23:15 Ticket #4517 (openssl 0.9.8j compile error x86) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [14375], thanks!
23:13 Changeset [14375] by nico
[package] openssl: add a patch to fix link segfault when using a …
23:12 Ticket #4549 (Broken OCF/cryptodev with kernel version 2.6.28 on brcm47xx) created by monty
After upgrading OpenWrt on my Asus WL500GP to kernel version 2.6.28 the …
21:04 Changeset [14374] by mb
bcm47xx: Rename all SSB_PLLRES_ to SSB_PMURES_
21:00 Changeset [14373] by mb
bcm47xx: Implement 4312 and part of 4325 PLL init.
20:46 Changeset [14372] by nico
[kernel] generic: sanitize config files (fix typos & whitespace, remove …
20:37 Changeset [14371] by juhosg
[ar71xx] parse dot-separated MAC address (patch by Jonas …
20:26 Ticket #4548 (Target x86 build with gcc-3.4.6 fails since r13931) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [14370], thanks!
20:23 Changeset [14370] by nico
[toolchain] gcc: add a patch to allow 3.4.6 to build for x86 (closes: …
20:15 Ticket #4249 (Cellvision NFS-101U Network File Server (Experimental) r13307 no USB2) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [14363].
19:25 Changeset [14369] by nbd
ppc44x should no longer be broken
19:21 Changeset [14368] by nbd
merge 14367 to 8.09
19:18 Changeset [14367] by nbd
default to binutils 2.18 on ppc* for manual selection as well
18:59 juhosg edited by juhosg
18:51 Changeset [14366] by juhosg
[ar71xx] mzk-w04nu: add GPIO LEDs and buttons
18:26 Changeset [14365] by nbd
sync some packages with trunk
18:25 Changeset [14364] by nbd
fix stun compile on avr32, brcm-2.4
18:24 Changeset [14363] by juhosg
[adm5120] nfs-101u: add PCI IRQ map for the NEC USB controller (thanks to …
17:59 Changeset [14362] by nbd
merge r14361 to 8.09
17:58 Ticket #3383 (Problem when port wan is conected) closed by florian
17:57 Changeset [14361] by nbd
fix mini_snmpd compile on avr32
17:52 Ticket #3357 (Building the b43 module out of compat-wireless in mac80211 package) closed by florian
17:48 Changeset [14360] by jow
[packages_8.09] merge radvd fix from r14349
17:45 Changeset [14359] by nbd
merge r14357,r14358 to 8.09
17:43 Changeset [14358] by nbd
make binutils 2.18 default for ppc44x and ppc40x
17:40 Ticket #3373 (ftp.gnu.org is annoyingly slow, so better let the user choose a mirror) closed by florian
17:39 Changeset [14357] by nbd
strip the .note.gnu.build-id section from kernel images, which on some …
17:33 Ticket #4380 (x86 alix/wrap gcc issues) closed by nico
17:00 Ticket #4401 (Update netfilter patches to get kernel 2.6.28 building) closed by nico
fixed: xtables-addons was added in [14320] and provides updated CHAOS & TARPIT …
16:58 Ticket #4432 (patches-2.6.28/171-netfilter_tarpit.patch Update) closed by nico
fixed: xtables-addons was added in [14320] and provides updated TARPIT netfilter …
16:58 Ticket #4431 (patches-2.6.28/170-netfilter_chaostables_0.8.patch OBSOLETE) closed by nico
fixed: xtables-addons was added in [14320] and provides updated CHAOS netfilter …
16:48 Changeset [14356] by nico
[package] kernel: mark modules that won't build on 2.6.28 as broken
16:35 Changeset [14355] by mirko
adding missing config file
15:36 Changeset [14354] by florian
[package] package libphy separately and make tg3 depend on it for kernels …
15:23 Changeset [14353] by mirko
uprade paroli the next working version, removing everything but the …
14:39 Changeset [14352] by nico
[packages] zaptel-1.4.x: split builds of kernel & userland stuff, use …
11:08 Ticket #1830 (Linksys WRT54G3G: yenta_socket.ko completely crashes kernel 2.6.19 (from ...) closed by florian
wontfix: kernel has been updated to really new versions now, so most of those …
11:07 Ticket #2001 (ntpclient hotplug script assumes WAN ntp server) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #2786
11:04 Ticket #1747 (logread buffer erased) closed by florian
fixed: You can now specify the size of the syslog buffer in …
10:36 Ticket #4078 ("Build/install java compiler and GNU classpath" causes compilation error ...) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14348]. gcc-4.2 and superiors do not seem to have this …
08:42 Ticket #4520 (build system does not like quiltrc) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [14351], thanks!
