21:29 Changeset [16348] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix a typo
19:43 Ticket #5294 (dhcp requests comming in from WAN interface when using pppoe) created by anonymous
I have standard pppoe setup and no additional firewall rules. Logread …
19:26 Ticket #5293 (using pppoe ez-ipupdate will start too early) created by anonymous
As seen from logread, ez-ipupdate will try at bootup to read ppp0 …
18:27 Ticket #5292 (Transmission 1.70) created by cezary@…
Patch included
17:31 Changeset [16347] by juhosg
[ar71xx] create a 'firmware' partition for MZK-W300NH board
17:24 Changeset [16346] by juhosg
[kernel] generic-2.6/2.6.30: more mini_fo fixes
16:08 Ticket #5291 (Update muninlite package to its latest version) created by anonymous
Latest being 1.0.2 currently.
14:23 Ticket #5290 ("Units" Mode changed between 8.09.1 and Trunk in Busybox ?) created by anonymous
Instead showing the free space in Kbytes, like in stable Branches, the …
14:06 Ticket #5289 (LED Driver/Events/LuCi AR7 settings not saved & reactivated after reboot) created by anonymous
When creating a LED Event for AR7/AG241v2 and use the PowerLED for …
13:33 Changeset [16345] by lars
[toolchain] disable tls for stdlibc++. fixes c++ inside a gcc-4.4.0 …
12:25 Ticket #5288 (AR7 on AG241v2/ADM6996LC - Networking/Ethernet still broken in Trunk) created by anonymous
The Ethernet Function (PHY) is sill broken in actual TRUNK, but is fixed …
12:24 Ticket #5287 (Update gkrellmd package to its latest version) created by anonymous
Latest being 2.3.2 currently.
12:02 Ticket #5286 (Update to dnsmasq 2.48) created by Raphaël HUCK <raphael.huck@…>
Archived the extensive, backwards, changelog to …
11:45 Ticket #5285 (Trouble after changeset 16333) created by joel_ejc@…
changeset 16333 gives me (I did a make target/linux/clean before launching …
10:41 Ticket #5284 (Update monit package to its latest version) created by anonymous
Latest being 5.0.3 currently.
05:50 Ticket #5283 (Patch to add support for platforms BCM63xx in kernel created by sleuthhound@…
The patch adds support for Platform BCM63xx in kernel Problems: …
00:02 Ticket #5282 (impossible constraint in 'asm') created by Eric
I tried to reopen #5158, but I couldn't and I don't see how to gain that …


22:40 Changeset [16344] by zandbelt
update asterisk-addons-1.4.x to 1.4.8
22:39 Changeset [16343] by zandbelt
update asterisk-1.4.x to 1.4.25
21:53 Ticket #5281 (oprofile does not compile) created by xwang@…
It complains query_module is not defined make[6]: Leaving directory …
21:49 Ticket #5280 (New package: remotefs) created by jake1981 <oskari.rauta@…>
Description: "remotefs is a network file system designed for use with home …
21:23 Ticket #5279 ([r16336] uClibc install in base-package fails) created by gwirth79@…
06/04/2009 OpenWRT r16336 base-package build fails because of a missing …
21:14 Changeset [16342] by juhosg
[ar71xx] build firmware image for the MZK-W300NH board
20:47 Changeset [16341] by zandbelt
update asterisk-1.6.x to
20:18 Changeset [16340] by juhosg
[ar71xx] improve MZK-W300NH support (thanks to Kazuki Shimada for the …
20:17 juhosg edited by juhosg
19:44 Ticket #5273 (b43 driver missing in Kamikaze 8.09.1) closed by hauke
wontfix: use trunk if you need wireless
19:05 Changeset [16339] by mirko
switch back to 2.6.29 until some target specific bugs are fixed in 2.6.30
17:48 Ticket #5278 (Crashes on ar71xx with stable compiled from source and trunk versions) created by cxjepa@…
Devices: RB411 and RB433 Minipci wireless: R52 based on atheros 5212 …
17:23 Changeset [16338] by mirko
get rid of the grey grid when Xorg starts up
17:07 Ticket #2786 (Kamikaze 7.09 'ntpclient' startup fails if 'ntp' server is on local LAN) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [16337].
