23:07 Changeset [22651] by juhosg
ixp4xx: use the right parameter for ixp4xx_phy_disconnect
23:07 Changeset [22650] by juhosg
ixp4xx: fix GPIOLIB support
23:07 Changeset [22649] by juhosg
ixp4xx: refresh patches
23:07 Changeset [22648] by juhosg
ixp4xx: add TW-266-2 support to 2.6.32 as well
23:07 Changeset [22647] by juhosg
ixp4xx: backport IXP4XX_GPIO_IRQ macro to 2.6.32
23:07 Changeset [22646] by juhosg
ixp4xx: sync 2.6.32 kernel config
23:07 Changeset [22645] by juhosg
ixp4xx: include linux/slab.h in the latch LED driver
23:07 Changeset [22644] by juhosg
ar71xx: add eap7660d board to diag.sh and sysupgrade This patch adds …
23:07 Changeset [22643] by juhosg
generic: fix wrong number of erase sectors for xxxS33B SPI flashes
23:07 Changeset [22642] by juhosg
generic: fix kernel version check for 2.6.35
21:49 Ticket #7764 (New package: gnuplot) created by obsy <cezary@…>
Patch included.
21:24 Ticket #7763 (Hub behavior in TL-wr841n running r22630) created by Jonathan Bennett <jbscience87@…>
My wr841n is acting as a hub, and consequently brings down my entire …
18:20 Ticket #7760 (Asus WL-520gU - won't boot) reopened by andrew.varner@…
Here's how it looks when I flash DD-WRT: (complete log is attached) […] …
16:44 Changeset [22641] by mb
Add maemo-kexec helper scripts for booting maemo from openwrt on the Nokia …
16:26 Ticket #7247 (Error while compiling backfire to Nanostation2 (Atheros) on Ubuntu 9.10) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22640]
16:25 Changeset [22640] by nico
[packages] collectd: set postgresql lib location explicitly (closes: …
16:21 Ticket #7761 (miredo-client lacks libtun6, libteredo) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed on [22639], thanks !
16:20 Changeset [22639] by nico
[packages] miredo: various fixes and cleanup * force use of shared …
16:04 Changeset [22638] by swalker
[packages] wing: put Roberto's email address inside angle brackets instead …
15:46 Ticket #7762 (sync ar71xx/patches-2.6.35 to created by acoul
in case it's needed here it is.
15:17 Ticket #7519 (mpd is missing some dependencies) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22426] for libid3tag, [22637] for libaudiofile and [22636] for …
15:13 Changeset [22637] by nico
[packages] mpd: add dependency on libaudiofile (closes: #7519), bump …
14:59 Changeset [22636] by nico
[packages] libshout: add dependencies on speex & theora (they can't be …
14:57 Ticket #7359 (can not configure snmp v3 user (using snmp closed by acinonyx
invalid: You can only add 'createUser' tokens in the persistent data file …
13:36 Ticket #7761 (miredo-client lacks libtun6, libteredo) created by chneukirchen@…
I installed miredo-client 1.1.7-3 but it won't run due to: […] The …
11:34 Changeset [22635] by agb
[packages] multimedia/fswebcam: update website/source urls
11:25 Changeset [22634] by nico
[packages] openconnect: update patch (missed in r22604)
11:04 Ticket #7310 (Usb hid device for APC ups is not detected completely (d-link dir-825)) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22632] (trunk) & [22633] (backfire), thanks !
11:02 Changeset [22633] by nico
[backfire] merge r22632 package/kernel: enable raw HID device support in …
10:59 Changeset [22632] by nico
package/kernel: enable raw HID device support in kmod-usb-hid (closes: …
09:48 Changeset [22631] by acoul
linux/ar71xx: add nanostation-m signature (thanks Antonio Anselmi)
09:31 Ticket #7760 (Asus WL-520gU - won't boot) closed by acoul
invalid: this looks like a bootloader issue (CFE), not openwrt related. […] try …
08:50 Ticket #6789 (B44 Ethernet still fails on Siemens SE505 V2) closed by acoul
fixed: since it is in the trunk it will also be on the next backfire release too.
