22:48 Ticket #5449 (apcupsd failed to compile under trunk version with gcc 3.4.6 over (works ...) created by guillermo@…
touch …
21:29 Ticket #5447 (adm5120 edimax board usb storage + madwifi / ath5k irq problem) closed by juhosg
invalid: This does not seems to be a BR-6104KP board. It has no PCI slot at all, …
21:04 Ticket #5448 (Chroot to older root filessytem does not work) created by amain@…
chrooting from root filesystem build with trunk - revision 16670, to old …
20:40 Ticket #5447 (adm5120 edimax board usb storage + madwifi / ath5k irq problem) created by hanicka@…
Hi, today I build r16662 on my router, I use usbroot, and after I …
19:33 Ticket #5446 (faad2 (2.7) failed to compile under trunk version with gcc 3.4.6 over ...) created by guillermo@…
Hello, I'm trying to build a brcm-2.4 (wrt54gl) and it fails to compile.. …
14:03 Ticket #5445 (Bump SSLH to 1.6i) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
Update to latest SSLH stable release 1.6i, as 1.6g was a release …
14:01 Ticket #5444 (Support dhcp_options for dnsmasq) created by Felix Schwarz <felix.schwarz@…>
Currently there is no support for dhcp-option in /etc/init.d/dnsmasq. …
11:55 Ticket #5303 (kmod-ide-core doesn't compile due to library error) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [16670]. Thanks for reporting.
11:54 Changeset [16670] by florian
[kernel] remove 2.6.26 check, do not build ide-generic on arm it is not …
11:15 Ticket #5443 (svn.openwrt.org certificate expired, svn reports XML data not well formed ...) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #5440
07:18 Changeset [16669] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix AR7240 PCI IRQ support
06:37 Ticket #5443 (svn.openwrt.org certificate expired, svn reports XML data not well formed ...) created by anonymous
I tried to do a checkout of the trunk and ran into the same expired …
02:37 Changeset [16668] by mirko
clean interface before shutting it down
02:28 Changeset [16667] by mirko
add default theme for elementary
01:15 Ticket #4957 (fluxbox lacks libXpm dependency) closed by mirko
fixed: added missing dependency in commit 16666 - thanks
01:11 Changeset [16666] by mirko
add missing dependency <libXpm> (fixes #4957) - thanks to "maddes"
00:29 Changeset [16665] by mirko
adjust Exec-calls of paroli desktop files
00:12 Changeset [16664] by nbd
allow udhcpc to work properly for interfaces that are not configured …


21:49 Changeset [16663] by florian
[package] fix btpd init script typo
17:17 Changeset [16662] by marek
[batman-adv] batctl replaces battool for testing / debugging / …
14:49 Changeset [16661] by claudio
[etrax] install headers, fix foxboard-utils
12:05 Changeset [16660] by claudio
[etrax] Port the usb host driver and install some missing headers
11:31 Changeset [16659] by florian
[kernel] update to latest stable kernel
00:39 Ticket #5442 (olsrd-luci package Makefile corrupted) closed by jow
fixed: Hi. Right, it used to work but I switched it to the official release …


