22:47 Changeset [18960] by lars
[packages] libX11: fix hosttool build
18:07 Changeset [18959] by nbd
add opennhrp (based on a patch by Jakob Pfeiffer)
18:06 Changeset [18958] by nbd
add c-ares, a library for asynchronous dns requests (based on a patch by …
17:47 Ticket #6422 (Please, fix also bluetooth after r18955.) created by cezary@…
15:55 Changeset [18957] by florian
[package] fix wrong paths after r18955.
10:19 Ticket #6420 (ERROR: please fix package/kernel/Makefile) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r18956.
10:19 Changeset [18956] by florian
[package] fix trailing endif after r18954. (#6420)
07:28 Ticket #6421 ("unresolved symbol rt6_lookup" when loading ip6t_REJECT) created by Sven@…
Hi, I freshly installed an ASUS WL500Gp V2 (brcm-2.4) with 8.09.2-RC2. …
03:17 Ticket #6420 (ERROR: please fix package/kernel/Makefile) created by nobody
in trunk #18951 everthing worked nice but after i switched to i get this …
02:05 Ticket #6419 (iptables string module results "iptables: Invalid argument") created by anonymous
When I'm trying to use iptables string module I get error "iptables: …


22:54 Changeset [18955] by kaloz
remove handling of older unsupported kernels
22:42 Changeset [18954] by kaloz
remove 2.6.28 specific stuff from kernel packages
22:35 Changeset [18953] by kaloz
get rid of even more 2.6.28 stuff
22:28 Changeset [18952] by kaloz
switch ixp4xx and ubicom32 to 2.6.30, get rid of 2.6.28 files
22:03 Ticket #6417 (MAC-related problems with WIFI up at D-Link D-615) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in [18951].
21:59 Changeset [18951] by juhosg
ar71xx: fix random wireless mac address on the TEW-632BRP/DIR-615 boards
21:59 Changeset [18950] by juhosg
ar71xx: pass eeprom and mac address location to the ar913x_add_device_wmac …
21:59 Changeset [18949] by juhosg
ar71xx: remove duplicated include
00:20 Changeset [18948] by mb
b43-fwsquash: ucode2.fw also supports core rev 3
00:15 Changeset [18947] by hauke
[mac80211] b43 and b43legacy: squash firmware Only G and L-PHY are …


20:21 Changeset [18946] by agb
[package] wprobe: fix interface selection. Thanks morpheus, Freifunk …
15:43 Changeset [18945] by juhosg
hostap: move patches to the right place
15:19 Changeset [18944] by juhosg
hostap: Fix unset tx_queue_len regression (thanks to Acinonyx)
15:19 Changeset [18943] by juhosg
ar71xx: move dsa switch device support into a separate file
15:19 Changeset [18942] by juhosg
ar71xx: move mach type definitions into a separate include file
15:19 Changeset [18941] by juhosg
ar71xx: change board specific Kconfig option to 'default n'
15:19 Changeset [18940] by juhosg
ar71xx: move USB host device support into a separate file
15:19 Changeset [18939] by juhosg
ar71xx: remove more unnecessary includes
15:19 Changeset [18938] by juhosg
ar71xx: use the generic m25p80 registration code for the MZK-W04NU
15:19 Changeset [18937] by juhosg
ar71xx: move gpio-buttons support into a spearate file
15:18 Changeset [18936] by juhosg
ar71xx: move leds-gpio device support into a spearate file
11:12 WantedHardware edited by juhosg
11:10 WantedHardware edited by juhosg
07:02 Ticket #6418 (memory leak on brcm47xx) created by acoul <alex at ozo.com>
this is an issue that at some time was resolved, I am not sure if it's a …
02:08 Ticket #5978 (Move forward to compat-wireless 2009-09-14 to enable experimental LP-PHY ...) closed by hauke
fixed: This is fixed in r18935 The L-PHY firmware is included by default.
02:06 Changeset [18935] by hauke
[mac80211] b43: Add L-PHY firemware files to squash script Use firmware …
01:23 Changeset [18934] by jow
[package] dnsmasq: While trying to document the dhcp UCI config, I noticed …
01:10 Ticket #6374 (pci on amazon target not working) closed by hauke
fixed: Thank you for your patch. It was applied in r18933
01:09 Changeset [18933] by hauke
[amazon] work on pci. This is from ticket #6374 Michael Richter thanks …