08:41 Changeset [14351] by nico
prevent quilt from loading any configuration file (closes: #4520)


21:22 Ticket #3737 (radvd doesn't work on 2.4) closed by jow
fixed: Patch added in r14349 - thanks for you input!
21:20 Changeset [14350] by mb
bcm47xx: Implement the remaining PMU resource inits.
21:13 Changeset [14349] by jow
packages/ipv6/radvd: fix compatibility with 2.4 kernels, bump package …
21:11 Changeset [14348] by florian
[toolchain] allow building and installing java for gcc-4.1.2
20:54 Ticket #4548 (Target x86 build with gcc-3.4.6 fails since r13931) created by marcelg-openwrt@…
Tested on openwrt/trunk rev 14342. Select the x86 target ande change in …
19:55 Changeset [14347] by mb
bcm47xx: Add support for the 5354 PMU.
19:55 Ticket #4547 (kmod-b43 is gone form target Broadcom BCM947xx/953xx [2.6]) created by umiki
I cannot select kmod-b43 any more for the BCM947xx [2.6] target at …
19:40 Ticket #4228 (Bash completion request) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [14346], please submit a patch next time.
19:40 Changeset [14346] by florian
[package] add bash-completion (#4228)
19:01 Ticket #4344 (target ppc40x is broken (dont compile toolchain)) closed by florian
18:59 Ticket #4539 (ipv6 capable irssi package for kamikaze) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14345]. Having a trivial patch or a "please" is always good.
18:58 Changeset [14345] by florian
[package] enable ipv6 support in irssi (#4539)
18:36 Ticket #4490 (adam2flash-502T.pl fails with interrupted system call) closed by nico
fixed: Applied in [14344], thanks!
18:36 Changeset [14344] by nico
[scripts] adam2flash: fix 'Interrupted system call' error when flashing …
17:43 Changeset [14343] by zandbelt
avoid installing asterisk 1.6.x header files in staging dirs since they …
17:31 Ticket #4522 (mtu_fix should be enabled by default) closed by cyrus
fixed: r14293
17:15 Changeset [14342] by juhosg
[package] mac80211/ath9k: fix invalid MAC address handling
17:14 Changeset [14341] by lars
Some stability and cleanup patches.
16:49 Ticket #2167 ([patch] dt) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [14340], thanks!
16:48 Changeset [14340] by nico
[packages] add dt, a generic data test program (closes: #2167)
15:51 Ticket #4356 (add hiawatha package) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [14339], thanks!
15:50 Changeset [14339] by nico
[packages] add hiawatha web server (closes: #4356, thanks to Raphael Huck)
15:41 Ticket #4546 (Firewall blocks ICMP traffic by default) created by thomas@…
The firewall blocks ICMP traffic by default on interfaces that are not set …
15:06 Ticket #4545 (iptables-restore fails to parse output of iptable-save when conntrack ...) created by khayrov@…
This problem is reproducible on Kamikaze build from trunk r14338, target …
12:07 Ticket #4544 (QoS scripts are overriding custom mangle rules) created by blbu
I've got those two rules in the firewall.user: […] QoS script seems …
10:46 Changeset [14338] by juhosg
[ar71xx] print some informations about the SoC at bootup
09:13 Changeset [14337] by zandbelt
update chan_mobile to r725 based on backport patch from …
03:09 Changeset [14336] by lars
Seperate xserver-xorg and xserver-kdrive-*.
03:00 Ticket #4543 (/etc/init.d/network script missing "ifup -a" in "boot" section) created by fiedler@…
Hello! First of all I want to say "thank you" for your great work you did …
02:45 Ticket #4525 (Powerlevel on 8.09 rc2 brcm-2.4 defaults to 32 dBm) closed by agb
fixed: Fixed in trunk by [14306] [14307] [14309] and [14311] Fixed in 8.09 by …
02:16 Changeset [14335] by lars
Reset condition for each dependeny when generating mconf files. Previously …


22:29 Ticket #4540 (x86 compilation error - net/netfilter/xt_CHAOS problem) created by anonymous
When I try to compile x86 build from trunk i get : …
20:23 Changeset [14334] by juhosg
[package] mac80211/ath9k: enable debug stuff
19:58 Changeset [14333] by nbd
xtables-addons does not work on 8.09
19:47 Changeset [14332] by nbd
branch packages for 8.09
19:46 Changeset [14331] by juhosg
[package] mac80211/ath9k: replace the accidentaly committed patch
19:41 Ticket #4539 (ipv6 capable irssi package for kamikaze) created by stefan.bauer@…
ipv6 capable irssi package for kamikaze
19:36 Changeset [14330] by juhosg
[package] mac80211/ath9k: disable leds on the ar9100 devices
19:33 Changeset [14329] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: refresh patches
19:08 Changeset [14328] by jow
branches/8.09: update to LuCI 0.8.5
18:58 Ticket #4535 (Fix for compiling ruby in r14247) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14327], thanks !
