23:35 Changeset [14865] by nbd
gcc: backport a patch from gcc trunk that fixes an internal compiler error …
23:33 Ticket #4770 (RDC3210 kernel is not booting) created by MRX
Hi, The RDC3210 port seems to create unbootable kernels. This might be a …
23:03 Ticket #4769 (Frag/RTS threshold setting on broadcom-wl) created by kostko@…
A simple patch for broadcom.sh that enables fragmentation and RTS …
22:49 Changeset [14864] by lars
Build autoconf before automake.
17:16 Changeset [14863] by nbd
fix the target-local CONFIG_SITE export. apparently make can't do more …
13:50 Changeset [14862] by nbd
fix stampfile variables for the toolchain build (fixes gcc compile error)
02:23 Changeset [14861] by mirko
added libboost (serialization only for now)
02:11 Ticket #4768 (pppoe.sh doesn't set the mtu from /etc/config/network) created by russell+openwrt@…
line 18 in /lib/network/pppoe.sh reads: config_get mtu "$cfg" mtu It …


23:09 Changeset [14860] by mirko
added host utility <bjam> by <boost> (yet another build tool)
20:43 Changeset [14859] by geoff
Cleanup the PS3 makefile o LINUX_VERSION to o Remove …
20:36 Changeset [14858] by geoff
Rename defconfig-petitboot defconfig-ps3-petitboot Signed-off-by: Geoff …
20:25 Changeset [14857] by geoff
Remove PS3 linux-2.6.27 kernel support Signed-off-by: Geoff Levand …
20:22 Changeset [14856] by geoff
Remove PS3 linux-2.6.25 kernel support Signed-off-by: Geoff Levand …
20:10 Changeset [14855] by geoff
Update the PS3 2.6.28 kernel config: CONFIG_EXT4_FS=y …
19:55 Changeset [14854] by geoff
Update the ps3-utils package from 2.2.0 to 2.3. Signed-off-by: Geoff …
15:07 Changeset [14853] by nbd
make the compile: host-install dependency independent of the order in …
15:00 Changeset [14852] by nbd
enable Host/Install on compile: if package.mk is included
14:57 Changeset [14851] by nbd
move the CONFIG_SITE export to target-local exports
09:54 Ticket #4366 (Patch to board_bcm963xx.c and image/Makefile to add AGPF-S0 board) closed by florian
fixed: Applied with some changes to imagetag in [14850], thanks !
09:54 Changeset [14850] by florian
[brcm63xx] add support for AGPF-S0 (Pirelli Alice Gate VoIP 2 Plus Wi-Fi) …


22:13 juhosg edited by juhosg
11:45 Ticket #4767 (plugins missing in siproxd package) created by anonymous
the Makefile openwrt supplies only installs the main binary but not the …
11:34 Changeset [14849] by florian
[package] change lftp source URL
11:32 Changeset [14848] by florian
[brcm63xx] do not duplicate fifo_size, since RX and TX fifo sizes are the …
10:47 Changeset [14847] by florian
[package] same punition for gst-plugings-good, disable X support as it …
10:46 Ticket #4661 (Build error at toolchain/gcc/gcc-final) closed by florian
10:30 Changeset [14846] by florian
[package] disable X support in gst-plugins-base since it included host …
10:28 Changeset [14845] by florian
[package] don't build gstreamer docs
10:10 Ticket #4766 (Upgrade the brcm-2.4 kernel version from to latest 2.4.37) created by anonymous
The brcm-2.4 is using the kernel, but the 2.4.37 is available …
09:05 Changeset [14844] by marek
fix typos in the init script Signed-off-by: Linus Luessing …


