23:40 Changeset [16480] by kaloz
fix up the second minipci slot in the wndap330, too
23:22 Ticket #5353 (Memory leak in Broadcom wl wireless driver in AP+STA mode on WRT54GL) created by Penguin
I'm experiencing a memory leak with Kamikaze 8.09 on a WRT54GL router. …
23:06 Ticket #5352 (filesystem category house keeping + owfs update to 2.7p21) created by anonymous
This patch puts all file system related components in a consistent …
22:43 Changeset [16479] by kaloz
use the same i/o schedulers for all targets
22:08 Changeset [16478] by kaloz
add a temporary patch to make the wndap330's ethernet work
22:07 Changeset [16477] by kaloz
refresh patches
22:07 Changeset [16476] by kaloz
[octeon] add a more basic generic profile
21:43 Changeset [16475] by kaloz
we need CONFIG_NET_SCHED for 802.11n
21:42 Ticket #5351 (rb532 with gcc 4.4 does not boot) created by anonymous
Hi, I tried to boot a ramdisk kernel+initramfs via tftp. Bootup stops …
18:33 Ticket #5350 (iptables - jump rules problem (ar71xx)) created by vx
troubles with deleting of jump rule (maybe iptables parser bug?): […] …
18:25 Ticket #5349 (fuse24 init script) created by bud.dhay@…
as devfs is created fresh on every boot, the /dev/misc/fuse is lost after …
16:35 Ticket #5169 (lot's of unaligned_instructions on brcm47xx) closed by florian
fixed: Fix applied in [16474], thanks !
16:34 Changeset [16474] by florian
[package] fix unaligned accesses in b43/xmit.c (#5169)
11:58 Ticket #5348 (Update libinklevel to 0.8.0 (stable)) created by Raphaël HUCK <raphael.huck@…>
Support for the following printers has been added: Canon MP530, Canon …
10:02 Ticket #5347 (no mtd-20090505.tar.gz found to download) created by anonymous
please update sources, no mtd-20090505 sources found to download. …
09:45 Changeset [16473] by kaloz
IKCONFIG shouldn't be enabled by default
09:41 Changeset [16472] by kaloz
don't override CONFIG_NEW_LEDS in target configs
09:22 Ticket #5346 ([Packages] Upgrade rtorrent and libtorrent to r1094) created by sav
Upgrade rtorrent and libtorrent to r1094
09:13 Changeset [16471] by kaloz
rfkill config cleanup
09:11 Changeset [16470] by kaloz
sibyte cleanups
08:48 Changeset [16469] by kaloz
forgot to commit the change for covalt, too
08:47 Changeset [16468] by kaloz
CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO isn't something we want on OpenWrt
08:43 Changeset [16467] by kaloz
resync kernel config
02:08 Changeset [16466] by nbd
goldfish: add missing kernel config options for power management
02:08 Changeset [16465] by nbd
goldfish: fix clocksource api mismatch
01:18 Changeset [16464] by nbd
2.6.30: add another export for the binder module
01:06 Changeset [16463] by mirko
add package for (lib)gconf2
00:51 Changeset [16462] by mirko
add <orbit2> - a corba-compliant Object Request Broker implementation


23:43 Changeset [16461] by mirko
remove not needed rpath-link option
23:17 Changeset [16460] by nbd
include a skin for the goldfish emulator
22:42 Changeset [16459] by nbd
add the 'goldfish' target, useful for experimenting with virtual phone …
22:42 Changeset [16458] by nbd
firmware-utils: add a small utility for generating nand flash images with …
22:42 Changeset [16457] by nbd
add ubinize to the mtd-utils build
22:42 Changeset [16456] by nbd
add missing function declaration for extra vm exports
22:42 Changeset [16455] by nbd
upgrade to a more recent version of mtd-utils - preparation for adding UBI …
22:19 Ticket #5343 (qc-usb fails to compile on trunk 2.6, patch included) closed by hauke
fixed: applied in r16454
22:18 Changeset [16454] by hauke
[qc-usb] make it work with kernel 2.6.27 and 2.6.28.
20:16 Ticket #5345 (wrt54gs brcm-2.4 no reboot) created by trine
wrt54gs ver 1.1 fails to reboot with OpenWrt Kamikaze brcm-2.4 - With …
19:35 Ticket #5344 (NIXIO compile fails... missing openssl.h) created by marca56@…
In file included from src/cyassl-compat.c:1: src/cyassl-compat.h:3:25: …
17:57 Ticket #5343 (qc-usb fails to compile on trunk 2.6, patch included) created by mk144210@…
15:42 Ticket #5342 (r16438 broke dhcp6) closed by hauke
fixed: Fixed in r16453
15:42 Changeset [16453] by hauke
[dhcp6] dhcp6 needs PKG_BUILD_DIR in PKG_UNPACK. Fixes #5342.
