23:53 Changeset [14048] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix SPI register definitions
23:42 Changeset [14047] by florian
[brcm63xx] allow bcm6338 to get the base address of the memory controller …
23:05 Changeset [14046] by matein4
Fix parsing of password option; set timeout for writing.
22:48 Changeset [14045] by matein4
Set num_resources for rtc7301 platform device.
19:17 Ticket #4464 (uci 0.7.1 not on downloads.openwrt.org) created by brianp
uci-0.7.1.tar.gz is not at http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/ It is at …
19:02 Changeset [14044] by agb
change LEDs on wrt54g3g only /proc/diag is not available on x86, so check …
17:52 Ticket #4462 (clean build fails for ixp4xx: uClibc and libpthread) created by brianp
A clean checkout of r14043 fails to build for ixp4xx, with the following …
16:55 Ticket #4461 (Error gpio mmc card Fonera 2200 with newest kernel (atheros hardware)) created by lickaster
i'm getting this error with latest builds, i know it's a known issue but …
14:40 Changeset [14043] by juhosg
[kernel] update to
12:31 Changeset [14042] by mirko
paroli should wait until the xserver (and window manager) started
12:28 Changeset [14041] by mirko
added yaml implementation in c and modify pyyaml to make use of it
11:35 juhosg edited by juhosg
08:51 Changeset [14040] by agb
merge r14039 to 8.09 [package] hostapd,wpa_supplicant: create control …
08:50 Changeset [14039] by agb
[package] hostapd,wpa_supplicant: create control interfaces for …
07:39 Ticket #4458 (Nanostation2 Kernel panic rev 14037) closed by thepeople
00:29 Ticket #4405 (Wrong port forward rule for miniupnpd) closed by jow
worksforme: Seems to work for me, please reopen the ticket if you encounter forwarding …
00:26 Ticket #4270 (Miniupnpd iptables chain problem) closed by jow
fixed: Should be finally solved with r14038
00:18 Changeset [14038] by jow
packages/net/miniupnpd: - rewrite firewall to actually forward - fix …


21:04 Ticket #4458 (Nanostation2 Kernel panic rev 14037) created by anonymous
Firmware build ok Flash ubnt2-squash and jff2 firm ok ... Kernel panic - …
19:54 Ticket #4272 (tunk 13433 magicbox ppc40x toolchain failed to build) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [14036].
19:37 Changeset [14037] by nbd
merge r14036 to 8.09
19:33 Changeset [14036] by juhosg
[toolchain] fix powerpc toolchain build failure on x86_64 hosts
19:10 Ticket #4375 (Can't build PS3 due to powerpc-gcc SEGFAULT) closed by juhosg
duplicate: Dupe of #4272.
17:32 Ticket #4457 (Enable Multicast Routing on latest Kamikaze) created by dulus@…
Hi, I think that enabling multicast routing on latest Kamikaze is a good …
12:44 Changeset [14035] by mirko
cleanup base-files
09:22 Ticket #4454 (Unable to install packages in 8.09, r13985) closed by agb
fixed: Fixed in [14025]
05:48 Ticket #4456 (lzo doesn't install its development files into the staging area) created by russell-openwrt@…
This is a reopening of Ticket #3496. The story so far, summarised from …
04:13 Changeset [14034] by nbd
fix perl compile on 8.09
02:03 Changeset [14033] by nbd
add some extra kernel exports to be used by ashmem and binder later
01:52 Changeset [14032] by nbd
work around problems with the libpthread onexit() handler


