23:51 Ticket #7341 (0.03 is a nice release.) closed by jow
invalid: ?
23:35 Ticket #6394 (opkg segmentation fault while installing) reopened by anonymous
# opkg install djbdns-base Installing djbdns-base (1.05-5) to root... …
22:51 Changeset [21481] by claudio
[kernel] hwmon: fix depends definition
21:41 Ticket #7343 (Trunk 21480 Orion Compile Error) created by jwoltz@…
Trunk revision 21480 for the orion platform give a compilation error. …
19:58 Ticket #7342 (compile error - please advice (r21740)) created by dIP
when compiling i get thei error !? make v=99 ... ... make[4]: Entering …
19:45 Ticket #412 (pptp module automation) closed by florian
fixed: Without more explanations, I am re-closing this ticket.
18:21 Ticket #6411 (ATH9K kernel warning) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r21454
17:02 Ticket #7341 (0.03 is a nice release.) created by anonymous
[packages] bump release number for packages modified after 0.03 0.03 is …
16:22 Changeset [21480] by nico
[packages] bump release number for packages modified after 0.03
15:55 Changeset [21479] by nico
[backfire] package/ppp: bump release number
15:50 Changeset [21478] by nico
[backfire] merge r21477
15:46 Changeset [21477] by nico
bump a bunch of packages updated after 10.03
15:45 Changeset [21476] by nico
[backfire] merge [21362:21365] & [21369]
15:40 Changeset [21475] by florian
[rdc] set vendor to RDC even if CPU id is not known
15:40 Changeset [21474] by florian
[rdc] squash platform_support.patch into rdc_boards.patch
15:13 Changeset [21473] by juhosg
sigscheme: new package in lang section this patch adds a new package in …
15:13 Changeset [21472] by juhosg
new package: jtg add the jtg traffic generator Signed-off-by: Roberto …
14:36 Changeset [21471] by florian
[rdc] fix link checking with switches, only port1 of switches would report …
13:17 Ticket #6907 (brcm47xx: b43 driver hangs Asus WL-500gP v2) closed by hauke
fixed: No the stable firmware is the default one again. This was changed in …
13:16 Changeset [21470] by hauke
mac80211: use stable firmware for b43 driver as the experimental causes …
13:07 Changeset [21469] by hauke
mac80211: remove patches already in mainline compat-wireless
13:05 Changeset [21468] by hauke
mac80211: update b43-fwcutter
13:00 Changeset [21467] by florian
[rdc] switch to
13:00 Changeset [21466] by florian
[package] update acx-mac80211 to 2010514, bringing experimental AP support
10:28 Ticket #412 (pptp module automation) reopened by anonymous
09:00 Ticket #6900 (perl select implementation does not work as expected) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with r21465. Thanks for reporting!
08:58 Changeset [21465] by juhosg
packages/perl: fix target system endianness detection (closes #6900)
08:58 Changeset [21464] by juhosg
packages/perl: refresh patch
02:23 Changeset [21463] by nbd
[backfire] merge CRLF changes from r21462
02:20 Changeset [21462] by nbd
get rid of CRLF encoding in various files
00:36 Changeset [21461] by jow
[brcm-2.4] fix a kernel bug where IPv6 packets are received on IPv4 …


23:27 Changeset [21460] by florian
[rdc] fix wrong hunk introduced by r21309, thanks rtz2
23:26 Changeset [21459] by florian
[rdc] fix panic on boot due to invalid IORESOURCE for MFD cells, fix gpio …
21:28 Ticket #7283 (file not found : acx-mac80211-20100422.tar.bz2) closed by florian
invalid: Please install git-core and eventually issue the following commands: …
21:23 Ticket #7331 (s3c24xx does not compile on trunk OpenWRT) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r21456.
21:16 Ticket #7095 (2.6.32 AR7 build doesn't initialise console correctly) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r21457.
21:15 Changeset [21458] by florian
[rdc] fix 2.6.30 lzma tuning patch to output file size at end of kernel, …
21:15 Changeset [21457] by florian
[ar7] use correct port type, which sets the correct receive fifo trigger …
21:14 Changeset [21456] by florian
[kernel] do not export find_task_by_vpid twice on 2.6.30
19:01 Ticket #6784 (routerstation pro tftp problem!!!) closed by jow
fixed: Both self built and release images work for me here, therfore I assume it …
18:57 Ticket #6267 (PPPoE MTU problem) closed by jow
fixed: Solved by r17762 according to user report
18:26 Ticket #7306 (Unable to start firewall) closed by jow
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this issue, it looks like your uci implementation is …
18:24 Ticket #6839 (pptp-client problem similar to ticket #6360) closed by jow
fixed: pptp has been updated to v1.7.1
17:57 Changeset [21455] by nbd
only build bin packages for the selected build variants (same behaviour as …
17:56 Changeset [21454] by nbd
mac80211: update to wireless-testing 2010-05-12 plus some pending patches
16:07 Changeset [21453] by swalker
[packages] zile: update to 2.3.16
15:38 Ticket #6711 (zabbix-agent fails to compile) closed by florian
13:43 Changeset [21452] by swalker
[packages] tar: update to 1.23, use PKG_INSTALL
13:33 Changeset [21451] by swalker
[packages] tor: better log directory permissions
13:08 Changeset [21450] by swalker
[packages] tor: update to, fix log directory
13:04 Changeset [21449] by hauke
ssb: activate CONFIG_SSB_BLOCKIO in the kernel and not in compat-wireless. …
01:02 Ticket #7340 (new dynamic dns provider) created by buggerone@…
Hi, OVH is a registrar that provides DNS and a dynamic dns service …


