22:31 Ticket #7801 (Trunk build fails in 22753 for ar71xx) created by Jonathan Bennett <jbscience87@…>
I know it worked in 22712. Here's 'make V=99' for 22753. […]
21:26 Ticket #7800 (qos-scripts doesn't work in half-duplex mode) created by jpa@…
Using Backfire 10.03.1-rc1 and following /etc/config/qos: config …
21:25 Changeset [22753] by mb
Update to
19:37 Ticket #7799 (ruby-webrick clashes with ruby-openssl) created by pdrai
Both ruby-webrick and ruby-openssl are dependencies of ruby-gems. I …
19:28 Ticket #7767 ([x86-trunk]: build error) reopened by anonymous
qemu still failes to build.
19:03 Ticket #7767 ([x86-trunk]: build error) closed by agb
19:02 Changeset [22752] by agb
[backfire] merge r22751 [tools] qemu: fix build failure on some systems. …
19:02 Changeset [22751] by agb
[tools] qemu: fix build failure on some systems. Closes #7767
18:58 Ticket #7761 (miredo-client lacks libtun6, libteredo) reopened by alexander@…
Hi guys. I fixed Makefile and miredo now partially working …
18:44 Ticket #7786 (packages/znc: fix typo) closed by agb
18:43 Changeset [22750] by agb
[packages] net/znc: fixup compilation options. Closes #7786, thanks Obsy
18:32 Ticket #7797 (wrt54g v7) closed by agb
wontfix: The WRT54G v7 does not have enough flash to be a properly supported board. …
18:25 Changeset [22749] by mb
mac80211: Fix incorrect ifdef placement in 800-nuke_led_code.patch
17:58 Changeset [22748] by lars
[ifxmips] Danube: Fix irq ack
17:43 Changeset [22747] by mb
n810: Add retu/tahvo userspace interface debugging
16:49 Ticket #7798 (is the defconfig-directory necessary?) created by markus_kubler@…
Using WR-1043ND: Every image seem to contain a defconfig-directory in the …
16:43 Changeset [22746] by acoul
net/ethtool: update to ethtool-2.6.35
13:00 Ticket #7797 (wrt54g v7) created by anonymous
Hello all Is this v7 supported with openwrt. Is there anything that I can …
08:21 Ticket #7710 (Request for a TARBALL package of the 10.03 trunk) closed by agb
fixed: Tarball uploaded to …
06:25 Changeset [22745] by agb
[backfire] merge r21702


21:28 Changeset [22744] by mb
pyqt4: Fix build deps
20:24 Changeset [22743] by mb
Add PyQt4
19:34 Changeset [22742] by mb
qt4: Make sure that damned function is really inlined
18:14 Changeset [22741] by mb
qt4: Add missing makefile include
18:00 Changeset [22740] by mb
qt4: Add X11 support
17:09 Changeset [22739] by swalker
[packages] remove PKG_CATs that have crept in, add license to …
17:07 Changeset [22738] by mb
qt4: Rename file
17:00 Ticket #7796 (FFmpeg return no such file or directory converting a file) created by ramponis <ramponis@…>
ffmpeg -y -i /mnt/sdb/share/In/test.dvr-ms -vcodec copy -acodec copy -f …
16:48 Changeset [22737] by mb
Add an option to default the default build rule to parallel build.
16:42 Changeset [22736] by swalker
[packages] dudders: fix spaces, fix checksum, add license, add maintainer …
16:10 Changeset [22735] by mb
Add "pwrtray" application package
03:27 Changeset [22734] by cshore
[packages] net/freeswitch: Fixed remnants of UCI config that prevent …


22:58 Ticket #7795 (WNDR3700 / RTL8366s dot1q tagging on non-cpu port requires a "kick" to ...) created by sartan
KAMIKAZE trunk r22704 RTL8366s device needs a "kick" to enable proper …
21:06 Changeset [22733] by claudio
[at91] Include the usb-ohci module as default
19:46 Changeset [22732] by nbd
fix libtool fixup for libstdc++
19:41 Ticket #7794 (BandwidthD - logo.gif missing) created by AsciiWolf
There is no BandwidthD header logo visible on the page generated by …
17:57 Changeset [22731] by nbd
python-sip: add missing dependency
17:57 Changeset [22730] by nbd
python: fix compile error
17:57 Changeset [22729] by nbd
xmail: add $(LIBGCC_S) to fix ARM EABI compile errors
16:58 Ticket #99 (Add switch drivers to AR7 kernel.) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r22727.
