23:56 Changeset [14141] by nico
[toolchain] fix uClibc fpu/soft-float selection
22:02 Changeset [14140] by mirko
introduce new uci option "autostart" and modify xserver init scripts and …
19:10 Changeset [14139] by nico
[tools] remove reference to $(LINUX_HEADERS_DIR), not available at …
17:56 Changeset [14138] by nico
[toolchain] fix uClibc v0.9.30 build on x86_64
17:48 Changeset [14137] by nico
adjust site config files for uClibc ARM EABI
16:35 Changeset [14136] by florian
[tools] slightly rework the gcc-4.3 checks, thanks {Nico}
16:34 Ticket #4348 (Samba smbpasswd depends on username@/etc/passwd) closed by florian
wontfix: Most people will use the share security model of samba, thus not …
16:31 Ticket #4264 (building kamikaze fails on gcc-4.1.2/libcpp/charset.c) closed by florian
16:29 Ticket #4350 (OpenWRT writes to NVRAM on every boot) closed by florian
invalid: Please fix bugs for kamikaze instead of relying on whiterussian to work.
16:15 Changeset [14135] by florian
[tools] only build gmp and mpfr when selecting gcc-4.3.x
15:42 Ticket #4476 (owfs suite doesn't allow building without fuse) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14134], thanks !
15:41 Changeset [14134] by florian
[package] update owfs to 2.7p13, fix dependencies (#4476)
15:34 Changeset [14133] by nico
[toolchain] enable UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY in uClibc v0.9.30 configs to have …
15:32 Changeset [14132] by florian
[toolchain] add missing config symbol in x86_64 configuration
14:04 Ticket #4481 ([PACKAGE] Compcache - Compressed Caching for Linux) created by b.sander
Hi, patch for compcache package for Kamikaze trunk. …
12:59 Ticket #3479 (Support for gcc4.3) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [14131], thanks!
12:58 Changeset [14131] by nico
[toolchain] add support for gcc v4.3.1 & v4.3.2 (closes: #3479), thanks to …
12:46 Ticket #4271 (please update uclibc to 0.9.30) closed by nico
fixed: Support for uClibc v0.9.30 added in [14130], thanks!
12:45 Changeset [14130] by nico
[toolchain] add support for uClibc v0.9.30 (closes: #4271), thanks to …
12:35 Changeset [14129] by agb
[packages] net/shorewall: removed obsolete package. use the modular …
11:36 Ticket #4480 (openssl 0.9.8j does not compile (FIPS disabled)) closed by florian
02:53 Changeset [14128] by nico
[toolchain] more kernel headers fixes for cris
01:00 Changeset [14127] by mirko
autoselect dependencies
00:41 Changeset [14126] by rwhitby
other.mk/kmod-bluetooth: select kmod-usb-core, required for hci-usb
00:40 Changeset [14125] by rwhitby
other.mk/kmod-bluetooth: select kmod-usb-core, required for hci-usb


23:49 Changeset [14124] by mirko
adding new uni section <desktop> for x11-servers
23:25 Changeset [14123] by nico
[toolchain] we have a minimal gcc target compiler since [13931], so use it …
22:31 Ticket #4480 (openssl 0.9.8j does not compile (FIPS disabled)) created by anonymous
Since the update to openssl 0.9.8j I can't compile openssl anymore (up to …
22:09 Changeset [14122] by nbd
add a menuconfig option for enabling KALLSYMS for the kernel
21:27 Ticket #4477 (x86 compilation error - openssl) closed by florian
worksforme: Please fully rebuild the package : […]
20:46 Changeset [14121] by matein4
kexec-tools update to version 2.0.0; add support for armeb.
18:23 Ticket #4478 (compilation of an x86 ISO image fails) created by zoobab
I am using the trunk of today. zoobab@warsaw /home/zoobab/soft/trunk …
18:05 Changeset [14120] by nico
[toolchain] move all arch fixups from Install to Prepare stage, so that …
17:47 Changeset [14119] by mirko
rename s3c24* serial devices
15:47 Changeset [14118] by nbd
uClibc: compile fix for the new linuxthreads implementation on mips
14:24 Changeset [14117] by nbd
merge r14115 to 8.09
14:24 Changeset [14116] by nbd
merge r14114 to 8.09
14:21 Changeset [14115] by nbd
upgrade to uci 0.7.3 - fixes a small input validation bug
14:07 Changeset [14114] by nbd
firewall: don't clear the mangle table at startup or stop - it doesn't use …
01:56 Changeset [14113] by hanez
Updated karmen's $(PKG_SOURCE_URL) to be more generic.
01:50 Changeset [14112] by nbd
merge r14111 to 8.09
01:50 Changeset [14111] by nbd
bump uci to 0.7.2 - adds uci.rename() and fixes uci.set() with a list …
01:40 Changeset [14110] by hanez
Cleanup in matchbox-window-manager.


