22:45 Changeset [12632] by lars
Restore config after running scripts/env diff.
20:41 Changeset [12631] by juhosg
[ar71xx] remove some debug stuff
20:33 Ticket #4007 (tinyproxy, new wersion) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12630], thanks !
20:31 Changeset [12630] by florian
Update tinyproxy to 1.6.4 (#4007)
20:22 Ticket #4009 (New package input-utils) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [12629].
20:22 Changeset [12629] by florian
Add input-utils (#4009)
16:58 Ticket #4016 (ADM5120 gpio dev in /dev was broken ...) created by gorec
ADM5120 version latest svn root@OpenWrt:/dev# gpioctl gpioctl …
15:36 Changeset [12628] by juhosg
[ar71xx] create firmware image for the WP543 board
14:56 Changeset [12627] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add MyLoader support
14:43 Changeset [12626] by juhosg
[ar71xx] remove 2.6.25 config as well
14:40 Changeset [12625] by juhosg
[ar71xx] nuke 2.6.25 specific patches
14:38 Changeset [12624] by juhosg
[ar71xx] WP543: add static mtd partitions
14:26 Ticket #3816 (ath9k internal compiler error) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [12623], thanks for reporting and tracking it down!
14:24 Changeset [12623] by nico
add patches to fixes gcc 4.2.x bugs: - fix gcc ICE when compiling …
11:09 Changeset [12622] by aaron
update to the official stable branch , patch 2 (0.5.6-r2)
10:18 Ticket #3893 (tor.pid should be stored in /var/run/tor) closed by florian
10:18 Ticket #3834 (tor init script update) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12621], thanks !
10:17 Changeset [12621] by florian
Fix tor pid file permission (#3834)
07:56 Ticket #3996 (segfault on ipkg install) closed by agb
duplicate: Appears to be a duplicate of #2702 which has been resolved by moving to …
07:30 Ticket #4015 (Madwifi Driver cannot bridge "arp request" packet in AP mode with WDS on) created by hiwu.tw@…
The test environment is as following: WDS is on in both AP and STA to make …
06:15 Ticket #2702 (r9548: ipkg fails with "ERROR: fork failed before execution: " or "fork ...) closed by agb
fixed: opkg made the default package manager with [12319], closing.
00:52 Ticket #4014 (On trunk - x86 platform - smbd (Samba,cifs) cannot handle files larger ...) created by johnrw@…
On a trunk build, on an x86 generic build... when I try and transfer a …


23:20 Changeset [12620] by lars
Add pycairo to python-rsvg depencies. fixes #4013
22:10 Ticket #4013 (gnome-python-desktop r12616 build failure on x86 alix) created by seniorr@…
I just did a build-all packages or r12616 for x86 alix. This is one of the …
21:58 Ticket #4012 (xf86-video-geode r12616 build failure on x86 alix) created by seniorr@…
I just did a build-all packages or r12616 for x86 alix. This is one of …
20:31 Changeset [12619] by lars
Add iceauth package.
20:30 Changeset [12618] by lars
Add missing dependecy on xbitmaps to xsetroot.
17:59 Ticket #4011 (update alsa lib + utils) created by michu-at-neophob-com
I've updated alsa lib and alsa utils. As I use a 2.6 Kernel, I dont know …
15:29 Changeset [12617] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix the PCI byte lane enable generation code, based on a patch by …
09:43 Ticket #4010 (SL3512 storm build error !) created by xserver
CC [M] crypto/algapi.o CC [M] crypto/cryptomgr.o CC [M] …
03:23 Ticket #4009 (New package input-utils) created by harald@…
Hi, attached is the Makefile for a new package input-utils, which gives …
00:26 Ticket #4008 (ddns-scripts update does not work when IP_URL is set) created by dstoddard@…
Package obtained from: …
00:01 Changeset [12616] by cyrus
Fixed a typo in the firewall scripts


22:25 Changeset [12615] by cyrus
Fixed dependency handling for feeds
16:10 Ticket #4007 (tinyproxy, new wersion) created by cezary@…
New version of tinyproxy.
09:32 Changeset [12614] by matteo
Change printer path, hotplug2 creates all in /dev
01:32 Ticket #4006 (nfsd wont load because of missing symbols) created by Pavel
nfsd: Unknown symbol posix_acl_from_mode nfsd: Unknown symbol …