16:58 Ticket #7721 (Switch detection on AR7) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with r22727.
16:56 Changeset [22728] by florian
[ar7] add swconfig to the default set of packages
16:56 Changeset [22727] by florian
[ar7] remove fixed phy support, enable most ar7 switch drivers.
15:32 Changeset [22726] by nbd
fix compile errors by forcing bash to be used as a shell in all submake …
15:13 Changeset [22725] by mb
qt4: Make the WS configurable and add X11 files. X11 config is still …
14:49 Changeset [22724] by nbd
kernel: speed up building kernel packages by getting rid of unnecessary …
14:49 Changeset [22723] by nbd
toolchain: fix the sysroot mess by getting rid of $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/usr and …
14:49 Changeset [22722] by nbd
speed up the ipkg build process some more by reordering commands
14:49 Changeset [22721] by nbd
pwm-gpio-custom: fix compile on linux 2.6.31
14:49 Changeset [22720] by nbd
speed up the build system by including include/shell.sh on shell commands …
14:49 Changeset [22719] by nbd
kernel: backport ppoll to 2.6.31 to fix udev build
14:49 Changeset [22718] by nbd
kernel: backport ssb dma_dev changes to fix b43 build
14:49 Changeset [22717] by nbd
kernel: add a missing config symbol for ext4
14:17 Ticket #6671 (usb storage from build requires kmod-usb-ohci) reopened by anonymous
EHCI on SSB needs OHCI - and that's the case at least for brcm47xx. The …
13:56 Changeset [22716] by mb
qt4: Add qws- prefix to QWS specific files. No functional change. This …
13:35 Changeset [22715] by mb
python-sip: Support parallel build for both native and host package.
13:28 Changeset [22714] by mb
Add GPXView Geocaching application
13:22 Changeset [22713] by mb
gpsd: Install all libraries
13:22 Changeset [22712] by mb
Add Tahvo USB support
11:39 Ticket #7793 (Internet Connection not Stable on PPPoE (Backfire). Disconnected) created by dzen@…
I have upgraded to backfire and get the following problem with my internet …
07:49 Ticket #7792 (multiwan: minor bug fixes and improvement in code readability) created by buildster
Please find the attached 2 files... pick & choose what makes sense. :) 1. …
03:06 Changeset [22711] by jow
[backfire] merge r22710
03:06 Changeset [22710] by jow
[package] 6in4: fix typo in last commit
03:00 Ticket #7769 (6in4: HE.net tunnel is not properly updated on pppoe-reconnect) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by r22708 - thanks for reporting
02:59 Changeset [22709] by jow
[backfire] merge r22708
02:59 Changeset [22708] by jow
[package] 6in4: bypass uci state when reading local IPv4 addr, specify TTL …
01:33 Ticket #7791 (New package: dstat) created by anonymous
Add dstat package to OpenWrt trunk
00:16 Ticket #7787 (Duplicate values using lists in uci files) closed by jow
obsolete: see r22629


21:29 Changeset [22707] by mb
qt4: compile fix qRegisterAnimationInterpolator() is a function defined in …
21:02 Changeset [22706] by mb
qt4: Do not always compile optional features. This adds the packages to …
20:01 Ticket #7790 (backfire r22594 ath9k instability) created by Andrew Lutomirski <luto@…>
I have a microtik R52N (IIRC), which is an ath9k minipci device: phy0: …
18:27 Changeset [22705] by mb
qt4: Don't build examples/demos, if they are not selected. This also adds …
18:18 Ticket #7789 (l7- protocols-testing compilaqtion error (x86-trunk)) created by telstar924@…
When i try to compile i get these errors : install: cannot stat …
18:00 Changeset [22704] by juhosg
generic: rtl8366: allow use of VIDs 16-4095 if vlan4k is enabled
18:00 Changeset [22703] by juhosg
generic: rtl8366: add generic code to enable VLANs
18:00 Changeset [22702] by juhosg
generic: rtl8366: add enable_vlan{,4k} to smi_ops
18:00 Changeset [22701] by juhosg
ar71xx: don't override CONFIG_SWAP
18:00 Changeset [22700] by juhosg
ar71xx: change mac address initialization
17:25 Changeset [22699] by mb
qt4: Enable parallel build
17:24 Ticket #7788 (OpenVPN should be configured with --enable-small) created by dazo
./configure --enable-small should be used, to conserve bytes and strip out …
17:19 Ticket #7787 (Duplicate values using lists in uci files) created by roberto.riggio@…
I've defined the following entry in /etc/config/network config …
17:10 Ticket #7786 (packages/znc: fix typo) created by obsy <cezary@…>
Patch included.
