23:36 Ticket #5743 (Supply shorewall6 package) created by mail@…
With IPv6 becoming more and more popular, OpenWRT routers are used as …
21:25 Ticket #5742 (Unable to get wan ip address from dhcp server for ubiquity routerstation ...) created by drkhosla@…
I am unable to get any IP address from dhcp server when I set proto to …
17:26 Ticket #5741 (Python distutils is required for building ipkg-utils) created by (GalaxyMaster)
It would be nice to perform a check for Python's distutils as a part of …
17:19 Ticket #5150 (brcm47xx 8.09 :: opkg segfault) closed by kaloz
fixed: we are using the new opkg snapshots now
15:52 Ticket #3736 (no thruput via ath0+eth0.x in bridge) closed by florian
15:51 Ticket #3676 (cannot upload TRX file using factory firmware http upload) closed by florian
15:47 Ticket #4593 (OpenSWAN: NAT Traversal doesn't work with KLIPS module) closed by florian
fixed: I believe it is fixed with [17357].
15:46 Ticket #5677 (Unable to compile openswan since last week) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [17357].
15:43 Ticket #5711 ([ar71xx] Openswan not compilable since release 17244) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [17357].
15:43 Changeset [17357] by florian
[package] update openswan to 2.6.22 (#5711)
14:00 Changeset [17356] by mirko
also take over the files for 2.6.31
13:26 Changeset [17355] by florian
[package] update babel to 0.96, babel executable was renamed to babeld
13:21 Changeset [17354] by florian
[package] fix typos in babel.conf files, thanks florida
13:12 Changeset [17353] by florian
merge r14585 to 8.091, thanks florida
04:31 Ticket #5740 (Rebuild takes too long, file copy is blind.) created by william estrada <MrUmunhum@…>
The current build will blindly copy ALL of the source file from …


20:18 Changeset [17352] by florian
[ubicom32] default is to generate a ramdisk image
19:38 Ticket #5720 (x386 build uses two different output directories.) closed by florian
worksforme: x86 has a generic subtarget so everything which is kernel-specific (which …
17:54 ubicom32 created by florian
17:51 platforms edited by florian
14:46 Changeset [17351] by mirko
add generic patchset levelled up to 2.6.31-rc6
00:32 Changeset [17350] by nbd
add a new target for ubicom32 (compiles, but untested)
00:32 Changeset [17349] by nbd
libpcap: fix kernel version check
00:32 Changeset [17348] by nbd
busybox: adjust default config for nommu targets
00:32 Changeset [17347] by nbd
add nommu target feature flag
00:31 Changeset [17346] by nbd
add a heavily cleaned up version of ubicom32 toolchain support
00:26 Ticket #5739 (Add dpsca drivers) created by dave@…
Please find the gspca patch and gspca1 removal patches …


11:19 Ticket #5737 (Update mpc package to 0.17) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [17345], thanks!
11:19 Changeset [17345] by florian
[package] update mpc to 0.17 (#5737)
11:14 Ticket #5732 ([packages] lcd4linux, rising to latest rev) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [17344], thanks!
11:13 Changeset [17344] by florian
[package] update lcd4linux to revision 1037 (#5732)
11:05 Ticket #5731 ([packages] st2205tool, new version) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [17343], thanks!
11:04 Changeset [17343] by florian
[package] update st2205tool to 1.4.3 (#5731)
10:11 Ticket #5730 ([packages] vsftpd, new version) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [17342], thanks!
10:11 Changeset [17342] by florian
[package] update vsftpd to 2.2.0 (#5730)
08:41 Ticket #5735 (wireless-tools fails in 17324) closed by florian
04:25 Ticket #5738 (AR7 build failure in revision 17341) created by thirdwheel
Hi, My build got up to packaging everything and hit this error: […] …
01:55 Ticket #5737 (Update mpc package to 0.17) created by routerWhacker
Index: mpc/Makefile …