23:52 Ticket #6417 (MAC-related problems with WIFI up at D-Link D-615) created by petrenkomaxim@…
In newer revisions (r18719), find_mac80211_phy() in /lib/wifi/mac80211.sh …
14:09 Changeset [18932] by juhosg
ar71xx: move PB42 specific PCI init code into a separate file
14:09 Changeset [18931] by juhosg
ar71xx: remove unnecessary includes
13:24 Changeset [18930] by nbd
remove empty directories
13:21 Changeset [18929] by nbd
remove empty directories
13:09 Changeset [18928] by nbd
remove more duplicate kernel source files
11:34 Changeset [18927] by nbd
deduplicate kernel source files from 2.6.30-2.6.32 by moving them to …
11:06 Changeset [18926] by juhosg
ar71xx: fix bi-color led on the TL-WR841N v1.5
11:06 Changeset [18925] by juhosg
ledtrig-netdev: use dev_get_stats to get statistics on kernels >=2.6.30 …
02:51 Ticket #6416 (ThatIP and DNS Max dynamic updates for ddns-scripts) created by dan@…
Hello, Here are two dynamic dns service urls that can be added to the …
00:39 Ticket #6415 ("JFFS2 notice: (225) check_node_data: wrong data CRC" after writing to ...) created by nenad@…
Writing to flash (opkg install, config file modification, etc) and …


23:39 Ticket #6414 (Update usb_modeswitch package to 1.0.6) created by swalker
23:23 Ticket #6413 (Update sudo package to 1.7.2p2) created by swalker
22:46 Ticket #6412 (Update vtun package to 3.0.2) created by swalker
21:31 Ticket #6411 (ATH9K kernel warning) created by newvisionantenna
I never noticed this warning using the compat-wireless prior to this …
20:54 Ticket #6410 (Update wput package to 0.6.2) created by swalker
18:52 Ticket #6409 (Update znc package to 0.078) created by swalker
18:42 Ticket #6408 ([Package] Update libtorrent/rtorrent 0.12.6/0.8.6 to svn r1118) created by sav
Update libtorrent/rtorrent 0.12.6/0.8.6 to svn 1118. Patch included
18:13 Changeset [18924] by nico
[packages] freeswitch: misc tweaks - adjust package sets for …
17:50 Ticket #6407 (Update Python to 2.6.4 (patches/files included)) created by riskable@…
The attached files will update the Python package from 2.6.1 to 2.6.4. …
16:27 Ticket #6406 (reboot command does not close ssh sessions) created by nenad@…
"reboot" command does not close esatblished ssh (dropbear) session prior …
16:04 Ticket #5975 (udev ppoll compile error) closed by nico
duplicate: See #5766
16:04 Ticket #5766 (udev doesn't compile for nslu2 (ixp4xx) - arm kernel doesn't have ppoll) reopened by nico
Support for ppoll syscall has been added for 2.6.30+, but ipx4xx is still …
16:02 Ticket #6405 (madwifi - 802.11h channel switch announcement is broken) created by nenad@…
Sending channel switch announcement from AP using {{{iwpriv ath0 …
15:18 Ticket #6404 (madwifi - wrong interface RX bytes count) created by nenad@…
RX bytes count on madwifi ath interface is wrong, it is two times higher …
15:16 Ticket #6403 (where is package zabbix-agent - patch) created by openwrt@…
menuconfig don't show zabbix-agent and zabbix-sender due missing depends.
12:05 Ticket #6401 (mac80211.sh typo in script) closed by nbd
fixed: applied in r18923
12:05 Changeset [18923] by nbd
mac80211: fix handling of vif mac addresses in /lib/wifi/mac80211.sh …
12:00 Ticket #6380 (Add R210W detection) closed by nbd
fixed: applied in r18922
12:00 Changeset [18922] by nbd
add Askey RT210W support (patch from #6380)
11:58 Ticket #6379 (Add WRT300N v1.1 full support) closed by nbd
fixed: merged in r18921
11:58 Changeset [18921] by nbd
add WRT300N v1.1 support (patch from #6379)
11:34 Changeset [18920] by nbd
scripts/combined-image.sh: remove the use of mktemp to make it more …
11:34 Changeset [18919] by nbd
wprobe: fix up data lengths in the ipfix exporter
08:31 Ticket #6402 (PPPoE connection doesn't auto startup) created by Stepanov Andrew <andrusha@…>
Hello. In /etc/config/network I have next section: […] System at …
08:22 Ticket #6401 (mac80211.sh typo in script) created by Stepanov Andrew <andrusha@…>
Hello. Please lookup at file: …
07:47 Changeset [18918] by nico
[packages] python-gnome-desktop2: fix InstallDev & install
07:44 Changeset [18917] by nico
[packages] mpdas: fix mpdas linking against libiconv & libintl
06:36 Ticket #6400 (/sbin/ifdown shutdown device that serves several connections.) created by Stepanov Andrew <andrusha@…>
Hello. For example in /etc/config/network I have THREE section. Ethernet …
05:19 Changeset [18916] by nico
[packages] lsqlite3: fix build failure with cs toolchain (same as [18192])
05:05 Changeset [18915] by nico
[packages] pygtk: fix python file pattern in python-gtk/install
04:59 Changeset [18914] by nico
[packages] gzip: force getopt detection
04:58 Changeset [18913] by nico
[packages] openslp: use PKG_INSTALL, move daemon in /usr/sbin and …
04:19 Changeset [18912] by nico
[packages] rrdtool: move dev headers & libraries out the way, so that they …
04:16 Ticket #5599 (build fails after feeds update) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed since [17939] (perl plugin was disabled)
03:56 Changeset [18911] by nico
[packages] bmxd: fix rebuild issue