18:22 Ticket #4765 (OpenVPN doesn't like proto tcp-client or other values containing hyphens) created by k.read@…
The OpenVPN init script converts underscores to hyphens when reading the …
17:58 Changeset [14843] by marek
fix installation kernel config and kernel init script
16:48 Changeset [14842] by marek
fix "d" mess in batman adv package
16:28 Changeset [14841] by florian
[brcm63xx] make SPI work in full-duplex mode by default
12:57 Changeset [14840] by mb
ucmb: Add an optimized hotpath-assembly example implementation for AVR8. …
12:54 Changeset [14839] by mb
ucmb: Allow chunk-ing big transfers to reduce latency issues.
12:17 Ticket #4711 (kmod-ucmb: doesn't compile) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14838].
12:16 Changeset [14838] by florian
[package] fix ucmb compilation (#4711)
11:39 Changeset [14837] by florian
[package] fix owfs compilation, static libraries are not generated and …
11:30 Ticket #4760 (6scripts: tunnelbroker.net dynamic ip updater) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14836], thanks !
11:29 Changeset [14836] by florian
[package] add ip-up script to update ipv4 address for Hurricane Electric …
11:08 Ticket #4706 (packages/net/dsl-qos-queue: doesn't compile) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14835].
11:07 Changeset [14835] by florian
[package] dsl-qos-queue does not compile on 2.6.28 (#4706)
10:57 Ticket #4370 (Zyxel Prestige P-334WT - not working?) closed by florian
10:49 Ticket #4555 (add mtd-utils package) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14834], thanks !
10:48 Changeset [14834] by florian
[package] add mtd-utils version 20090227, thanks Miguel (#4555)
10:27 Ticket #3822 (page allocation error on brcm47xx) closed by florian
fixed: We have now switched to 2.6.28 which should hopefully fix these issues.
10:24 Ticket #4696 (6scripts 6tunnel fixed for sixxs static tunnels and default route) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14833], thanks !
10:24 Changeset [14833] by florian
[package] add ttl, mtu and set defautl route via gateway instead of …
10:19 Ticket #4666 (Add two arguments for imagetag : flash start and firmware offset) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14832], thanks !
10:18 Changeset [14832] by florian
[tools] allow flash start address and firmware offset to be set on the …
09:50 Changeset [14831] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: update compat-wireless to 2009-03-09
09:14 Changeset [14830] by juhosg
[ar71xx] tew-632brp: add default network configuration
04:10 Ticket #4764 (ieee80211 kernel modul not found at ....) created by yamshee
I tried to compile the latest trunk and : chmod 644 …
02:44 Ticket #4763 (Unable to make jffs2 image.) created by anonymous
[…] I tried deleting the whole source checkout and rebuilding it again …
02:03 Changeset [14829] by lars
Fix dependencies.
01:41 Changeset [14828] by mirko
added missing dependency <compositeproto>


23:33 Ticket #4762 (mac80211 svn) created by janko hrasko
Looks like there is md5sum in PKG_B43_FWCUTTER_VERSION field (and MD5SUM …
22:59 Ticket #4599 ([patch] BCM63XX "robo" switch support) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14825] and [14826], thanks ! My board does not have the …
22:58 Changeset [14827] by florian
[brcm63xx] include kmod-switch in the default images
22:57 Changeset [14826] by florian
[package] make robocfg work on brcm63xx as well (#4599)
22:57 Changeset [14825] by florian
[package] allow kmod-switch to be used on brcm63xx (#4599)
22:54 Ticket #4738 (add spawn-fcgi package) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [14824], thanks !
22:54 Changeset [14824] by florian
[package] add spawn-fcgi, thanks to Raphael Huck (#4738)
21:00 Changeset [14823] by lars
Fix serverel gcc 4.3 related build failures.
19:38 Changeset [14822] by mirko
added directory for generic patches for linux kernel 2.6.29 - added …
19:15 Ticket #4761 (Enhancement: update to OpenSSH 5.2p1) created by maarten@…
OpenSSH 5.2p1 is out, I have attached a patch which updates the current …
17:43 Ticket #4749 (m2crypto python packages) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #4748
17:42 Ticket #4759 (mac80211 compile error( md5sum )) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [14821], thanks for reporting !
17:41 Changeset [14821] by florian
[package] fix p54usb firmware md5sum (#4759)
17:31 Changeset [14820] by florian
[package] prevent rrdtool-1.0.x from kidding us ;)
17:11 Ticket #4121 (atheros 2313 phy filed register) closed by florian
fixed: This should be fixed now.
17:10 Ticket #4713 (Add SSH-SSL multiplexer as a package) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [14818]
17:07 Ticket #2671 (libiconv is missing supported encodings) closed by florian
fixed: Applied with some changes in [14819], thanks !
17:05 Changeset [14819] by florian
[package] libiconv, update to 1.11 package iconv and libcharset (#2671)
17:04 Changeset [14818] by nico
[packages] add basic sslh (SSL/SSH multiplexer), uci config support …
17:03 Changeset [14817] by florian
[package] pick up a working gnutls mirror
16:42 Changeset [14816] by florian
[package] install only required avrdude files (i.e: no man pages ...) bump …
16:42 WikiStart edited by glp
16:39 WikiStart edited by glp
16:36 WikiStart edited by glp
16:26 Changeset [14815] by mirko
added dillo2 - a lightweight webbrowser based on fltk2
16:22 Changeset [14814] by mirko
added fltk2 (Fast Light Toolkit)
16:16 Changeset [14813] by lars
Update qolyester to 20090302
16:12 Changeset [14812] by lars
Update dbus dependencies.
16:08 Changeset [14811] by lars
Update python dependencies.
16:06 Changeset [14810] by nbd
get rid of an illegal characters warning with packages that contain …
16:06 Changeset [14809] by nbd
move input device nodes to /dev/input
16:05 Changeset [14808] by nbd
fix KERNEL_PATCHVER for rc kernels
16:05 Changeset [14807] by nbd
kconfig.pl: throw warnings into stderr instead of stdout
15:53 Ticket #4519 (hostapd 0.6.7 is incompatible with 2.6.25 kernel) closed by florian
15:43 Ticket #4741 (libgd / gd doesn't compile: affects php5, php4, bandwidthd, st2205tool, ...) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here with an orion target.
15:29 Changeset [14806] by lars
Update python-dbus to 0.83.0
15:25 Changeset [14805] by lars
Update dbus-glib to 0.80
15:17 Changeset [14804] by lars
Update dbus to 1.2.12. Restructure the dbus packages: Add libdbus …
12:37 WikiStart edited by glp
12:37 GetSource edited by glp
12:35 WikiStart edited by glp
12:27 WikiStart edited by glp
12:27 WikiStart edited by glp
11:44 Ticket #4760 (6scripts: tunnelbroker.net dynamic ip updater) created by ott@…
Hurricane Electric's tunnelbroker.net service requires the user update the …
10:52 WikiStart edited by glp
10:52 WikiStart edited by glp
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10:15 GetSource created by glp
06:50 Changeset [14803] by marek
batman: add kernelland init script & config file
04:01 Ticket #4759 (mac80211 compile error( md5sum )) created by Elphidium
I try to build r14796 and md5sum of …
03:24 Changeset [14802] by lars
fix typo.
03:02 Changeset [14801] by lars
The mercurial package was expecting 2.5 to be the used python version. Fix …
02:50 Ticket #4758 (boot issue for Kamikaze 8.09 on WAG354G V2 (AR7 platform)) created by liukang1985@…
when I try to fresh my WAG354G V2 with the new Kamikaze 8.09, it always …
02:15 Changeset [14800] by nbd
prepend $(STAGING_DIR)/host to the PATH only in target-package stampfile …
02:01 Changeset [14799] by lars
Update xterm to 242.
01:58 Changeset [14798] by lars
Update xterm to 242.