05:31 Ticket #7760 (Asus WL-520gU - won't boot) created by andrew.varner@…
I have an Asus WL-520gU, which I'm trying to flash with OpenWrt. I can't …
02:54 Ticket #7759 (ome pci device can't allocate I/O resource on ar71xx) created by anonymous
I add a adaptec aic-7901x scsi minipci card on atheros PB44(with atheros …
02:54 Changeset [22630] by jow
[package] uhttpd: - more robust handling of network failures on static …
02:45 Changeset [22629] by jow
[package] base-files, uci: properly revert list state on config_load This …


23:34 Changeset [22628] by nico
[packages] libtorrent: fix build failures on octeon & ppc
21:49 Ticket #7758 (php5: enable simplexml) created by Yuri Ostapchuk <yura407@…>
Hi! In current trunk php5 package is configured without simplexml support. …
21:46 Changeset [22627] by dingo
[PATCHTEAM] - WING Wireless Mesh Routing Protocol Signed-off-by: Roberto …
21:31 Changeset [22626] by jow
[backfire] merge r22625
21:29 Changeset [22625] by jow
[ar71xx] add uci-defaults script to migrate vlan 0 to vlan 1 after …
19:57 Ticket #7757 (typo in target/ar71xx/base-files/etc/diag.sh) created by Antonio
[…] must be edited as […] buacuse /lib/ar71xx.sh returns …
19:15 Changeset [22624] by mb
update omapfb patches
18:58 Ticket #7756 (select x86 and keep everything to default. it fails to create image) created by mohnkhan
scripts/kconfig/conf -s arch/x86/Kconfig CHK include/linux/version.h …
18:30 Ticket #7755 ([packages] lighttpd: update to 1.4.27, add missing modules) created by cezary@…
Patch included.
18:14 Changeset [22623] by mb
n810: Make sysfs backlight controls work
18:05 Changeset [22622] by florian
[package] update faifa to r64
18:04 Changeset [22621] by jow
[kernel] fixup 2.6.34 kernel headers to properly export XT_ALIGN() to …
17:13 Changeset [22620] by acoul
net/nmap: update nmap to 5.35DC1
17:04 Ticket #7754 (Package sshfs) created by rafacouto@…
May be a package dependency: sshfs: can't load library 'libintl.so.8'
15:21 Changeset [22619] by acoul
net/iodine: update iodine to 0.6.0-rc1
15:13 Changeset [22618] by acoul
net/kismet: update kismet to Kismet-2010-07-R1
13:54 Ticket #7753 (Grub fails to build on Ubuntu x86-64) created by glp@…
Grub fails to build on a default x86 image with added LuCI on both trunk …
10:00 Changeset [22617] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Remove shell-script based UCI config. It …
08:42 Ticket #7413 (DIR-825: "Deauthenticated due to local deauth request" with all latest ...) reopened by samuelpward@…
i am still having this issue. i only have one of the aerials turned on …
08:27 Ticket #7752 (ip6tables v1.4.9.1 complains about unknown options) created by claas@…
With trunk r22602 I get this: […]
08:16 Ticket #7751 (6in4 should depend on ip6tables) created by claas@…
I suggest adding +ip6tables to the 6in4 Makefile: DEPENDS:=+ip +kmod-ipv6 …
05:32 Changeset [22616] by agb
[packages] net/nufw: run of autogen.sh needed with recent versions of …
02:33 Changeset [22615] by jow
[backfire] merge r22614
02:19 Ticket #4710 (MiniPCI device causes all other PCI devices to dissapear in 2.6 not 2.4) closed by jow
fixed: Thanks for your feedback. I added the patch in r22614.