16:59 Changeset [16337] by acinonyx
[packages] ntpclient: Allow ntpclient to run without default route …
15:14 Changeset [16336] by florian
[package] do not apply iptables patches when building with …
12:49 Ticket #5277 (e2fsprogs 1.41.5-1 causes segfault with x86 & uClibc- r16316) created by wurst
[…] […]
12:15 Ticket #5267 (rp-pppoe fails to compile 'no rule to make target install') closed by florian
fixed: Duplicate of #5255
12:10 Ticket #2658 (Subversion repository of OpenWrt project : guidelines suggestions) closed by florian
12:09 Ticket #5276 (please update kmod-b43 package at 8.09.1) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #5273
12:04 Changeset [16335] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix ethernet driver removal
12:04 Changeset [16334] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix pcmcia device removal
12:03 Changeset [16333] by florian
[brcm63xx] add missing null entry in pcmcia driver
12:03 Changeset [16332] by florian
[brcm63xx] request gpio pins and set direction correctly for pcmcia
12:02 Changeset [16331] by florian
[brcm63xx] be SMP safe even with gpiolib
12:01 Changeset [16330] by florian
[brcm63xx] cache gpio values in gpio_set
12:01 Changeset [16329] by florian
[brcm63xx] use the correct number of GPIOs for bcm6358
11:59 Changeset [16328] by florian
[brcm63xx] register gpiochip earlier, allowing gpio-based runtime …
11:57 Changeset [16327] by florian
[package] merge vnstati to vnstat package, use tarball's configuration …
11:10 Ticket #5276 (please update kmod-b43 package at 8.09.1) created by web.alexander@…
Kernel Version and b43 module version is not the same. # cat …
09:56 Changeset [16326] by juhosg
[ar71xx] pass ucode name to the VSC7385 driver on the AP83 board
09:54 Changeset [16325] by juhosg
[package] kernel/modules: package the VSC7385 driver
09:51 Changeset [16324] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add SPI driver for the Vitesse VSC7385 switch
08:40 Ticket #5275 (madwifi.sh not working for multiple interfaces on one device) created by Julian Bäume <julian@…>
Hi, In our setup, we create 2 interfaces on one wifi device. One …
08:39 Changeset [16323] by juhosg
[package] kernel/modules: move SPI drivers into a new submenu
02:55 Changeset [16322] by lars
[package] Update xfce packages to 4.6.1
02:46 Changeset [16321] by lars
[package] taglib: Add package for taglibc, the c bindings for taglib. Use …
02:44 Changeset [16320] by lars
[packages] fcgi, id3lib, urbi: Use new libtool-ucxx fixup.
02:42 Changeset [16319] by lars
[package] ctorrent, dansduardian: These packages don't use libtool, thus …
02:22 Changeset [16318] by lars
[package] libwnck: fix minor typo.
02:20 Changeset [16317] by lars
More libtool madness: Every package which was using c++ and libtool fixup …
01:50 Ticket #5274 (ip6table_filter.ko is missing, so ip6tables is broken) created by andrew@…
Currently on trunk I'm getting: root@OpenWrt:/# ip6tables -nvL ip6tables …
00:58 Ticket #5054 (Miniupnpd cannot be stopped/restarted) closed by nico
fixed: OK, then…
00:05 Ticket #5273 (b43 driver missing in Kamikaze 8.09.1) created by neomilum <neomilium@…>
Using released image 8.09.1 on WRT54GS v4 …


21:54 Changeset [16316] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add experimental support for the AP83-040 board
21:50 Changeset [16315] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add another SPI controller driver for the earlier AP83 boards
20:49 Ticket #5272 (Unable to compile latest svn for X86, uClibc issues) created by anonymous
I cant seem to compile the latest svn, the following are the errors i …
20:43 Changeset [16314] by jow
[packages] rp-pppoe: build depends on ppp, search includes in staging dir
20:42 Changeset [16313] by juhosg
[ar71xx] compile SPI_GPIO driver into the kernel, required by the AP83 …
20:32 Changeset [16312] by juhosg
[ar71xx] refresh patches
20:17 Ticket #5270 (iptables returning error on REDIRECT target --to-ports option) closed by jow
worksforme: Install the appropiate package, required ipt-targets should be in …
20:17 Changeset [16311] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add flash locking code
20:15 Changeset [16310] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: fix test experession for sysupgrade
16:53 Ticket #2272 (udhcpc not working after mac changed) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed now.