22:44 Ticket #4757 (samba 3 complete) created by anonymous
this is an incomplete patch (avm fix , nmap and kmod-fs-smbfs is not …
21:28 Changeset [14797] by lars
Fix xset dependencies.
21:00 Changeset [14796] by lars
Add some additional dependencies.
20:25 Changeset [14795] by juhosg
[package] mac80211: update compat-wireless to 2009-03-07
20:21 Changeset [14794] by florian
[brcm63xx] package the bcm63xx-spi driver
19:41 Ticket #4756 (dnsmasq add support for pxe boot) created by christian.gmeiner@…
Kamikaze 8.09 has no support for pxe boot - but webinterface shows support …
17:21 Ticket #4755 (Edimax BR-6104KP: filesystem too big) created by maarten.de.wit@…
When installing kamikaze trunk (r14759), the following message appears: …
16:27 Changeset [14793] by florian
[brcm63xx] add bcm63xx_spi based on reading …
15:20 Changeset [14792] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix SPI accessors
14:38 Changeset [14791] by lars
Fix warnings.
13:43 Changeset [14790] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix typo for the bcm6338 spi IRQ, change platform driver name …
13:18 Changeset [14789] by florian
[brcm63xx] compile and register SPI controller device
13:17 Changeset [14788] by florian
[brcm63xx] make bcm6358 consistend with the other boards naming
13:13 Changeset [14787] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix some SPI register definitions and platform-device …
11:51 Ticket #4743 (Edimax BR-6104KP broken) closed by florian
10:30 Ticket #4754 (ntfs-3g not working on brcm47xx) created by anonymous
I have SATA hdd in external case connected to my WL-500gP with USB. Hdd …
10:21 Ticket #4753 (trunk images for soekris net4826 (others?) needs a modified grub menu.lst) created by seniorr@…
Images build from trunk since November (perhaps earlier) has a problem …
07:24 Changeset [14786] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add support for the Numonyx 320S33B SPI flash chip which can be …
03:41 Ticket #4752 (Wrong url in gw6c Makefile) closed by jow
duplicate: see #4751
01:56 Ticket #4752 (Wrong url in gw6c Makefile) created by yamshee
in line 31 the wrong is : […] the good is: […]
01:46 Ticket #4751 (Wrong url in gw6c Makefile) closed by jow
fixed: committed in r14785 - thanks!
01:46 Changeset [14785] by jow
[packages] hw6c: fix download url
01:41 Ticket #4751 (Wrong url in gw6c Makefile) created by anonymous
wget -t1 --timeout=20 -O $(DL_DIR)/$(PKG_NAME)-$(PKG_VERSION).tar.bz2 …
01:31 Ticket #4746 (wrong opkg package url after building firmware for another mipsel target ...) closed by jow
wontfix: A "make dirclean" is recommended after changing architectures
01:26 Ticket #4750 (collectd-4.4.4 compile error , missing dependencies) created by yamshee
Configuration: Libraries: libcurl . . . . . . …
01:23 Ticket #4747 ([PATCH] sysupgrade fixes at end of upgrade) closed by jow
fixed: committed in r14784 - thanks!
01:21 Changeset [14784] by jow
[package] sysupgrade: install /bin/sleep into ramdisk too and add …
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