20:17 Ticket #6205 (Static DHCP leases don't work if more then one MAC is associated with one ...) created by David Kovalský <david@…>
My typical setup is that I have the same IP address for both my wired …
20:14 Ticket #5411 (Kismet Upgrade) closed by nbd
fixed: kismet is at 2009-06-R1
19:29 Ticket #6204 (lm-sensors should depends on libsensors) created by moo <moo.tinys@…>
[…] i have installed lm-sensors package but libsensors is not …
18:01 Ticket #6181 (busybox: init_avoid_loop_opening_tty is broken) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [18485], thanks!
18:00 Changeset [18485] by nico
busybox: restore previous inittab handling when terminal can't be accessed …
17:48 Ticket #6164 ([Package] Update libtorrent/rtorrent to svn r1102) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #6169
17:41 Ticket #6191 ([package] vsftpd - new version 2.2.2) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r18484, thanks!
17:41 Changeset [18484] by florian
[package] updat vsftpd to 2.2.2 (#6191)
17:21 Ticket #6196 ([package] umurmur) closed by florian
fixed: Added in r18483, thanks!
17:21 Changeset [18483] by florian
[package] add umurmur (#6196)
17:17 Ticket #6198 ([package] tmux) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r18482, thanks!
17:17 Changeset [18482] by florian
[package] add tmux (#6198)
16:49 Changeset [18481] by nico
cosmetic: more reformatting missed from [18480]
16:34 Changeset [18480] by nico
cosmetic: reformat library configuration submenu - adjust indent & spaces …
16:30 Changeset [18479] by nico
eglibc: fix wrong config symbol name if library configuration submenu
16:10 Ticket #6201 (Slow ntp server may lead to hotplug-call stall for 600 seconds waiting for ...) closed by jow
fixed: fixed in r18478
16:09 Changeset [18478] by jow
[packages] ntpclient: prevent stalling of hotplug events when waiting for …
15:54 Changeset [18477] by jow
[brcm47xx] add missing CONFIG_MIPS_FPU_EMU to kernel config
15:53 Ticket #5979 (board_bcm963xx: unknown bcm963xx board: RTA1025W_16) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r18476.
15:53 Changeset [18476] by florian
[brcm63xx] add support for the RTA1025W_16 board (#5979)
15:46 Ticket #5243 (RDC kernels: profile-specific config overrides are not merged.) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r18354.
15:43 Changeset [18475] by florian
[package] update faifa to r50
14:07 Ticket #6203 (b43 does not work on wrt54gl) created by openwrt@…
Since two or three months wlan0 is not available anymore if compiling …
13:27 Changeset [18474] by nico
[toolchain] eglibc: don't use minor version numbers in config symbols, …
13:24 Changeset [18473] by nico
[x86] remove obsolete 2.6.28 config & empty patches dir
13:23 Changeset [18472] by nico
cleanup: remove empty directories
12:54 Changeset [18471] by jow
[8.09] merge r18470
12:52 Changeset [18470] by jow
[package] dnsmasq: Set a list of addnhosts files. e.g. list 'addnhosts' …
08:39 Changeset [18469] by nbd
tcpdump-mini: merge r18468 to 8.09
08:38 Changeset [18468] by nbd
tcpdump: by request, add back cdp to tcpdump-mini
08:30 Changeset [18467] by nbd
add a backport of tcpdump-mini from /packages to 8.09
08:14 Changeset [18466] by nbd
tcpdump: add a new "mini" build variant which reduces the binary size to …
08:13 Changeset [18465] by nbd
mac80211: update to compat-wireless 2009-11-21
08:08 Changeset [18464] by nbd
build variants: only build opkg packages for the requested build variant …
07:19 Ticket #6202 (Atheros AR231x/5312: Engenius (Senao) EOC-1650 hangs after software reboot) created by anonymous
Tested in both 8.09 latest build and trunk 18459. When issuing the …
05:06 Changeset [18463] by nbd
merge babeld from packages to packages_8.09
05:02 Changeset [18462] by nbd
Upgrade the babel package to 0.97, renaming it to babeld - adds librt …
04:52 Changeset [18461] by nbd
merge ahcpd from trunk to 8.09
04:48 Changeset [18460] by nbd
Fix and upgrade the ahcpd package - upgrades ahcpd to the latest release …
03:06 Ticket #6201 (Slow ntp server may lead to hotplug-call stall for 600 seconds waiting for ...) created by Alexey Loukianov <mooroon2@…>
Package ntpclient contains /etc/hotplug.d/iface/20-ntpclient script, which …
02:43 Ticket #6200 (2.6.28 ssb patch conflicts) created by Andrew Byrne <openwrt@…>
The following two patches: …
02:33 Ticket #6199 (luci-app-firewall fails to compile in trunk 18459 for ar71xx platform) created by anonymous
Not much more to say - cannot build ar71xx image from trunk with this …
00:41 Ticket #6198 ([package] tmux) created by Zuljin
tmux is an alternative to GNU screen. It has similar functionality, but is …


