20:50 Ticket #7489 (OpenWrt isn't recognizing my password) created by ghyde@…
I installed the latest version of Backfire …
20:47 Ticket #7460 ([ar71xx]: build fails) closed by jow
duplicate: CONFIG_BUSYBOX_CONFIG_FEATURE_2_4_MODULES was set - duplicate of #7349
18:22 Changeset [21837] by juhosg
ar71xx: add support for the Senao EAP7660D board This patch adds support …
18:09 Ticket #7488 (HFC-multi on AR71xx: Failed at pci init) created by romary@…
Hello, I try to run an ISDN mini-PCI card based on the HFC-multi driver …
14:10 Ticket #7487 (microSD support for Mikrotik Routerboard RB433AH) created by MAbeeTT <MAbeeTT@…>
I need to install openwrt in a Mikrotik routerboard RB433AH with microSD …
13:38 Ticket #7486 (Backfire kernel oops and wireless crash) created by szatam
Using the latest revision of backfire, after bringing up a single or …
13:14 Changeset [21836] by acoul
ixp4xx: fix MAC parsing and switch (unmanaged) functionality for wrt300nv2 …
13:09 Changeset [21835] by acoul
ixp4xx: port 600-skb_avoid_dmabounce.patch to 2.6.33 & 2.6.35
11:58 Ticket #7485 (DIR-825 rev.1A) closed by jow
invalid: Please use the forum or devel mailinglist for such question. Tickets are …
09:59 Ticket #7484 ([patch] sysupgrade for WNR854T not working) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r21833 - thanks!
09:58 Changeset [21834] by jow
[backfire] merge r21833
09:57 Changeset [21833] by jow
[orion] fix sysupgrade for the Netgear WNR854T (#7484)
06:15 Changeset [21832] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: Updated QoS table names.
05:22 Changeset [21831] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: Routing tables now begin at 300+, to stay away from …


22:47 Ticket #7485 (DIR-825 rev.1A) created by mwc5c@…
Any chance that OpenWrt will be ported to the HW rev. 1A version of the …
22:40 Ticket #7484 ([patch] sysupgrade for WNR854T not working) created by maddes
Sysupgrade for WNR854T does not work. By accident it is handled like …
21:49 Changeset [21830] by bud
- bump version to 2010.5.22 for all uclibc versions - minor fixes
21:29 Changeset [21829] by hauke
compile fixes for kernel 2.6.34
19:45 Changeset [21828] by juhosg
packages/zaptel-1.4: fix Kconfig options
17:56 Ticket #7483 ([rb532] via-rhine broken) created by teefive
with backfire and trunk, eth1 is detected as eth0 also, after …
17:18 Ticket #4274 (B43 driver takes over GPIO ports) reopened by nx5
I have a wrt54gv2 and having 0xF (see diff) instead of 0x1, I can't use …
13:41 Changeset [21827] by acoul
ixp4xx: fir commit r21825
11:28 Ticket #7474 (RB750 LED config file is incorrect) closed by juhosg
fixed: Applied in r21826. Thanks!
11:24 Changeset [21826] by juhosg
ar71xx: fix RB750 LED configuration Patch-by: Ray Bellis
10:17 Changeset [21825] by acoul
ixp4xx: (Titan Wireless 2662) check for invalid/null MAC before assigning …
09:06 Ticket #7481 (Fix for minor but fatal mistake in wireless config detection) closed by jow
obsolete: This fix does not solve the issue cleanly. Phy numbers are not guaranteed …
08:40 Ticket #7482 ([ath9k] wndr3700 router reboots after several connect/disconnect attempts ...) created by anonymous
Whenever the WinXP laptop (with Intel 2200BG card) comes up from the …
02:28 Ticket #7481 (Fix for minor but fatal mistake in wireless config detection) created by John Morris <jmorris@…>
A wrt54gl won't have WiFi without this minor patch. I duplicated this …
01:37 Changeset [21824] by jow
[backfire] merge r21823
01:34 Changeset [21823] by jow
[package] mtd: request locked pages when mmap'ing the FIS table, cures …