16:28 Ticket #5271 ([PATCH] Always use DEFAULT_TARGET_OPTIMIZATION if not changed manually) created by mss
I recently ran into the following, hard to debug problem: To easily test …
15:53 Changeset [16309] by acinonyx
[package] ead: fix missing library error while building tinysrp
15:53 Changeset [16308] by acinonyx
[package] madwifi: clear variables used in for loop
15:42 Changeset [16307] by kaloz
upgrade to 2.6.30-rc8
15:35 Ticket #5270 (iptables returning error on REDIRECT target --to-ports option) created by jlayton@…
Running latest trunk KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r16239) When I try to set a …
14:39 Changeset [16306] by mirko
let x86-specific drivers appear in menuconfig again - target is called …
12:52 Ticket #5269 (dropbear segfault with enabled <*> qos-scripts) created by warm@…
I'm trying r16301 version of trunk. With all defaults (Broadcom …
12:03 Changeset [16305] by lars
[package] libtool: revert r16212. It broke building packages using c++.
11:47 Ticket #5242 (Still something wrong in trunk revision 16216) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [16304].
11:45 Changeset [16304] by juhosg
[toolchain] uClibc- fix possible NULL pointer dereference (closes …
11:33 Changeset [16303] by lars
[package] libisofs: Add missing dependencies.
10:59 Ticket #5013 (LuCI doesn't like vlans) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [16302].
10:55 Changeset [16302] by florian
[brcm63xx] merger mtu/802.1q related fixes: bcm63xx integrated ethernet …
10:07 Ticket #5148 (brcm63xx loses connection on heavy activity on wan to lan) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [16277].
04:50 Ticket #5268 (Trunk packages.gz is not updated) created by mikeyman77@…
The packages.gz is not updated and is very small compared to the other …
00:47 Ticket #5267 (rp-pppoe fails to compile 'no rule to make target install') created by Daniel Dickinson <cshore@…>


23:13 Ticket #5266 (vditool is now VBoxManage) closed by nico
fixed: Already fixed in trunk [13821] and 8.09 [15201].
22:39 Ticket #5266 (vditool is now VBoxManage) created by anonymous
Hi, for building a vbox image of kamikaze, you need the VBoxManage tool …
22:10 Changeset [16301] by hauke
[ifxmips] Fix accessing array after it end.
21:38 Ticket #5265 (AR7 for Linksys AG241 no longer working on actual Trunk) created by anonymous
Flashing the daily Trunk in an AG241v2/Linksys results in no IP traffic …
21:22 Ticket #5264 (rtorrent: can't resolve symbol) created by bghome@…
I just have compiled rtorrent 0.8.4 from SVN revision 16299. I getting the …
20:48 Changeset [16300] by hauke
[mac80211] Update to compat-wireless-2009-06-02
17:22 Ticket #5263 (please merge aircrack-ng r1396 from trunk to 8.09) created by or4n9e@…
aircrack-ng in trunk is at r1396 while in 8.09 it's currently at r1142. …
17:09 Changeset [16299] by lars
Don't call evas_object_image_scale_hint_set on Evas_Rectangle objects. …
16:53 platforms edited by florian
16:53 octeon created by florian
15:43 Changeset [16298] by mirko
start e17 instead of xterm when profile 'standard' is chosen - this was …
15:07 Ticket #5262 (missing dependencies for libgcc) created by rio@…
packages like mtd and others that use libgcc should have libgcc in their …
13:15 Ticket #5261 (openswan fails to build because of messed includes) created by ruff <rufferson@…>
with below fix it works […]
12:19 Changeset [16297] by mirko
add bootsplash to 2.6.30 as well and enable it per default
12:06 Changeset [16296] by kaloz
enable PCIE on ppc44x as well
12:02 Changeset [16295] by kaloz
