19:26 Ticket #4083 (incorrect clock rate on ASUS WL-520gU) created by semenzato
This code in linux- /* 5354 chip …
15:26 Changeset [12893] by juhosg
[magicbox] sync kernel config
14:29 Changeset [12892] by juhosg
[kernel] refresh 2.6.27 patches based on -rc9
10:59 Ticket #4082 (atheros on ap43) created by bartswinnen@…
My atheros platform is not booting since moved from kernel 2.6.23 to …
10:34 Changeset [12891] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix compile errors in USB driver under 2.6.27
10:03 Ticket #4003 (md5sums are missing for the snapshots) closed by agb
fixed: md5sums are now generated as of [12889] in trunk and [12890] in the 8.09 …
10:02 Changeset [12890] by agb
generate md5 checksums of generated firware images. closes #4003 - …
10:01 Changeset [12889] by agb
generate md5 checksums of generated firware images. closes #4003 - …
09:33 Ticket #4081 (build failure on asterisk-1.2.24 (r12829 for wgt634u)) created by seniorr@…
While doing a build-all packages on r12829 for wgt634u, got the following …
09:27 Changeset [12888] by juhosg
[adm5120] 8.09: don't build firmware images by default for devices which …
09:25 Ticket #4080 (build failure on libtheora (r12829 for wgt634u)) created by seniorr@…
While doing build-all packages on r12829 for wgt634u, got this build …
09:20 Ticket #4079 (build failure on libcli) created by seniorr@…
While doing a build-all packages on r12829 for wgt634u, got a build …
03:43 Changeset [12887] by nbd
merge r12883-12886 to 8.09
03:41 Changeset [12886] by nbd
allow larger beacon interval values - useful for big mesh networks (patch …
03:40 Changeset [12885] by nbd
madwifi: re-enable the MIB interrupt flood protection fix - apparently …
03:40 Changeset [12884] by nbd
fix mode setup for ibss/ahdemo - preserve existing modes and use HOSTAP …
03:39 Changeset [12883] by nbd
madwifi: allow ad-hoc mode with software based TSF merging (hardware …
02:16 Changeset [12882] by nbd
merge r12881 to 8.09
02:15 Changeset [12881] by nbd
don't register GPIO 0 as LED. it drives the chip select line of the SPI …
01:25 Changeset [12880] by nbd
adjust opkg.conf for future release repository


23:09 Changeset [12879] by noz
[bcrm47xx] Apply r12829 from trunk: Fix eth0/1 PHY on WRTSL54GS
21:34 Changeset [12878] by nbd
icecast: add missing dependency
20:56 Changeset [12877] by cyrus
tinyproxy: Allow option is a list not an atom
20:01 Changeset [12876] by nbd
use $(FPIC) in olsrd
19:24 Changeset [12875] by juhosg
[kernel] update mini_fo fix for 2.6.27
19:04 Changeset [12874] by nbd
packages must not be moving targets that reference HEAD of a foreign svn. …
18:50 Changeset [12873] by nbd
merge r12869-12871 to 8.09
18:47 Changeset [12872] by nbd
fix aiccu compile
18:34 Changeset [12871] by nbd
don't print warnings for undefined DEFAULT_* symbols on menuconfig. …
18:33 Changeset [12870] by nbd
enable luci by default
18:33 Changeset [12869] by nbd
fix busybox http auth if the root user has an empty password
14:50 Changeset [12868] by matteo
aiccu: reverted accidentally changed field
14:45 Changeset [12867] by matteo
aiccu: fix init script
14:29 Changeset [12866] by matteo
aiccu: fix config file path
14:04 Changeset [12865] by nbd
add the new compat-wireless for 2.6.27 + multi-rate retry and minstrel …
07:56 Ticket #4078 ("Build/install java compiler and GNU classpath" causes compilation error ...) created by mk144210@…
Rev 12841 Seems to be a problem in fastjar compilation (my target arch is …


20:30 Ticket #4077 (Aiccu should not depend on 2.6 kernel) created by candrews@…
Aiccu can run on a 2.4 kernel (there are packages for it) but in the …
20:16 Ticket #4076 (Call of $vif_post_up in /lib/wifi/broadcom.sh comes to early, failure with ...) created by didiboo@…
Hi and greetings, this is my first bugreport, so please forgive me if I …
15:16 Ticket #4075 ([PATCH] Add MikroTik RouterBoard 493 Platform) created by cr
Patch to add support for the MikroTik RouterBoard 493A/AH platform.
15:11 Ticket #4016 (ADM5120 gpio dev in /dev was broken ...) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [12864].
15:08 Changeset [12864] by juhosg
[kernel] make gpio_dev compatible with GPIOLIB & GPIO_SYSFS (closes #4016)
14:54 Ticket #4074 (Add AoE support in kernel) created by anonymous
aoetools without aeo.ko module is useless. Please, add new packages - …
14:27 Ticket #4073 (Wrong use of wpa_passphrase on /lib/wifi/hostapd.sh) created by miknix@…
I was trying to setup a wpa psk network using kamikaze 7.09. on …
13:07 Changeset [12863] by juhosg
[adm5120] experimental support for 2.6.27
11:21 Changeset [12862] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.27: revert case insensitive match support in xt_string while …
09:52 Changeset [12861] by juhosg
[kernel] fix a typo in the generic 2.6.27 config
08:57 Changeset [12860] by juhosg
[kernel] move some 2.6.27 config stuff to generic
08:29 Changeset [12859] by juhosg
[ar71xx] experimental support for 2.6.27
08:26 Changeset [12858] by juhosg
[kernel] refresh 2.6.27 patches based on -rc8
08:24 Ticket #4072 (bison install incorrectly looks in first dir in $PATH for 'install') created by celejar@…
Trying to build openwrt from svn, make fails on: make[3] -C tools/bison …


