23:51 Changeset [22498] by jow
[backfire] merge r22497
23:50 Changeset [22497] by jow
[package] ppp: whitespace cleanup in previous commit
23:48 Ticket #7694 (pppd deletes higher metric (backup) default routes when disconnecting) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by r22495 - thanks for reporting!
23:48 Changeset [22496] by jow
[backfire] merge r22495
23:47 Changeset [22495] by jow
[package] pppd: only remove own default route on shutdown (#7694)
22:11 Ticket #7699 (Ethernet broken on TP-LINK WR941ND v2) created by anonymous
Latest trunk (r22462) on wr941nd breaks ethernet. Interfaces never come up …
19:29 Changeset [22494] by nbd
mac80211: merge changes from latest trunk into backfire
19:26 Changeset [22493] by nbd
ath9k: fix rx tsf parsing
19:21 Changeset [22492] by jow
[PATCH] update joe package, support for all emulation modes. UPDATE: - …
19:21 Ticket #7698 (hotplug.d/button stops working after turning on wifi.) created by alex.barakin@…
device: asus wl500gpv2 target system: bcm947xx/953xx (2.6) config: all …
19:18 Changeset [22491] by jow
[PATCH] lm-sensors package upgrade/update Update the lm-Sensors Makefile …
19:17 Ticket #7625 (dnsmasq cachesize UCI option) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r22490 - thanks!
19:16 Changeset [22490] by jow
[package] dnsmasq: add -c or --cache-size option to dnsmasq via cachesize …
19:14 Changeset [22489] by jow
[PATCH] [dsl-qos-queue] Add libipq to DEPENDS, and reference shared …
19:12 Changeset [22488] by jow
[PATCH] [usb-modeswitch-data] Update to latest available debian source. …
19:09 Changeset [22487] by jow
[PATCH] Allow UCI interface names in /etc/config/dhcp Signed-off-by: …
16:06 Changeset [22486] by nico
[packages] freeswitch: remove ozmod_ss7_boost from mod-openzap (no build …
15:41 Ticket #7697 (WNDR3700 (ath9k) 2,4GHz N incompatibility with Intel AGN (4965)) created by Alex
The client which corrupts the connection is an Intel 4965AGN. It is …
15:33 Changeset [22485] by lars
[xburst] Drop 2.6.32 patches
15:32 Changeset [22484] by lars
[xburst] Set -march=mips32
15:31 Changeset [22483] by lars
[xburst] Adjust codec driver module name for 2.6.35
15:29 Changeset [22482] by acoul
package/iptables: upgrade to iptables version 1.4.9
15:26 Changeset [22481] by lars
[xburst] Fix mmc card detection
14:35 Changeset [22480] by acoul
net/bird: update bird to version 1.2.4
14:34 Ticket #7696 (r21708 broke tagged VLAN support on rtl8366rb at least (TP-Link ...) created by anonymous
Since r21708 of trunk tagged VLAN support is broken on my TP-Link …
14:27 Changeset [22479] by nico
[packages] libtorrent: apply fix from [22233] to armeb as well
13:25 Changeset [22478] by hcg
gumstix: Change defconfig
12:10 Changeset [22477] by hcg
omap35xx: Add temporary fix for marvell wlan MAC address detection
11:59 Ticket #7695 (kernel build error on crashlog.o) created by Bart Swinnen <bartswinnen@…>
I get following build error when building x86 with kernel […]
10:08 Ticket #7694 (pppd deletes higher metric (backup) default routes when disconnecting) created by keith@…
To reproduce the problem: 1) Fire up ppp10 with defaultroute and ppp20 …
02:43 Changeset [22476] by nbd
swconfig: cleanup of kernel drivers and interface - add some comments to a …
02:12 Ticket #7693 (brcm47xx build AFTER 22423 doesn't boot at all on Buffalo WHR-HP-G54) created by Sami Olmari <sami.palvelut@…>
I wondered why latest trunk doesn't boot at all on WHR-HP-G54 brcm47xx... …


22:35 Changeset [22475] by hauke
brcm47xx: ignore some parts of flash on some netgear devices. This space …
