13:26 Changeset [21702] by florian
[package] move broadcom-shdc from trunk to packages/utils
12:48 Changeset [21701] by jow
[backfire] merge r21700
12:47 Changeset [21700] by jow
[package] kernel: ensure that IMQ is autoloaded after ip_queue, fixes …
11:18 Changeset [21699] by juhosg
generic: add missing config symbol for 2.6.34
11:18 Changeset [21698] by juhosg
ar71xx: fix 2.6.34 build errors
11:17 Changeset [21697] by juhosg
ar71xx: add missing 2.6.34 config symbol
07:56 Changeset [21696] by acoul
generic-2.6: add kernel 2.6.35 preliminary support (patches)
07:54 Changeset [21695] by acoul
generic-2.6: add kernel 2.6.35 preliminary support


23:16 Changeset [21694] by acoul
refresh kernel patches
22:24 Ticket #7437 (Backfire 10.03 - rootfs_data unlocked) created by Gilles Filippini <gilles.filippini@…>
Hi, Flashing and configuring Backfire 10.03 on a WRT54G v3.1 works fine. …
21:34 Changeset [21693] by acoul
[package/madwifi] add 2.6.35 support
21:17 Ticket #6632 (Titan Image support) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r21689, r21690, r21691 and r21692, thanks!
21:17 Changeset [21692] by florian
[ar7] generate NA and non-NA images for Titan platforms
21:16 Changeset [21691] by florian
[ar7] add Titan MTD partitionning support (#6632)
21:16 Changeset [21690] by florian
[ar7] titan board also have CYWL as a product id
21:16 Changeset [21689] by florian
[tools] add mktitanimg to create Titan (AR7-based) images (#6632)
21:03 Ticket #7285 (packge/kernel build failure on ixp4xx/harddisk) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r21688.
21:03 Ticket #7428 ([Package update] OpenSSL 0.9.8n to 0.9.8o) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r21687. thanks!
21:02 Ticket #7396 (New Package: mini-xml (mxml)) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r21686, thanks!
21:02 Ticket #7422 ([packages] imapfilter: update to v2.2.2) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r21685, thanks!
21:02 Changeset [21688] by florian
[kernel] do not override kmod-usb-storage-extras Kconfig symbols (#7285)
21:02 Changeset [21687] by florian
[package] update openssl to 0.9.8o (#7428)
21:02 Changeset [21686] by florian
[package] add mxml library (#7396)
21:02 Changeset [21685] by florian
[package] update imapfilter to 2.2.2 (#7422)
20:58 Ticket #7143 (RTL8187 link speed) closed by florian
wontfix: This is an issue which should be reported to linux-wireless.
20:53 Ticket #7205 (compile error (patch file failed)) closed by florian
19:52 Ticket #7294 (build fails) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this issue on ixp4xx, works fine here.
19:41 Changeset [21684] by juhosg
ar71xx: build firmware images if Minimal profile is selected
19:41 Changeset [21683] by juhosg
ar71xx: rename Minimal profile
16:12 Ticket #7436 (opkg ignores local archives (r21664)) created by faust
12:52 Ticket #7405 (Update Orion in trunk to kernel 2.6.34.) closed by hauke
fixed: Applied in r21682 Thank you for sour patch.
12:51 Changeset [21682] by hauke
orion: Update Orion in trunk to kernel 2.6.34. Was flashed on WRT350Nv2, …
12:07 Ticket #7435 (dnsmasq 2.53 is available) created by anonymous
hello, for information http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/CHANGELOG


20:26 Changeset [21681] by juhosg
generic: update mips multimachine patch
20:26 Changeset [21680] by juhosg
adm5120: convert to use the new mips multimachine stuff
17:54 Ticket #7434 (Ethernet on WRT300N V2 still not working (ixp4xx)) created by anonymous
Ethernet Support is still not working on WRT300N V2 Version. This is a …
13:55 Changeset [21679] by nbd
ar71xx: clarify the nand subtarget a bit
13:09 Ticket #7432 ([firewall] Fail at include two user files) closed by jow
worksforme: You need two include sections: […] This is also documented at …
01:06 Ticket #7433 (uci fstab broken + solution / nfs broke and solution) created by markus_kubler@…
Using build from 06-Apr-2010 13:03 on WR1043ND …


