23:56 Ticket #853 (Bind with shared libs) closed by jow
invalid: -ENODATA
23:55 Ticket #6687 (Build fails on MacOS X 10.6: crc32.c is missing?) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed in latest trunk
23:54 Ticket #6934 (ntpclient segfaulting on ar71xx in trunk) closed by jow
wontfix: Segfaults may happen with library stripping, its not perfect and you …
23:51 Ticket #5161 (opkg : some postinstall doesn't work for ram dest) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:50 Ticket #4534 (linux (target kernel) FTBFS under FreeBSD: modpost.c:1330: error: ...) closed by jow
fixed: OpenWrt compiles fine for me in FreeBSD 8.0 so I assume its fixed.
23:44 Ticket #7844 (dd-wrt and reflash openwrt . MTD Problems) closed by jow
invalid: Bad partitioning, reflash through u-boot.
23:44 Ticket #7663 (trunk 22376 doesn't build toolchain/gcc/final w/ uClibc 0.9.32) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by now
23:43 Ticket #7730 (xtables-addons-1.28 fails to compile) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed with 1.29 update
23:42 Ticket #7617 (udhcpc does not assign IP to WAN after /etc/init.d/network restart) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed in latest trunk, fix will be part of rc4
23:41 Ticket #6336 (Unable to obtain IP address on eth0 (WAN interface) - RouterStation Pro) closed by jow
fixed: This should be fixed by now
23:36 Ticket #5844 (PPPD (using pppoe) using wrong device) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by general ppp rework
23:32 Ticket #6837 (priority to config files of subtargets) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:25 Ticket #7777 (Country Code is not working for WLAN Channels on WR1043ND) closed by jow
invalid: Build configuration issue
23:24 Ticket #4867 (Firewall creates wrong rules for ppp interface) closed by jow
fixed: Solved with general ppp rework
23:22 Ticket #7744 (base-files/ network config lib to include vendorid in udhcpc) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r23279 - thanks!
23:22 Changeset [23280] by jow
[backfire] merge r23279
23:21 Changeset [23279] by jow
[package] base-files: add udhcpc vendorid option (#7744)
23:18 Ticket #7268 (/config/network is not processed properly when using pvid, also swconfig ...) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:15 Ticket #7600 (I need a driver in openwrt) closed by jow
fixed: Support has been added to trunk
23:13 Ticket #3904 (build image does not folow "kernel -> localversion" in uname) closed by jow
wontfix: OpenWrt does not support the Linux localversion option, you need to take …
23:12 Ticket #7735 (Wired connections lost on upgrade on Netgear WNDR3700) closed by jow
fixed: Migration code has been added.
23:09 Ticket #7578 (Wired connections on ar71xx stopped working between r21838 and r22061) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:05 Ticket #7561 (Update of kmod-cfg80211 breaks my system) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:04 Ticket #7444 (ar7 oom error with upnpd) closed by jow
invalid: -TIMEOUT
23:03 Ticket #7524 (When using pendrive as rootfs, some software causes buffers to increase ...) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:02 Ticket #7956 (bug in the file wireless - options list) closed by jow
invalid: -ETIMEOUT
23:01 Ticket #7793 (Internet Connection not Stable on PPPoE (Backfire). Disconnected) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed according to user report
23:01 Ticket #7905 (Broadcom release) closed by jow
invalid: The driver will get implemented once its usable
23:00 Ticket #7261 (firewall script, no nat on WRT54Gv2 and v1) closed by jow
fixed: I believe this is fixed by now
22:58 Ticket #7937 (Image Builder cannot find p910nd package) closed by jow
invalid: IB needs rebuild after enabling additional packages, thats by design.
22:56 Ticket #7768 (block-extroot on WRT54GL (v1.1) SD card (mmc) overlay double mount problem) closed by jow
invalid: Config issue
22:49 Ticket #5921 (8.09.2-RC2 not working at Motorola WR850G) closed by jow
obsolete: 8.09 is closed, file a new bug against against backfire or trunk if the …
22:44 Ticket #7781 (TZ info is truncated to those locations starting with A) closed by jow
wontfix: Another firefox update solved it for me. I cannot do much about that, so …
22:41 Ticket #7982 (malta_mips missing pacakge repos; other/similar mips32 repo -> error: ...) closed by jow
invalid: Foreign arches need to be registered with opkg.
22:40 Ticket #7813 (Writing to usb memory stick is very slow.) closed by jow
worksforme: Don't use sync if you want fast writes - it will bypass IO caches.