18:57 Changeset [14327] by florian
[package] fix ruby compilation failure (#4535)
18:49 Changeset [14326] by nbd
remove a part of r14231 which breaks packages such as sipp
18:40 Ticket #4536 (checking envirement for intltool) closed by florian
worksforme: First time you run make or make menuconfig, OpenWrt will check for the …
18:29 Changeset [14325] by nbd
fix version control conflict
18:04 Ticket #4445 (cups build failure on trunk) closed by florian
worksforme: cups builds fine here w/ 2.6.28 as well.
17:53 Ticket #4396 (Add kernel 2.6.28 support for x86) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14323] and [14324], thanks !
17:52 Changeset [14324] by florian
[x86] bump kernel version to (#4396)
17:51 Changeset [14323] by florian
[x86] resync kernel configurations, patch from Hauke Mehrtens (#4396)
17:43 Changeset [14322] by nbd
fix pcmciautils build
17:39 Changeset [14321] by nbd
ppc44x is broken after all
17:37 Changeset [14320] by nico
[packages] add xtables-addons, providing netfilter/xtables modules & …
17:35 Changeset [14319] by nico
[packages] add conntrack-tools
17:34 Changeset [14318] by nico
[packages] add libnetfilter-conntrack
17:32 Changeset [14317] by nico
[packages] add libnetfilter-log
17:31 Changeset [14316] by nico
[packages] libnetfilter-queue: update to v0.0.16, add dependency on …
17:29 Changeset [14315] by nico
[packages] libnfnetlink: update to v0.40, install dev pkgconfig file
17:25 Changeset [14314] by nico
[packages] add mini_snmpd, an SNMP server for embedded devices
17:23 Ticket #4538 (ffmpeg not included lbav*.so libs) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [14313], thanks for reporting!
17:18 Changeset [14313] by nico
[packages] ffmpeg: fix typo
17:17 Changeset [14312] by agb
merge r14306, r14307, r14309, and r14311 to 8.09: [package] …
17:15 Changeset [14311] by agb
[docs] wireless.tex: update docs to reflect txpower move
17:13 Ticket #4353 (Unresolved symbols on tg3 module) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14310], thanks.
17:12 Changeset [14310] by florian
[package] add libphy module to tg3 driver package - fixes unresolved …
17:09 Changeset [14309] by agb
[package] mac80211: move txpower to wifi-device section, but remain …
17:09 Changeset [14308] by nico
[package] kernel: add modules for nfnetlink based packet logging & queuing …
17:08 Changeset [14307] by agb
[package] madwifi: mode txpower to wifi-device section, but remain …
17:08 Changeset [14306] by agb
[package] broadcom-wl: move txpower back to wifi-device section, but …
17:02 Ticket #4537 (Add support for USRobotics 9108) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14305], thanks !
17:01 Changeset [14305] by florian
[brcm63xx] add support for user9102 boards (#4537)
16:58 Ticket #4444 ([New Package] - sane-backends-extras (Epkowa)) closed by florian
worksforme: We already have sane-backends and I do not see any major difference from …
16:46 Ticket #3895 (asterisk 1.6 integration) closed by zandbelt
fixed: added in [14304] as a very basic main package, geared towards the "many …
16:37 Changeset [14304] by zandbelt
add basic asterisk 1.6.x package based on 1.6.1-rc1
16:25 Ticket #4538 (ffmpeg not included lbav*.so libs) created by cezary@…
Just typo, but now not working ushare. Patch included.
15:56 Ticket #4537 (Add support for USRobotics 9108) created by cezary@…
Support for USR 9108.
