23:03 Ticket #7616 ([packages]: ncftp client) created by cezary@…
Makefile included.
21:53 Ticket #7615 (hostapd not working: "IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to local deauth ...) created by jo.rueter@…
Hi, I am not able to setup encrypted WIFI on r22176. Excerpts from system …
20:41 Changeset [22184] by swalker
[packages] lftp: update to 4.0.9
20:40 Changeset [22183] by swalker
[packages] proftpd: update to 1.3.3a
19:36 Changeset [22182] by swalker
[packages] opendchub: update to 0.8.2
18:25 Ticket #7614 (TP-link 941nd, link only at 10mb/s Half duplex in lan ports) created by anonymous
Using trunk r22176 along with a TP-Link 941nd, ar71xx archichecture, and …
16:54 Ticket #7613 (multiwan ignores vpn routes without "link" scope) created by potsmaster
multiwan copies certain routes from the main routing table into it's …
16:19 Changeset [22181] by swalker
[packages] dash: update to, use PKG_INSTALL, cleanup
13:59 Changeset [22180] by swalker
[packages] dovecot: update to 1.2.12
12:07 Changeset [22179] by swalker
[packages] subversion: update to 1.6.12
12:06 Changeset [22178] by swalker
[packages] zile: update to 2.3.18


20:46 Changeset [22177] by nbd
[backfire] enable ipv6 support for packages by default (r22176)
20:45 Changeset [22176] by nbd
enable ipv6 support for packages by default
20:18 Ticket #7525 (Enhance mktplinkfw utility with firmware inspection, kernel/rootfs extract ...) closed by juhosg
fixed: Replying to Pieter "Fate" Hollants <pieter@…>: > Thanks for …
19:21 Changeset [22175] by jow
[package] broadcom-wl: fix md5sums
19:03 Changeset [22174] by jow
[brcm63xx] add required exports for wl.ko
18:55 Changeset [22173] by jow
[package] broadcom-wl: - update to v5. - get fallback SPROM …
18:52 Changeset [22172] by juhosg
ramips: Fix bridging in ramips ethernet driver Bridging between the …
18:52 Changeset [22171] by juhosg
ramips: protect GPIO register access with a spinlock
18:52 Changeset [22170] by juhosg
ramips: sync kernel config
18:51 Changeset [22169] by juhosg
tools/firmware-utils: enhance mktplinkfw utility Attached patch enhances …
18:22 Ticket #7612 (luci custom error 404) created by cedric.voncken@…
The file error404.html is placed on my filesystem. But I don't see my …
18:20 Changeset [22168] by jow
[kernel] export SSB fallback SPROM - required for wl.ko
18:14 Ticket #7611 (Add router Alice Gate 2 Plus (BCM6338, no wifi)) created by marcus90@…
board id: "AG2-Plus" I have the GPL sources used to compile a working …
18:05 Ticket #7373 (net/ipv4/tunnel4.ko': No such file or directory) closed by nico
15:56 Changeset [22167] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Fixed a build error on avr32 due to pedantic …
15:53 Changeset [22166] by nico
[packages] freeswitch: update additional downloads used in v1.0.6
14:10 Ticket #7607 (ddns-scripts does not escape '!') closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r22165 - thanks!