02:18 Changeset [22614] by jow
[kernel] ssb: give the PCI core more time to initialize, fixes PCI issues …


23:10 Ticket #7750 (wireless connection stops working over and ver again (ath9k)) created by anonymous
Hi everybody the wireless issues with ath9k are still there. The …
21:06 Changeset [22613] by mb
remove lxpanel
21:03 Changeset [22612] by lars
Add lxde feed to feeds.conf.default
20:42 Ticket #7748 (Internal port forwarding) closed by jow
fixed: See r22441
20:25 Ticket #7749 (owfs - Missing library links, missing owget binary, invalid include file ...) created by Nicolas Leonard <leonard.nicolas@…>
The owfs package has several issues : * It misses the libow.so
19:53 Ticket #7748 (Internal port forwarding) created by Craig <candrews@…>
Almost all "off the shelf" routers apply port forwarding rules to the …
18:44 Ticket #7742 (uhttpd doesn't seem to take any action on network timeout nor closed ...) reopened by anonymous
Thanks a lot for the quick fix. It works, sort of. Now it is not hanging …
16:13 Changeset [22611] by acoul
package/mac80211: fix r22422, add missing bits & bytes
15:58 Ticket #7685 (New package: minidlna) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22610, thanks!
15:58 Changeset [22610] by florian
[package] add minidlna (#7685)
15:57 Changeset [22609] by mb
Add lxpanel
12:58 Changeset [22608] by jow
[backfire] merge r22602 & r22607
12:56 Changeset [22607] by jow
[package] uhttpd: fix segmentation fault triggered by invalid header line
12:30 Ticket #7728 (Fix some issues in 6in4 with ppp link) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by r22605 - thanks!
12:30 Changeset [22606] by jow
[backfire] merge r22605
12:30 Changeset [22605] by jow
[package] 6in4: fix local address detection on ppp links (#7728)
10:58 Ticket #7747 (rtorrent fails again with an uncaught std::exception (brcm47xx / 2.6.32 / ...) created by umiki at med.unideb.hu
This error is reintroduced in recent(?) builds. No previous solutions seem …
10:39 Ticket #7709 (After update svn not compile for tl-wr741nd) closed by florian
05:57 Changeset [22604] by nico
[packages] openconnect: update to 2.25 (thanks to David Woodhouse)
04:16 Ticket #7746 (new platform. D-LINK 615 A1 dir-615 a1) created by cat
i Under the dir-615 gpl sourcecode to determine MPP_GPIO. Revised …
02:15 Ticket #4560 (floating point broken in php5 for ar71xx & 8.09RC2 r14127) closed by jow
fixed: I believe the issue has been fixed with r22603.
02:14 Changeset [22603] by jow
[packages] php5: predefine target endianess (#4560)
01:46 Ticket #7742 (uhttpd doesn't seem to take any action on network timeout nor closed ...) closed by jow
fixed: I was able to trigger the descriped issue by using some specially crafted …
01:44 Changeset [22602] by jow
[package] uhttpd: - abort file serving if client connection is lost …
00:17 Ticket #7711 (Building image with symbols for kernel lets make go in interactive mode) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22601], thanks !
00:16 Changeset [22601] by nico
[backfire] target/x86: add missing kernel debug symbols, fix kconfig going …


23:26 Ticket #7745 (Can not build with new GNU patch; refuse to patch read-only files) created by ledwards@…
Building Backfire branch (or trunk) with openSUSE 11.3 (using GNU patch …
23:16 Ticket #7415 (Bug on DIR-320-A1 flashing cmd-script (wiki)) closed by nico
wontfix: Old Wiki is read-only and not maintained anymore…
23:09 Ticket #7315 (dnsmasq command line options truncated) closed by nico
22:53 Ticket #7618 (Backfire RDC kernel build appears to have gone wrong) closed by nico
fixed: http://downloads.openwrt.org/backfire/10.03.1-rc1/rdc/ […]
22:51 Ticket #7744 (base-files/ network config lib to include vendorid in udhcpc) created by KadettGTE
Since some ISP's may require a vendor id in the dhcp request i made this …
22:39 Ticket #7736 (6in4: Cannot determine local IPv4 address for 6in4 tunnel henet - skipping) closed by nico
duplicate: See #7728
22:36 Ticket #7573 ([backfire] include script package from r21807 in next release) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22600], thanks !