14:51 Changeset [14303] by florian
By default OpenWRT's /var is a symlink to /tmp. This is unusual under …
14:39 Changeset [14302] by florian
Update mpd to 0.14. Signed-off-by: Michael Vogt <michu@…>
14:22 Ticket #4081 (build failure on asterisk-1.2.24 (r12829 for wgt634u)) closed by zandbelt
invalid: asterisk 1.2.x was removed from the packages tree in favor of newer …
13:55 Changeset [14301] by florian
Add e2fsck init script - scans every ext2/ext3 mount from fstab …
13:55 Changeset [14300] by florian
Creating directory /var/log/sysstat during install is wrong, as it will …
13:30 Changeset [14299] by mirko
adding missing dependency
12:59 Ticket #4536 (checking envirement for intltool) created by martin@…
For a new build system after check out sources and first call off "make …
11:46 Ticket #4535 (Fix for compiling ruby in r14247) created by anonymous
ruby doesn't compile. The attached patch should fix the issue. I'm running …
11:43 Ticket #3925 (WGT634U: netconfig: grep to distinguish WGT634U model now fails) closed by agb
08:18 Changeset [14298] by nbd
fix lua compile with eglibc selected and utmp support disabled
06:25 Changeset [14297] by agb
[kernel] etrax: add scsi symbols to kernel config, thanks claudyus. update …
04:46 Changeset [14296] by thepeople
update n2n
04:23 Changeset [14295] by nbd
chillispot: fix buffer overflow (thx to Sebastian Gottschall)
03:15 Changeset [14294] by nbd
merge r14293 to 8.09
03:14 Changeset [14293] by nbd
re-enable the mss fix by default for now - see discussion at …
02:32 Changeset [14292] by nbd
the ppc* are no longer broken


23:19 Changeset [14291] by lars
Add libpostproc package.
23:04 Changeset [14290] by lars
Add xf86-video-glamo package.
21:48 Changeset [14289] by matein4
Use block events for the mounting/unmounting of external storage devices. …
21:47 Ticket #4098 (cannot compile scsi-core for etrax) closed by agb
duplicate: Dupe of #3870
21:33 Changeset [14288] by lars
Open /dev/mem with O_SYNC if mtrr is not available or else mmio wont work …
21:28 Ticket #4534 (linux (target kernel) FTBFS under FreeBSD: modpost.c:1330: error: ...) created by anonymous
20:33 Changeset [14287] by nbd
allow hostapd to continue, even if setting the country code fails
20:28 Changeset [14286] by nico
[kernel] orion: add missing config entries when sound & spi are enabled
20:26 Changeset [14285] by nico
[kernel] generic: add another missing config entry, when gpio support is …
17:21 Ticket #4533 (olsrd-txtinfo plugin does not work) created by freifunk@…
/usr/lib/olsrd_txtinfo.so.0.1 exists. /var/etc/olsrd.conf: LoadPlugin …
16:48 Ticket #4532 (tools/quilt (for host) FTBFS on FreeBSD 7.1: requires at least version 2.4 ...) created by anonymous
checking the version of /usr/bin/patch... no GNU patch configure: error: …
16:48 Changeset [14284] by nico
[package] crda: make the whole crypto stuff optional and don't use it for …
16:29 Ticket #4531 (tools/sed (for host) FTBFS on FreeBSD 7.1: machine `amd64-undermydesk' not ...) created by anonymous
checking for btowc... yes checking how to build HTML documentation... with …
15:13 Changeset [14283] by florian
[package] increase default size of the connection tracking table, thanks …
13:41 Changeset [14282] by nico
[kernel] ixp4xx: add another missing config entry
13:16 Changeset [14281] by kaloz
add empty dirs for zandbelt
12:38 Changeset [14280] by kaloz
upgrade ppc44x to, add basic support for the AMCC Canyonlands
10:41 Changeset [14279] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: update compat-wireless to 2009-01-29
09:19 Ticket #4530 (pppoa / pppoe MTU configuration is ignored) created by oliver@…
PPPoA / PPPoE configuration allegedly supports a "mtu" parameter, but if …
04:07 Changeset [14278] by nico
[kernel] generic: add another bunch of missing config entries in 2.6.28
03:52 Changeset [14277] by nbd
add some work-in-progress patches for ath5k stability and performance
03:52 Changeset [14276] by nbd
fix hostapd startup for no-crypto configurations
03:38 Ticket #4529 (Installing IPv6) created by diegowsky@…
Hello, I just installed the following packages for ipv6 running …
02:14 Changeset [14275] by lars
Add oprofile package.
