23:58 Changeset [12170] by florian
Makefile cleanups, round 2
23:58 Changeset [12169] by florian
Makefile cleanups, round 1
23:56 Changeset [12168] by nbd
clean up openssh makefile, fix avr32 compile
23:28 Changeset [12167] by nbd
serdisplib does not work on linux 2.4
23:20 Changeset [12166] by florian
Makefile cleanup
23:13 Changeset [12165] by nbd
fix nmap compile on avr32
22:57 Changeset [12164] by blogic
fixes reset button on atheros platform, ar5312 gpio_irqs will be added …
22:56 Changeset [12163] by nbd
clean up the gnu make package makefile, fix avr32 compile
22:54 Changeset [12162] by florian
Did not see r12158, do not duplicate this patch
22:53 Changeset [12161] by nbd
madwifi: fix crash on ad-hoc interface init
22:51 Changeset [12160] by florian
Fix lirc compilation on 2.6.26
22:50 Changeset [12159] by nbd
fix igmpproxy compile
22:49 Changeset [12158] by nbd
fix lirc compile and move its build dir to the right place
22:31 Changeset [12157] by nbd
libatomic_ops does not have support for avr32 yet
22:18 Changeset [12156] by nbd
fix kismet compile
22:16 Changeset [12155] by nbd
fix p910nd download location
22:15 Ticket #3849 (ASUS WL-500gP (v1) does not boot wit revision 12137 (Boot program checksum ...) created by anonymous
ASUS WL-500gP (v1) does not boot wit revision 12137 (Boot program checksum …
21:43 Changeset [12154] by florian
Add cdc-acm locking fix from #3836
21:38 Changeset [12153] by nbd
libffi has not been ported to avr32 yet
21:22 Changeset [12152] by nbd
add missing configure variable to sitefile (required by gstreamer)
21:06 Changeset [12151] by florian
fPIC fixes for 64-bits targets
21:04 Changeset [12150] by florian
Cleanup acpupsd makefile
20:21 Changeset [12149] by nbd
gsl is broken on avr32 in a very weird way (linker error)
20:02 Changeset [12148] by nbd
replace config.guess and config.sub properly, even if they are in a …
20:02 Changeset [12147] by nbd
mark mac80211 as broken on avr32
20:01 Changeset [12146] by nbd
fix gtk2 compile
19:54 Changeset [12145] by nbd
add missing kconfig symbol
19:35 Changeset [12144] by nbd
et131x requires pci support
19:33 Changeset [12143] by nbd
fix kernel header breakage, which caused a compile error in igmpproxy on …
19:26 Changeset [12142] by nbd
fix nrpe compile
19:18 Changeset [12141] by nbd
fix diffutils compile on avr32
19:05 Changeset [12140] by juhosg
[adm5120] sync kernel config
18:42 Changeset [12139] by nbd
atheros: fix setting the gpio interrupt level when registering a gpio …
18:42 Changeset [12138] by nbd
switch to using the SLUB allocator by default in 2.6.26
16:26 Ticket #3848 (target/linux/adm5120/Makefile missing ARCH, breaks menuconfig) created by KanjiMonster
menuconfig does not work in trunk: […] Line 96 in .config-target.in is …
16:17 Ticket #3842 (luci does not show that the wireless device is actually enabled) closed by cyrus
fixed: https://dev.leipzig.freifunk.net/trac/changeset/2722
16:04 Changeset [12137] by florian
Fix ipkg compilation with ccache, thanks sn9
15:51 Ticket #3847 (Packages: Update to latest stable Busybox) closed by nico
duplicate: See #3353
15:42 Changeset [12136] by florian
Reinstate rdc bootability and force it to use init=/etc/preinit, thus the …
15:13 Changeset [12135] by florian
Do not build gkrellmd with libsensors, not available with every …
14:54 Ticket #3845 (Enable SLUB allocator by default) closed by florian
13:21 Ticket #1472 (additional wlan card support packages) closed by florian
fixed: islsm should be driver by p54pci/p54u now.
13:18 Ticket #3613 (gpio in adm5120(rb133)) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [12134].
