21:49 Changeset [22372] by jow
[buildsystem] use host opkg for installing packages in buildroot and …
20:17 Changeset [22371] by nbd
ar71xx: backport nanostation m sysupgrade fix from r22370
20:16 Changeset [22370] by nbd
ar71xx: fix sysupgrade on the ubnt nanostation m
16:56 Ticket #7662 (Webinterface bridgeinterface change) created by serge@…
When I change the bridgeinterface of an interface, it still keeps the old …
15:53 Changeset [22369] by claudio
[packages] add devmem2
15:51 Changeset [22368] by acoul
package/compcache: initialize swap driver and introduce a delay before …
15:26 Changeset [22367] by acoul
package/compcache: revert r22365
15:15 Changeset [22366] by jow
[package] uhttpd: - fix a compile warning - support custom index file …
13:47 Changeset [22365] by acoul
package/compcache: fix a dependency issue
12:45 Ticket #7661 (trunk brcm47xx 2.6 with proprietary wl) created by anonymous
There is no option for setting ap with wpa enterprise when configuring …
12:40 Changeset [22364] by jow
[backfire] merge r22363
12:39 Changeset [22363] by jow
[atheros] renaming of the IP175C switch driver brioke switch detection on …
10:51 Ticket #7660 (package libmtrace.so (mtrace for binary executables)) created by luigi.mantellini@…
Hi all, I just provide this package that compiles a simple shared library …
04:22 Changeset [22362] by nbd
ath9k: simplify noise floor calibration chainmask calculation
04:08 Changeset [22361] by nbd
ath9k: fix invalid noisefloor measurement values in ht20 mode
03:54 Changeset [22360] by nbd
ath9k: fix another buffer leak in the aggregation code
03:54 Changeset [22359] by nbd
load e1000 earlier to fix the order of the ethernet ports on Axiomtek …


23:01 Ticket #7659 (pure-ftpd init-script supporting all available options) created by ddxx0n
When I tried enabling tls with pure-ftpd by adding option tls '1' to …
22:54 Ticket #7658 (please create virtual package pure-ftpd-tls) created by ddxx0n
I guess the default pure-ftpd package does not support tls due to the …
21:07 Ticket #7657 (segfault while sysupgrade with 22322 and uClibc 0.9.31) created by anonymous
I tried to build openwrt w/ the latest released uClibc 0.9.31. Everythings …
20:52 Ticket #7650 (Not build r22322 for brcm47 (with broadcom-wl)) closed by hauke
fixed: Thank you for reporting. This is fixed in r22357.
20:51 Changeset [22358] by hauke
mac80211: fix build of ipw2100 driver
20:50 Changeset [22357] by hauke
ubsec_ssb: fix build of ubsec_ssb with new ssb patches
20:28 Ticket #7656 (ar71xx TP-link 941nd crash) closed by nbd
20:28 Ticket #7614 (TP-link 941nd, link only at 10mb/s Half duplex in lan ports) closed by nbd
18:56 Ticket #7656 (ar71xx TP-link 941nd crash) created by anonymous
I had this crash again, today and it happens quite often. I'm using trunk …
18:02 Changeset [22356] by jow
[backfire] merge r22355
18:01 Changeset [22355] by jow
[package] mac80211: fix handling of frag and rts options, thanks stintel!
17:42 Changeset [22354] by swalker
[packages] diffutils: update to 3.0, use PKG_INSTALL, handle the busybox …
14:39 Ticket #7528 (Add TP-Link TL-WA901ND support to OpenWrt) closed by nbd
fixed: added in r22353
14:37 Changeset [22353] by nbd
ar71xx: add support for the tp-link tl-wa901nd devices (patch by Pieter …
13:32 Changeset [22352] by claudio
[at91] general cleanup
13:32 Changeset [22351] by claudio
[at91] Add support for u-boot
13:32 Changeset [22350] by claudio
Add package pwm-gpio-custom
13:32 Changeset [22349] by claudio
Add package rotary-gpio-custom
11:28 Ticket #7655 (add connlimit netfilter module) created by anonymous
can add connlimit netfilter module to iptables? thanks.