02:08 Changeset [14274] by nico
[kernel] add missing config entries in 2.6.28
01:50 Changeset [14273] by nico
[kernel] accomodate a change in msdos.ko path that appeared on 2.6.28
01:05 Ticket #4526 (Require better dependancy checks on build from source) created by anonymous
Attempt to compile BCM47xx resulted in a days work of resolving several …
00:52 Changeset [14272] by lars
Add menuconfig option for enabling profiling in the kernel.


22:20 Ticket #4525 (Powerlevel on 8.09 rc2 brcm-2.4 defaults to 32 dBm) created by anonymous
Installed 8.09 RC2 brcm-2.4-squashfs on my wrt54g version 2.0 and the …
21:37 Changeset [14271] by nico
remove LINUX_HEADERS_DIR, not used anymore
21:19 Changeset [14270] by nico
[cosmetic] indent soft-float options
21:13 Changeset [14269] by nico
move IPKG_STATE_DIR from ./rules.mk to ./include/package-ipkg.mk and …
20:41 Ticket #4524 (ath5k and mac80211 on ar711x ( RB433ah)) created by anonymous
I compiled the ath5k driver and mac80211 of compat-wireless using mips …
19:42 Ticket #4523 (No broadcom monitor mode on WRT54GL) created by Belfry
Thanks to Florian for answering ticket #4515. This is what I have in …
18:54 Ticket #4522 (mtu_fix should be enabled by default) created by anonymous
The firewall mtu_fix should be enabled by default. Otherwise, TCP …
18:49 Ticket #4521 (Add MI424WR support to 2.6.26 kernel) created by blundar at gmail dot com
This is a *minor* change to Jose's patches adding MI424WR support to the …
18:14 Changeset [14268] by nico
[kernel] uml: add a patch to make ZLIB_DEFLATE visible, so that …
18:11 Changeset [14267] by nico
[kernel] uml: revert from to 2.6.28 There are still some issues …
17:08 Ticket #4355 (patch for lighttpd package: add directory option to spawn-fcgi) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14266], thanks !
17:07 Changeset [14266] by florian
[package] add directory option to spawn-fcgi (#4355), thanks Raphael
16:47 Ticket #4373 (Update iw to version 0.9.7) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14235].
16:15 Changeset [14265] by florian
[scripts] brcmImage.pl should be set executable
15:56 Changeset [14264] by florian
[brcm63xx] generate images for old CFE based boards like the Davolink …
15:54 Changeset [14263] by florian
[brcm63xx] Add board definitions for the Davolink DV201AMR
15:39 Changeset [14262] by kaloz
make ixp4xx require gpiolib
15:26 Ticket #4515 (No broadcom monitor mode) closed by florian
worksforme: Ok, then try modifiying /etc/config/wireless and set option mode …
15:24 Ticket #4501 (saned error! access denied) closed by florian
worksforme: I think you did not configure saned to allow connection from machines on …
14:39 Changeset [14261] by agb
[kernel] generic/2.6.28: fix yaffs cvs patch
14:05 Changeset [14260] by mirko
adding a set of configuraton files based on freedesktop.org specifications …
14:00 Ticket #4486 (soekris kmod-leds-net48xx not built) closed by agb
fixed: Trunk fixed in [14255] 8.09 fixed in [14258]
13:27 Changeset [14259] by agb
merge r14257 to 8.09 [package] kernel: fix leds-wrap dependencies
13:27 Changeset [14258] by agb
merge r14255 to 8.09 [package] kernel: fix leds-net48xx and scx200-gpio …
13:23 Changeset [14257] by agb
[package] kernel: fix leds-wrap dependencies
13:10 Changeset [14256] by nico
[kernel] olpc: add missing LCD config entries
12:32 Changeset [14255] by agb
[package] kernel: fix leds-net48xx and scx200-gpio dependencies, closes …
12:24 Ticket #4439 (/etc/init.d/openvpn: "secret" missing in append_params) closed by jow
fixed: added in r14254
12:22 Changeset [14254] by jow
packages/net/openvpn: add missing "secret" param to init script, bump …
11:51 Ticket #4384 (Ctrl-Z in less locks console) closed by agb
duplicate: Dupe of #4196
11:50 Ticket #4386 (Porting to AR9130 processor) closed by agb
11:21 Ticket #4100 (terminal emulation is broken) closed by agb
worksforme: Check the client you are using to connect. It works here for me using the …
10:23 Ticket #3740 (matrixtunnel 0.02 segfaults when run on i386 Alix build with ...) closed by agb