23:38 Changeset [18910] by jow
[packages] ntpd: force disabling of mdns responder support
22:17 Changeset [18909] by nico
[package] e2fsprogs: restore patch from [12355], lost between upgrade & …
21:40 Changeset [18908] by nico
[packages] nzbgetweb: fix config file install
21:33 Changeset [18907] by nico
[packages] zile: force getopt detection
17:32 Ticket #6399 (mtd upgrade fails with IXP4XX) created by mikejones645@…
My partition is as following, RedBoot> fis list Name FLASH …
17:28 Ticket #6398 (Patch for rtorrent to set hashing_failed flag if final hash check failed) created by m.storchak@…
Often after downloading and checking big files with rtorrent, it appears …
12:11 Changeset [18906] by nico
[packages] erlang: disable Java detection
12:08 Changeset [18905] by nico
[package] disable a few packages failing on ps3 as well (marking them as …
11:38 Changeset [18904] by nico
[cosmetic] sort & rearrange arch selection
10:53 Changeset [18903] by nico
[package] disable a few packages failing on pxcab (marking them as BROKEN)
10:32 Changeset [18902] by nico
[package] ipset: use a common DEPENDS for both ipset and kmod-ipset …
09:56 Changeset [18901] by nico
[package] kernel: enable kmod-sound-core on uml
09:34 platforms edited by nico
sort table by target name (diff)
09:12 Changeset [18900] by nico
[target] generic: ESFQ patch, only include net/netfilter/nf_conntrack.h …
09:05 Changeset [18899] by nico
[target] generic: add missing CONFIG_HCALL_STATS symbol (fixes: pxcab)
07:48 Ticket #6397 (x86 can't boot) created by sniperpr@…
dd if=openwrt.img of=/dev/sdc sdc is my CF card, openwrt.img is …
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