22:35 Changeset [22600] by nico
[backfire] merge r21807 add package for script from util-linux-ng (#7416)
21:50 ps3 edited by geoff
Update mail address. (diff)
20:26 Ticket #7743 (New package: bwm-ng) created by anonymous
Add packages: bwm-ng and libstatgrab At the moment bwm-ng is not …
19:31 Ticket #7742 (uhttpd doesn't seem to take any action on network timeout nor closed ...) created by ddiaz@…
== Problem Description == It seems that uhttpd hangs forever under some …
19:12 Changeset [22599] by nico
[backfire] fix dependency issue introduced by r22598 (x86 has no …
19:11 Ticket #7542 (kmod-video-pwc does not load in Backfire) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22597] (trunk) & [22598] (backfire), thanks !
19:06 Changeset [22598] by nico
[backfire] backport r22597 package/kernel: video: add missing …
19:00 Changeset [22597] by nico
package/kernel: video: add missing dependencies (closes: #6497, #7542) * …
18:53 Changeset [22596] by nico
package/kernel: video: remove redundant AddDepends/video calls
18:51 Ticket #7741 (ar71xx defconfig does not work ?) created by Antonio
Since /etc/config/network is provided as default by package/base-files, …
17:10 Ticket #7740 (hub.c: Cannot enable port 2 of hub 1, disabling port. r21899) created by andreykyz
i'm use this snapshot openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx trunk: r21899
17:09 Ticket #7739 (Setserial broken with 2.6.33+ kernel headers on brcm47xx) created by ledwards@…
After updating to the latest trunk on brcm47xx, setserial will not …
16:50 Ticket #7704 (func_logic.so is missing from asterisk16 packages) closed by zandbelt
fixed: included in core package in r22595
16:47 Changeset [22595] by zandbelt
[packages] upgrade asterisk-1.6.x to; include func_logic in the …
15:31 Changeset [22594] by jow
[backfire] merge r22593
15:30 Changeset [22593] by jow
[package] uhttpd: make init script less verbose
13:01 Ticket #7738 (DIR-825 B1/ rtl8366s/ port 5 Dot3StatsFCSErrors/EtherStatsDropEvents) created by ghatothkach <ghatothkach@…>
hi I am using the latest version as of today […] I notice […] …
12:37 Changeset [22592] by nico
package/dnsmasq: add support for bogus-nxdomain (thanks to Mickey Knox), …
11:36 Changeset [22591] by acoul
package/mac80211: let build system enable led code through cflags (thank …
10:20 Ticket #7737 (sync generic/patches-2.6.35 to created by acoul
in case it's needed here it is.