worksforme: Works here on 8.09 RC2 […]
10:10 Ticket #4520 (build system does not like quiltrc) created by anonymous
OpenWRT doesn't quite build (gets stuck on the linux config, for example) …
10:02 Ticket #4519 (hostapd 0.6.7 is incompatible with 2.6.25 kernel) created by thomas@…
After commit 14227 or so, hostapd has been updated to 0.6.7. However, …
09:46 Ticket #4064 (Please don't release without Linux 2.6.27) closed by agb
wontfix: 2.6.27 won't be included in 8.09, while mac80211 has seen serious …
09:30 Ticket #3161 ([PATCH] mac address is missing on wg302v1 ethernet interface) closed by agb
fixed: Fixed in [12041]
09:01 Ticket #3380 (Python does not install at /opt) closed by agb
worksforme: many bugs were fixed when we moved to opkg from busybox ipkg. Attaching a …
08:17 Ticket #3189 (ISC dhcp segfaults whn loaded during bootup) closed by agb
08:12 Ticket #2781 (WAN interface fails to start on boot, manual 'ifup wan' needed) reopened by agb
Reopened based on last commend
08:00 Ticket #1834 (OpenWRT and WAG354G V.2 (MacOS build)) closed by agb
wontfix: Closing as wontfix until someone comes forward with a WAG354 and is …
03:28 Changeset [14253] by mirko
added <xwd>
01:17 Changeset [14252] by mirko
minor changes and typo corrections


23:03 Ticket #4518 (openssl does not build witch ccache enabled) created by anonymous
ccache mipsel-openwrt-linux-uclibc-gcc -DMONOLITH -I.. -I../include -fPIC …
21:55 Changeset [14251] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix UBNT-RS image generation
21:43 Changeset [14250] by juhosg
[kernel] fix yaffs build failure on (thanks to Alexandros C. …
21:03 Changeset [14249] by juhosg
[package] crda: new package (thanks to Hauke Mehrtens <hauke@…>)
21:01 Changeset [14248] by juhosg
[package] hotplug2: add platform hotplugging
17:30 Ticket #4517 (openssl 0.9.8j compile error x86) created by anonymous
16:47 Changeset [14247] by juhosg
[kernel] update to
16:47 Changeset [14246] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: cleanup mac80211.sh
16:27 Changeset [14245] by kaloz
switch to and tune the kernel config a bit
16:26 Changeset [14244] by kaloz
add support for the GPIO expander used on the Cambria based on patches …
16:24 Changeset [14243] by kaloz
add further fixes for the optional Cambria UART - thanks, Chris
16:22 Changeset [14242] by kaloz
refresh patches
16:15 Changeset [14241] by kaloz
add IXP4xx GPIOLIB support based on Chris' patch
14:49 Ticket #4516 (No broadcom monitor mode) closed by cyrus
duplicate: r4515
14:48 Changeset [14240] by juhosg
[package] wpa_supplicant: update to 0.6.7
14:44 Changeset [14239] by juhosg
[package] wpa_supplicant: refresh patches
14:34 Ticket #4516 (No broadcom monitor mode) created by Belfry
Trying to put the broadcom driver in monitor mode on a WRT54GL with 8.09 …
14:34 Ticket #4515 (No broadcom monitor mode) created by Belfry
Trying to put the broadcom driver in monitor mode on a WRT54GL with 8.09 …
14:11 Ticket #4514 (Hairy Dairy JTAG buffer overflow) created by zoobab <zoobab@…>
I have a buffer overflow when I want to backup the whole flash on a …
12:49 Ticket #4512 (loading of leds-gpio fails on RB450 (AR71xx)) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [14238]. Thanks for reporting!
12:48 Changeset [14238] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix leds-gpio platform data initialization (closes #4512)
12:37 Ticket #4513 (missing file on build) closed by florian
12:30 Changeset [14237] by florian
Add prosody, XMPP server written in LUA
12:29 Changeset [14236] by florian
Add libidn
12:27 Ticket #4513 (missing file on build) created by Leonardo Rodrigues <leonardormagalhaes@…>
from current trunk (14235), the rootfs file is not being generated for …
10:24 Changeset [14235] by juhosg
[package] iw: update to 0.9.9 (thanks to Hauke Mehrtens …
10:22 Changeset [14234] by juhosg
[package] libnl: update linux/genetlink.h for iw package (thanks to Hauke …
09:51 Changeset [14233] by juhosg
[package] libnl: refresh patches
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