13:16 Changeset [12134] by juhosg
[adm5120] experimental gpiodev support (closes #3613)
13:14 Ticket #1368 (stopping kismet causes immediate reboot) closed by florian
12:16 Ticket #3847 (Packages: Update to latest stable Busybox) created by anonymous
12:07 Ticket #3846 ([Patch] 4kStack usage) created by dnehring@…
* Enter CONFIG_4KSTACKS for i386. It recognizes that activity on the …
11:57 Ticket #3845 (Enable SLUB allocator by default) created by dnehring@…
Included in official kernel since 2.6.22, smaller footprint, better …
11:52 Changeset [12133] by juhosg
[kernel] modules/gpio_dev: move to drivers/char/ on older kernels as well, …
10:54 Changeset [12132] by nbd
fix dibbler compile on avr32
10:43 Ticket #2719 (haserl will not install in firmware image) closed by nbd
10:31 Ticket #1819 (Kamikaze pre1 brcm-2.4 usb-storage not working) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working in trunk
10:29 Ticket #2195 (madwifi does not support Ubiquiti LS5) closed by nbd
worksforme: latest trunk should work
10:15 Ticket #2893 (atheros, wds, 7.09) closed by nbd
fixed: lots of fixes went in for wds. please set it up as described in …
10:14 Ticket #3275 (PPPOE doesn't come up on boot) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed in newer versions
10:10 Changeset [12131] by nbd
chrony does not work on avr32
10:04 Changeset [12130] by nbd
fix 'check' compile on avr32
10:03 Ticket #2758 (samba.init does not get linked into rc.d) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r9614, forgot to close the ticket
09:53 Changeset [12129] by nbd
lirc does not work with brcm-2.4
09:50 Changeset [12128] by nbd
fix cbtt compile
09:34 Ticket #3844 (strace support for cris arch) created by claudyus
This patch add the cris arch to strace. Many thanks to Hinko Kocevar how …
09:19 Changeset [12127] by nbd
some more fixes for wds sta separation
09:12 Ticket #3452 (dosfstools fails to compile) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12125
09:04 Changeset [12126] by nbd
asterisk-1.4.x is broken on avr32
09:02 Changeset [12125] by nbd
fix dosfstools compile
08:50 Ticket #3833 (12043 - Batmand is not upgraded to 1099 with that patch) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12123
08:38 Changeset [12124] by nbd
asterisk is broken on avr32
08:38 Changeset [12123] by nbd
batman: switch to a more recent trunk version, which fixes the build for …
08:37 Changeset [12122] by nbd
postgresql does not support spinlocks on avr32
08:05 Ticket #3843 (ixp4xx target has CONFIG_NET_CLS_ACT unset in config-default) created by happyuser
target/linux/ixp4xx/config-default has: # CONFIG_NET_CLS_ACT is not set …
04:34 Changeset [12121] by nbd
don't use gcc_s on avr32 - fixes uclibc++ compile
04:04 Changeset [12120] by nbd
fix apcupsd compile on avr32
03:49 Changeset [12119] by nbd
fix avahi compile on brcm-2.4
03:46 Ticket #3270 ([PATCH] madwifi-0.9.4 for kamikaze) closed by thepeople
03:43 Ticket #3719 (AVR32 u-boot is always compiled, even if CONFIG_AVR32_UBOOT is not set) closed by thepeople
03:43 Ticket #1964 (Rewrite /etc/config/firewall) closed by thepeople
03:40 Ticket #3831 (haseral 0.9.24 fails to build in current trunk) closed by thepeople
03:28 Changeset [12118] by nbd
fix ocf compile error
03:16 Changeset [12117] by nbd
refresh atheros config, add missing symbols to generic 2.6.26 config
03:03 Ticket #3842 (luci does not show that the wireless device is actually enabled) created by aaron
how to repeat: enable the wifi device in /etc/config/wireless check in …
03:01 Changeset [12116] by nbd
only build avr32 u-boot if requested, fixes build failure in default …
02:48 Changeset [12115] by thepeople
update opkg to 4564, fixes a couple of memory leaks
02:43 Ticket #3746 (Cannot build perl) closed by blogic
fixed: [12107]
02:42 Ticket #3761 (perl build is broken) closed by blogic
fixed: [12107]
02:41 Ticket #3721 ([Packages]: perl does not compile) closed by blogic
fixed: [12107]
02:34 Changeset [12114] by blogic
move json-c to packages feed
02:33 Changeset [12113] by blogic