23:43 Ticket #4005 (usb-storage mounting bug) created by SnapShot
usb-storage script always mounts on /mnt/usbdrive. I have USB HDD with two …
21:20 Ticket #3984 (support@bvumo.net) closed by cyrus
invalid: Please use the forum for this kind of requests. …
21:15 Ticket #4004 (With policy DROP on wan interface in /etc/config/firewall, input_wan is ...) created by lucaf3rr@…
The problem arises with having the default: […] in …
21:02 Ticket #4000 (typo in uci_firewall.sh) closed by cyrus
fixed: Fixed in r12613, thanks for reporting
20:57 Changeset [12613] by cyrus
Fixed a typo in firewall scripts, closes #4000
20:24 Ticket #4003 (md5sums are missing for the snapshots) created by hagge@…
The md5sums are missing for this public directory as of 2008-09-15: …
19:33 Ticket #4002 (br2684ctl package isn't build by default for AR7 and br2684ctl package ...) created by exobyte
AR7 isn't very useful without br2684ctl, and while I understand not …
19:29 Ticket #4001 (ddns-scripts does't have a manual start script and might launch redundant ...) created by exobyte
I didn't look into it *that* closely, but two issues: 1) I installed the …
14:38 Ticket #4000 (typo in uci_firewall.sh) created by anonymous
Error in fw_redirect() […] should be […]
14:20 Ticket #3999 (kernel panic when upping second master VAP of one basedevice) created by madxray@…
Booted freshly compiled trunk version. Created one VAP as master, set …
12:17 Changeset [12612] by nico
use the Download/ macro to get ACX firmwares
12:14 Changeset [12611] by nico
add missing Kconfig symbol
11:04 Ticket #3998 (Madwifi hangs/ crashes when 1. using IPERF 2.Continuous ping 3.Channel ...) created by karthik gopal <karthikg@…>
OpenWrt: 7.09 kernel: Madwifi details: wlan: trunk ath_hal: …
10:32 Ticket #3353 (Upgrade busybox) reopened by nico
10:32 Ticket #3990 (Update Busybox to 1.11.2) closed by nico
duplicate: See #3353
10:22 Ticket #3993 (package swap-utils depends on libblkid) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [12610], thanks!
10:21 Changeset [12610] by nico
add missing dependency on libblkid to swap-utils, needed for swapon/off …
09:56 Ticket #3997 (PPTP passthrough cause reboot) created by dido@…
When PPTP session is disconnected, wireless is rebooting. Issue exist only …
01:54 Ticket #3996 (segfault on ipkg install) created by anonymous
When trying "ipkg install libopenssl", ipkg segfaults. Verbose output: …


21:30 Ticket #3995 (very poor wireless performance and high load on Airlink101 ar252w - ...) created by aphex888@…
I'm running trunk r12591 and on an ar525w (rdc321 SoC & rt2661) and seeing …
17:59 Ticket #3994 (Script for flashing ADSL2MUE firmware) created by lissyx+openwrt@…
I had troubles using the PSP's ftp to flash the modem's Flash. Thanks to …
16:53 Ticket #3899 (hidden symbol `__clz_tab') closed by ryd
16:49 Changeset [12609] by ryd
Compile fix libnl - hidden symbol `clz_tab' (fix #3899) - thanks to …
15:55 juhosg edited by juhosg
07:29 Ticket #3993 (package swap-utils depends on libblkid) created by Elphidium
package swap-utils depends on libblkid
02:44 Changeset [12608] by nbd
fix php4 compile
02:44 Changeset [12607] by nbd
fix ssmtp compile
00:03 Changeset [12606] by nbd
pygtk requires python 2.5


23:49 Changeset [12605] by nbd
fix nufw compile
20:05 Changeset [12604] by lars
Add geode xorg video driver.
19:54 Changeset [12603] by lars
Move librsvg gdk pixbuf loader into its own package. Disable building of …
19:49 Changeset [12602] by lars
fix typo.
19:41 Changeset [12601] by nbd
fix whitespace order in cflags without CONFIG_DEBUG to prevent breakage in …
19:37 Changeset [12600] by lars
fix configure options error.
19:36 Changeset [12599] by lars
Move python module of hippo-canvas into its own package.
19:32 Changeset [12598] by juhosg
[adm5120] remove 2.6.25 specific stuff
16:34 Changeset [12597] by lars
Revert r12510. Remove -rpath-link form TARGET_LDFLAGS as it breaks some …
15:45 Changeset [12596] by lars
fix package submenu.
14:53 Changeset [12595] by lars
Move python module of vte into its own package.
14:46 Changeset [12594] by lars
Add libtool fixup to urbi.
14:09 Changeset [12593] by lars
Fix syslog-ng build and cleanup Makefile.
13:02 Changeset [12592] by nico
fix build options in menuconfig: - move EXTERNAL_KERNEL_TREE & NO_STRIP …
11:29 Ticket #3991 (Routerboard 433 SLUB/IPv6 kernel crash) created by enrico@…
svn: 12570 Bootup hangs after SLUB: Genslabs=6, HWalign=32, Order=0-3, …
10:31 Changeset [12591] by nbd
add new option for enabling debugging symbols
10:30 Changeset [12590] by nbd
remove old atheros kernels and patches
06:10 Changeset [12589] by thepeople
fix depends, from sn9
04:57 Changeset [12588] by lars
Rebuild the package if the selected modules have changed.
04:39 Changeset [12587] by lars
Fix asterisk-1.4.x build.
02:29 Changeset [12586] by lars
Change libtool fixup behaviour. Still ugly but it works until we have a …
02:08 Changeset [12585] by thepeople
make option name optional
00:23 Changeset [12584] by lars
Cleanup libmpcdev Makefile.
00:14 Changeset [12583] by lars
Cleanup libol Makefile.
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