21:09 Changeset [12857] by juhosg
[ar71xx] backport cevt-r4k fixes from mainline
19:29 Ticket #4018 (help me) closed by lars
invalid: The bugtracker is for reporting bugs. If you need help building OpenWrt
19:16 Ticket #4069 (glib2 compilation error) closed by lars
fixed: fixed in r12844
18:54 Ticket #4067 (Fix warning at bootup caused by ifconfig down in /lib/wifi/mac80211.sh) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12856], thanks !
18:54 Changeset [12856] by florian
Silence ifconfig down errors in mac80211 (#4067)
18:51 Ticket #4062 ([PATCH] Add Asus WL-320gE/gP support to broadcom-diag) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12855], thanks !
18:51 Changeset [12855] by florian
Add proper LED support to broadcom-diag for the Asus WL-320gE/gP routers …
18:47 Changeset [12854] by florian
Revert previous changeset, as it could break libtool fixups
18:34 Ticket #4063 (gettext fails when building the ipkg) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12853].
18:32 Changeset [12853] by florian
gettext was using Build/Install, while we can do this in Build/Compile …
18:24 Changeset [12852] by nbd
merge r12851 to 8.09
18:22 Changeset [12851] by nbd
fix infinite recursion in metadata.pl
16:37 Ticket #4071 (Asterisk 1.4 doesn't start with uClibc 0.9.29) created by chris@…
Asterisk 1.4 does start OK if using uClibc I haven't tested …
14:33 Ticket #4070 ([PATCH] Python 3.0rc1) created by M.R. Fremouw
This patch updates the Python 2.5.x package to Python 3.0rc1. Note that I …
12:29 Changeset [12850] by agb
[opkg] use gzipped package lists
12:27 Changeset [12849] by agb
[opkg] use gzipped package lists
12:15 Changeset [12848] by nbd
merge r12847 to 8.09
12:13 Changeset [12847] by nbd
madwifi: add another missing change for linux 2.4 compat
00:38 Changeset [12846] by lars
Update gtk2 package to 2.14.3.


23:55 Changeset [12845] by lars
Cleanup pango package.
23:53 Changeset [12844] by lars
Cleanup glib2 package.
22:56 Changeset [12843] by nbd
merge r12841 to 8.09
22:23 Ticket #4069 (glib2 compilation error) created by telstar924@…
make[3]: Entering directory `/mnt/sda1/trunk/feeds/packages/libs/glib2' …
20:33 Changeset [12842] by agb
[ebtables] ebtables-utils: create $(1)/usr/sbin/ dir before files are …
19:25 Changeset [12841] by nbd
fix linux 2.4 compile with latest ibss fixes (thx, sven-ola)
18:11 Changeset [12840] by lars
Update glib2 to 2.18.1
17:22 Changeset [12839] by nbd
merge r12838 to 8.09
17:17 Changeset [12838] by nbd
madwifi patch cleanup and stability fixes - fix a semi-random heisenbug by …
16:40 Changeset [12837] by nbd
merge r12836 to 8.09
16:37 Changeset [12836] by nbd
implement conditional dependencies for generating the Depends: field of …
16:05 Ticket #4068 (Rates warnings from MadWifi and kernel panic) created by ffrrrr@…
Hello, Using : Compiled trunk from revision 12790, OpenWrt stable …
16:02 Changeset [12835] by lars
Add gst-plugins-good package.
15:41 Changeset [12834] by lars
Update gstreamer and gst-plugins-base packages to 0.10.21.
10:59 Ticket #4067 (Fix warning at bootup caused by ifconfig down in /lib/wifi/mac80211.sh) created by Fate <pieter@…>
In current SVN 12820: /lib/wifi/mac80211.sh does an unconditional …
08:43 Ticket #4066 (firmwarehotplug build failure on r12829 for wgt643u) created by seniorr@…
08:02 Changeset [12833] by agb
[ebtables] ebtables-utils: create $(1)/usr/sbin/ dir before files are …
04:03 Ticket #4065 (uClibc: snapshot option doesn't work) created by chris@…
I was attempting to use the uClibc snapshot to see if it resolved the …
02:52 Changeset [12832] by ryd
Disable docs in fontconfig.
02:26 Changeset [12831] by thepeople
revert last change
02:22 Changeset [12830] by thepeople
bump to latest release
00:30 Ticket #2662 (eth1: will not connect to ISP on Linksys WRTSL54GS (Broadcom), 2.6 kernel, ...) closed by noz
fixed: Fixed in r12829, specifically for the WRTSL54GS. If other boards using the …
00:22 Changeset [12829] by noz
Add workaround for eth0/1 PHY on WRTSL54GS


22:49 Ticket #4064 (Please don't release without Linux 2.6.27) created by jch@…
A lot of people are using OpenWRT for mesh networks, and hence we need …
20:32 Changeset [12828] by nbd
sync 8.09 with r12827
20:31 Changeset [12827] by nbd
remove accidentally committed debug message
20:28 Changeset [12826] by nbd
sync 8.09 branch with fixes from trunk
20:19 Changeset [12825] by nbd
mtd: fix image check on non-broadcom platforms
18:58 Changeset [12824] by olli
[packages]: Add utils/hd-idle package
17:51 Changeset [12823] by lars
Missing patch from previous commit…
17:47 Changeset [12822] by cyrus
UCIfied Tinyproxy
17:33 Changeset [12821] by lars
Fix the whole python building process to do proper crosscompiling for all …
14:00 Ticket #4063 (gettext fails when building the ipkg) created by kread@…
The package Makefile for gettext doesn't run make install and so ipkg …
11:02 Ticket #3470 (Multiple SSID with broadcom apparently broken in current svn HEAD) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed now.
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