23:17 Changeset [14109] by matein4
New RTC platform driver for Epson RTC7301. Fix chip select timing for …
20:49 Ticket #4477 (x86 compilation error - openssl) created by anonymous
In file included from fips_sha1_selftest.c:52: …
20:46 Changeset [14108] by lars
Add desktop and xfce feed to feeds.conf.default
19:55 Changeset [14107] by lars
Add xfce packages.
19:45 Changeset [14106] by lars
Add svn repository.
15:53 Changeset [14105] by nico
[toolchain] backport patch to allow building uClibc- on recent x86 …
15:37 Ticket #4476 (owfs suite doesn't allow building without fuse) created by pedro@…
owfs doesn't build if fuse isn't installed. From what I gather from the …
12:44 Ticket #4475 (SL3512 Build Image Broken) created by anonymous
URL: https://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk Repository Root: …
12:03 Changeset [14104] by agb
[package] openssl: apply fix for CVE-2008-5077 to 8.09 version
11:52 Ticket #4289 (Contents of Register AR_OBS_BUS) closed by florian
invalid: These definitions are certainly available under NDA, so I guess you will …
11:42 Ticket #4442 (ntpclient: can't load library 'librt.so.0') closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the error.
10:57 Ticket #4450 (please update openssl to 0.9.8j) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14012], thanks !
10:53 Changeset [14103] by florian
[package] ntpd: update to 4.2.4p6. Thanks puch - addresses CVE-2009-0021
10:50 Changeset [14102] by agb
[package] openssl: update to 0.9.8j. thanks puchu. - addresses …
06:20 Changeset [14101] by nbd
fix the old strace version on arm
03:49 Changeset [14100] by rwhitby
Add support for NAS100d apex builds, and deploy apex binaries
01:14 Ticket #4474 (./scripts/feeds produces warnings) created by misc@…
Using latest svn ( 14099 ), i see this message : $ ./scripts/feeds list …
00:10 Changeset [14099] by lars
Add libglade.


19:38 Changeset [14098] by matein4
Fix to wait for internal http server to complete transfer. Rework and …
18:12 Changeset [14097] by jow
8.09: autoload ipip after iptunnel4
18:03 Ticket #4242 (Upgrade rtorrent to the latest stable version) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14094] and [14096].
18:02 Changeset [14096] by florian
[package] update rtorrent to 0.8.2 (#4242)
17:54 Changeset [14095] by jow
package/kernel: ensure that ipip is autoloaded after iptunnel4
17:40 Changeset [14094] by florian
[package] update libtorrent to 0.12.4
17:31 Ticket #4206 (busybox/brctl doesn't implement showstp nor showmacs) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14093].
17:30 Changeset [14093] by florian
[package] busybox brctl does not support showmacs or showstp (#4206)
16:54 Ticket #4470 (Miniupnpd 1.1-4.ipk - 'access denied') closed by florian
16:22 Ticket #4423 (make -r world: build failed. Please re-run make with V=99 to see what's ...) closed by florian
invalid: Missing informations to resolve this ticket.
16:20 Changeset [14092] by florian
[package] collectd needs -fPIC to be passed to CFLAGS to build properly on …
16:17 Ticket #4329 (mjpg-streamer has missing prereq for 'convert') closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14091].
16:16 Changeset [14091] by florian
[package] do not build input_testpicture pluging which requires convert on …
14:27 Changeset [14090] by florian
[package] update libsigc++ to 2.2.3, do not build docs and tests
14:25 Ticket #4308 (qc-usb build failure on x86-alix at r13492) closed by florian
fixed: Masked with [14089].
14:23 Changeset [14089] by florian
[package] qc-usb does not build with kernels superior or equal to 2.6.27, …
14:21 Changeset [14088] by florian
[package] petitboot and libtwin depend on TARGET_ps3
13:16 Ticket #4304 (lirc build failure on x86-alix at r13492) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14001].
13:11 Ticket #4301 (gspcav1 build failure on x86-alix at r13492) closed by florian
fixed: gspca1 does not build with newer kernels, it was masked with [13997].
13:03 Ticket #4462 (clean build fails for ixp4xx: uClibc and libpthread) closed by florian
worksforme: I do not think we should reset LD_LIBRARY_PATH, if you happen to change …
11:34 Changeset [14087] by juhosg
[ar71xx] enable yaffs on 2.6.28
11:02 Changeset [14086] by juhosg
[kernel] generic-2.6: fix nand_correct_data() return code on 2.6.28
10:59 Changeset [14085] by juhosg
[kernel] generic-2.6: add yaffs fs fixes for 2.6.28
09:12 Changeset [14084] by hcg
Added -flax-vector-conversions compiler option
07:35 Changeset [14083] by nico
fix userland netfilter headers installed by iptables
06:22 Ticket #4473 (xorg-server build failure as of r14080 for x86-alix) created by seniorr@…
Fails on an undefined IF_MASK and IF_IOPL. Found a gentoo thread on the …
02:59 Changeset [14082] by nbd
fix strace for eabi and newer kernel versions
01:31 Ticket #4471 (Kernel Panic when enabling wireless interfaces) created by Danimoth <danimothonline@…>
On a freshly setup router (have tried intel p3, alix, wrap which are all …
01:18 Changeset [14081] by thepeople
fix compile of iptunnel4 for the 2.4 kernel