10:28 Changeset [22348] by jow
[package] busybox: fix compilation on FreeBSD
05:09 Changeset [22347] by jow
[tools] squashfs4: fix compilation on FreeBSD
05:09 Ticket #7642 ([packages] tmux: Update to v1.3) closed by swalker
fixed: Fixed in r22346.
05:07 Changeset [22346] by swalker
[packages] tmux: update to 1.3 (#7642, thanks Zuljin), use PKG_INSTALL, …
04:59 Changeset [22345] by jow
[tools] yaffs2: fix compilation on FreeBSD
04:43 Changeset [22344] by jow
[tools] mkimage: fix compilation on FreeBSD
04:38 Changeset [22343] by swalker
[packages] vpzone: add missing kmod-tun dependency
02:18 Changeset [22342] by swalker
[packages] c-ares: update to 1.7.3
02:10 Changeset [22341] by swalker
[packages] apr: update to 1.4.2
00:02 Changeset [22340] by jow
[package] opkg: fix host compilation on Darwin (libopkg_test failed to …


20:28 Changeset [22339] by jow
[backfire] merge r22338
20:26 Changeset [22338] by jow
[package] opkg: strip trailing whitespaces from entries in conffiles …
19:57 Ticket #7602 (Debug has been left enabled - probably in BusyBox) closed by nbd
19:50 Ticket #7603 ([PATCH] script/env init fix) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r22336, r22337
19:50 Changeset [22337] by nbd
backport scripts/env init fix from r22336
19:49 Changeset [22336] by nbd
scripts/env: fix initialization of files/ when creating a new environment …
19:47 Ticket #7645 (ap isolation with backfire and mac80211) closed by nbd
worksforme: just set option isolate 1 in the wifi-iface section
19:36 Ticket #7100 (mtdoop support for OpenWrt) closed by nbd
obsolete: not necessary anymore with the addition of the new 'crashlog' feature that …
19:32 Ticket #7653 (mksquashfs ignores and discards setuid and setgid bits -- patch available ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r22334, r22335
19:32 Changeset [22335] by nbd
squashfs4: backport the mode fix from r22334
19:31 Changeset [22334] by nbd
squashfs4: backport an upstream change to fix the file mode check to allow …
18:06 Changeset [22333] by nbd
merge the crashlog feature from r22305, r22326
18:06 Changeset [22332] by nbd
merge the kernel debug collect option from r22327
18:06 Changeset [22331] by nbd
merge the kernel debug option from r22325
18:06 Changeset [22330] by nbd
merge the kernel config cleanup that was added to trunk as part of r20837
18:06 Changeset [22329] by nbd
add missing kernel config symbols
17:55 Ticket #7654 (Segmentation fault with chilli_radconfig) created by ethariel
chilli_radconfig exit on segmentation fault with brcm-2.4 To reproduce : …
17:48 Ticket #7651 (Transmission 2.02 source file is not in the mirror) closed by obsy
fixed: Fixed in r22328
17:46 Changeset [22328] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.03
17:18 Changeset [22327] by nbd
add a build system option for collecting all kernel debug information …
17:02 Changeset [22326] by nbd
disable crash logging for uml, it cannot possibly work there anyway
16:34 Changeset [22325] by nbd
add a config option for enabling kernel debugging symbols
16:34 Changeset [22324] by nbd
kernel: add some missing debugging related config symbols
15:19 Ticket #7653 (mksquashfs ignores and discards setuid and setgid bits -- patch available ...) created by ermo <rune.morling+openwrt@…>
I'm building a squashfs image containing sudo and noticed that sudo is not …
15:05 Ticket #7652 (rb433uha + r22269 "error occured while reading from "NAND 512MiB 3,3V ...) created by sites@…
After a fresh install of OpenWRT r22269 on an rb433uha i'm not able to …
13:20 Changeset [22323] by kaloz
add support for the Gateworks Laguna family (Cavium Networks Econa …
12:22 Ticket #7651 (Transmission 2.02 source file is not in the mirror) created by anonymous
Transmission 2.02 does not exist in …
11:41 Ticket #7650 (Not build r22322 for brcm47 (with broadcom-wl)) created by sav
Not build ubsec-ssb r22322 for brcm47 (with broadcom-wl) (gcc-4.4.4/eglibc …
00:26 Ticket #7648 (curl and libcurl descriptions switched) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r22322, thanks!