16:43 Ticket #7784 (Bridge over ethernet and wifi in client mode not worked. Platform ar71xx) closed by jow
wontfix: Client bridges are not supported by OpenWrt on this platform. …
16:41 people edited by jow
add heil (diff)
16:23 Changeset [22698] by mb
Also support parallel build for host-packages
16:03 Changeset [22697] by mb
qt4: Fix NPTL build options
15:57 Changeset [22696] by mb
Support parallel build of certain packages
15:38 Ticket #7785 (cmdftp give "bus error" message whenever I download.) created by ausrasul@…
Hi, when I use cmdftp I always get "bus error" when I download. my …
14:40 Changeset [22695] by dingo
[Patchteam] New Package Dudders - a utility for updating DNS records …
14:38 Ticket #7784 (Bridge over ethernet and wifi in client mode not worked. Platform ar71xx) created by laigor@…
Bridge over ethernet and wifi in client mode not work. Platform ar71xx. …
13:04 Changeset [22694] by nico
toolchain/gcc: remove remaining references to gcc-3.4.6
11:20 Ticket #7783 (build of gdb fails) created by wmoors@…
when trying to build gdbserver and gdb I get the following error message. …
10:12 Ticket #7725 (Openswan broken with 2.6.35) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to 2.6.28 in [22693], thanks !
10:11 Ticket #7544 (Openswan kernel module fails to compile with 2.6.34) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to 2.6.28 in [22693], thanks !
10:11 Ticket #7782 (Buggy OpenSwan in 10.03.1-RC1) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to 2.6.28 in [22693], thanks !
10:10 Changeset [22693] by nico
[packages] openswan: update to 2.6.28 (closes: #7544, #7725, #7782)
04:43 Ticket #7782 (Buggy OpenSwan in 10.03.1-RC1) created by anonymous
according to https://dev.openwrt.org/milestone/Backfire%2010.03.1, 10.03.1 …
03:11 Ticket #7781 (TZ info is truncated to those locations starting with A) created by ross.wakelin@…
Backfire 10.03.1 On the System Luci screen, in the timezone field, the …
02:04 Changeset [22692] by jow
[package] uhttpd: - fix parsing of interpreter entries in the config …
01:05 Ticket #7780 (OpenWrt Wiki DOWN) closed by jow
fixed: Is UP :)


20:46 Ticket #7780 (OpenWrt Wiki DOWN) created by anonymous
Is down :(
17:34 Changeset [22691] by mb
Add SIP C/C++ Bindings Generator for Python
17:31 Ticket #7706 (Allow an extra 1MB of space on Bifferboard JFFS + other enhancements) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22690, thanks!
17:31 Changeset [22690] by florian
[rdc] allow 1MB extra space for JFFS and other enhancements (#7706)
16:53 Ticket #7779 (unknown symbol at xt_ipp2p.ko) created by anonymous
loading xt_ipp2p.ko fails: […] extra info: […]
15:25 Changeset [22689] by nbd
ath9k: merge aggregation fix from r22688
15:24 Changeset [22688] by nbd
ath9k: remove an unnecessary BUG_ON in the aggregation code and clean up …
12:39 Ticket #7776 (certtool dependency unsatisfied) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22687], thanks !