package the e1000e driver
11:54 Changeset [16294] by kaloz
missing changes for pcie handling
11:50 Changeset [16293] by kaloz
add pcie feature flag
11:18 Changeset [16292] by kaloz
rename cavium-octeon to octeon
11:00 Ticket #5260 (ntpd build fails with MD5_CTX not defined) created by ruff <rufferson@…>
This is caused by finding file md5.h which however not contains definition …
08:42 Changeset [16291] by kaloz
upgrade avr32 to 2.6.30-rc7
02:56 Changeset [16290] by mirko
rename serial devices for 2.6.30 as well to avoid uneeded mappings in …
01:47 Ticket #5259 (base-files package ead does not compile) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
Trunk: r16289 no feeds installed Build Environment: Debian …
00:35 Changeset [16289] by nbd
madwifi: fix wlanconfig athX destroy on 2.6.30 (incomplete netdev_ops …
00:14 Changeset [16288] by nbd
atheros: add working patches/config for 2.6.30
00:14 Changeset [16287] by nbd
add ip175c switch driver patch to 2.6.30
00:14 Changeset [16286] by nbd
swconfig: fix kernel version dependency
00:14 Changeset [16285] by nbd
ocf: fix uninitialized variable access (thx, Dakon)


23:09 Changeset [16284] by kaloz
temporary, hackish, etc, etc.. lzma support for the arm zImage loader
23:08 Changeset [16283] by kaloz
we don't use RedBoot on orion
23:00 Ticket #5257 (Wifi profile not working for BRCM47xx target) closed by nbd
duplicate: duplicate, see #5258
22:38 Ticket #5258 (Wifi profile not working for BRCM47xx target) closed by hauke
wontfix: b43 driver was removed from 8.09.1, because it is not working stable in …
22:31 Changeset [16282] by florian
[tools] port lzmp that is packaged by debian, build it, but do not install …
22:31 Changeset [16281] by kaloz
use the openwrt lzma options for now
22:29 Ticket #5258 (Wifi profile not working for BRCM47xx target) created by mikeyman
I updated to the newest svn for 8.09 and when I select "Broadcom …
22:26 Ticket #5257 (Wifi profile not working for BRCM47xx target) created by mikeyman
I updated to the newest svn for 8.09 and when I select "Broadcom …
22:03 Changeset [16280] by kaloz
add missing config option
21:14 Changeset [16279] by agb
tag 8.09.1
21:14 Milestone Kamikaze 8.09.1 completed
Kamikaze 8.09 interim release 1 Raw ChangeLogs: …
20:29 Changeset [16278] by nico
[8.09] kernel: refresh patches
20:27 Changeset [16277] by florian
[brcm63xx] backport an upstream fix: We're not disabling IRQ, so we must …
20:20 Changeset [16276] by nbd
remove some more obsolete files
20:16 Changeset [16275] by kaloz
remove 2.6.23 support, as the last target using that has been nuked, too
20:15 Changeset [16274] by kaloz
now that the gemini target is working, get rid of the obsolete and buggy …
20:10 Changeset [16273] by kaloz
use squashfs on the gemini by default, remove broken flag
20:09 Changeset [16272] by nbd
merge r16266, r16269 to 8.09
20:09 Changeset [16271] by kaloz
fixup mac addresses on gemini boards
20:09 Changeset [16270] by kaloz
fix madwifi for the gemini target
20:09 Changeset [16269] by nbd
network: prevent unnecessary interface down/up cycles if no mac address …
20:08 Changeset [16268] by kaloz
generate squashfs images
20:08 Changeset [16267] by kaloz
register the watchdog on the wbd111
20:07 Changeset [16266] by nbd
network: do not unnecessarily touch interfaces configured as proto=none; …
20:07 Changeset [16265] by kaloz
optimize the kernel for size... *sigh*
19:54 Ticket #5239 (wireless-compat update breaks b43 WLAN in current trunk) closed by hauke
fixed: Should be fixed in r16231.
19:40 Changeset [16264] by hauke
[kernel] Add missing kernel symbol.