22:28 Ticket #7432 ([firewall] Fail at include two user files) created by opotonil
I am including two user files on /etc/config/firewall (/etc/firewall.user …
21:54 Ticket #7431 (ipsec-tools on AR71xx is broken) created by porter.adam@…
I have two routers, one RDC platform running kamikaze 8.09.2 with kernel …
21:38 Changeset [21678] by zioproto
[packages] olsrd: Added maintainer to the Makefile
21:37 packages edited by nico
Added Saverio Proto (zioproto) as maintainer of olsrd (diff)
21:34 Changeset [21677] by zioproto
Version 0.6.0 of OLSR allows the setting for the plugin so any …
21:33 Changeset [21676] by zioproto
Removing default values enforced but init script, this way OLSR will use …
21:09 Changeset [21675] by juhosg
generic: merge mips multi machine update to generic patches for 2.6.34
21:09 Changeset [21674] by juhosg
generic: merge mips multi machine update to generic patches for 2.6.33
21:09 Changeset [21673] by juhosg
generic: merge mips multi machine update to generic patches for 2.6.32
21:09 Changeset [21672] by juhosg
adm5120: don't use linux/autoconf.h
21:09 Changeset [21671] by juhosg
adm5120: fix build error on 2.6.34
19:54 Ticket #7430 (image builder 10.03 wr741nd defect) created by anonymous
Building a default image for wr741nd with image builder 10.03 produce a …
19:15 Ticket #7429 (Wireless settings in LUCI (simple) are broken) created by anonymous
The LUCI wireless settings are broken. If selectin WPA & WPA2 in mixed …
13:57 Ticket #7428 ([Package update] OpenSSL 0.9.8n to 0.9.8o) created by maarten@…
This patch updates OpenSSL from version 0.9.8n to 0.9.8o.
10:37 Ticket #7427 (default route in ipv6 route is not added to the Fonero 2100 (Backfire ...) created by anonymous
I have a very similar problem with the default route for ipv6 I have a …[…]
10:29 Ticket #7426 (Impossibile compile ext2 image for x86 platform) created by ramponis <ramponis@…>
I have tried to compile ext2 image for x86 platform r I use always the …
09:02 Changeset [21670] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.00b2, prevent linking host libevent
05:37 Changeset [21669] by nico
[packages] ptpd: fix initscript file name, fix description, add copyright …
03:59 Ticket #7425 (Wan interface drops on tp link tl-841nd version 5.4 after about 3 minutes.) created by davidork@…
WAN Interface keeps dropping after almost exactly 3 minutes. […] …
02:48 Changeset [21668] by nico
[packages] babel: pass optimization flags, bump release number
02:39 Changeset [21667] by nico
[packages] babel: fix typo in initscript, bump release number


23:49 Ticket #7424 (avahi does not use ipv6 on 2.4) created by openwrt@…
Using avahi-daemon on kamikaze 8.09.2 (kernel, wrt54gl) does not …
23:25 Ticket #7423 (dnsmasq lan interface race condition at boot) created by Bryce Allen <ballen@…>
If the lan interface is not up when /etc/init.d/dnsmasq runs, it will not …
23:15 Changeset [21666] by kerneis
[package] babeld: fix wrong option order Thanks to Juliusz and Nico. …
23:13 Ticket #7422 ([packages] imapfilter: update to v2.2.2) created by p90
As there are several bugs fixed in the new version of imapfilter (for …
23:06 Changeset [21665] by kerneis
[package] babeld: add missing options in init Signed-off-by: Gabriel …
20:19 Ticket #7421 (wpad-full no utils) created by rpc@…
When choosing a package-full wpad no choice hostapd-utils package and …
19:36 Ticket #7420 (WRT54G3GV2-VF with brcm2.4 doesnt boot anymore after firstboot) created by anonymous
I'm trying openwrt backfire on a WRT54G3GV2-VF. With all the …
11:52 Changeset [21664] by claudio
[etrax] Force usb features, fix depends
10:14 Ticket #7419 (bugs in init script for afpd) created by hillyunews@…
the following line in /etc/init.d/afpd is obviously wrong: […] it …
10:10 Ticket #7418 (wr741nd has no LED activity (blinking) while transfering data) created by anonymous
Hi, there is no activity indication while transfering data on LAN and WAN …
02:44 Changeset [21663] by nbd
libelf: get rid of CRLF encoding in the makefile (thx, danimo)


23:48 Ticket #7417 (network issue on IB4220) created by bastian.tri@…
according to the linux-2.6.15 sources, the PHY/MAC isn't setup correctly …
22:39 Changeset [21662] by jow
[backfire] merge network config fixes: r21641, r21652, r21655, r21659 and …
22:21 Changeset [21661] by jow
[package] base-files: introduce option "broadcast" for proto=dhcp …
21:47 Changeset [21660] by florian
[toolchain] fix eglibc INET_ANL option selection
19:18 Changeset [21659] by jow
[package] base-files: remove IPv6 LL addr from interfaces before adding …
18:28 Ticket #2558 (iptables rules doesnt work after some time) closed by jow
invalid: This ticket was reopened due to #7410. However, #7410 refers to ar71xx …
15:39 Ticket #7416 ([patch] Add package for "script" from util-linux-ng) created by maddes
Having a package for "script" would be great to save logs of long running …
13:52 Changeset [21658] by acoul
[packages/net/bird] upgrade to bird-1.2.3 (thanks Ondrej Zajicek)
11:00 Ticket #7415 (Bug on DIR-320-A1 flashing cmd-script (wiki)) created by semibiotic@…
There is a bug in script at the DIR-320 support page. URL: …
03:12 Changeset [21657] by nbd
mac80211: reduce the size of the debugfs code
02:59 Changeset [21656] by jow
[package] firewall: - support alias ifnames different from parent ifname …
02:22 Changeset [21655] by jow
[package] base-files: - add aliases to device by default (not ifname) - …
01:11 Changeset [21654] by nbd
mac80211: remove the pid rate control algorithm to save a few kbytes
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