00:26 Changeset [22322] by florian
[package] fix inverted libcurl/curl descriptions (#7648)
00:26 Ticket #7643 (kmod-crypto-hw-padlock dependency) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r22321, thanks!
00:25 Changeset [22321] by florian
[package] fix kmod-crypto-hw-padlock dependency against kmod-crypto-aes …
00:25 Changeset [22320] by florian
[package] remove whitespaces in kmod-switch sources
00:24 Ticket #7540 (acx-20080210 driver broken (missing utsrelease.h file)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r22137.


22:57 Changeset [22319] by nbd
gcc: split up the build process into three distinct stages (minimal, …
22:01 Ticket #7649 ([patch] add gammu package) created by x029ah@…
Adds gammu package - utility to control cellphone. Useful to send or …
21:41 Changeset [22318] by hauke
brcm47xx: fix for boardflags by xMff and checkpatch.pl fixes
19:59 Changeset [22317] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: bump package version number from previos …
19:51 Ticket #7648 (curl and libcurl descriptions switched) created by nagydani@…
curl says it's "A client-side URL transfer library" while libcurl is "A …
19:28 Ticket #7647 (add profile to brcm47xx) created by realopty <realopty@…>
Can we add a new profile to the brcm47xx architecture the included file …
18:23 Changeset [22316] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Fixed/enabled mod_fax compilation
18:23 Changeset [22315] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Removed dependency on alsa-lib; FreeSWITCH …
18:20 Changeset [22314] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.02
17:43 Ticket #7646 (Add IPv6 Support to p910nd) created by gniess@…
It seems that my Windows 7 tries only to send the print job to the IPv6 …
17:17 Ticket #7645 (ap isolation with backfire and mac80211) created by anonymous
I think ap isolation is not supported in backfire with ath9k because I …
16:56 Ticket #7644 ($ZONE in fw_event() of /lib/firewall/uci_firewall.sh prevents removing ...) created by fufus@…
Hi. What's up with that $ZONE variable chceck in ifdown case inside …
16:13 Changeset [22313] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Add back mistakenly removed warning suppression …
15:21 Changeset [22312] by kaloz
upgrade the config.* scripts
13:11 Changeset [22311] by kaloz
the storm target is gone for a long time now
11:20 Changeset [22310] by kerneis
[packages] babel: use uci_get_state Signed-off-by: Gabriel Kerneis …
11:20 Changeset [22309] by kerneis
[packages] ahcpd: apply unreleased upstream patch - Tue Jul 20 00:25:27 …
10:14 Changeset [22308] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Removed accidentally committed warning …
10:14 Changeset [22307] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Fixed compilation error on gcc4.2.x (avr32)
08:57 Changeset [22306] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Disabled mod-flite for avr32 and ixp4xx as …
03:54 Changeset [22305] by nbd
kernel: add the new 'crashlog' feature, which tries to store kernel …
03:54 Changeset [22304] by nbd
move the crda dependency to the kmod-cfg80211 package, get rid of crda's …
03:54 Changeset [22303] by nbd
ar71xx: set default values for the fifo cfg registers on AR724x
03:54 Changeset [22302] by nbd
mac80211: fix aggregation on WDS AP interfaces
03:54 Changeset [22301] by nbd
mac80211: update to wireless-testing 2010-07-16
02:27 Changeset [22300] by mirko
qt4: do not compile parts which require nptl support when no nptl support …
01:58 Ticket #7643 (kmod-crypto-hw-padlock dependency) created by xaim00
kmod-crypto-hw-padlock is dependant on kmod-crypto-aes. This dependency is …
01:25 Ticket #7597 (Add kernel to trunk) closed by maddes
fixed: Fixed in r22289
00:20 Changeset [22299] by jow
[package] nvram: handle nvram at varying offsets within the eraseblock …


23:45 Changeset [22298] by hauke
brcm47xx: write boardflags correct into sprom
23:14 Changeset [22297] by claudio
[kernel] pwm: export the generic pwm api as module
22:25 Changeset [22296] by hauke
brcm47xx: prepare brcm47xx patches for sending to mainline.