22:38 Ticket #7687 (ppp0 interface does not automatically goes UP on device's boot) closed by jow
fixed: I believe this is fixed now, if not please reopen.
22:31 Ticket #8036 (ipad tcp stack issue exposes NAT issue) closed by jow
fixed: see r23270
22:24 Ticket #7228 (PING (echo request) from IXP425 router (mi424wr) via WAN port doesn't ...) closed by jow
fixed: fixed according to user report
22:18 Ticket #7489 (OpenWrt isn't recognizing my password) closed by jow
invalid: Worksforme & timeout. Possibly related to missing mtd unlock rootfs_data.
22:15 Ticket #7845 (DHCP problem?) closed by jow
invalid: Configuration issue
22:11 Changeset [23278] by hauke
brcm47xx: add patches for kernel 2.6.36
21:34 Changeset [23277] by mb
retutahvo: Fix deps
21:19 Changeset [23276] by mb
Add retutahvo tool.
20:46 Ticket #8043 (rtorrent wrong. SLUB: Unable to allocate memory on node. on the AR71XX) created by sniperpr@…
10.03, r23236 dir-825 ar71xx thanks. […] dmesg […]
17:32 Ticket #8042 (redundant SH_FUNC for unpack) created by moo.tinys@…
problem: […] expected: there should be just 1 include to shell.sh in …[…]
16:54 Changeset [23275] by heil
[package] haproxy: ash dont support $(<..) so change to $(cat ..)
16:15 Changeset [23274] by heil
[package] haproxy: fix blocking reload of service
15:34 Ticket #8041 (MICREL PHY is Missing from Kernel on ar71xx Target) created by cr
The MICREL PHY is missing from the kernel because the Kconfig appends _PHY …
15:24 Changeset [23273] by jow
[backfire] merge r23272
15:23 Changeset [23272] by jow
[package] dnsmasq: remove a useless subshell invocation from the init …
15:14 Changeset [23271] by jow
[backfire] merge r22487, r22490, r22528, r22592 and r23270
15:10 Changeset [23270] by jow
[package] dnsmasq: allow upstream DNS responses by default, …
13:34 Ticket #8040 (wrong(?) CONFIG_CMDLINE for au1500 (meshcube) systems with kernel > 2.6.32) created by openwrt@…
Hello, until kernel 2.6.32 the kernel parameter CONFIG_CMDLINE has …
13:02 Ticket #8039 (Opkg "Collected errors:") closed by jow
obsolete: Known issue, fixed by r23222. It will fix itself once the atheros snapshot …
11:40 Changeset [23269] by hcg
kernel: crashlog uses bootmem to allocate memory which is being deprecated …
09:05 Ticket #8039 (Opkg "Collected errors:") created by giuse <dk_giuse89@…>
I have istalled backfire 10.03.1-rc3 on Fonera 2.0g. I have istalled …
08:49 Ticket #8038 (Update firmware procedure broken) created by giuse <dk_giuse89@…>
I have istalled backfire 10.03.1-rc3 on Fonera 2.0g. The rc3 Beta has …
04:34 Ticket #8037 (Redirect WAN to router not working) created by anonymous
See this thread for details: …
03:46 Ticket #8036 (ipad tcp stack issue exposes NAT issue) created by anonymous
Netflix on iPad stopped working after upgrading to 10.03-rc3. Although I …
02:01 Changeset [23268] by jow
[packages] ... and readd @!LINUX_2_4 change to speedtouch-usb-firmware
02:00 Changeset [23267] by jow
[packages] revert accidentally committed changes
01:56 Changeset [23266] by jow
[packages] replace @LINUX_2_6 with @!LINUX_2_4, fixes fallout after r23246
00:48 Changeset [23265] by nunojpg
[packages] usbip: minor menuconfig update
00:08 Changeset [23264] by jow
[package] base-files: mark /etc/sysupgrade.conf as conffile


23:51 Changeset [23263] by nunojpg
[packages] sshtunnel: update to version 2
22:28 people edited by hauke
22:27 hauke created by hauke
22:20 Changeset [23262] by ralph
[include] add configure as package target
21:35 Changeset [23261] by jow
[package] uhttpd: revert unrelated change in previous commit
21:34 Changeset [23260] by jow
[package] uhttpd: add /etc/uhttpd.key and /etc/uhttpd.crt to conffile …
21:32 Changeset [23259] by jow
[package] ppp: utilize the new keepfiles facility to backup the whole …
21:24 Changeset [23258] by jow
[package] base-files: - add sysupgrade support for keepfile hints * …
21:20 Changeset [23257] by jow
[include] package-ipkg.mk: build sysupgrade keepfile hints out of …
21:18 Changeset [23256] by jow
[tools] ipkg-utils: don't fail if conffiles do not exist, resolve them …