19:39 Ticket #5245 (missing dependencies for b43 and/or b43legacy) closed by hauke
fixed: Fixed in r16263.
19:38 Changeset [16263] by hauke
[mac80211] B43 needs CONFIG_RFKILL_INPUT not only CONFIG_RFKILL. Fixes …
19:28 platforms edited by kaloz
19:26 Changeset [16262] by lars
[package] xf86-video-glamo: utils-macros is a build dependency.
19:25 Changeset [16261] by lars
[packages] make xf86-input-tslib compile with XInput version >= 3.
18:57 Ticket #4614 (8.09 RC2 on dir-300 AR2317 wan mac address) closed by nico
18:53 Ticket #5202 (ddns-scripts not working with zoneedit.com) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [15423] & [16161] for trunk, backported to 8.09 in [16225], …
18:31 Ticket #4679 (apsta mode broken) closed by nico
worksforme: Works for me with r16260
18:17 Changeset [16260] by nico
[8.09] [package] opkg: adjust download url for upcoming 8.09.1 release, …
18:10 Changeset [16259] by nico
[8.09] [package] base-files: adjust banner for upcoming 8.09.1 release
18:03 Ticket #5256 (New hotplug-radiobutton script package) created by Ede <edgar.soldin@…>
Attached you will find a new admin package, which contains a hotplug …
17:23 Changeset [16258] by mirko
upgrade efl-stuff, cleanup Makefiles, add elementary and its …
16:58 Changeset [16257] by nico
[8.09] [package] iptables: bump v1.3.8 release number after r16145
16:37 Changeset [16256] by nico
[package] broadcom-wl: fix broadcom (2.4) wireless sta (only) mode, adjust …
16:32 Changeset [16255] by acinonyx
[hostap-driver] Add diversity option
16:11 Changeset [16254] by lars
[package] Update glib2 to 2.20.3
16:04 Changeset [16253] by kaloz
another 2.6.30 related crypto fix
15:23 Changeset [16252] by kaloz
fixup sheevaplug support (for now we use sdcards for rootfs)
14:52 Changeset [16251] by kaloz
increase kernel partition to 4MB, generate jffs2 images
14:51 Changeset [16250] by kaloz
add patches to support the advanced power management on Kirkwood socs
14:50 Changeset [16249] by kaloz
fix compatibility with certain SD cards
14:50 Changeset [16248] by kaloz
even if we don't support booting from the nand yet, change the rootfs name …
14:46 Changeset [16247] by kaloz
fix mv643xx_eth dma mask
14:45 Changeset [16246] by kaloz
fix VFP handling on feroceon cores
14:44 Changeset [16245] by kaloz
fix typo and add nand_gpio to the generic config
14:41 Ticket #5255 (trunk r16244 doesn't build with pppoe-relay) created by anonymous
Trunk revision 16244 doesn't build if pppoe-relay is selected. Here you …
14:16 Ticket #5194 (uclibc sefault with e2fsck) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [15937].
13:41 Ticket #4457 (Enable Multicast Routing on latest Kamikaze) closed by florian
11:19 Changeset [16244] by claudio
[etrax] enable optimize for size, avoid to trigger gcc bug #36482
10:48 Changeset [16243] by hcg
[hotplug2] Removed extra ; in exec rule
10:46 Ticket #5158 (impossible constraint in 'asm') closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [16209].
10:11 Changeset [16242] by florian
[ar7] add experimental 2.6.30 support, boot tested
10:07 Changeset [16241] by florian
[kernel] refresh 2.6.30 patches
10:04 Changeset [16240] by florian
[ar7] remove old 2.6.24 code
02:09 Ticket #5254 (Iceweasel sees luci as BIN file when using luci-http server) created by Daniel Dickinson <cshore@…>
It's not possible to use luci with the luci-http server, at least …
01:21 Ticket #5253 (Can not install OpenVPN on Marvell Orion, due to missing kmod-tun package) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
The repository at …
01:02 Ticket #4715 ([patch] use fixed-point math in libmpcdec) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r16239
01:02 Changeset [16239] by nbd
fix libmpcdec fixed point math (#4715)
00:51 Ticket #4715 ([patch] use fixed-point math in libmpcdec) reopened by nbd