14:10 Changeset [22165] by jow
[packages] ddns-scripts: - urlencode exclamation marks (#7607) - support …
13:30 BadContent edited by juhosg
12:53 Ticket #7609 (brcm63xx images broken; please take down) closed by cshore
fixed: Warning message posted by nico
12:28 Ticket #7610 (firewall only working with iptables compiled as module) created by qecko <qeckoo@…>
The firewall control script /lib/firewall/fw.sh has a function called …
11:11 Changeset [22164] by swalker
[packages] iperf: update to 2.0.5
11:08 Changeset [22163] by swalker
[packages] httping: update to 1.4.3
08:40 Changeset [22162] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Add back patch for mod_sofia logger, which is …
05:14 Changeset [22161] by nico
[packages] dibbler: remove obsolete hacks (not linked against uClibc++ …
05:11 Changeset [22160] by nico
[packages] libpng: update to 1.2.44, change InstallDev to install …
05:07 Changeset [22159] by nico
[packages] ntpd: update to 4.2.6p2, add missing conffiles & postinst for …
03:48 Changeset [22158] by cshore
[packages]: net/freeswitch: Fixed sed expression for escaping replaced …
03:48 Changeset [22157] by cshore
[packages]: net/freeswitch: Added UCI config of extensions and incoming …
03:05 Ticket #7609 (brcm63xx images broken; please take down) created by cshore
A large number of the brcm63xx images for 10.03 are broken and either …
02:38 Ticket #7608 (Library path of ruby should be changed.) created by kimoto@…
In this package version, lang/ruby's library path is set to …
02:15 Ticket #7607 (ddns-scripts does not escape '!') created by porter.adam@…
If my DDNS password contains an exclamation mark, ddns-scripts currently …


22:29 Ticket #7606 (rooter hangs if init.d scripts are modified and extroot is used) created by umiki at med.unideb.hu
Rooter does not boot, if init.d scripts are edited and extroot is used. …
21:50 Changeset [22156] by lars
[packages] gst-pluings-good: Enable flac plugin
21:49 Changeset [22155] by lars
[packages] flac: Disable building of docs and examples
21:48 Changeset [22154] by lars
[packages] libflac: Upgrade to 1.2.1
21:47 Ticket #7605 (dir-330 wan port not working) created by anonymous
WAN port does not work.
21:29 Changeset [22153] by nbd
[backfire] merge ath9k fixes from r22152
21:16 Changeset [22152] by nbd
mac80211: improve reliability of the keymiss handling fix, add another …
20:26 Ticket #7604 (b44 problems in trunk) created by realopty <realopty@…>
when issusing the command […] the changes dont stick. but my real …
19:30 Changeset [22151] by lars
[packages] Add python-json package
19:28 Changeset [22150] by cshore
[package] block-mount: Attempt swapon a after mounting as well as before. …
18:40 Changeset [22149] by nico
[packages] ntfsprogs: disable crypto support explicitly, use libtool fixup …
18:35 Changeset [22148] by cshore
[package]: block-mount: Fixed two bugs in fstab.init. /etc/fstab was used …
18:25 Changeset [22147] by cshore
[package]: block-mount: Enable swap before doing fsck so that large …
18:01 Changeset [22146] by nico
partially revert [22145], keep LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX, needed to build external …
16:06 Changeset [22145] by claudio
massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r21950
15:20 Changeset [22144] by claudio
[kernel] Add package for gpio rotary encoder
15:20 Changeset [22143] by claudio
[kernel] Add package for gpio-pwm
15:19 Changeset [22142] by claudio
[kernel] pwm: use coherent naming to avoid conflicts
13:22 Changeset [22141] by nico
[packages] syslog-ng3: set IPv6 support explicitly, rebuild when …
10:07 Ticket #7593 (mmc_over_gpio ar71xx - kmod-spi-bitbang) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #7594
10:07 Ticket #7601 (make: *** [world] Error 2) closed by florian
worksforme: Works for me here as well.
10:04 Ticket #7603 ([PATCH] script/env init fix) created by jonas@…
Symptom: when switching to env management with `./script/env new …
05:54 Ticket #7602 (Debug has been left enabled - probably in BusyBox) created by chris@…
On B47xx trunk for the last week I have been continuously seeing messges …
04:06 Ticket #7601 (make: *** [world] Error 2) created by anonymous
In trying to compile OpenWRT from source using the instructions on …
04:04 Ticket #7600 (I need a driver in openwrt) created by realopty
how can i get this driver included in openwrt? …


22:23 Ticket #7599 (swap should be mounted before checking disks on startup) created by umiki at med.unideb.hu
e2fsck on larger filesystems during startup abort with the following …
22:13 Changeset [22140] by nico
[packages] collectd: fix handling of plugins with '_' in their name, add …
21:58 Ticket #7591 (2.6.35 missing symbol CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_ZIO) closed by hauke
fixed: The config symbol was added in r22136.