22:28 Changeset [21822] by jow
[backfire] merge r21820 and r21821
22:28 Changeset [21821] by jow
[package] hostapd: forgot the actual change in previous commit
22:24 Changeset [21820] by jow
[package] hostapd: properly read eap_type from configuration when setting …
22:20 Ticket #7464 (ath9k bad performance with spatial stream (RX-STBC1)) closed by jow
invalid: Closed by user request
21:49 Changeset [21819] by florian
[package] fix typo in broadcom-wl
21:44 Changeset [21818] by hauke
remove empty directories
21:42 Changeset [21817] by hauke
remove empty directories
20:19 Changeset [21816] by nico
[packages] ffmpeg: update to 0.5.2 * add OSS demuxer & PCM signed 16-bit …
20:10 Changeset [21815] by nico
[packages] add ortp - a Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) library
18:37 Ticket #7480 (QoS does not work in my setup) created by cj@…
QoS does not appear to work for my backfire setup. I have attached my …
17:12 Changeset [21814] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.00 final
15:24 Changeset [21813] by nico
package/busybox: update to 1.16.2 (bug fix release)
13:08 Changeset [21812] by swalker
[packages] cksfv: fix the package definitions
11:20 Ticket #7479 (Webif does not depend on uhttpd) created by Márton Miklós <martonmiklosqdev@…>
I have built a daily snapshot from the svn repo, and realized that the …
01:29 Ticket #7478 (add support for Senao EAP7660D board) created by daniel.golle@…
After about a week of hacking on it, I finished writing some lines of code …
01:01 Ticket #7477 (Missing dir ~include/asm-mips breaks build on brcm47xx WGT634U builld) created by Brian Capouch <brianc@…>
I couldn't get 21808 to build without creating the directory …
00:50 Ticket #7476 (setting up wpa-enterprise connection in /etc/config/wireless fails due to ...) created by Deeps2
/lib/wifi/wpa_supplicant.sh doesn't read the option "eap_type" from …
00:20 Changeset [21811] by cshore
net/freeswitch: Set stacksize for freeswitch using ulimit in init script


20:51 Changeset [21810] by juhosg
packages/utils: add cksfv package
16:06 Ticket #7475 (Haproxy Maintenance Update) created by heil@…
Due to some bug and improvement we upgrade to 1.4.7
15:36 Ticket #7474 (RB750 LED config file is incorrect) created by ray@…
LED1 port mode doesn't include "link", and LED2 incorrectly refers to …
13:40 Changeset [21809] by nbd
Add a new kernel-version independent broadcom binary driver for brcm47xx …
11:18 Ticket #7472 (BLUETOOTH DEFECT) created by anonymous


23:49 Ticket #7416 ([patch] Add package for "script" from util-linux-ng) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r21807, thanks!
23:49 Changeset [21808] by florian
Revert r21806 there are no users of it yet
23:48 Changeset [21807] by florian
[package] add package for script from util-linux-ng (#7416)
23:47 Changeset [21806] by florian
[tools] add hcsmakeimage, for cable modems/routers based on bcm33xx
22:02 Changeset [21805] by juhosg
ar71xx: avoid duplicated 'board' parameter in kernel command line
21:39 Changeset [21804] by florian
[kernel] reinstate netdev LED trigger dependency against CONFIG_NET
21:03 Ticket #7471 (Initial support for jjPlus JWAP003) created by cezary@…
Patch included. Flash procedure: fis init load -r -b 0x80060000 …
20:35 Changeset [21803] by nbd
[backfire] backport mac80211 updates from trunk
20:35 Changeset [21802] by nbd
[backfire] backport the ssb dma device change from trunk
20:34 Changeset [21801] by nbd
mac80211: fix compile on systems that do not have /bin/true
20:01 Changeset [21800] by claudio
[kernel] Add the generic PWM api from Bill Gatliff (experimental). Ignore …
19:26 Changeset [21799] by jow
[package] iptables: - supress detection of libnfnetlink and force …
17:47 Changeset [21798] by nbd
backport the ssb dma device change to 2.6.30 as well
16:59 Changeset [21797] by acoul
ixp4xx: add kernel 2.6.35 preliminary support
16:51 Changeset [21796] by acoul
include/netfilter.mk fix typo on r21795
16:44 Changeset [21795] by acoul
include/netfilter.mk: add 2.6.35 kernel support
13:00 Changeset [21794] by nbd
rename broadcom-wl to broadcom-wl-old
12:59 Ticket #7470 (olsrd package install hangs) created by isleman
Due to an -i interactive switch in a copy command, olsrd 0.6.0 …
12:03 Changeset [21793] by nbd
brcm47xx: add some exports to be used by the new wl driver
11:47 Ticket #6743 (additional leds for agpfs0 ( brcm63xx)) reopened by anonymous
11:28 Ticket #7469 (Strange AP - STA behaviour) created by anonymous
SW: Backfire 10.03 (r21701) HW: ADI Pronghorn Metro We are experiencing a …
09:01 Changeset [21792] by claudio
[package] zaptel: fix typo introduced in r21786
02:09 Ticket #7468 (Errors in /etc/init.d/radvd prevents service startup) created by anonymous
In a number of instances in that script, the interfaces are being checked …


