argX from …
19:58 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) reopened by anonymous
@cyrus: If you refresh patches, please use 'make …
17:07 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) closed by cyrus
fixed: done in r11339
17:06 Changeset [11339] by cyrus
Updated Dnsmasq to 2.42 (#3498)
16:28 Ticket #3501 (Can't compile hostapd for x86) created by anonymous
Here the output: i386-linux-uclibc-gcc -O2 -pipe -march=i486 …
11:38 Ticket #3500 (IRQ Issue: ASUS WL-500g Premium, SVN 11319, Madwifi and AR5212) created by michu at neophob.com
check also the forum thread: …
11:31 Changeset [11338] by kaloz
soft-float shouldn't be used on targets with FPU
11:29 Changeset [11337] by kaloz
add new target feature option for fpu


23:22 Ticket #3499 (Port Openwrt to Gemini Board) created by romary@…
Hello, i made a patch to port openwrt to stormlink GEMENI chipset. The …
21:49 Changeset [11336] by juhosg
[kernel] refresh generic 2.6.26 patches
21:46 Changeset [11335] by juhosg
[package] netfilter/iptables: enable IMQ on 2.6.25
21:34 Changeset [11334] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: oops, fix gpio_dev (commited a wrong file in [11333])
21:26 Changeset [11333] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: fix gpio_dev compile error
21:08 Changeset [11332] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: fix a typo in the latest mini_fo patch
20:41 Changeset [11331] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: sync IMQ patch with 2.6.25
20:33 juhosg edited by juhosg
20:27 Changeset [11330] by juhosg
[kernel] fix mini_fo on 2.6.26-rc4
19:49 Changeset [11329] by juhosg
[kernel] netfilter: minor IMQ fix for 2.6.25
18:14 Ticket #3495 (Client speed is always 36M in client mode - Fonera 2100 A/B/C) closed by nbd
worksforme: Ignore the iwconfig output part that mentions the rate. A more reliable …
17:50 Changeset [11328] by nbd
makefile cleanups, make sure that the build system cflags are used
17:50 Changeset [11327] by nbd
add luaposix crypt support (and darwin_compile patch for patch …
17:48 Changeset [11326] by kaloz
revert an upstream change to retain compatibility with iptables 1.4.0
17:25 Ticket #3498 ([Patch] Update Dnsmasq to 2.42) created by wlanman
This Patch updates dnsmasq to 2.42 (30.5.08).
14:58 Ticket #3497 (madwifi locks on AP43) created by bart.swinnen@…
Hi I rebuild my OpenWrt to day for Atheros AP43 board. Madwifi locks the …
13:54 Changeset [11325] by florian
We do not need to make the experimental/install-experimental targets …
11:10 Changeset [11324] by kaloz
* add a prerelease IMQ patch for 2.6.25 * reenable IMQ in the kernel …
10:22 Changeset [11323] by kaloz
add generic 2.6.26 patches/files
08:49 Ticket #3496 (lzo doesn't install its development files into the staging area) created by russell-openwrt@…
I was trying to build openvpn, which apparently needs lzo. I added the lzo …
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