21:57 Ticket #7592 (broadcom-wl doesn't compile for brcm47xx 2.6.35-rc2) closed by hauke
fixed: Thank you for the patch. A similar patch was applied in r22137.
21:39 Changeset [22139] by hauke
kernel: modules names changed with kernel 2.6.35
21:33 Changeset [22138] by hauke
broadcom-wl: fix compiling with kernel 2.6.35
21:00 Changeset [22137] by hauke
kernel: fix build problems with recent kernel versions
20:52 Changeset [22136] by hauke
kernel: Add missing kernel config options
20:50 Changeset [22135] by hauke
kernel: add missing dma_dev member to struct ssb_device to make …
19:32 Ticket #7598 (swap is disabled in new default kernel config ( for brcm47xx) created by umiki at med.unideb.hu
~/trunk/target/linux/brcm47xx/config-2.6.34 contains: […] which …
17:19 Changeset [22134] by nbd
ath9k: remove support for hardware which was never sold. reduces binary …
15:10 Ticket #7597 (Add kernel to trunk) created by maddes
I'm running my WRT350Nv2 (Orion) for several days with without …
15:08 Changeset [22133] by nico
[packages] collectd: fix another package name missed from [22132]
15:05 Ticket #7554 (Transmission Version Fix, download of 2.00b1 is broken) closed by obsy
fixed: fixed: Fixed in r22131.
15:05 Changeset [22132] by nico
[packages] collectd: fix package names (s/_/-/), remove dependency on …
15:03 Changeset [22131] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.01
14:45 Ticket #7596 (kernel panic when setting device eth2 config / on plugin of dongle) created by realopty
mtd: partition "rootfs" must either start or end on erase block boundary …
14:29 Ticket #7190 (kmod-usb-etrax crash the system and prints "garbage") closed by claudio
fixed: fix in r22129 r22130
14:27 Changeset [22130] by claudio
[kernel] kmod-usb-core is buildin on etrax target
14:27 Changeset [22129] by claudio
[etrax] enable usb support by default.
14:27 Changeset [22128] by claudio
[at91] add defautl config for eth0
13:57 Changeset [22127] by nbd
[backfire] merge ath9k noise floor calibration fix from r22126
13:56 Changeset [22126] by nbd
ath9k: improve reliability of the noise floor calibration
11:53 Changeset [22125] by claudio
[at91] fix typo in Makefile tgz -> targz
10:50 Ticket #7595 (OpenWrt Backfire 10.03, loaded modules with different kernel version) closed by hauke
fixed: Your /etc/opkg.conf is wrong. src/gz should point to …
05:51 Changeset [22124] by nbd
[backfire] merge ath9k fixes from r22123
05:50 Changeset [22123] by nbd
ath9k: add another batch of stability updates and misc fixes
05:09 Ticket #1212 (b44: eth1: BUG! Timeout waiting for bit 80000000 of register 428 to ...) closed by nbd
fixed: Don't reopen bugs because of issues that are different from the original …
05:05 Ticket #1212 (b44: eth1: BUG! Timeout waiting for bit 80000000 of register 428 to ...) reopened by realopty
b44: eth0: Link is up at 10 Mbps, full duplex. b44: eth0: Flow control is …
02:37 Changeset [22122] by nico
[packages] replace occurences of -lgcc with $(LIBGCC_S)
02:26 Changeset [22121] by nico
[backfire] merge r21572 package/carl9170: update to (closes: …
02:24 Ticket #7595 (OpenWrt Backfire 10.03, loaded modules with different kernel version) created by lexxai <lexxai@…>
I install OpenWrt Backfire 10.03, Linux version …
01:03 Ticket #7594 (mmc_over_gpio ar71xx - kmod-spi-bitbang - not install) created by lexxai <lexxai@…>
I have ar71xx board with Dlink-615 c2 Linux version …
00:46 Changeset [22120] by hauke
freeradius2: update to version 2.1.9
00:40 Changeset [22119] by hauke
brcm47xx: use kernel as default kernel
00:39 Changeset [22118] by hauke
kernel: update to kernel
00:28 Ticket #7593 (mmc_over_gpio ar71xx - kmod-spi-bitbang) created by lexxai <lexxai@…>