08:24 Ticket #7736 (6in4: Cannot determine local IPv4 address for 6in4 tunnel henet - skipping) created by claas@…
after configuring a dynamic IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel (HE.net only) as described …
06:52 Ticket #7735 (Wired connections lost on upgrade on Netgear WNDR3700) created by sourada
I updated to 10.03.1-rc1 from 10.03 today on my Netgear WNDR3700, and lost …
02:23 Changeset [22590] by jow
[backfire] merge r22589
02:05 Changeset [22589] by jow
[package] uhttpd: add option to reject requests from RFC1918 IPs to public …
01:10 Ticket #7734 (wrt160nl r22553 radvd does not start on wlan0) created by redfuse
Hello, the radvd does not start on wlan0 interface of my wrt160nl …


23:35 Ticket #7733 (Missing symbols in 2.6.35 kernel config) created by maddes
When compiling Orion with kernel 2.6.35 from trunk and all trunk …
23:30 Ticket #7442 (Missing symbols in 2.6.35-rc2 kernel config) closed by maddes
fixed: Most of these symbols are fixed in current trunk (r22588) with final …
23:29 Ticket #7732 (x86 kernel WARNING: at arch/x86/mm/ioremap.c) created by anonymous
Backfire from svn. Revision 22566. Kernel with …
23:14 Ticket #7731 (usb-serial-option missing symbols on 2.6.35 kernel) created by raver@…
Arch: brcm47xx Kernel: 2.6.35 SVN: r22582 I get these …
23:09 Ticket #7700 (Request package bump for ntfs-3g) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to latest stable version 2010.8.8 in [22588]
23:08 Changeset [22588] by nico
[packages] ntfs-3g: update to 2010.8.8
22:44 Ticket #7703 (Fix "Supported Devices" Link on start-page openwrt.org) closed by nico
fixed: OK, the link was changed to http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/start
22:23 Changeset [22587] by florian
[kernel] rename 014-samsung_flash patch to a better name, thanks maddes
22:14 Changeset [22586] by florian
backport r22585 to backfire, thanks maddes
22:13 Changeset [22585] by florian
[orion] fix Freecom DT2 jffs2 rootfs generation issue (#7584)
21:03 Changeset [22584] by mb
Xorg: Add OMAP 1/2/3 framebuffer driver.
20:15 Ticket #7730 (xtables-addons-1.28 fails to compile) created by Bjorn T <spamgoeshere@…>
Hi, I've been attempting to compile OpenWrt from trunk (r22576). I've …
19:36 Changeset [22583] by nico
[packages] dsl-qos-queue: revert [22489] (backfire has no shared libipq, …
19:12 Changeset [22582] by nico
package/iptables: update to and cleanup: * call autogen.sh in …
18:54 Ticket #7434 (Ethernet on WRT300N V2 still not working (ixp4xx)) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #7465
18:42 Ticket #7584 ([patch] Orion JFFS2-128K images are much bigger than JFFS2-64K images due ...) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22580 and r22581, thanks!
18:21 Changeset [22581] by florian
backport r22580 to backfire
18:19 Ticket #7729 (extroot (minifo?) malfunctions with kernels >2.6.32 on brcm47xx + eglibc) created by umiki at med.unideb.hu
File modifications / access to modified files (saving edited files, …
18:13 Changeset [22580] by florian
[orion] fix jffs2 128k image generation, patch from madddes (#7584)
17:19 Changeset [22579] by florian
[tools] update wrt350nv2 builder to v2.3 (#7580)
17:08 Changeset [22578] by mb
Fix dl_cleanup.py
17:07 Ticket #7580 ([patch] WRT350Nv2-Builder v2.3 with support for JFFS2 images) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22577, thanks!