23:30 Ticket #5736 ([fonera 2.0] kernel crashes when usb device is plugged) created by Felix.Braun@…
Hi there, i've built a recent trunk snapshot for my fonera2.0 everything …
20:49 Changeset [17341] by nbd
mac80211: fix a race condition in the cfg80211 scanning code (thx, johill)
19:32 Changeset [17340] by nbd
b43: disable pio and pcmcia support
19:25 Changeset [17339] by nbd
mac80211: reorganize compat code to make cfg80211 load without usb
19:10 Ticket #5682 (New version of rdiff-backup) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [17338], thanks!
19:09 Changeset [17338] by florian
[package] update rdiff-backup to 1.2.8, add missing openssl-util …
19:06 Changeset [17337] by nbd
fix a typo in the compat-wireless build speedup patch
18:56 Changeset [17336] by nbd
mac80211: disable b43 lp-phy support for now
18:52 Changeset [17335] by nbd
mac80211: speed up build by reducing the makefile shell calls, fix forced …
18:08 Changeset [17334] by florian
[tools] update mpfr to 2.4.1
17:58 Changeset [17333] by nbd
wpa_supplicant: fix madwifi related config change handling
17:48 Changeset [17332] by nbd
merge the control file and the .ipk file targets into one to prevent them …
17:41 Changeset [17331] by nbd
mac80211: add missing config override
17:31 Changeset [17330] by nbd
now that each target has its own package directory, remove the base-files …
17:31 Changeset [17329] by nbd
move the package dir to bin/packages/$(BOARD)_$(LIBC)-$(LIBCV) to prevent …
17:09 Changeset [17328] by nbd
mac80211: fix ath5k dma size workaround for ar71xx Atheros legacy hardware …
17:00 Changeset [17327] by nbd
remove support for compat-wireless-old
16:59 Changeset [17326] by nbd
upgrade mac80211 to 2008-08-20 and clean up some unnecessary patching to …
16:04 Changeset [17325] by nbd
fix multiple ipkg builds of the same arch but with different targets in …
06:12 Ticket #5735 (wireless-tools fails in 17324) created by thirdwheel
Hi, In my never-ending quest to build a snapshot for my router, I've hit …
05:18 Ticket #5734 (Update linux kernel used by brcm47xx to 2.6.30) created by Craig <candrews@…>
I noticed that [17296] bumped all other architectures up to, but …
00:36 Changeset [17324] by geoff
ps3/petitboot: Run petitboot at first startup Signed-off-by: Geoff Levand …
00:34 Changeset [17323] by geoff
libtwin: General cleanup of the libtwin package makefile o Make …
00:32 Changeset [17322] by geoff
ps3: Make ps3-bl-option executable Signed-off-by: Geoff Levand …


22:16 Changeset [17321] by juhosg
[ar71xx] preliminary failsafe support (closes #5726)
21:32 Ticket #5727 (WRT160NL no failsafe mode) closed by juhosg
duplicate: Dupe of #5726
21:29 Ticket #5725 (wrt160nl power LED remains blinking) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with [17320].
21:26 Changeset [17320] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add diag script (closes #5725)
21:12 Changeset [17319] by jow
[package] base-files: fix sysupgrade get_magic_word() function to return …
21:09 Changeset [17318] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix package name of kmod-leds-gpio
19:55 Ticket #5733 (Icecast 2.3.2 does not start) created by dr.gonzo42
This version of Icecast doesnt work with the newest libxml2 version in …
18:43 Ticket #5732 ([packages] lcd4linux, rising to latest rev) created by cezary@…
Patch included.
18:41 Ticket #5731 ([packages] st2205tool, new version) created by cezary@…
Patch included.
18:41 Ticket #5730 ([packages] vsftpd, new version) created by anonymous
Patch included.
17:50 Ticket #5729 (AR71xx image not working on RB 411) created by enrico@…
Was working before I did an svn update (r16428 to r17307). Did a brand new …
17:22 Ticket #4376 (Atheros doens't work with Nokia phones) closed by nbd
fixed: fixes merged to trunk in r17312, to 8.09 in r17317
17:22 Changeset [17317] by nbd
madwifi: merge patch refresh and powersave fixes from trunk to 8.09
17:17 Changeset [17316] by nbd
madwifi: remove version selection support
17:16 Changeset [17315] by nbd
remove support for the madwifi upstream release, it doesn't work on newer …
17:13 Changeset [17314] by nbd
madwifi: add patch for building all modules (except for the HAL) into a …
17:12 Changeset [17313] by nbd
when regenerating an ipkg package, make sure the entire ipkg build dir is …
16:48 Changeset [17312] by nbd
add powersave fixes based on patches by Steven Luo (#4376)
16:48 Changeset [17311] by nbd
madwifi: refresh patches
15:20 Changeset [17310] by nico
[packages] curl: update to v7.19.6 - CVE-2009-2417
15:14 Changeset [17309] by nico
[packages] curl: fix handling of '\0' character in domain names of x509 …
13:28 Changeset [17308] by nico
[kernel] fix possible NULL pointer dereference in sock_sendpage() - …
13:09 Ticket #5728 (add support for D-link DSL-2640U rev B2 (D-4P-W with BCM6348 V0.7)) created by V
i have build openwrt for it from svn with some of 2009.08.12 revisions, …
09:24 Ticket #5727 (WRT160NL no failsafe mode) created by vincentfox
There does not appear to be a working failsafe mode on the WRT160NL at …
09:24 Ticket #5726 (WRT160NL no failsafe mode) created by vincentfox
There does not appear to be a working failsafe mode on the WRT160NL at …
09:21 Ticket #5725 (wrt160nl power LED remains blinking) created by vincentfox
Trunk 17290 has power LED blinking during boot, but then leaves it …
01:09 Changeset [17307] by geoff
pxcab: Replace TARGET_pxcab with feature powerpc64 Signed-off-by: Geoff …
01:07 Changeset [17306] by geoff
powerpc: Create a powerpc64 config feature The config symbol TARGET_ps3 …