EOF for fonera-mp3 packages
02:31 Changeset [12112] by blogic
etrax should not select foxboard-utils by default as the package is now in …
02:30 Changeset [12111] by blogic
move foxboard utils to packages feed
01:59 Changeset [12110] by nbd
add prereq check for python
01:57 Changeset [12109] by agb
[packages] lang/python-gnome-desktop2: Remove leftover dep fixed by r12107
01:47 Changeset [12108] by nbd
remove a few obsolete dependencies now that dependency propagation is …
01:43 Changeset [12107] by nbd
fix a small bug in the recursive dependency lookup for generated …
01:15 Changeset [12106] by nbd
make package prereq checks behave more like build prereq checks (first …
01:11 Changeset [12105] by nbd
remove the autoconf check from various package makefiles - it's checked by …
00:56 Changeset [12104] by blogic
add uci led support - /etc/config/system can hold led info which is …
00:38 Ticket #3841 (iptraf - warning while compiling trunk) created by aaron
seems like iptraf is not being compiled. Just noticed it scrolling by …
00:22 Changeset [12103] by nbd
scripts/feeds: properly handle virtual packages as well, use the first …
00:22 Changeset [12102] by nbd
scripts/feeds: fix some installation warnings for locally installed …
00:03 Changeset [12101] by nbd
fix scripts/feeds dependency lookup: process deps for all virtual packages …


23:22 Changeset [12100] by blogic
- bump atheros to .26 - adds leds-gpio to default selection on atheros - …
21:54 Changeset [12099] by nbd
remove empty directories
18:59 Changeset [12098] by nico
rework workarounds for crypto modules renamed in 2.6.24 & 2.6.25, add …
18:11 Changeset [12097] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix RB-133/133C led definitions
17:51 Changeset [12096] by blogic
more ledtrig-netdev clean ups
17:21 Changeset [12095] by juhosg
[adm5120] add missing buttons device for RB-1xx boards, thanks to …
16:56 Changeset [12094] by nico
lcd4linux fixes: - lcd4linux needs at least 1 driver & 1 plugin enabled, …
16:47 Changeset [12093] by nico
dsl-qos-queue is broken on 2.6.26 as well
16:44 Changeset [12092] by nico
shell-fm fixes: - fix dependencies: only depends on libao & libmad - …
16:42 Changeset [12091] by nico
ipcad fixes: - don't detect/use netfilter/ip_queue - bumb release number
16:05 Changeset [12090] by blogic
makes ledtrignetdev work on .26 and fix whitespaces
14:00 Ticket #3840 (privoxy has worng config ....) created by anonymous
prixoy config is wrong .... Fatal error: can't load actions file …
13:51 Changeset [12089] by blogic
adds a new uci firewall - iptbales and netfilter packages need to be …
13:47 Changeset [12088] by blogic
fixes whitespace error
11:07 Ticket #3837 (Ported djbdns-1.05) closed by florian
wontfix: Same thing, please port it to the new buildsystem.
11:06 Ticket #3838 (Ported ucspi-tcp 0.88) closed by florian
wontfix: This patch is for whiterussian-style buildroot, please port it to the new …
10:54 Ticket #3839 (PATCH - don't run telnet when is running ssh) created by xkennyx at seznam.cz
Hello, I found the telnet is executed when dropbear is not avaiable, but …
10:50 Changeset [12087] by blogic
work aroung error message during boot if swapon is nt installed
10:04 Changeset [12086] by blogic
remove warning from hotplug2, which pops up 10 times during boot
08:35 Changeset [12085] by florian
Define more missing config symbols for .26
03:29 Changeset [12084] by thepeople
update kernel config
00:25 Changeset [12083] by agb
[packages] net/ipkungfu: Cleanup - use openwrt locations for utilities, …


23:00 Changeset [12082] by nbd
madwifi: more fixes and cleanups for wds sta separation
23:00 Changeset [12081] by nbd
network scripts: revert the network state after running ifdown, not before
19:22 Ticket #3838 (Ported ucspi-tcp 0.88) created by anonymous
This package contains the tcpserver, used by fx djbdns and qmail. Please …
19:20 Ticket #3837 (Ported djbdns-1.05) created by anonymous
This is a special package of djbdns. The very secure dnsserver. Package …
17:04 Changeset [12080] by nico
fix typo in gcc version check