14:23 Ticket #5342 (r16438 broke dhcp6) created by KanjiMonster
When the line […] got removed vom dhcp6's Makefile, the extraction in …
14:22 Ticket #5272 (Unable to compile latest svn for X86, uClibc issues) closed by hauke
worksforme: I am unable to reproduce this. Did you tried a make distclean?
14:03 Changeset [16452] by hauke
[packages] remove empty files and directories
13:43 Changeset [16451] by hauke
[fuse24] remove empty patch forgotten in r16447
13:39 Ticket #5333 (fuse 2.4 - kernel message & /fuse/dev & forgotten kernel patch) closed by hauke
fixed: Applied in r16447 and r16448.
13:38 Changeset [16450] by juhosg
[ar71xx] setup mac address on the WNR2000
13:37 Changeset [16449] by hauke
[brcm-2.4] Update kernel to
13:36 Changeset [16448] by hauke
[brcm-2.4] This patch adds some vital exports for fuse24 to the kernel. …
13:36 Changeset [16447] by hauke
[fuse24] Some fixes for fuse24. Because sshfs expects character device to …
13:29 Changeset [16446] by juhosg
[ar71xx] refresh 2.6.30 patches
11:59 Ticket #5315 (Leds and buttons for DIR-320) closed by hauke
fixed: A patch very similar to this was applied in r16443. If you have any …
11:45 Changeset [16445] by hauke
[brcm47xx] refresh patches
11:45 Changeset [16444] by hauke
[kernel] refresh patches
11:39 Changeset [16443] by hauke
D-Link DIR-320 support (broadcom-diag) This patch adds D-Link DIR-320 …
05:32 Changeset [16442] by nbd
ar8216: add delay for page switching to work around register setting …
03:01 Ticket #5341 (OpenVPN crashes on first data traffic (e.g. ping) (here: Marvell Orion, ...) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
Trunk: r16438 Feed "packages": same revision as trunk, all packages …


23:55 Ticket #5340 (Bump OpenVPN to 2.1_rc18) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
Update to latest OpenVPN release candidate 2.1 rc_18, as 2.1_rc15 is …
23:20 Changeset [16441] by hauke
[brcm47xx] Port to kernel 2.6.30. There is an error in the unlzma system …
22:51 Ticket #5339 (Kernel for Marvell Orion bigger than it's mtd size due to OpenWrt mtd ...) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
Trunk: r16438 No other feeds installed Build Environment: Debian …
22:39 Ticket #5123 (ueagle-atm X86 causes continous reboots) closed by florian
wontfix: Please report that bug upstream.
22:38 Changeset [16440] by florian
[brcm47xx] include ubsec_ssb in the WGT634U profile
22:37 Ticket #5318 (impossible constraint in 'asm') closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [16439].
22:36 Changeset [16439] by florian
[kernel] also apply gcc4.4.0 specific patches to 2.6.27 (#5318)
22:35 Ticket #5259 (base-files package ead does not compile) closed by hauke
19:09 Ticket #5336 (Various Makefile cleanup) closed by hauke
fixed: Thanks, applied in r16437 and r16438
19:09 Ticket #5331 (Update dnsmasq to 2.49) closed by hauke
fixed: fixed in r16436
19:09 Ticket #5286 (Update to dnsmasq 2.48) closed by hauke
fixed: fixed in r16436
19:06 Ticket #5338 (Net-SNMP buggy with IPv6 (fix: update to stable release)) created by linus.luessing@…
When I try to run the snmpd with IPv6 (snmpd -Lf /tmp/snmpd.log -p …
19:03 Ticket #5337 (Kernel CRC error with a BCM96358) created by anonymous
I recently bought a …
19:01 Changeset [16438] by hauke
[packages] Various Makefile cleanups. Thanks to swalker.
18:47 Changeset [16437] by hauke
[packages] Various Makefile cleanup. Thanks to swalker.
18:46 Changeset [16436] by hauke
[dnsmasq] Update to version 2.49 Fixes #5331 and #5286
17:57 Changeset [16435] by florian
merge r16434 to 8.09
17:56 Ticket #5335 ([PATCH] Linksys WAP54g v2 support in broadcom-diag) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16434], thanks !