23:55 Changeset [17305] by geoff
ps3: General cleanup and update for defconfig-ps3-petitboot …
23:54 Changeset [17304] by geoff
ps3: Move defconfig-ps3-petitboot to the petitboot profile directory …
23:52 Changeset [17303] by geoff
ps3: Update the Petitboot profile package dependencies Signed-off-by: …
23:51 Changeset [17302] by geoff
ps3-utils: Add Build/InstallDev section to package makefile …
23:50 Changeset [17301] by geoff
ps3-utils: Update package to include latest repository fixes …
23:48 Changeset [17300] by geoff
ps3: Updates for ps3-bl-option Update the ps3 bootloader helper script …
23:47 Changeset [17299] by geoff
ps3: Rename bl-option to ps3-bl-option Rename the bootloader helper …
22:32 Ticket #5724 (gpioctl don't work under fonera 2.0) created by anonymous
On latest version of trunk, can't work gpioctl.
21:20 Ticket #5723 (fonera2.0 can't control leds) closed by nbd
wontfix: GPIO LED support was intentionally disabled, because it was causing …
21:14 Ticket #5723 (fonera2.0 can't control leds) created by anonymous
On recent builds the directory tree under /sys/class/leds/ is empty. Thus …
17:29 Ticket #5707 (wget timeout) closed by acinonyx
invalid: I believe Dave is correct. Thanks anyway for your report.
16:50 Ticket #5716 (syslog-ng3 upgrade (3.0.4) and fixes.) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [17298], thanks!
16:49 Changeset [17298] by florian
[package] update syslog-ng3 to 3.0.4, remove some duplicate dependencies, …
15:35 Ticket #5640 (No ping between LAN ports with Orion/WRT350Nv2 snapshot build) closed by florian
15:34 Ticket #5341 (OpenVPN crashes on first data traffic (e.g. ping) (here: Marvell Orion, ...) closed by florian
14:46 Changeset [17297] by florian
[package] add missing libsas configuration symbol
11:26 Ticket #5722 (Imagebuilder for ar71xx in trunk broken because of defconfig) created by freifunk somakoma de
When using trunk there is an error with enabling the defconfig script …
11:22 Ticket #5718 (kernel panic with kernel: Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at ...) closed by hauke
02:59 Ticket #5721 (Validate kernel-version selected for packages) created by linus.luessing@…
It would be great, if the Makefile could be changed in the way, that it …
02:43 Ticket #5720 (x386 build uses two different output directories.) created by william estrada <MrUmunhum@…>
There are two different directories used when building a x386 system. The …
01:55 Ticket #5719 (sysupgrade support for WRT350Nv2 (patches attached)) created by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>
sysupgarde support for WRT350Nv2 (Orion) is missing. Attached are three …
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