22:53 Ticket #5442 (olsrd-luci package Makefile corrupted) created by boringuy@…
I did "scripts/feeds update". The Makefile in feeds/luci/olsrd-luci has …
19:59 Ticket #5428 (Possible bug using opkg to install ssmtp - dependency error libopenssl) closed by florian
worksforme: Please make sure you are not running out of memory on your flash.
19:23 Changeset [16658] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix a bitmask in the ag71xx driver
17:43 Ticket #5404 (btpd-0.15 upgrade) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16657], next time make sure your patch applies, and do not …
17:42 Changeset [16657] by florian
[package] update btpd to 0.15 (#5404)
16:51 Ticket #5371 (LuCI backup/restore creates an empty backup settings file) closed by florian
15:08 Ticket #5255 (trunk r16244 doesn't build with pppoe-relay) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16656], thanks !
15:08 Changeset [16656] by florian
Fix configure script path when not at the root of $(PKG_BUILD_DIR), thanks …
15:01 Ticket #5423 (Opkg search doesn't work (but opkg list | grep does)) closed by florian
14:58 Ticket #5438 (svn & git source retrieval is SLOW) closed by florian
invalid: It took me seconds to get to your host so I would rather say it is an …
09:57 Changeset [16655] by agb
[x86] don't force kmod-natsemi and kmod-ne2k-pci in all profiles, included …
09:24 Changeset [16654] by agb
[ImageBuilder] remove legacy 2.4-specific behavior, fixes IB on brcm-2.4
09:24 Changeset [16653] by agb
[ImageBuilder] fix profile package selection, packages from last parsed …
09:24 Changeset [16652] by agb
[package] base-files: explicitly create /etc/rc.d/, fixes ImageBuilder …
09:24 Changeset [16651] by agb
[x86] rename Pcengines profile to Wrap, PCEngines also makes the ALIX …
04:29 Ticket #5441 (luci.util.exec sometimes fails due to a socket error) created by Daniel Dickinson <crazycshore@…>
ouput = luci.util.exec("smap-to-devinfo " .. scannetsubnet?) returns …
04:22 Ticket #5440 (dev.openwrt.org website certificate expired) created by Daniel Dickinson <crazycshore@…>
29/06/2009 was the last valid day for the certificate, now you get a …
02:25 Ticket #5439 (libtool_fixup_libdir fails in iptables) created by david@…
With OpenWrt r16642, I hit this error after iptables is built. […] …


23:00 Changeset [16650] by florian
[brcm63xx] add the infrastructure to use a MPI/GPIO connected VoIP DSP
21:49 Changeset [16649] by acinonyx
[packages] net-snmp: Add option 'execname' to allow the usage of same exec …
21:41 Changeset [16648] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix ar71xx_device_{start,stop} functions on the AR7240 SoC
21:38 Changeset [16647] by juhosg
[ar71xx] initialize GPIO for the AR7240 SoC
21:37 Changeset [16646] by juhosg
[ar71xx] initialize IRQs for the AR7240 SoC
21:34 Changeset [16645] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add AR7240 specific frequency detection
21:32 Changeset [16644] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add AR7240 specific definitions
21:28 Changeset [16643] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix a typo in ath9k_platform.h
19:07 Changeset [16642] by acinonyx
[package] madwifi: Disable compression capability on AR71XX and make it …
17:21 Ticket #5438 (svn & git source retrieval is SLOW) created by avico
hello developers, is there a way to get faster response from the …
16:58 Ticket #4359 (trx tool maxlen argument caused seg fault) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [16641], thanks !
16:58 Changeset [16641] by florian
[tools] fix segfault when using the maxlen argument (#4359)
16:54 Ticket #4433 ([PATCH] Support for Davolink routers) closed by florian
fixed: I assume it works.
16:43 brcm63xx edited by florian
15:49 Changeset [16640] by florian
[brcm63xx] fixes for the bcm6338 clocks, thanks Maxime
14:04 Ticket #5437 (ADM5120/CAS-630 broken) created by heruan@…
I'm trying to compile OpenWRT for a D-Link DCS-950G IP camera, based on …
12:20 Ticket #5421 (kamikaze/staging_dir/toolchain-mipsel_gcc-4.4.0_uClibc- ...) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here. Please issue a make distclean if …
00:42 Changeset [16639] by mirko
prevent ar6000 from being deactivated in a inappropriate way
00:29 Changeset [16638] by lars
[s3c24xx] Enable s3c mmc driver.