17:07 Changeset [22577] by florian
pupdate wrt350nv2-builder to v2.3 (#7580)
16:09 Ticket #7728 (Fix some issues in 6in4 with ppp link) created by masino
Hi All, I have found some issues with 6in4 module for HE.net tunnels when …
14:31 Ticket #4730 (wireless stops working when under load (brcm47xx on wrt54g 2.2)) reopened by anonymous
13:17 Changeset [22576] by lars
[kernel] Fix gpio_spi_old module for 2.6.35
12:39 Changeset [22575] by hcg
[gumstix] Switch of echo on ttyS1 (required for bluetooth to function …
11:39 Changeset [22574] by hcg
[gumstix] Add stty to default config (required for gumstix bluetooth …
10:36 Changeset [22573] by hcg
[packages] bluez-utils: Add configuration and init scripts for hci serial …
09:55 Changeset [22572] by hcg
[kmod-bluetooth] Add HCI_UART_H4 support (required by Gumstix Overo)
09:20 Changeset [22571] by hcg
[gumstix] enable gpio uesrspace interface via sysfs
09:14 Changeset [22570] by hcg
[gumstix] Remove sqlite from default config
09:10 Changeset [22569] by hcg
Remove shells from unavalable serial ports
00:43 Ticket #7727 (LUKS crypto support for use with cryptsetup) created by ddxx0n
The existing cryptsetup package cannot do anything due to missing kernel …


22:07 Changeset [22568] by florian
[au1000] add support for 2.6.35
21:50 Changeset [22567] by nico
[packages] l2tpv3tun: mark as 2.6.35 only (prevent from trying to build it …
21:31 Changeset [22566] by florian
backport r22259 to backfire
21:25 Changeset [22565] by florian
remove rdc 2.6.32 support from backfire, not used
20:43 Changeset [22564] by mb
omap24xx: Update kernel config. This also fixes module loading.
20:43 Changeset [22563] by mb
omap24xx: Fix MMC multiplexer
19:10 Ticket #7240 (Images made with ImageBuilder don't work on Fonera Classic) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [21214]
19:05 Ticket #7284 (Unstable USB port (device descriptor read/64, error -71) on Backfire 10.3, ...) closed by nico
19:00 Ticket #7334 (Connection error in the package comgt 10.03.x Backfire) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22561] (trunk) and [22562] (backfire), thanks !
18:59 Changeset [22562] by nico
[backfire] merge r22561 package/comgt: only set pincode if it's supplied …
18:55 Changeset [22561] by nico
package/comgt: only set pincode if it's supplied (closes: #7334), bump …
17:50 Changeset [22560] by jow
[generic] fix localversion detection for linux 2.6.35
15:25 Changeset [22559] by mb
kexec-tools: Update to 2.0.2. Mips64 support is builtin in this version. …
15:25 Changeset [22558] by acoul
net/tinyproxy: update tinyproxy to 1.8.2
14:07 Ticket #7726 (ACK timeouts problem with ath9k driver) created by anonymous
I'm having some problems when using the ath9k in monitor mode. Basically …
13:50 Ticket #7702 (Add new image generation and fix leds/reset button on WNR834B V2) reopened by realopty
reopen for backfire support patch. This patch will also include support …
13:27 Changeset [22557] by kaloz
[cns3xxx]: workaround serial hang with SMP enabled
12:54 Ticket #7553 ([backfire] Update kernel to for Orion) closed by nico
fixed: Updated in [22554]
12:46 Ticket #7716 (issue with brcm-2.4 image builder) closed by nico
fixed: Already fixed in [21214]
11:56 Ticket #7725 (Openswan broken with 2.6.35) created by heil
[packages] openswan: update to 2.6.28 and integrate patches for KLIPS that …
06:44 Changeset [22556] by agb
[backfire] merge r22553 [x86] image: use internal qemu-img for vmdk and …
06:44 Changeset [22555] by agb
[backfire] merge r22552 [tools] qemu: build qemu-img for packaging vmdk …
06:44 Changeset [22554] by agb
[backfire] kernel: bump 2.6.32 targets to
06:22 Changeset [22553] by agb
[x86] image: use internal qemu-img for vmdk and vdi images drop host …
06:22 Changeset [22552] by agb
[tools] qemu: build qemu-img for packaging vmdk and vdi images
05:38 Ticket #7724 (Php5 is missing a depency on libsqlite3) created by Kyle Anderson <kyle@…>
On a fresh install, installing a php5 package (cgi or cli), the binary is …
04:51 Ticket #2185 (SD/MMC Driver for 2.6 kernel) reopened by anonymous
01:34 Changeset [22551] by jow
[backfire] merge r22397
00:01 Changeset [22550] by nico
[packages] ntfs-3g: remove defaults overrides, use coherent DEPENDS
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