23:26 Ticket #7467 (Make code tags in wiki to look like in old wiki (box around text)) created by maddes
Would be great if you could enhance the CSS for the code wiki tag to show …
22:07 Changeset [21791] by jow
[package] mac80211: rename dma_set_coherent_mask() patch to …
21:53 Changeset [21790] by hauke
mac80211: fix build of b43
20:35 Changeset [21789] by jow
[generic-2.6] add b43 dma_dev fix to 2.6.32 and 2.6.33
20:11 Ticket #7459 (madwifi patch wrong filename) closed by jow
fixed: You're right. See r21788
20:11 Changeset [21788] by jow
[package] madwifi: rename incorrectly named patch file (#7459)
20:08 Ticket #7466 (Driver missing for Intel 82574L) created by kgretchev@…
OpenWRT does not recognize Intel 82574L NICs.
19:43 Ticket #7465 (WRT300N v2 Ethernet not working correctly) created by Himan
The EtherNet Ports on WRT300N v2 are still not correctly initialized and …
19:29 Ticket #7464 (ath9k bad performance with spatial stream (RX-STBC1)) created by anonymous
Used Backfire branch Rev 21782 I use an Atheros AR9280 Dual band mini-pci …
15:27 Changeset [21787] by claudio
[kernel] Extend the gpio device driver (#5671)
15:05 Changeset [21786] by claudio
[package] zaptel: Package for wcusb and wctdm driver
14:50 Ticket #7461 (menuconfig: recursive dependency) closed by jow
duplicate: Still a dupe.
14:23 Ticket #6743 (additional leds for agpfs0 ( brcm63xx)) closed by florian
fixed: Added in r21785.
14:20 Changeset [21785] by florian
[brcm63xx] add missing alice gate2 leds (#6743)
14:20 Changeset [21784] by florian
[kernel] refresh 2.6.33 patches
14:20 Changeset [21783] by florian
[kernel] refresh 2.6.32 patches
13:45 Changeset [21782] by juhosg
backfire: swconfig: fix lock imbalance in unregister_switch() (backport of …
13:45 Changeset [21781] by juhosg
backfire: swconfig: release switch in error path of swconfig_get_attr …
13:37 Changeset [21780] by juhosg
swconfig: fix lock imbalance in unregister_switch() Signed-off-by: Karl …
13:37 Changeset [21779] by juhosg
swconfig: release switch in error path of swconfig_get_attr …
12:25 Ticket #7463 (Request for amule-adunanza package) created by dk_giuse89@…
Hi, Can be add a p2p package amule-adunanza? Sub version from: [svn co …
11:54 Ticket #7348 (r21408 created patch collision on Orion platform) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r21775, r21776, r21777 and r21778, thanks a lot!
11:54 Changeset [21778] by florian
[orion] rename partition map patch to a better name, since it s wrt350nv2 …
11:54 Changeset [21777] by florian
[orion] remove now empty samsung flash related patches
11:54 Changeset [21776] by florian
[kernel] rename 014-samsung_flash -> 014-samsung_flash.patch
11:53 Changeset [21775] by florian
[kernel] fix samsung flash patch after r21408, thanks to Matthias Buecher …
11:22 Ticket #7462 ([packages] utils/crypto-tools: update to 20100325. Patch included) created by anonymous
See patch.
10:24 Ticket #7459 (madwifi patch wrong filename) reopened by anonymous
It does exist, it was added 7 days ago in …
10:01 Ticket #7461 (menuconfig: recursive dependency) reopened by anonymous
Then fix this damn, annoying dependency error.…
09:52 Ticket #7461 (menuconfig: recursive dependency) closed by swalker
duplicate: Dupe of #6708.
09:08 Changeset [21774] by claudio
[packages] zaptel: update and fix kernel module build for 2.6.34
09:03 Ticket #7461 (menuconfig: recursive dependency) created by anonymous
02:22 Changeset [21773] by jow
[packages] ndisc: make rdnssd depend on librt, fix typo
02:17 Changeset [21772] by jow
[packages] ndisc: - update to v0.9.9 - fix compilation by providing …
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