21:45 Ticket #7692 (multiple vlan config broken on WRT160NL r22454) created by WTGPhoben
I am unable to configure multiple vlans on the wrt160nl running the latest …
21:22 Ticket #7691 (Sysupgrade without -n fails partially on WRT160NL) created by mohnkhan
when using sysupgrade -n imagename it works fine. however when used …
19:53 Ticket #6667 (hostapd stops working out of a sudden) closed by nbd
fixed: As I mentioned before, I did a rework of stuck beacon handling and noise …
19:42 Ticket #7690 (rerunning 'make manuconfig' break luci-app-p2pblock inclusion) created by glic3rinu
In order to reproduce: Run 'make menuconfig', go to LuCi --- Components, …
19:02 Ticket #7689 (not load transmission torrents with files >2Gb on x86 router) created by Andrey Popov <admin@…>
OpenWRT backfire x86 router ext3 file system Transmission torrent client …
17:32 Changeset [22474] by lars
[toolchain] Add lost handling of -fhonour-copts to …
14:07 Changeset [22473] by nico
[packages] stunnel: cleanup
14:04 Changeset [22472] by nico
[packages] quagga: use PKG_INSTALL
13:59 Changeset [22471] by nico
[packages] bind: cleanup
13:58 Changeset [22470] by nico
[packages] ngrep: use PKG_INSTALL, install in /usr/bin instead of …
10:24 Ticket #7073 ([packages] freeswitch: build failure on avr32) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22167]
09:36 Ticket #6979 ([packages] appweb: build fails on ixp4xx/generic, kirkwood & orion) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed upstream, Updated in [22469]
09:36 Changeset [22469] by nico
[packages] appweb: update to 3.2.2-1 (closes: #6979), add dependency on …
05:16 Ticket #7688 (rtorrent package for brcm-2.4) closed by jow
wontfix: Sorry, the brcm-2.4 target has been discontinued. You might have luck with …
05:04 Changeset [22468] by jow
ip17xx: r21709 broke VLAN functionality on the IP175C switch, add back …


23:25 Ticket #7688 (rtorrent package for brcm-2.4) created by bghome@…
It wold be nice to have an rtorrent package to brcm 2.4 arch. Even an …
23:07 Ticket #7686 (mismatch between dnsmasq and /etc/config/dhcp (reopened)) closed by jow
duplicate: see #2240
23:01 Ticket #2240 (mismatch between dnsmasq and /etc/config/dhcp) closed by jow
invalid: Your comments make no sense, sorry. Limit is defined as number of …
22:45 Changeset [22467] by jow
[package] base-files: r22444 caused interfaces to remain down if the …
21:33 Changeset [22466] by cshore
[brcm63xx]: base-files: diag.sh: For power button as preinit status led, …
21:32 Changeset [22465] by cshore
[brcm63xx] base-files: brcm63xx.sh: Added comtrend (96348GW-11) to routers …
21:32 Changeset [22464] by cshore
[brcm63xx] patches-2.6.32/33: Reset button on Comtrend routers is GPIO 33 …
20:24 Changeset [22463] by lars
[xburst] Add 2.6.35 patches
12:32 Changeset [22462] by markus
LED handling fixes for WRT54-G3Gv2
12:06 Ticket #7679 (eth0 (): not using net_device_ops yet) closed by acoul
invalid: please try to open good tickets, have a look at previous ones. You need …
06:12 Ticket #7679 (eth0 (): not using net_device_ops yet) reopened by anonymous
03:28 Changeset [22461] by nbd
ath9k: improve stuck beacon recovery by reading nf values from the hw when …
03:27 Ticket #7687 (ppp0 interface does not automatically goes UP on device's boot) created by User294
To reproduce: 1) Install OpenWRT Backfire to some supported device. …
02:48 Ticket #7686 (mismatch between dnsmasq and /etc/config/dhcp (reopened)) created by braveheartleo
the problem with DHCP range is still existent. the related ticket and …