17:56 Changeset [16434] by florian
[package] recognize WAP54Gv2 and assigne LED and GPIOs (#5335)
17:51 Ticket #5328 (AGPF_S0 doesn't work again after latest modifications of the firmware ...) closed by florian
fixed: If you want to make sure you recompile with kernel modifications applied, …
17:45 Ticket #4678 (PPPD (using pppoe) using wrong device) closed by florian
17:44 Ticket #4754 (ntfs-3g not working on brcm47xx) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [16413].
17:42 Ticket #4755 (Edimax BR-6104KP: filesystem too big) closed by florian
wontfix: BR-6104KP images are experimental and making OpenWrt fit in 2MB is not …
17:41 Ticket #3164 (USB controller on USR5461 broken) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [16416].
17:40 Ticket #4123 (reproducible hangups when injecting packets with aireplay-ng on ...) closed by florian
16:43 Ticket #5299 (DHCP CIDR Static Routes Patch) closed by nbd
fixed: committed in r16433
16:42 Changeset [16433] by nbd
udhcpc: add cidr routes support (patch from #5299)
16:34 Ticket #5325 (wprobe build fails without <linux/timer.h> header) closed by nbd
fixed: committed in r16432
16:34 Changeset [16432] by nbd
wprobe: add missing include statement (patch from #5325)
15:52 Changeset [16431] by mirko
add <fso-gpsd> - a wrapper for the gps-part of the fso-frameworkd to …
15:48 Changeset [16430] by mirko
rename <fso> to <fso-frameworkd> because there are more fso-projects going …
10:21 Ticket #5336 (Various Makefile cleanup) created by swalker
Removal of redundant PKG_BUILD_DIRs …
03:20 Changeset [16429] by mirko
cleanup Makefile and use now the OpenWrt way of building host tools
02:48 Ticket #5335 ([PATCH] Linksys WAP54g v2 support in broadcom-diag) created by wferi@…
Recognise the WAP54g v2 platform and assign LED and reset button GPIO …


22:25 Ticket #5332 (Please upgrade mksh to R38c) closed by nbd
fixed: committed in r16428
22:24 Changeset [16428] by nbd
upgrade mksh to R38c (patch from #5332)
21:53 Ticket #5334 (Transmission dependencies broken) created by anmar@…
There's a typo in transmission's DEPENDS for transmission-cli and …
20:43 Changeset [16427] by lars
[packages] Cleanup libpam a bit.
17:57 Ticket #5333 (fuse 2.4 - kernel message & /fuse/dev & forgotten kernel patch) created by anonymous
because sshfs expects character device to be /dev/fuse instead of …
17:47 Ticket #5332 (Please upgrade mksh to R38c) created by mirabilos
Hi, I am both the upstream and FreeWRT maintainer of mksh. I kindly …
16:58 Changeset [16426] by florian
[rdc] include linux/magic.h instead of hardcoding the squashfs magic …
15:46 Ticket #5331 (Update dnsmasq to 2.49) created by Raphaël HUCK <raphael.huck@…>
Also see #5286 Fix regression in 2.48 which disables the …
14:07 Ticket #5330 (Atheros adhoc manual channel selection) created by oys@…
I have an adhoc mesh network consisting of a couple of WRT54g and a some …
11:36 Changeset [16425] by mirko
upgrade fso, adjust default-config and disable automatic display-dimming
04:34 Ticket #5329 (Startup script for btpd) created by ericew@…
btpd does not come with a startup script. I have created one that …
03:27 Ticket #5328 (AGPF_S0 doesn't work again after latest modifications of the firmware ...) created by desigabri
hi, I usually wait some days before sending a ticket for any problem. This …


19:54 Ticket #5327 (ddns-scripts bug with sed and html escaping) created by ericew@…
Because options are filtered through sed to generate the final_url string …
16:20 Ticket #5325 (wprobe build fails without <linux/timer.h> header) created by ruff <rufferson@…>
15:01 Ticket #5324 (libtool vs libpam.la issue) closed by lars
fixed: fixed in r16424 thanks for reporting
14:58 Changeset [16424] by lars
[packages] dovecot: Disable linking against libpam. Fixes #5322
14:45 Changeset [16423] by hcg
Removed delay.h update from 001-handle_removal_h_constraint.patch
14:41 Changeset [16422] by nbd
merge r16421 to 8.09
14:40 Changeset [16421] by nbd
madwifi: disable compression by default, as it can cause instabilities on …
13:48 Ticket #5324 (libtool vs libpam.la issue) created by ruff <rufferson@…>
See 4990 The same issue now with …
13:18 Ticket #5321 (r16353 breaks usb build on ar71xx) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [16417]. Thanks for reporting!