12:38 Changeset [22687] by nico
[packages] gnutls: fix certtool dependency on libgnutls-extra (closes: …
12:37 Ticket #7778 (cant download mac80211) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed: http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/sd8686-9.70.7.p0.bin
12:13 Ticket #7778 (cant download mac80211) created by Antonio
error 404 when downloading mac802211 from: …
11:21 Ticket #7777 (Country Code is not working for WLAN Channels on WR1043ND) created by no_Legend
Hi Guys, my router the TPLINK TL-WR1043ND V1.5 is not recognizing the …
11:11 Ticket #7752 (ip6tables v1.4.9.1 complains about unknown options) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed by r22686
11:02 Changeset [22686] by jow
[package] iptables: partly revert r22582, fixes ip6tables extension …
10:42 Ticket #7131 (WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:261 0x801fc32c()) closed by nbd
10:41 Ticket #7326 (Tp-Link TL-WR741ND Crash with WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:261) closed by nbd
08:37 Ticket #7776 (certtool dependency unsatisfied) created by Sebastien Decugis <sdecugis@…>
Hello, When installing certtool package, the libgnutls-extra package is …


23:03 Ticket #7757 (typo in target/ar71xx/base-files/etc/diag.sh) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22631.
23:01 Ticket #7733 (Missing symbols in 2.6.35 kernel config) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r22685, thanks!
23:01 Changeset [22685] by florian
[kernel] add missing config options from #7733, thanks maddes
22:57 Changeset [22684] by florian
delete now obsolete 050-wrt350nv2_cfi_workaround.patch
22:55 Changeset [22683] by florian
[ifxmips] refresh 310-cfi0002-swap.patch
22:53 Changeset [22682] by florian
r22680 also applies to 2.6.32
22:26 Changeset [22681] by florian
refresh patch for ifxmips
22:14 Changeset [22680] by florian
sync backfire with trunk for samsung flash patches, thanks maddes (#7348)
22:08 Changeset [22679] by florian
backport r22587 to backfire
21:24 Changeset [22678] by nbd
ar71xx: merge the ar7240 switch driver from r22675
21:23 Changeset [22677] by nbd
merge swconfig (+drivers) improvements from trunk
21:23 Changeset [22676] by nbd
ar71xx: merge ethernet driver performance fixes from trunk
21:22 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r22675
21:21 Changeset [22675] by nbd
ar71xx: add a new driver for the ar7240 switch using swconfig. hooks …
20:40 Changeset [22674] by florian
[kernel] add missing symbol: CONFIG_UCB1400_CORE to 2.6.35 config
18:14 Ticket #7712 (VMWARE boot no longer shows all the boot up messages on screen(console)) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22673], thanks !
18:08 Changeset [22673] by nico
[backfire] x86/image: restore grub console for generic images (closes: …
18:00 Changeset [22672] by florian
[package]: update acx-mac80211 and change the git url.
12:09 Ticket #7749 (owfs - Missing library links, missing owget binary, invalid include file ...) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [22671], thanks !
12:09 Changeset [22671] by nico
[packages] owfs: sanitize Makefile: * use Build/Configure/Defaults and …
11:58 Ticket #7753 (Grub fails to build on Ubuntu x86-64) closed by nico
fixed: A prereq check was added in [22667] (trunk) and [22670] (backfire)
11:57 Changeset [22670] by nico
[backfire] merge r22667 package/grub: add a prereq check for 32 bits host …
11:48 Changeset [22669] by lars
[package] ncurses: Add libncursesw package Thanks bartbes
11:45 Changeset [22668] by lars
Add build variants support to InstallDev Before building a build variant …
11:12 Changeset [22667] by nico
package/grub: add a prereq check for 32 bits host development files when …
10:23 Ticket #7713 (WNDR3700 LEDs no longer configurable when running recent trunk/backfire) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in r22656 (trunk) and r22657 (backfire). Thanks!
08:06 Ticket #7775 ([PATCH] package/busybox 1.17.1 fails to detect endianess in platform.h on ...) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r22666. thank you
08:05 Changeset [22666] by acoul
package/busybox: fix macosx cross compile, closes #7775
03:05 Ticket #7775 ([PATCH] package/busybox 1.17.1 fails to detect endianess in platform.h on ...) created by dirtyfreebooter <openwrt@…>
Recent changes to include/platform.h in busybox make cross compilation …
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