02:27 Ticket #2240 (mismatch between dnsmasq and /etc/config/dhcp) reopened by anonymous
This has been overlooked, problem still existent in Backfire 10.03. First …
02:08 Changeset [22460] by nbd
ath9k: improve stuck beacon recovery and noise floor handling. …


19:06 Changeset [22459] by nico
[packages] xkeyboard-config: misc fixes: * add MD5SUM * remove unneeded …
18:57 Changeset [22458] by acoul
package/compcache: use mainline modules for kernels >=2.6.33 (thank you …
18:33 Changeset [22457] by nbd
ath9k: fix aggregation pause/restart handling under heavy load (thx to …
17:53 Changeset [22456] by mirko
qt4: package drivers (kbd, mouse, gfx) seperatly
17:53 Changeset [22455] by mirko
qt4: heavily cleanup Makefile and add a generic way for configuring …
17:18 Ticket #7675 (missing dependency in snd module) closed by nico
duplicate: See #7140
16:40 Changeset [22454] by nico
[backfire] merge r22453 * fix typo
16:37 Changeset [22453] by nico
fix typo
14:41 Changeset [22452] by florian
[octeon] add 2.6.34 support
14:41 Changeset [22451] by florian
[kernel] refresh 2.6.34 patches
14:39 Changeset [22450] by florian
[toolchain] add support for gcc-4.5.1
12:26 Ticket #7634 (DNS settings in backfire are not working) closed by florian
worksforme: The nameservers are added to /tmp/resolv.conf.auto, not /etc/resolv.conf
12:20 Ticket #7685 (New package: minidlna) created by anonymous
Add minidlna package (from: …
12:20 Ticket #7679 (eth0 (): not using net_device_ops yet) closed by florian
worksforme: This is not a bug, just a harmless warning.
00:33 Changeset [22449] by florian
[package] update tcl to 8.5.8, clean-up makefile, use PKG_INSTALL, patch …
00:33 Changeset [22448] by florian
[package] add xkeyboard-config and install shared libX11 directory …
00:33 Changeset [22447] by florian
[package] update gpsd to 2.94, add config, init and hotplug scripts, patch …
00:33 Changeset [22446] by florian
[package] move cd option to proper place, patch from Stefan Bethke.
00:33 Changeset [22445] by florian
[package] add an openvpn-devel package, patch from Gert Doering For now, …
00:32 Changeset [22444] by florian
[package] add txqueuelen option, patch from Roberto Riggio
00:32 Changeset [22443] by florian
[buildroot] fix for GREP_OPTIONS When using GREP_OPTIONS to supply …


20:39 Ticket #7684 (tcpdump full fails to compile) created by framer99
never saw a problem with tcpdump compile until today. A quick google on …
17:59 Ticket #7683 (dir-615 A1. can be Work! but swith can't Initialization.) created by 373608915@…
i Under the dir-615 gpl sourcecode to determine MPP_GPIO. Revised …
15:25 Changeset [22442] by jow
[package] firwall: fix nat reflection for zones covering multiple networks
15:06 Changeset [22441] by jow
[package] firewall: add basic NAT reflection/NAT loopback support
14:27 Ticket #7658 (please create virtual package pure-ftpd-tls) closed by florian
fixed: Added in r22440, the correct thing was to add a build variant, which as …
14:26 Ticket #7659 (pure-ftpd init-script supporting all available options) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22439, thanks!
14:26 Changeset [22440] by florian
[package] pure-ftpd: add TLS variant (#7658)
14:26 Changeset [22439] by florian
[package] pure-ftpd: add init script supporting all options (#7659)
13:53 Changeset [22438] by florian
[package] remove iptables libipq dependency, thanks jow
13:52 Changeset [22437] by florian
[toolchain] bump default gcc-4.4 version for sibyte and octeon
13:43 Ticket #7636 (axel package makefile) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22434, thanks!