23:15 Ticket #5169 (lot's of unaligned_instructions on brcm47xx) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with compat-wireless-2009-06-25.
21:18 Ticket #5436 (OpenVPN list parameter problem) created by anonymous
When starting openvpn any "list" parameters get applied twice to the …
19:37 Ticket #5435 (error while building iptables) created by c_schwamborn@…
I tried to build the current trunk from svn (2009-06-30) and after adding …
18:22 Changeset [16637] by mirko
fix typo in function name
17:27 Contact edited by glp
17:26 WantedHardware edited by glp
15:45 Changeset [16636] by florian
[brcm63xx] a couple of more fixes to get 6345 booting up to the console …
13:46 WantedHardware edited by glp
13:31 florian edited by florian
11:20 Changeset [16635] by lars
[s3c24xx] Let jbt6k74 depend on LCD_CLASS_DEVICE. Enable LCD_CLASS_DEVICE.
09:26 Changeset [16634] by lars
[package] enlightenment: Argh... the patch file was accidentally emptied …
08:12 Ticket #5434 (make kernel_menuconfig fails with error 2 on rev. 16621) created by glp
When running 'make kernel_menuconfig' it fails with 'error 2', due to the …
07:52 Changeset [16633] by agb
move ksymoops from trunk/package/ to packages/devel/
07:51 Changeset [16632] by agb
[packages] devel/binutils: fix typo in libbfd install step
07:50 Changeset [16631] by agb
[packages] lang/ipython: fix package description
00:08 Changeset [16630] by lars
[package] enlightenment: if the desktop file icon is not an absolute path …


23:54 Changeset [16629] by nbd
ar8216: fix transmission of large frames by setting the switch mtu
23:54 Changeset [16628] by nbd
pppoe: add extra padding for the header (useful for drivers that need …
23:25 people edited by acinonyx
23:13 Changeset [16627] by acinonyx
[package] mac80211: Declare some variables as local and remove unused
23:13 Changeset [16626] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: Fix sysupgrade .tar.gz configuration restoring
23:12 Changeset [16625] by acinonyx
[packages] net-snmp: Fix minor typo in libnetsnmp package title
22:52 Ticket #5433 (Package/libopenssl/install wrongly removes executable attribute "x" from ...) closed by jow
fixed: You are right. See r16624 - thanks for reporting!
22:48 Changeset [16624] by jow
[package] openssl: fix bad chmod in install section (#5433)
22:01 Changeset [16623] by juhosg
[ar71xx] increase NR_IRQS
21:58 Changeset [16622] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix PCI_CORE irq number
21:44 people edited by acinonyx
19:42 Ticket #5433 (Package/libopenssl/install wrongly removes executable attribute "x" from ...) created by luigi.mantellini.ml@…
Hi Devs, I noticed that the ppp package has the following …
18:39 Ticket #5432 (AMD/Fujitsu Flash Chip Not Supported) created by eapache@…
OpenWRT will not boot successfully on a WRT310n router because the flash …
13:50 Ticket #5263 (please merge aircrack-ng r1396 from trunk to 8.09) closed by jow
fixed: see r16621
13:50 Changeset [16621] by jow
[packages_8.09] aircrack-ng: Merge r14483 and r14936 (#5263)
13:38 Changeset [16620] by jow
Merge r16619 to 8.09; bump patch level
13:35 Changeset [16619] by jow
[package] base-files: ipcalc.sh: fix off-by-one in range-calculation
12:02 Changeset [16618] by lars
[package] ecore: Add dependencies to those X libs we want to link against …
11:35 Ticket #5431 (Problem with uclibc+nptl and ffmpeg) created by anonymous
Hello, I am using the trunk version with the uclibc+nptl. I patched the …
11:13 Ticket #5169 (lot's of unaligned_instructions on brcm47xx) reopened by florian
The issue is still open according to #5362
11:12 Ticket #5362 (Please reopen #5169 (lots of unaligned_instructions on brcm47xx)) closed by florian
duplicate: Ok, so the issue is still open.
11:11 brcm63xx edited by florian
11:09 Changeset [16617] by lars
[s3c24xx] Oops. forgot the header for the last commit.
10:07 Changeset [16616] by lars
[s3c24xx] jbt6k74: * Register a lcd device. * Add callbacks to allow the …
00:13 Ticket #5430 (8.09 / 8.09.1 / 2.6 and 2.4) created by anonymous
Tested 3 base installs. WRT56GS V4 - 2.6 based 8.09 -Unstable, it seems …
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