16:28 Changeset [12079] by kaloz
update ath9k to latest git version
16:22 Changeset [12078] by kaloz
add more options to the generic 2.6.26 config
16:20 Ticket #3836 ([PATCH] cdc-acm: don't unlock acm->mutex on error path) created by anonymous
I am using kamikaze trunk r12064 with USB modem (ACM compatible). After …
16:12 Ticket #3835 (Reestablishing WDS connection while using WPA encryption) created by matt1606@…
There is a problem while reestablishing the wds connection between two AP …
13:49 Changeset [12077] by kaloz
revert gcc 4.4 fixes - http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11143


17:15 Changeset [12076] by nbd
make grub compilable under fedora core 8 and other newer distros
14:38 Changeset [12075] by juhosg
[magicbox] fix compile error
09:35 Changeset [12074] by agb
[kernel] Fix broken hso kmod definition
05:20 Changeset [12073] by agb
[kernel] ixp4xx: disable ixp4xx beeper
05:19 Changeset [12072] by agb
[packages] lang/pygobject: Add python as build dep
05:19 Changeset [12071] by agb
[kernel] generic-2.6: resync 2.6.26 config
05:19 Changeset [12070] by agb
[packages] net/nagios-plugins: Add dependency on libpq (postgresql) and …
05:19 Changeset [12069] by agb
[kernel] net/usb: only package hso for 2.6.26
04:41 Changeset [12068] by thepeople
temporarily add @DISPLAY_SUPPORT to prevent xorg from building when it …
04:33 Changeset [12067] by thepeople
try to clean up some kernel configs


21:34 Changeset [12066] by juhosg
[magicbox] update to 2.6.26
17:57 Ticket #3718 (sysupgrade only restores /etc/config/*) reopened by thepeople
15:42 Changeset [12065] by nbd
madwifi: disable bogus vlan handling code which actually breaks vlan
14:59 Ticket #3834 (tor init script update) created by anonymous
the tor init script isnt working correctly .... no tor.pif file in …
14:30 Ticket #3833 (12043 - Batmand is not upgraded to 1099 with that patch) created by nlinux <mekelly5@…>
12043, still breaks with 2.6.26 when trying to compile the batgat modules. …
12:05 Changeset [12064] by florian
OCF cannot be built under UML
12:04 Changeset [12063] by florian
Add missing ebtables configuration symbol, 2.6.22 file untouched, not used
08:44 Changeset [12062] by agb
[packages] lang/php4: Disable compilation on ixp4xx, has been far a long …
08:16 Ticket #3832 (ath9k should be part of the mac80211 package) created by acoul <alex@…>
trying to compile ath9k on x86 trunk 12059 produces the following: […] …
08:04 Changeset [12061] by agb
[packages] perl: Requires rsync on host system for modules
08:03 Changeset [12060] by agb
[packages] perl-compress-bzip2: Add dep on bzip2
05:09 Changeset [12059] by nbd
use the same hotplug2 parameters for initramfs and regular
05:01 Changeset [12058] by nbd
move the hotplug2 kill command from preinit to /etc/init.d/boot, so that …
05:01 Changeset [12057] by nbd
avoid duplicate vlan add events
03:58 Ticket #3831 (haseral 0.9.24 fails to build in current trunk) created by nlinux <mekelly5@…>
I'm attempting to build on ixp4xx system and current haseral package fails …
02:38 Changeset [12056] by nbd
enable wds sta interface splitting by default
02:26 Changeset [12055] by nbd
madwifi: remove wds type of wifi-iface without essid, imho it never worked …
01:55 Changeset [12054] by nbd
add helper macro for stripping the last part of a version number
00:50 Changeset [12053] by nbd
use the madwifi driver instead of wext in the wpa_supplicant command line. …
00:41 Changeset [12052] by nbd
madwifi: fix race condition triggered by active split wds sta interfaces …


23:11 Changeset [12051] by nbd
fix multicast/authframe handling for wds ap with split sta interfaces
23:11 Changeset [12050] by nbd
initialize the CONFIG_APPEND variable
20:59 Changeset [12049] by nbd
madwifi: add some beacon setup/update related fixes (based on Bruno …
19:37 Changeset [12048] by nbd
fix madwifi packet injection This patch from madwifi commit 3337 makes …
19:27 Changeset [12047] by nbd
madwifi: add 0.9.4 madwifi as a menuconfig option, as requested in some …
18:51 Changeset [12046] by nbd