23:39 Changeset [14031] by agb
merge r14030 to 8.09 [package] libreadline: move to trunk, gdb depends on …
23:14 Changeset [14030] by agb
[package] libreadline: move to trunk, gdb depends on it
23:06 Changeset [14029] by mirko
update efl stuff to git revision 38564
22:53 Changeset [14028] by lars
Merge libbfd and binutils Makefile.
21:44 Changeset [14027] by nbd
fix the new libpthread implementation - the function table init was broken
21:02 Changeset [14026] by agb
merge r13819 to 8.09 Add hostapd-mini to default images where applicable
18:55 Changeset [14025] by nbd
opkg: add the missing overlay_root option for 8.09
17:27 Changeset [14024] by nbd
replace the gdbserver package with a full gdb package that also includes …
14:01 Changeset [14023] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: update ath9k patches
11:18 Changeset [14022] by juhosg
[tools] firmware-utils/mkcasfw: fix magic value of the TN-U200 board
11:15 Changeset [14021] by juhosg
[adm5120] NFS-101U/WU: add PCI irq map and change vlan map
06:14 Changeset [14020] by agb
fix vfat.ko in 2.6.28 Signed-off-by: Jose Vasconcellos …
04:21 Changeset [14019] by nbd
do not strip uclibc
04:21 Changeset [14018] by nbd
add support for an optional staging directory for debug binaries
04:21 Changeset [14017] by nbd
clean up build system settings and make some of them more accessible
03:15 Changeset [14016] by nbd
use the new linuxthreads implementation on i386,i686
03:15 Changeset [14015] by nbd
fix gdb compile
03:15 Changeset [14014] by nbd
uclibc: add the trunc function
03:15 Changeset [14013] by nbd
uclibc: add some libpthread fixes
03:12 Changeset [14012] by nbd
convert libbfd use regular packaging + BUILDONLY instead of …
03:07 Changeset [14011] by nbd
merge r14009, r14010 to 8.09
03:03 Changeset [14010] by nbd
document the BUILDONLY option
03:02 Changeset [14009] by nbd
add support for build-only packages which do not appear in menuconfig
03:00 Changeset [14008] by nico
[packages/libs/libxapian] stay compatible with Kamikaze 8.09
02:05 Changeset [14007] by mirko
- updated to newer version which fixes some bugs - added init-file
02:04 Changeset [14006] by mirko
added fso gsm multiplexer daemon
02:03 Changeset [14005] by mirko
- updated to latest git snapshot - added init-script - added dirty patch …
01:59 Changeset [14004] by mirko
symlink hosttool <edje_cc> into $STAGING_DIR_HOST
01:56 Changeset [14003] by nico
[packages/libxapian/Makefile] libstdc++ is now installed in …
01:52 Ticket #4454 (Unable to install packages in 8.09, r13985) created by KillaB
Please add the "option overlay_root /jffs" fix from changeset r13650 to …
01:08 Changeset [14002] by noz
Further fix to 2.6.26 patch for USR8200
00:26 Changeset [14001] by florian
Make lirc compile w/ 2.6.27 kernels


23:48 Changeset [14000] by mirko
cleanup kernel config and make use of previously applied soundcore patch
23:47 Changeset [13999] by mirko
allow targets to override kernel related soundcore configuration
22:45 Changeset [13998] by nico
[packages/lang/gst-python] fix typo in install
22:08 Changeset [13997] by florian
gspcav1 cannot be compiled under 2.6.27/2.6.28 at the moment, mask it
21:36 Changeset [13996] by noz
Correct 2.6..26 and .28 versions of USR8200 patches
20:03 Changeset [13995] by nico
[cris] fix missing ptrace.h needed to build final gcc
20:01 Changeset [13994] by nico
[cris] add a fix preventing gcc build system from assuming that libc …
19:38 Changeset [13993] by florian
fxload requires kernel headers to compile
18:53 Changeset [13992] by florian
etk relies on edje_cc to be installed on the host
15:12 Ticket #4438 (Kernel build system to bcm63xx fails) closed by florian
worksforme: That is now how things were designed. We do not patch kernel-headers with …
15:07 Ticket #4449 (perl build failure on r13979 on x86-alix) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [13991], thanks !
15:06 Changeset [13991] by florian
Update perl shell configuration scripts with the new toolchain name and …
14:36 Ticket #4398 (apex 1.5.14 is missing) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed, apex can now be downloaded again.
10:57 Changeset [13990] by florian
[uml] bump kernel version to 2.6.28
10:57 Changeset [13989] by florian
[uml] include hostapd-mini and kmod-mac80211-hwsim in the default profile
07:13 Ticket #4453 (subversion build failure on x86-alix at r13987) created by seniorr@…
04:48 Changeset [13988] by agb
[x86] generic: include most common ethernet drivers in the default profile …
00:27 Ticket #4450 (please update openssl to 0.9.8j) created by anonymous
updating openssl to 0.9.8j should be considered ..... see this ... …