20:46 Ticket #8035 (python socket missing ipv6 support) created by cybjit@…
[…] I have IPv6 connectivity through 6to4, but can not use it in python …
19:33 Changeset [23255] by jow
[package] wprobe: mark /etc/config/wprobe as conffile
19:30 Changeset [23254] by jow
[package] udev: mark /etc/udev/udev.conf as conffile (rules left out for …
19:27 Changeset [23253] by jow
[package] pptp: mark /etc/ppp/options.pptp as conffile
19:22 Changeset [23252] by jow
[package] mountd: mark /etc/config/mountd as conffile
19:21 Changeset [23251] by jow
[package] mmc_over_gpio: mark /etc/config/mmc_over_gpio as conffile
19:17 Changeset [23250] by jow
[package] iproute2: mark /etc/iproute2/rt_tables as conffile
19:16 Changeset [23249] by jow
[package] hotplug2: mark /etc/hotplug2.rules as conffile
19:13 Changeset [23248] by jow
[package] ppp: mark /etc/ppp/ resources as conffiles
16:37 Ticket #8034 (xtables-addons wont build, Backfire dont support tar.xz) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r23247 - thanks for reporting.
16:36 Changeset [23247] by mb
xtables-addons: use tbz
16:19 Changeset [23246] by kaloz
as we only support 2.6, remove the useless bool for it
16:15 Changeset [23245] by kaloz
Toto, we don't support Linux 2.4 anymore..
16:14 Changeset [23244] by kaloz
[tools]: simplify old squashfs/lzma selection
16:10 Changeset [23243] by juhosg
ramips: Allow ethernet interface to be taken down and up again Taking the …
16:10 Changeset [23242] by juhosg
mac80211: ath9k: get tx gain type from eeprom
15:51 Changeset [23241] by acoul
tools/sed: update to sed-4.2.1 (also tested on FreeBSD/AMD64)
15:43 Ticket #8034 (xtables-addons wont build, Backfire dont support tar.xz) created by anonymous
xtables-addons wont build because Backfire don't support tar.xz. Worked …
15:30 Ticket #8033 (b43 not correctly reinitialised after restarting hostapd) created by cjk32@…
Backfire (10.03, r20728), kernel, running on WRT54G v2.0. …
14:53 Ticket #7506 (miniupnpd.c redefinition of 'struct option') reopened by moo.tinys@…
[…] the include stack is, from miniupnpd.c at line "#include …[…]
11:59 Ticket #7839 (luasocket problems on kirkwood (dockstar)) closed by lars
duplicate: duplicate of #7877
11:54 Ticket #7934 (mtd-utils (r23048) compilation failure) closed by lars
fixed: Should be fixed in r23193
11:49 Changeset [23240] by acoul
linux/generic: update kernel patch refreshing. Include two missed patches.
11:47 Ticket #2718 (Cannot compile mac80211) reopened by anonymous
11:45 Ticket #7919 ([package] uboot-kirkwood bump to 2010.06 (patch included)) closed by lars
fixed: I've updated the uboot version to 2010.9 in r23228
11:43 Ticket #3154 (acx-mac80211-20080112 doesn't compile on linux-brcm47xx) reopened by anonymous
did anyone find the solution to this?
11:07 Changeset [23239] by acoul
linux/ixp4xx: revert accidentally leaked enabled kernel option (thank you …
11:04 Changeset [23238] by jow
[package] qos-scripts: bump pkg revision after r23227, extend copyright, …
10:50 Changeset [23237] by acoul
linux/generic: refresh 2.6.36 kernel patches
09:50 Ticket #7829 (Keep /etc/hosts /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/openvpn during sysupgrade) closed by jow
obsolete: A generic facility for keeping files has been added in r23233. It's up to …
09:45 Changeset [23236] by jow
[backfire] merge r23232 and r23233
09:43 Changeset [23235] by jow
[backfire] merge r23231
09:42 Changeset [23234] by jow
[backfire] merge r23230
09:40 Changeset [23233] by jow
[package] base-files: sysupgrade: merge info from "opkg …
09:32 Changeset [23232] by jow
[package] base-files: mark /etc/rc.local as conffile
09:31 Changeset [23231] by jow
[package] firewall: mark /etc/firewall.user as conffile
09:26 Changeset [23230] by jow
[package] opkg: update to r576, remove 013add-list-changed-conffiles.patch …
04:25 Ticket #8032 (Add pyconfig.h to /usr/include/python2.6) created by mikko@…
Currently, installing setuptools to openwrt's python isn't possible. It …


23:33 Changeset [23229] by lars
[packages/kernel] Make mv_cesa crypto module available on Orion as well.