storm is ARMv4, not ARMv4T (thx, SeG)
18:16 Changeset [12045] by nbd
another one …
18:16 Ticket #3828 (ipkg seems to be not working on a fonera) closed by agb
duplicate: Duplicate of #2702 as noted above
17:56 Changeset [12044] by nbd
upgrade to uci 0.4.7 - fixes a stupid regression introduced in 0.4.5
15:35 Ticket #3801 (Batman package does not compile with Kernel 2.6.26) closed by blogic
fixed: [12043]
15:29 Ticket #2523 (dmesg gives wrong size for SD cards over 512) closed by blogic
wontfix: this is related to the no longer supported bit banging mmc driver for …
15:26 Ticket #2082 (shell local echo lost when less is suspended) closed by blogic
15:26 Ticket #2082 (shell local echo lost when less is suspended) reopened by blogic
15:25 Ticket #2082 (shell local echo lost when less is suspended) closed by blogic
14:30 Changeset [12043] by marek
pump batman version to latest revision
13:55 Changeset [12042] by kaloz
enable multiqueue in the generic config
13:16 Changeset [12041] by kaloz
handle the nonstandard redboot mac variable for the WG302v1
13:14 Changeset [12040] by kaloz
enable the second uart on the WG302v1
12:38 Ticket #3830 (Trunk fails to setup routes with Wifi as WAN) created by anonymous
I have the following setup (relevant parts): […] If I set these …
11:55 Changeset [12039] by kaloz
fixup the optional UART on the Cambria -- thanks, Chris
11:51 Changeset [12038] by kaloz
sync ath9k with latest git code
05:11 Ticket #2385 (dynamic interfaces : follow up to r8765) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working properly in trunk
05:10 Ticket #3546 (madwifi Hardware revision not supported (HAL status 13)) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working in trunk with the new hal
05:07 Ticket #3756 (kmod-i2c-core package build fails due to missing i2c-core.ko on AVR32 ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12037
05:07 Changeset [12037] by nbd
switch CONFIG_I2C to =m by default on avr32 (see #3756)
05:04 Ticket #3054 (Erroneous shell variable substitution in /etc/functions.sh) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12036
05:04 Changeset [12036] by nbd
fix config_clear(), see #3054
04:56 Ticket #3547 (unhandled IRQ in atheros 2.6 kernel) closed by nbd
fixed: has been fixed in trunk
04:44 Ticket #3815 ("PKG_SOURCE_PROTO:=svn" doesn't behave) closed by nbd
fixed: this first download attempt is for mirroring, because grabbing a mirrored …
04:43 Changeset [12035] by nbd
enable iw for all 2.6 versions
04:43 Changeset [12034] by nbd
allow packages to forcibly disable the svn/git mirror downloading attempt …
04:31 Ticket #3042 (There is no br-lan on ixdp425 (on netgear wg302v1)) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12033
04:30 Changeset [12033] by nbd
remove unnecessary ixp4xx network config override
04:28 Ticket #3444 (madwifi update) closed by nbd
fixed: works now. tested in current trunk versions
04:26 Ticket #3826 (doth defined twice in madwifi.sh) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12032
04:25 Changeset [12032] by nbd
fix duplicate "doth" interface option in madwifi
04:22 Ticket #2614 (RB532a + RB502: irq 140: nobody cared) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working with the madwifi in latest trunk. please confirm
04:07 Ticket #1698 (WRT 54G V1 reboots endlessly with atheros mini-pci attached) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working with a recent kamikaze version. tested on wl-500g a …
04:03 Ticket #3767 (Atheros Kernel Panic - Not Syncing : Attempt to kill init!) closed by nbd
invalid: incomplete bug report, no details about further kernel messages, flashing …
04:00 Ticket #2744 (broadcom 57xx drivers from linksys wrt350n_v1.03.7_us tarball) closed by nbd
fixed: new drivers have been added a while ago
03:57 Ticket #3053 (Atheros cannot talk at 10bT/HalfDuplex) closed by nbd
worksforme: bug timeout
03:54 Ticket #2850 (firmwarehotplug package requires "sdcc" command under Fedora, which is not ...) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed in r12031