I have ar71xx board with Dlink-615 c2 Linux version …


23:42 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) reopened by Jonthan Bennett <jbcience87@…>
Observed this issue while running trunk r22075 on a tp-link wr841n. …
18:43 Ticket #7588 (IPv6 packages for Quagga & Quagga-Unstable missing from repository) closed by jow
obsolete: Those builds will not be updated but global v6 support will be enabled for …
16:03 Changeset [22117] by nico
[packages] iputils: use shared CATEGORY, SECTION & URL fields, mark IPv6 …
15:40 packages edited by nico
14:17 Changeset [22116] by nbd
brcm47xx: fix a small copy&paste error in the b44 fix for 2.6.34 and …
10:13 Ticket #7592 (broadcom-wl doesn't compile for brcm47xx 2.6.35-rc2) created by raver@…
Found a solution here: http://bugs.gentoo.org/248450
10:01 Ticket #7591 (2.6.35 missing symbol CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_ZIO) created by raver@…
Added this line to target/linux/generic/config-2.6.35 […]
08:45 Ticket #7056 ([PATCH] wl-hdd report wrong link state on brcm47xx) reopened by realopty
im using the latest svn of backfire 10.03. i dont believe this is fixed …
06:50 Ticket #7515 (MD5SUM of transmission 2.00 incorrect) closed by swalker
fixed: Fixed in r22114.
06:44 Ticket #7590 (awk: can't resolve symbol '__gtdf2' on AR7) created by Ralph Loader <suckfish@…>
Running ipcalc.sh gives the error: # ipcalc.sh awk: can't …
05:28 Ticket #7589 (Upgrade zlib to 1.2.5) created by mpadams
http://zlib.net/ zlib 1.2.3 is almost 5 years old: version 1.2.5 released …
04:05 Ticket #7588 (IPv6 packages for Quagga & Quagga-Unstable missing from repository) created by mpadams
The official repository for Backfire & beta versions is missing the …
03:08 Changeset [22115] by nico
[packages] quagga: rebuild when CONFIG_IPV6 is changed
02:56 Changeset [22114] by nico
[packages] transmission: fix md5sum
02:52 Changeset [22113] by nbd
[backfire] broadcom-diag: merge SimpleTech SimpleShare fix from r22112
02:51 Changeset [22112] by nbd
broadcom-diag: detect more variants of SimpleTech SimpleShare
02:49 Changeset [22111] by nbd
[backfire] merge b44 spam fix from r22110
02:48 Ticket #1212 (b44: eth1: BUG! Timeout waiting for bit 80000000 of register 428 to ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r22110
02:48 Changeset [22110] by nbd
Get rid of the b44 'BUG! Timeout waiting for bit 80000000 of register 428 …
02:47 Changeset [22109] by nico
[packages] python-curl: fix build failure * add a patch to prevent use …
02:09 Changeset [22108] by nico
[packages] ntfsprogs: fix build failure * add a patch to prevent use of …
01:42 Changeset [22107] by nico
[packages] iputils: fix Makefile error, fix arping dependency on libsysfs, …
01:36 Changeset [22106] by nico
[packages] bmxd: fix subversion repository url


14:20 Ticket #7587 (OSPFD starting fail) created by goranjumic@…
On router reset ospfd sometimes starts and sometimes does not. If ospfd …
12:58 Changeset [22105] by claudio
[etrax] fix a bug inside usb driver, thanks to Jesper Nilsson
12:58 Changeset [22104] by claudio
[at91] add some missing symbols
12:39 Ticket #7586 (Asus RT-N12 not supported by OpenWRT) created by anonymous
The Asus RT-N12 is currently not supported by OpenWRT. It is running …
12:11 Ticket #7585 (trunk+ath5k fails to detect wifi on gateworks avila gw2348-4.) created by zukky@…
Hi. I installed trunk r20822 + ath5k on gateworks avila …
07:42 Changeset [22103] by lars
[packages] Add python-curl package
02:17 Changeset [22102] by jow
[package] 6in4: automatically determine wan interface in hotplug events
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