19:06 Ticket #6208 (zd1211rw on NSLU2 - bogus mac address - cannot bring up wifi0) closed by rtz2
19:03 Ticket #6620 (kernel and nslu2 problem.) closed by rtz2
14:41 Changeset [21448] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: - updated revision - overhauled probability matrix …
13:55 Ticket #7339 (hotplug2-0.9) created by anonymous
There is a problem with hotplug2-0.9 code, that it calls …
11:36 Changeset [21447] by zandbelt
[packages] asterisk-1.6.x: add a bunch of modules through templating
11:23 Ticket #7273 ([firmware-utils] mkzynfw: check if file fits in a image considers current ...) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed with r21445. Thanks!
11:20 Changeset [21446] by juhosg
firmware-utils/mkzynfw: add support for the NBG460N board Adding …
11:20 Changeset [21445] by juhosg
firmware-utils/mkzynfw: don't use next_offset twice (closes #7273) The …
10:38 Changeset [21444] by juhosg
ar71xx: Make wget2nand fail if copying the kernel fails and use the …
10:37 Changeset [21443] by juhosg
ar71xx: fix nbg460n mtd partitions This fixes the NBG460N/550N/550NH mtd …


23:50 Ticket #7338 (LuCI QoS page does not disable interface when the enable box is not ...) created by ledwards@…
On the LuCI Administration -> Network -> QoS page, unchecking the …
20:24 Changeset [21442] by juhosg
Fix zlib alternate URL There is no zlib project on Sourceforge, zlib …
18:34 Ticket #7337 (ath_pci reports bus read error on ar7161/Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro) created by luca.pietroni@…
UBNT RsPro + WLM54AG-6BP23 (madwifi) + r18121 I've tested this board with …
17:16 Ticket #7336 (RB411U split_squashfs issue) created by digit
On r21426 I get split_squashfs error […] Got a fix to split_squashfs …
16:26 Ticket #7335 (luci-generated config for WDS is broken) created by Romain Riviere <romain.riviere@…>
As reported here https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=23998 After a …
13:36 Changeset [21441] by lars
[package] compcache: Kernel module and userspace daemon in seperate …
12:40 Ticket #4570 (ath_pci reports bus read error on ar7130/Mikrotik Routerboard 411) reopened by luca.pietroni@…
I've the same problem on a: UBNT RsPro + WLM54AG-6BP23 (madwifi) + r18121
11:07 Ticket #7334 (Connection error in the package comgt 10.03.x Backfire) created by rpc@…
The package includes the Backfire comgt 10.03.x error is small enough …
07:47 BadContent edited by juhosg
02:52 Ticket #7327 ([packages] restorefactory) closed by nico
fixed: Applied in [21440], thanks !
02:52 Changeset [21440] by nico
[packages] restorefactory: cleanup code (closes: #7327)
02:47 Ticket #7296 (Stunnel Update 4.33) closed by nico
fixed: Applied in [21439], thanks !
02:47 Changeset [21439] by nico
[packages] stunnel: update to 4.33 (closes: #7296)
01:12 Changeset [21438] by lars
[xburst] Add 2.6.34 patches
01:04 Changeset [21437] by lars
[kernel] Move CONFIG_LZMA_{DE,}COMPRESS to generic config It is selected …
00:50 Changeset [21436] by lars
[kernel] gpio_buttons: include slab.h Fixes build with 2.6.34
00:26 Ticket #7333 ([PATCH] mips: make builtin functions available for gcc 3.4) created by b.sander
Hi, this patch makes builtin functions available for gcc 3.4 toolchain, so …
00:04 Changeset [21435] by mirko
merge over commit 21412 ("sound-soc-qi_lb60: rename package as …


23:34 Changeset [21434] by nico
target/uml: add missing CONFIG_MATOM config symbol
23:19 Changeset [21433] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: Changed sed to simply remove the last digit.
23:06 Changeset [21432] by swalker
[packages] dovecot: update to 1.2.11
22:54 Changeset [21431] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: Updated probabilities matrix, added rounding.
22:45 Ticket #7332 (Error in module ueagle-atm in the modem Sagem Fast800 usb to the router ...) created by rpc@…
There is a problem with the Sagem modem connection to the router usb …
22:28 Changeset [21430] by hauke
brcm47xx: use tab instead of space
22:15 Changeset [21429] by hauke
kernel: add missing symbol
21:39 Changeset [21428] by lars
[kernel] Add missing symbols to generic 2.6.34 config
20:30 Ticket #6425 (Fix broken ehci-ssb USB host (quilt updates)) closed by hauke
fixed: Thank you for your patch. The compile error seems to be fixed. The other …
20:28 Changeset [21427] by hauke
brcm47xx: ehci-ssb: some updates: * update pointers in struct hc_driver …
18:11 Ticket #5794 (only 16MB RAM show up on WL500gP V1 after upgrade to r17511) closed by hauke
no_response: I am not able to reproduce this error and no response came in 8 weeks. I …
13:28 Ticket #7331 (s3c24xx does not compile on trunk OpenWRT) created by vasilij.savin@…
I am trying to compile the basic image for openmoko phone. I followed the …
13:26 Ticket #7330 (Backfire 10.03.x at the ag241v2 is not working) created by rpc@…
The problem was raised in the bug: https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/7187
10:26 Ticket #7329 (madwifi wrong max txpower) created by anonymous
instead of 25dbm the maximum txpower is restricted to 20dBm on a mikrotik …
09:31 Ticket #7328 (DNS trouble) created by Sebastian
Using backfire 10.03 on 2 different Routers (Linksys WRT54GSv1.1 and …


21:43 Changeset [21426] by jow
[package] ppp: convert dos line endings in 20-atm-modem hotplug handler to …
11:17 Changeset [21425] by florian
[package] hifnHIPP also depends on PCI
03:27 Changeset [21424] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: updated load balancer algorithm
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