23:22 Changeset [14080] by nico
[toolchain] fix linux headers & source paths at uClibc config stage
22:04 Ticket #4446 (build failure strace linux/dirent.h: No such file or directory) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14079].
22:02 Changeset [14079] by florian
[package] build strace 4.6.18 for kernels >= 2.6.28
22:02 Changeset [14078] by florian
[package] disable subversion sasl support, fix missing libpthread …
21:36 Changeset [14077] by nbd
Revert r14071
21:04 Changeset [14076] by lars
Add icon-naming-utils, hicolor-icon-theme and tango-icon-theme.
20:34 Ticket #4367 (binutils 2.19 support) closed by nbd
fixed: added in r14075
20:29 Changeset [14075] by nbd
add binutils 2.19 (patch from #4367)
20:22 Ticket #3988 (eabi fixes (From Openembedded) - stable for a week for me) closed by nbd
fixed: patches added in r14072, r14073
20:21 Changeset [14074] by nbd
uclibc: fix the new libpthread implementation on arm
20:20 Changeset [14073] by nbd
add uclibc eabi patches from #3988
20:18 Changeset [14072] by nbd
add gcc eabi patches from #3988
20:15 Changeset [14071] by nbd
add eabi suffix to the target name
20:13 Changeset [14070] by hanez
Added Karmen window manager to feeds/desktop/wm. Karmen is very …
20:09 Changeset [14069] by cyrus
Switch to LuCI 0.8.4
19:57 Changeset [14068] by hanez
Created desktop feed in feeds and added wm/openbox to it.
19:48 Ticket #4470 (Miniupnpd 1.1-4.ipk - 'access denied') created by Zoli
Hi, …
16:29 Changeset [14067] by florian
[brcm63x] frequency is in Hz, thanks Joel
01:45 Changeset [14066] by mirko
also move <enlightenment> - based on efl - to <feeds/efl/>
01:18 Changeset [14065] by mirko
move <efl> (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and bindings into own feed …
01:03 Changeset [14064] by mirko
move <packages/phone> into own feed <feeds/phone> and add entry to …


22:37 Ticket #4469 (Failed install on Fon+ 2201) created by excid3@…
After flashing 8.09 RC1 (variations Openwrt, X-wrt, and Gargoyle) all …
19:36 Changeset [14063] by agb
[package] gdb: upgrade to 6.8, fixes libreadline compilation issues
19:11 Changeset [14062] by jow
merge r14061 to 8.09
19:09 Changeset [14061] by jow
firewall: introduce drop_invalid option to allow disabling the invalid …
18:51 Changeset [14060] by hcg
Set default gcc for ps3 - gcc-3.4.6 and gcc-4.1.2 do not work at all
18:40 Changeset [14059] by nbd
merge r14058 to 8.09
18:39 Changeset [14058] by nbd
firewall: allow multiple interfaces to be part of one zone, fix the sanity …
18:25 Changeset [14057] by nbd
create a directory for new package feeds
17:23 Changeset [14056] by nbd
merge r14055 to 8.09
17:22 Changeset [14055] by nbd
fix opkg target arch detection problem on x86
16:01 Ticket #4467 (Create a new package for kmod-mmc-over-gpio on Fonera 2200) created by mattocompleto@…
I think that it's necessary to divide the kmod-mmc-over-gpio because the …
15:42 Ticket #4387 (Iptraf Compile Error in SL3512) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14054].
15:41 Changeset [14054] by florian
[package] fix iptraf compilation failure (#4387)
15:25 Ticket #4456 (lzo doesn't install its development files into the staging area) closed by florian
worksforme: I will close this again as "worksforme", please just check how other …
15:16 Changeset [14053] by florian
[package] maintain 8.09 compatibility
15:12 Ticket #4453 (subversion build failure on x86-alix at r13987) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14052].
15:11 Changeset [14052] by florian
[package] fix subversion linking failure against libpthread (#4453)
15:02 Changeset [14051] by florian
[package] fix owfs dependency and compilation failure against libpthread
14:24 Changeset [14050] by florian
[adm5120] use kernel
14:00 Ticket #4466 (ADM6996 on Compex NP25G not recognized) created by chris (at) preveli gr
eth0 is working on the wan port, the 4 lan ports are completely off. At …
13:15 Changeset [14049] by olli
[packages] utils/digitemp: Update to 3.6.0, fix typo
08:59 Ticket #4464 (uci 0.7.1 not on downloads.openwrt.org) closed by agb
fixed: tarball uploaded to http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/uci-0.7.1.tar.gz
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