23:28 Ticket #7800 (qos-scripts doesn't work in half-duplex mode) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Fixed in r23227. Thanks for reporting!
23:26 Changeset [23228] by lars
[packages] uboot-kirkwood: Update to uboot to 2010.09 (and add missing …
23:25 Changeset [23227] by acinonyx
[package] qos-scripts: Fix generation of IMQ firewall rules on halfduplex …
22:43 Changeset [23226] by hauke
kernel: fix some build warnings with kernel 2.6.36
19:47 Changeset [23225] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.10b1, add new option, lower default …
19:45 Changeset [23224] by acoul
linux/adm5120: add preliminary 2.6.36 kernel support (refresh patches)
19:21 Changeset [23223] by jow
[backfire] merge r23222
19:20 Changeset [23222] by jow
[include] correct default package status info (install -> unknown) - fixes …
18:55 Changeset [23221] by acoul
yaffs2: add preliminary 2.6.36 kernel support (sync to yaffs2 git tree). …
14:21 Changeset [23220] by kaloz
[toolchain]: gcc 4.4.5 support
12:40 Changeset [23219] by kaloz
[kernel]: upgrade kernel versions to the latest stable ones
11:49 Changeset [23218] by lars
[packages] uboot-kirkwood: Add support for iomega iconnect wireless …
11:19 Changeset [23217] by lars
[kirkwood] Iomega iConnect Wireless platform support This patch adds …
11:17 Changeset [23216] by lars
[packages] kernel: Add hwmon-lm63 package Signed-off-by: Wojciech Dubowik …
11:16 Changeset [23215] by lars
[packages] kernel: kirkwood/orion I2C module support This patch adds …
11:06 Changeset [23214] by lars
[kirkwood] Remove hwmon and i2c support from being built-in
10:04 Ticket #8031 (wr 741nd,wr 8041nd) created by mgalpha
I can not connect the Router with a AP! In the client mode wlan don't …
09:42 Changeset [23213] by lars
[kernel] update 2.6.35.x to
04:34 Ticket #8030 (Add chan_mobile to asterisk 1.6) created by escolamo@…
please add chan_mobile (asterisk16-chan-mobile) to asterisk 1.6 package as …
04:13 Ticket #8029 (openswan _realsetup patch broken in rev. 23180) created by didosc@…
In revision 23180 the 110-scripts.patch for openswan package was changed …
02:08 Changeset [23212] by jow
[backfire] merge r23211
02:07 Changeset [23211] by jow
[package] base-files: utilize uci_get_state to read the previous dhcp …
00:15 Changeset [23210] by jow
[package] opkg: implement "list-changed-conffiles" command, based on patch …


23:39 Changeset [23209] by acinonyx
[packages] btpd: Fix a typo in init script
23:35 Ticket #7359 (can not configure snmp v3 user (using snmp closed by acinonyx
fixed: Should be fixed in r23208. If not, please re-open. Thanks for reporting!
23:32 Changeset [23208] by acinonyx
[packages] net-snmp: Add snmpv3/usmConf MIB module (#7359)
22:44 Ticket #8028 (libpthread md5sum mismatch) closed by jow
duplicate: See #7834
22:16 Ticket #8028 (libpthread md5sum mismatch) created by anonymous
As reported on the forums …
21:58 Ticket #8003 (btpd does not start) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Fixed in r23207. Thanks for reporting!