13:43 Ticket #7535 ([packages] New package libs/credis) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22433, thanks!
13:42 Ticket #7646 (Add IPv6 Support to p910nd) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22432, thanks!
13:42 Changeset [22436] by florian
[package] package libipq as a shared library r21799 by jow changed the …
13:42 Changeset [22435] by florian
[ramips] fix jffs2 64k and 128k images overwrite each other When trying …
13:42 Ticket #7641 (tinyproxy: not able to use syslog and create pidfile) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22431, thanks!
13:39 Changeset [22434] by florian
[package] add axel (#7636)
13:39 Changeset [22433] by florian
[package] add credis, C library for communicating with Redis servers …
13:39 Changeset [22432] by florian
[package] p910nd: add IPv6 support (#7646)
13:39 Changeset [22431] by florian
[package] tinyproxy: fix creation of pid and log (#7641)
13:39 Changeset [22430] by florian
[package] add mount.ntfs-3.g This patch defines new ntfs-3g package …
13:39 Changeset [22429] by florian
[package] add vblade This is a package for the vblade tool, which exports …
13:39 Changeset [22428] by florian
[package] update fowsr to 20100718 changed name of cache file to …
13:39 Changeset [22427] by florian
[package] update xtables-addons to 1.24, add rawpost and rawnat modules, …
13:39 Changeset [22426] by florian
[package] add missing libid3tag dependency to mpd, patch from Benjamin …
12:06 Changeset [22425] by hauke
brcm47xx: some checkpatch fixes
12:05 Changeset [22424] by hauke
brcm47xx: some fixes * fix return codes of nvram_getenv. Now it behaves …
09:06 Ticket #7676 (ixp4xx config-2.6.32 needs to be resysnced) closed by acoul
fixed: this issue should be finally fixed in r22423. thank you for reporting.
08:49 Changeset [22423] by acoul
generic/patches-2.6.32: finalize jffs2/lzma support on 2.6.32.x
08:25 Ticket #7682 (mac80211 patch problems) closed by acoul
fixed: should be fixed on r22422
08:21 Changeset [22422] by acoul
package/mac80211: sync commit r22419
04:38 Ticket #7682 (mac80211 patch problems) created by anonymous
I tried the latest trunk Applying …
01:23 Changeset [22421] by jow
[kernel] fix a typo in config-2.6.34 and config-2.6.35, thanks …
01:05 Ticket #7671 (libcurl do no compile trunk r22372) closed by florian
00:56 Changeset [22420] by florian
[package] update squid to 2.7STABLE9, thanks to Tomasz Mon
00:18 Changeset [22419] by nbd
mac80211: update to 2010-07-29, add pending patches to fix further issues …


23:19 Changeset [22418] by hauke
mostly revert commit r22396 CFE does not boot images generated with these …
19:49 Ticket #7681 (ipcad with ULOG) created by warm@…
Need ipcad with ULOG support. I tried to comment …
19:44 Ticket #7680 (new platform "vodafone Station") created by Magicko
it's possible to create new platform for vodafone station ? I tasted …
14:23 Ticket #4331 ([WRT54GL] Installing QoS produces enormous cpu load) reopened by bobby
I experienced severe lockups after installing the nbd QoS scripts under …
12:52 Changeset [22417] by nbd
mac80211: minor fix for the offchannel status change notification
11:59 Changeset [22416] by acoul
[atheros] add missing bits & bytes from r22412
08:54 Changeset [22415] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: Changed route acquistion to grab everything except …
06:11 Ticket #7679 (eth0 (): not using net_device_ops yet) created by blueice1108@…
HOW to solve the question linux- octeon bug
01:19 Ticket #7298 (Cannot edit files in /etc/config due to flash write error) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by r22377
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