22:07 Changeset [22295] by hauke
brcm47xx: remove kernel 2.6.33
19:36 Ticket #7642 ([packages] tmux: Update to v1.3) created by Zuljin
14:32 Changeset [22294] by kaloz
rename the mx2 target to imx21
14:29 Changeset [22293] by hcg
[gumstix] Remove profile no longer required
14:13 Changeset [22292] by hcg
[gumstix] replace dropbear with openssh
14:11 Changeset [22291] by swalker
[packages] liboping: update to 1.4.0, add a noping package for the ncurses …
13:35 Changeset [22290] by kaloz
we don't care about the md5sums for -rc kernels
13:34 Changeset [22289] by kaloz
update kernel versions
13:30 Changeset [22288] by kaloz
fixup some boardnames
13:28 Changeset [22287] by kaloz
remove unneeded patches
12:51 Ticket #7641 (tinyproxy: not able to use syslog and create pidfile) created by roecker@…
I created an openwrt 10.03 image containing the tinyproxy which had 2 …
06:40 Ticket #7640 (Universal TFTP Script) created by realopty <realopty@…>
Ive made a universal TFTP script and thought i would contribute it. Maybe …


23:17 Ticket #7639 (kmod-fs-cifs missing dependency) created by realopty <realopty@…>
kmod-fs-cifs depends on kmod-nls-base when selecting kmod-fs-cifs it …
21:40 Changeset [22286] by hauke
e2fsprogs: update to version 1.41.12
21:39 Changeset [22285] by hauke
iw: update to version 0.9.20
21:24 Changeset [22284] by acoul
ixp4xx: backport r21893 wrt300nv2 mac fix to 2.6.32
20:59 Changeset [22283] by acoul
package/kernel: modularize ixp4xx_eth driver & marvel 88E6060 phy support
20:36 Changeset [22282] by jow
[package] base-files, busybox: fix 22279, simplify code and get rid of awk
19:35 Changeset [22281] by swalker
[packages] haproxy: update to 1.4.8, fix disabled keyword
19:13 Changeset [22280] by swalker
[packages] mtr: update to 0.80
17:18 Changeset [22279] by cshore
[package] base-files & telnet: Fixed telnet starting even with root …
17:09 Changeset [22278] by cshore
[packages] lang/python: Fixed duplicate files in python and python-mini …
14:38 Ticket #7638 (RouterStation Pro + 2x ath9k card: PCI error, kernel oops) created by Stijn Tintel <stijn@…>
With two ath9k cards in my RouterStation Pro, I am getting a kernel oops …
14:17 Ticket #7637 (rtl8366s forwarding all packets to all ports (broadcasting)) created by john.southworth@…
I'm currently using a Dlink DIR-825 with the latest trunk. The switch is …
13:47 Changeset [22277] by acoul
net/iputils: nuke ipv6 until we get a proper fix
12:35 Changeset [22276] by acoul
utils/psmisc: fix peekfd issue on mips/big-endian targets, included …
12:31 Ticket #7027 (Initial support for eb-214a) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22275, thanks!
12:30 Ticket #6743 (additional leds for agpfs0 ( brcm63xx)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r22273.
12:29 Changeset [22275] by florian
[adm5120] add support for generic eb214a, thanks cezary (#7027)
12:29 Changeset [22274] by florian
[rdc] remove 2.6.30 support
12:29 Changeset [22273] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix alice gate2 internet:green led (#6743)
12:25 Ticket #6492 (r6040 with rtl8305s do not work completly) closed by florian
10:31 Changeset [22272] by acoul
utils/psmisc: update psmisc to 22.12
09:55 Changeset [22271] by acoul
net/ethtool: update to 2.6.34
09:19 Changeset [22270] by swalker
[packages] unbound: remove the two files emptied in r22250, install the …
04:40 Ticket #7636 (axel package makefile) created by sherpya
Axel is a very light Download Accelerator like wget, but it supports …
02:36 Changeset [22269] by nico
[backfire] merge r22251 dnsmasq: initscript: fix bool options handling, …
02:05 Ticket #7577 ([Patch] igmpproxy init script needs to be updated to utilize start-stop ...) closed by nico
fixed: Applied a slightly modified version [22268], thanks !
02:04 Changeset [22268] by nico
[packages] igmpproxy: fix initscript (closes: #7577), bump release number
01:48 Changeset [22267] by nico
[packages] unbound: add files missed from [22250] (thanks swalker!)
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