22:42 Changeset [16238] by jow
[package] madwifi: remove cruft from madwifi.sh introduced by r15954, …
19:15 Changeset [16237] by nbd
madwifi: handle frame classification properly if eth->h_proto contains the …
18:15 Changeset [16236] by ralph
fix typo
17:04 Changeset [16235] by nbd
madwifi: fix excessive stack usage in the wlanconfig tool
16:57 Ticket #5252 (WNR854T kernel Panic) created by siegeljb@…
### JFFS2 loading 'uImage' to 0x400000 Scanning JFFS2 FS: ..... done.
16:45 Changeset [16234] by nbd
madwifi: if a txpower value below the poweroffset is requested, set the …
16:42 Ticket #5251 (quagga) created by jeff
hi, this is not a bug just an observation it would be natural to change …
15:55 Changeset [16233] by florian
[cobalt] add diag.sh to report boot status on the front-led of the machine
14:37 Changeset [16232] by juhosg
[ar71xx] register parallel flash device on the AP83 board
14:08 Changeset [16231] by florian
[package] fix drivers firmware loading with the new hotplug2, patch from …
14:01 Changeset [16230] by ralph
[package] add dist and distcheck target (to create new source balls)
13:50 Ticket #5240 (tcp_wrappers_7.6 compile error) closed by florian
invalid: Your are obviously not building tcp_wrappers from the OpenWrt build …
13:45 Ticket #5250 (quagga) closed by florian
wontfix: What do you want us to fix ?
13:43 Ticket #5247 (Strange warning messages during build (brcm47xx / gcc 4.4)) closed by florian
wontfix: This is harmless and is fixed upstream with the following commit: …
13:38 Ticket #5249 ([6scripts] wrong package name for description) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16228], thanks !
13:38 Changeset [16229] by florian
merge r16228 to packages_8.09
13:37 Changeset [16228] by florian
[package] fix 6scripts description (#5249)
13:35 Changeset [16227] by ralph
[package] add package source path override - use external source tree …
13:12 Ticket #5250 (quagga) created by jeff
Hi, this amendment …
12:08 Ticket #5249 ([6scripts] wrong package name for description) created by mss
There seems to be a small copy&paste error in the Makefile: […]
12:07 Changeset [16226] by ralph
[tools] fix download url
11:48 Ticket #5248 (rtorrent does not build (brcm47xx / gcc 4.4)) created by umiki (at) med.unideb.hu
rtorrent does not build in latest revision: […]
11:47 Ticket #5244 (openssl unpack terminates build with no messages) closed by lars
invalid: Know problem with 64-bit debian sqeeze. For the resolution see here: …
11:27 Ticket #5247 (Strange warning messages during build (brcm47xx / gcc 4.4)) created by umiki (at) med.unideb.hu
Recently I see these warning messages during build. For example: […]
11:17 Ticket #5246 (Only one of miniupnpd or ushare can run at the same time.) created by umiki ˙(at) med.unideb.hu
This might be obvious to experienced users, but can puzzle others (like …
09:56 Changeset [16225] by agb
merge r15423 and r16161 to 8.09 [ddns-scripts] Remove erroneous http:// in …
09:09 Ticket #5245 (missing dependencies for b43 and/or b43legacy) created by jake1981 <oskari.rauta@…>
It seems that something is missing, here's part of my syslog: […] I …
08:12 Ticket #5244 (openssl unpack terminates build with no messages) created by Daniel Dickinson <cshore@…>
The build ends with no warning messages during the unpack of openssl. This …[…]
04:25 Changeset [16224] by nbd
madwifi: add better hw detection, use a power offset for setting/getting …
01:47 Changeset [16223] by jow
[PATCH] Typo in r8610.mk signed-off by: Jac Goudsmit <jac@…>
00:45 Changeset [16222] by jow
[PATCH] [hostap-driver] Always escape essid Signed-off-by: Vasilis …
00:45 Changeset [16221] by jow
[PATCH] [hostap-driver] Add bssid, frag and rts options and fix mac access …
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