03:54 Changeset [12031] by nbd
add a workaround for fedora sdcc naming changes
03:49 Ticket #3255 (Segmentations faults/Bus Errors with OpenWRT+Debian on wl500gP after 32MB ...) closed by nbd
worksforme: probably kernel specific, the newest kernel in openwrt should work much …
03:47 Ticket #3022 (udhcpc: default.script creates large /var/state/network) closed by nbd
fixed: uci now no longer stores updates if the new value is equal to the old one
03:39 Ticket #3502 (brcm47xx high load when doing nothing) closed by nbd
03:36 Ticket #3500 (IRQ Issue: ASUS WL-500g Premium, SVN 11319, Madwifi and AR5212) closed by nbd
wontfix: the irq handling is not comparable to the one used on atheros wisoc. there …
03:33 Ticket #3376 (it seems that pkg-config tool is broken) closed by nbd
fixed: fix added in r12029
03:33 Changeset [12030] by nbd
broadcom-diag: reset the interrupt mask of configured leds to avoid …
03:33 Changeset [12029] by nbd
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR by default (#3376)
03:25 Ticket #1574 (WDS interface not getting added to bridge) closed by nbd
03:10 Changeset [12028] by nbd
upgrade to uci 0.4.6 - fixes a parser glitch
02:50 Ticket #2810 (hotplug2 examples: broken check in install rule) closed by nbd
invalid: this code is not used on openwrt, please report this bug to the upstream …
02:43 Ticket #2586 (madwifi antenna diversity disabling does not work) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working well in latest trunk. tested on various ath devices
02:37 Ticket #2770 (Possible bug in UCI (if config files are outside of /etc/config)?) closed by nbd
worksforme: this applies to the old shell implementation of uci, which was removed.
02:36 Ticket #3225 (suggestion for buildroot enhancement) closed by nbd
worksforme: looks like the important suggestions were implemented, closing ticket.
02:31 Ticket #2713 ("ssh root@localhost" hangs forever, can't be killed) closed by nbd
fixed: old bug, long gone
02:29 Ticket #2035 (asus wl500gp - random bus errors / segmentation faults) closed by nbd
02:25 Ticket #2620 (MadWIfi doesn't work with Asus WL-500gP in Rev 9456) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be working in latest trunk
02:23 Ticket #3231 (System freezes under high packets/s load) closed by nbd
worksforme: similar setups are reported to be working well with trunk
02:20 Ticket #3292 (x86 madwifi wds power loss) closed by nbd
worksforme: -ETIMEDOUT
02:19 Ticket #3381 (WDS doesn't work between 2 atheros (Fonera) devices) closed by nbd
worksforme: use ap mode on one side, sta mode on the other side and set 'option wds 1' …
02:18 Ticket #3704 (Auto channel client mode) closed by nbd
worksforme: works for me in newer versions
02:16 Ticket #3296 (Ethernet on WGT634U broken) closed by nbd
01:48 Ticket #3829 (Allow further options to be configured for dnsmasq) created by pqa <quentin@…>
Currently dnsmasq.init only supports a relatively small subset of the …
01:14 Ticket #3491 (128k JFFS2 image don't boot on Asus WL500gp (8 mb flash embedded)) closed by nbd
invalid: or jffs2-64k in this case
01:11 Ticket #3536 (Madwifi poor performance since ath_hal-20080528) closed by nbd
01:11 Ticket #3768 (madwifi - last changes | ap crushes |) closed by nbd
worksforme: please try a more recent version (>= r12006)
00:50 Ticket #2621 (config.sh - ifup default route add with dev) closed by nbd
fixed: added in r12027
00:49 Changeset [12027] by nbd
link default routes added by the network scripts to the appropriate …
00:42 Ticket #3828 (ipkg seems to be not working on a fonera) created by anonymous
after a long time i get this: ipkg: fork failed: Cannot allocate memory
00:39 Changeset [12026] by nbd
network scripts: properly maintain the network state's list of assigned …
00:39 Changeset [12025] by nbd
functions.sh: add list_contains function for checking whether a list …
00:15 Ticket #3827 (Update Wrtsl54gs profile to include wireless LAN) created by pqa <quentin@…>
The profile for the WRTSL54GS …
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