17:16 Ticket #3710 (sdk patch) created by claudyus84 gmail com
This patch fix the sdk problems. This include: copy feed.conf and LICENSE …
15:23 Changeset [11629] by matteo
fix microperl
14:31 Changeset [11628] by matteo
more perl packages
13:36 Ticket #3709 ([Packages]: Full perl packages does not compile) created by anonymous
Latest trunk for x86 target: […]
13:09 Changeset [11627] by florian
Put the files created by the lzma decompressor patch in the files/ …
04:33 Ticket #3708 (Full perl package) closed by matteo
fixed: Fixed in r11626
04:32 Changeset [11626] by matteo
packaged full perl, thanks Peter Colberg (closes #3708)
04:14 Ticket #3708 (Full perl package) created by matteo
This patch adds a full perl package, while keeping the microperl one
02:21 Changeset [11625] by kaloz
update config, make 2.6.26-rc8 the default for ixp4xx
01:27 Changeset [11624] by kaloz
update kernel config
01:25 Changeset [11623] by kaloz
generate patched zImage for the Pronghorn, too
01:20 Changeset [11622] by kaloz
swap uart numbering on Pronghorn
01:19 Changeset [11621] by kaloz
oops, commited wrong version
00:15 Ticket #3707 (Asus WL-500gP v2 with r11620 fails to boot) created by andrew@…
r10774 still works. On the console seems like fails to load the kernel: …


23:38 Changeset [11620] by kaloz
rename patch
23:37 Changeset [11619] by kaloz
ixp4xx patches cleanup, round one
15:56 Changeset [11618] by florian
Package libgslblas as well and fix shared object symlinks
12:40 Ticket #3705 (rsync fails to build: upstream source tar-file ismissing) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11617], thanks !
12:40 Changeset [11617] by florian
Upgrade rsync to 3.0.3 (#3705)
12:29 Ticket #3703 (openvpn fails when set as tcp server mode) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11616].
12:28 Changeset [11616] by florian
Explicitely disable the use of epoll (#3703)
12:20 Ticket #3706 (IPv6 default "unreachable" route) created by romain.riviere@…
There seems to be a very persistent IPv6 route in OpenWRT : […] For …
12:17 Ticket #3673 (Shell scripts for ddns-scripts in /usr/lib/ddns should be executable by ...) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [11615], thanks !
12:17 Changeset [11615] by florian
Set executable bit on ddns-scripts files (#3673)


23:38 Changeset [11614] by nbd
madwifi: fix sequence number check on incoming retransmit checks
23:38 Changeset [11613] by nbd
improve xargs compatibility check (mostly Darwin/Mac OS X related)
15:08 Changeset [11612] by florian
Add GNU scientific library


16:57 Ticket #3705 (rsync fails to build: upstream source tar-file ismissing) created by towil
The rsync-3.0.2.tar.gz at http://rsync.samba.org/ftp/rsync/ is missing and …
14:24 Changeset [11611] by matteo
enable sqlite3 in php
13:13 Ticket #3704 (Auto channel client mode) created by crisman
When I put my fonera in client mode I cannot set auto channel, else the …
03:34 Ticket #3703 (openvpn fails when set as tcp server mode) created by alex@…
There is a problem with epoll on openwrt with openvpn when it is used in …


22:00 Changeset [11610] by cyrus
[packages] xyssl: Updated to 0.9
18:14 Ticket #3702 (/sbin/usb-storage does only mount first partition) created by aliasnow@…
the "exit 0" statement in /sbin/usb-storage is at the wrong point! Check …
17:53 Ticket #3701 (ssl certificate is affetecd by OpenSSL weakness) closed by kaloz
16:56 Changeset [11609] by blogic
fixes mdio, adds runtime board configuration for ifxmips
14:40 Ticket #3701 (ssl certificate is affetecd by OpenSSL weakness) created by anonymous
The certificate from dev.openwrt.org with the fingerprint …
13:38 Changeset [11608] by cyrus
lua: Fixed some cross-platform issues for PPC (and probably other …
02:42 Changeset [11607] by blogic
lots of ifxmips cleanups
00:01 Changeset [11606] by blogic
make the serial poirt used by prom.c configurable for ifxmips


23:51 Changeset [11605] by blogic
ifxmips should build uboot by default
23:42 Changeset [11604] by blogic
backport a fix to suppress warning when loading dnsmasq on >= …
23:26 Changeset [11603] by blogic
rename some ifxmips files
23:18 Changeset [11602] by blogic
fixes ifxmips watchdog driver
21:53 Changeset [11601] by nbd
move ifxmips uboot to package/
20:06 Ticket #3700 (Update zile package to 2.2.59) created by anonymous
19:57 Ticket #3699 (Update valgrind package to 3.3.1) created by anonymous
19:55 Changeset [11600] by nbd
compile libnl with -ffunction-sections to make binaries that use genl …
19:54 Changeset [11599] by nbd
x86: don't attempt to compile grub on darwin
19:32 Changeset [11598] by blogic
adds rt_tables to files installed by ip ipkg
19:28 Changeset [11597] by blogic
add proper ebu locking to ifxmips
19:08 Ticket #3698 (Update tar package to 1.20) created by anonymous
19:03 Ticket #3697 (Update stress package to 1.0.0) created by anonymous
18:59 Ticket #3696 (Update smartmontools package to 5.38) created by anonymous
18:56 Changeset [11596] by blogic
lots of ifxmips cleanups
18:39 Ticket #3695 (Update setpwc package to 1.2) created by anonymous
18:37 Ticket #3694 (Update sdparm package to 1.03) created by anonymous
17:39 Ticket #3693 (Update rrdtool package to 1.3.0) created by anonymous
16:37 Ticket #3692 (dnsmasq) created by anonymous
dnsmasq doesnt run as nobody on the latest trunk ... it runs as root
16:23 Ticket #3691 (Update rdiff-backup package to 1.0.5) created by anonymous
15:52 Ticket #3690 (Update pwgen package to 2.06) created by anonymous
15:48 Ticket #3689 (Update pciutils package to 3.0.0) created by anonymous
15:31 Ticket #3688 (Update mksh package to R33d) created by anonymous
14:45 Ticket #3687 (Update mgetty package to 1.1.36) created by anonymous
14:34 Ticket #3686 (Update loop-aes package to 3.2c) created by anonymous
14:03 Ticket #3675 (openwrt security certificate) closed by florian
13:08 Changeset [11595] by florian
Finally move 2.6.25 patches to patch-2.6.25 for compatibility with other …
13:08 Changeset [11594] by florian
Prior to kernel 2.6.23, architecture path was i386, allow that when …
13:07 Changeset [11593] by florian
Put back 2.6.24 files as well
13:06 Changeset [11592] by florian
Put back 2.6.23 files for rdc, allowing to switch from one kernel version …
00:50 Ticket #3685 (Update lilo package to 22.8) created by anonymous
00:38 Ticket #3684 (Update i2c-tools package to 3.01) created by anonymous
00:02 Ticket #3683 (Update heyu package to 2.3.2) created by anonymous
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