20:41 Ticket #6197 (When daemon calling sqlite3, daemon hangs) created by EdbO
A very simple program goes into daemon-mode. After then, the program try …
20:04 Ticket #6196 ([package] umurmur) created by Zuljin
umurmur is a small Mumble (voice chat software) server that was written …
18:33 Ticket #6195 (Can`t restore original firmware to ZyXEL P-334WT EE after flashing ...) created by awerart@…
When i try to flash it trought Luci firmware upgrade i got a "Error 512" …
16:22 Ticket #6180 (x86 build error at decompress_unlzo.c) closed by kaloz
fixed: fixed with [18459]
16:21 Changeset [18459] by kaloz
use CONFIG_EMBEDDED for x86, too
16:20 Changeset [18458] by kaloz
add more symbols to the generic config
16:20 Changeset [18457] by kaloz
make lzo compressed initramfs selectable, too
12:02 Ticket #6194 (r18414 breacks unattended build (without V=99)) created by Alexey Loukianov <mooroon2@…>
Looks like fpu-emulation related prompt that was added in r18414 breaks …
10:10 Ticket #6193 (updatedd fail to builds with gcc 4.3.3+cs) created by anonymous
ar71xx, updatedd fail to builds after r18094 with: …
01:49 Ticket #6192 (Python segmentation fault when importing ctypes on RouterStation Pro ...) created by riskable@…
[…] Note: It does this with both Python 2.6.1 and 2.6.4 (I decided to …
00:04 Changeset [18456] by jow
[8.09] merge r18455
00:02 Changeset [18455] by jow
[package] base-files: sysupgrade: restrict find command to plain files to …


17:01 Ticket #6191 ([package] vsftpd - new version 2.2.2) created by cezary@…
Patch included.
15:00 Ticket #6190 (LuCI dies with "Not found") created by or4n9e@…
Running OpenWrt trunk r18438 on atheros, LuCI dies with "Not found". When …
14:50 Ticket #6189 (lcd4linux - picoLCDGraphic - error in Config.in) created by rune.evjen@…
When I compiled lcd4linux I noticed that even if I selected the …
02:29 Ticket #6188 (OpenWRT / X-WRT for Linksys WAG354G) created by Y
Hi! I have one Linksys WAG354G v.1 and I want transform it in a client …


20:30 Ticket #6187 (iprange module missing) created by jaroslav.drzik@…
In recent snapshots iprange kernel modules is missing, package with module …
19:14 Ticket #6186 (D-Link DIR-615 board support, fixes WAN/STATUS tricolor leds.) created by n1x@…
maps GPIOs, fixes WAN and STATUS tricolor LEDS for the D-Link DIR-615 rev …
18:54 Ticket #6185 (Support for WRTP54G (Titan)) created by xlonestar2000@…
The patches added support for the TI Titan chip which is used in WRTP54G. …
18:31 Ticket #6175 (error making uclibc ib new svn (17-nov-2009)) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed with r18454 - thanks for reporting.
18:23 Changeset [18454] by nbd
do not use the wrapper scripts for exportable toolchains internally. on …
17:25 Ticket #6098 (ar71xx/mac80211/ath9k leaks memory via WiFi) closed by nbd
17:06 Ticket #6184 ([packages] digitemp) created by cezary@…
r18453 - please, apply also make ... clean before build ds2490. Cleanup is …
15:52 Changeset [18453] by markus
digitemp-usb contained the wrong binary. fixed it.
15:49 Ticket #6183 (Openswan compilation error on trunk 18452) created by Nicolas CAILLEAUX <admin@…>
Hi, I try to compile trunk 18452 and openswan cannot compile : […] …
13:40 Ticket #6182 (wndr3700: wireless config) created by whiskas
Problem 1: after enabling wireles in /etc/config/wireless one or more …
11:48 Ticket #6181 (busybox: init_avoid_loop_opening_tty is broken) created by aschultz@…
The original patch for 1.11.1 contained this: […] when busybox was …