10:49 Changeset [16420] by florian
[kernel] refresh generic patches
10:30 Ticket #5323 (OpenWRT sometimes hangs with traceback message on console) created by johnc60@…
I have upgraded OpenWRT from r15888 to r16414 today. The router is now …
10:26 Changeset [16419] by hcg
Bump 2.6.30 kernel version to final
10:17 Changeset [16418] by hcg
Add 2.6.30 final
10:07 Changeset [16417] by juhosg
[ar71xx] move definition of ar91xx_flash_platform_data into a separate …
10:00 Ticket #5197 (make ubsec_ssb work on WL500GD) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16416], thanks !
09:57 Changeset [16416] by florian
[brcm47xx] fix ssb irq setup, allows ubsec_ssb devices on Asus WL500GP and …
09:18 Changeset [16415] by juhosg
[ar71xx] flush more register writings
07:14 Ticket #5322 (LuCI: Blank screens trying to Save changes or Add Entry) created by Daniel Dickinson <cshore@…>
LuCI is broken. Trying make changes to configurations using the LuCi web …
04:17 Ticket #5319 (sshfs update to version 2.2) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r16414 - thanks!
04:17 Changeset [16414] by jow
[packages] sshfs: update to v2.2 (#5319)
04:15 Ticket #5186 (update ntfs-3g to 2009.4.) closed by jow
fixed: fuse_v3.patch - committed in r16410, r16411 and r16412 ntfs-3g_v3.patch - …
04:12 Changeset [16413] by jow
[packages] update ntfs-3g to version 2009.4.4 (#5186)
04:10 Changeset [16412] by jow
[brcm47xx] add patches to workaround dcache realted fuse problems (#5186)
04:09 Changeset [16411] by jow
[package] fuse24: introduce fuse package for brcm-2.4 (#5186)
04:09 Changeset [16410] by jow
[package] fuse: update to v2.7.4 (#5186)
02:33 Ticket #5321 (r16353 breaks usb build on ar71xx) created by Will Dyson <will.dyson@…>
r16353 causes …
01:55 Changeset [16409] by jow
[feeds] switch to LuCI 0.9.x branch
00:59 Ticket #5320 (Default kernel arguments do not work on WGT634U) created by Jonathan <jh-openwrt@…>
The Netgear WGT634U uses ttyS1 for the console port. Default Netgear …
00:34 Changeset [16408] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: Add support for bzipped images in sysupgrade
00:22 Changeset [16407] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: Detect and decompressed gzipped images automatically …


23:55 Changeset [16406] by florian
[rdc] move files-2.6.28 to files
23:52 Changeset [16405] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: format hexdump output instead of using awk for …
19:41 Ticket #5319 (sshfs update to version 2.2) created by bud.dhay@…
attached are the patch against rev 16401 and and a tar gzipped archive …
18:01 Ticket #5318 (impossible constraint in 'asm') created by Eric
replying to #5282 here since I can't change ticket field. I did: svn …
17:18 Changeset [16404] by hcg
Cleaned up whitespace in patch 024-mips_delay.patch
16:37 Changeset [16403] by nbd
enable ucitrigger by default
16:37 Changeset [16402] by nbd
wprobe: move measurement task to the kernel, add some configurability …
15:59 Ticket #5284 (Update monit package to its latest version) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16401], thanks !
15:59 Changeset [16401] by florian
[package] update monit to 5.0.3 (#5284)
15:49 Ticket #5312 (b43 not working on wl500gp [r16366]) closed by florian
worksforme: It complains about the firmware not being available, please make sure that …
15:43 Ticket #5317 (wrong extreaction of revision number in bcm63xx Image tag) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [16400], thanks for reporting.
15:43 Changeset [16400] by florian
[brcm63xx] use build system REVISION variable (#5317)
15:01 Ticket #5317 (wrong extreaction of revision number in bcm63xx Image tag) created by joel_ejc@…
Hi, brcm63xx/image/Makefile uses SVN_REVISION=r$(shell svn info|grep …
14:32 Changeset [16399] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: refresh patches
14:30 Changeset [16398] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Set BGP Hold Timer to a large value on OpenSent state …
14:23 Changeset [16397] by hcg
Remove deprecated 023-mips_delay_gcc4.4.0.patch and add new delay fix for …
10:24 Changeset [16396] by florian
The attached patch adds building of firmware images for more routers based …
03:22 Ticket #5316 (madwifi in 8.09.1 don't accept countrycode parameter) closed by jow
worksforme: Country code is now set via /etc/config/wireless. Add "option countrycode …
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