23:35 Ticket #4449 (perl build failure on r13979 on x86-alix) created by seniorr@…
In a Select All build of r13979 for x86-alix I got the following build …
23:14 Changeset [13987] by mirko
do not "adjust" python files
22:35 Changeset [13986] by nbd
fix LINUX_KARCH for x86
18:50 Ticket #4441 (tcpdump patch) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [13985], thanks !
18:50 Changeset [13985] by florian
Refresh tcpdump patch (#4441)
18:31 Changeset [13984] by nico
use different optimizations for x86 & x86_64 on uml
18:27 Changeset [13983] by nico
gdb fixes: adjust --prefix & install in $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/usr/bin/ (like …
18:25 Changeset [13982] by nico
liboil fixes: - add a workaround for building on arm - remove unneeded …
15:45 Ticket #4417 (Subversion should depend on libsasl2) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [13981], thanks !
15:45 Changeset [13981] by florian
Subversion should depend on libsasl2 (#4417)
15:20 Changeset [13980] by lars
Add liberation fonts.
13:03 Ticket #4448 (HSO devices support for kernel 2.6.25) created by info@…
I've patch to add support of Option Wireless devices like Icon 225 and etc …
07:17 Changeset [13979] by nico
fix squid compile, cleanup
05:47 Changeset [13978] by nico
fix sqlite3 on hosts where tclsh is installed
05:44 Changeset [13977] by nico
fix peerguardian: include missing 'linux/types.h' before using netfilter
05:41 Ticket #4447 (b43-phy0 ERROR: PHY transmission error (bcm47xx)) created by uk@…
Running revision 13962, with kernel 2.6.28, and I'm seeing a lot of errors …
05:37 Changeset [13976] by nico
fix libnetfilter-queue: libtool linking libnetfilter-libipq with the host …
05:32 Changeset [13975] by nico
refresh patches before upcoming fix
04:13 Changeset [13974] by nico
oops, remove leftover from [13973]
04:09 Changeset [13973] by nico
[cosmetic] sqlite3 fixes: - add a common default description for …
03:56 Ticket #4446 (build failure strace linux/dirent.h: No such file or directory) created by johnrw
Helping clean up as I find 'em. Missing Linux include file dirent.h …
03:04 Changeset [13972] by nico
fix xsupplicant: remove unneeded private linux header includes
02:55 Changeset [13971] by nico
refresh patches before applying upcoming fix
02:23 Changeset [13970] by nico
add missing 'ac_cv_sizeof_unsigned_long_long' variable
02:08 Ticket #4445 (cups build failure on trunk) created by johrw
I don't know which item brought in cups... maybe samba 2, I checked all 3, …
02:07 Ticket #4444 ([New Package] - sane-backends-extras (Epkowa)) created by info@…
I needed the epkowa drivers for sane but it wasn't here on openwrt, so i …
01:35 Changeset [13969] by nico
sipsak fixes: - fix for SSP detection: gcc accepts -fstack-protector even …
01:17 Changeset [13968] by lars
Add xrdb.
01:05 Changeset [13967] by nico
fix sendd
00:53 Changeset [13966] by nico
refresh patches before applying upcoming fix
00:52 Changeset [13965] by thepeople
unmask ip6tables on 2.6.27 and 2.6.28
00:18 Changeset [13964] by nico
ipcad fixes: - don't use/detect ULOG capture either - remove files …
00:14 Ticket #4443 (x86 compilation error - grub problem) closed by jow
fixed: fixed with r13963 - thanks for reporting!
00:12 Changeset [13963] by jow
[x86] Use wildcards to copy grub stage files, will cover both i386-pc and …


23:29 Ticket #4443 (x86 compilation error - grub problem) created by anonymous
I tried to build an ext2 image from the latest trunk , but i have the …
23:27 Ticket #4442 (ntpclient: can't load library 'librt.so.0') created by anonymous
Dunno when the lib went missing, but I think it was ok when RC1 was …
20:51 Ticket #4437 (not building since r13931) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [13962], thanks!
20:50 Changeset [13962] by nico
fix wrong TARGET_SUFFIX when building a toolchain with uClibc & EABI …
20:23 Changeset [13961] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: update compat-wireless to 2009-01-10
19:07 Ticket #4441 (tcpdump patch) created by florida
hello, just to mention a small error on the patch …
16:35 Ticket #3711 ([patch] Support for different Xlibc libraries (glibc, eglibc, ...)) closed by nico
fixed: Support for glibc & eglibc added in [13931]
14:44 Changeset [13960] by lars
Update gst-python to 0.10.13
13:24 Changeset [13959] by lars
Fix typo.
03:06 Changeset [13958] by thepeople
fix kernel config
02:00 Changeset [13957] by nbd
set opkg feed to 8.09 RC2 url
01:56 Changeset [13956] by nbd
merge r13955 to 8.09
01:55 Changeset [13955] by nbd
fix a memory corruption bug in the linux 2.4 version of b44
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