19:35 Changeset [18452] by nbd
ath9k: fix compiler warning without debug enabled
19:10 Changeset [18451] by nbd
ar71xx: build images for ubnt bullet-m, rocket-m and nano-m
19:10 Changeset [18450] by nbd
ar71xx: use a separate board id for rocket m
19:10 Changeset [18449] by nbd
ar71xx: enable command-line mtd map parsing
19:10 Changeset [18448] by nbd
mkfwimage: add support for the XM layout (bullet/rocket/nano M)
18:05 Changeset [18447] by matteo
ar71xx: add Ubiquiti Rocket M and Nanostation M support
17:28 Ticket #6180 (x86 build error at decompress_unlzo.c) created by Bart Swinnen <bartswinnen@…>
I get following build error for x86, even after distclean …
13:02 Ticket #6179 (working-gcc... failed with ccache on and dirclean) created by moo <moo.tinys@…>
[…] […]
11:51 Ticket #6178 (Grub enabled on platforms that don't support it after r18441) closed by kaloz
fixed: fixed in [18446]
11:13 Changeset [18446] by kaloz
fix grub image target dependency
10:41 Ticket #6178 (Grub enabled on platforms that don't support it after r18441) created by thomas@…
After r18441, the build root enabled grub by default on platforms where it …
10:34 Ticket #6177 (firmware for p54usb don't work (isl3887usb)) created by narcois
If put the firmware isl3887usb on lib\firmware directory (kamikaze …
09:12 Ticket #6176 ([Package] Update libtorrent/rtorrent to svn r1104) created by sav
Update libtorrent/rtorrent to svn r1104. Patch included
05:42 Changeset [18445] by nbd
ath9k: fix bisectability of rc patches
05:20 Ticket #6175 (error making uclibc ib new svn (17-nov-2009)) created by anonymous
1. …
04:48 Changeset [18444] by nbd
ath9k: split up and adjust rc cleanup patch according to upstream …


22:53 Changeset [18443] by nico
atheros: add fstype to combined image file name
22:29 Changeset [18442] by nico
change ext2/ext3 load order so that lazy mount tries ext3 before ext2
20:49 Changeset [18441] by kaloz
change x86 image generation handling to treat only olpc specially
20:31 Ticket #6174 (Asterisk 1.6 fails to compile on brcm63xx in trunk) created by marca56@…
Installing modules from channels... Installing modules from pbx... …
16:17 Ticket #6173 (Build from trunk failed, problem in zlib) created by anonymous
The build failed on trunk downloaded by svn today. CONFIG_TARGET_x86=y …
14:56 Ticket #6172 (wndr3700: wrong MAC for 2nd wireless interface in eeprom/flash) created by anonymous
wndr3700 has special flash layout for wmac calibration data (see dump …
14:07 Ticket #6171 (wndr3700 pci init) created by whiskas
symptom: cat /proc/bus/pci/devices shows wrong PCI-IDs reason: wrong pci …
11:06 Changeset [18440] by kaloz
refresh 2.6.32 patches with -rc7
11:04 Changeset [18439] by kaloz
replace our arm LZMA loader with the one that goes upstream
05:36 Changeset [18438] by nbd
mklibs: fix missing pack_f symbol in uclibc after relink
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