21:55 Changeset [23207] by acinonyx
[packages] btpd: Add missing libpthread dependency (#8003)
21:45 Changeset [23206] by jow
[backfire] merge r23173
21:42 Changeset [23205] by jow
[backfire] merge r23050, r23052, r23159 and r23174
21:30 Changeset [23204] by jow
[backfire] merge r23172 and r23175
21:23 Changeset [23203] by jow
[backfire] merge r22814, r22815, r22819, r22871, r23084, r23102 and r23171
20:13 Changeset [23202] by jow
[backfire] merge r23201
20:11 Changeset [23201] by jow
[package] firewall: also establish forward rules when setting up nat …
18:58 Changeset [23200] by nbd
ath9k: backport the ANI listen time fix from trunk
18:58 Changeset [23199] by nbd
ath9k: backport the multiple card regdomain fix from trunk
18:57 Changeset [23198] by nbd
ath9k: add a few fixes and cleanups
17:52 Changeset [23197] by ralph
quilt needs autoconf
14:54 Changeset [23196] by mb
optionally support parallel toolchain build. This defaults to off, because …
14:27 Ticket #8027 (The ar71xx target is using wrong IP175/IP178 configuration) created by cr
The ar71xx target is using the old ICPLUS instead of the IP17XX switch …
14:16 Changeset [23195] by mb
n810: Add fstab for maemo filesystems
14:15 Changeset [23194] by jow
[tools] mtd-utils: refresh patches again
14:03 Changeset [23193] by acoul
tools/mtd-utils: fix build issue under freebsd. update to latest git tree. …
13:12 Changeset [23192] by acoul
tools/mtd-utils: kill 132-revert-zlib-cleanup.patch. it's wrong.
12:51 Ticket #8026 ([new package] smcroute (patch included)) closed by acoul
fixed: applied on r23191. (thank you)
12:51 Changeset [23191] by acoul
net/smcroute: add Static Multicast Routing Daemon package (closes #8026)
04:30 Ticket #8025 (Command history lost after new session) closed by jow
wontfix: Most volatile data ends up in ram and thus does not survive a reboot.
03:12 Changeset [23190] by lars
[package] kernel: Move CONFIG_CRYPTO_HW to crypto-core hw-crypto modules …
01:18 Changeset [23189] by lars
[tools] libuuid: Use libuuid from util-linux-ng instead of e2fsprogs
00:57 Changeset [23188] by mb
vim: Do not compress the temporary docs tarball. That just wastes time. If …
00:44 Changeset [23187] by mb
vim: Fix doc build (Don't use absolute path in tarball). Also fix parallel …
00:43 Ticket #8026 ([new package] smcroute (patch included)) created by anonymous
Please commit to trunk a package for the Static Multicast Routing Daemon …
00:07 Changeset [23186] by mb
qt4: Disable mitshm


21:59 Ticket #8025 (Command history lost after new session) created by anonymous
every linux system i worked with in the past saved my command history so i …
21:43 Ticket #8024 (rrdcollect not collecting any date) created by anonymous
i installed rrdcgi1 with its dependencies according to opnewrt forum …
21:35 Ticket #8023 (No Sound while play over pcm.bluetooth alsa device with mpd) created by anonymous
according to openwrt forum posts alsa and mpd configuration is ok, since i …
21:30 Changeset [23185] by mb
xtables-addons: Update to 1.29. This fixes compile on linux-2.6.36. Also …
21:00 Changeset [23184] by mb
make: Fix parallel build
20:26 Changeset [23183] by mb
pwrtray: Add missing PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
19:24 Ticket #8021 (truck can't compile) closed by jow
19:10 Changeset [23182] by mb
pwrtray: Add fix backend-only compile
19:05 Ticket #8022 (IP17xx switch driver resets IP175A) created by jh
The IP175A switch does not support reset via BMCR (MII control reg 0). …
18:58 Changeset [23181] by mb
pwrtray: Split package into frontend and backend. This allows the backend …
18:54 Ticket #7725 (Openswan broken with 2.6.35) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r23180 - thanks.
18:53 Changeset [23180] by jow
[packages] openswan: add missing parts of #7725
18:42 Changeset [23179] by jow
[tools] mtd-utils: refresh patches
18:32 Changeset [23178] by mb
pwrtray: Major bugfixes
16:31 Changeset [23177] by lars
[kirkwood] Add jffs2 feature flag
13:01 Ticket #8021 (truck can't compile) reopened by Elphidium
r23176 trunk - host slackware 13.1 , git installed, same problem. […]
12:20 Ticket #7725 (Openswan broken with 2.6.35) reopened by KanjiMonster
Replying to nico: > Updated to 2.6.28 in [22693], thanks ! …
12:18 Changeset [23176] by jow
tools/mtd-utils: fix compilation on OS X
10:34 Ticket #8021 (truck can't compile) closed by jow
worksforme: Install git on your system.
09:56 Ticket #8021 (truck can't compile) created by anonymous
bug : ttp://mirror2.openwrt.org/sources/mtd-20101001.tar.gz Resolving …
06:04 Changeset [23175] by jow
[include] prime .ipk control files with Status: field to introduce hold …
05:25 Changeset [23174] by jow
[package] opkg: reenable global upgrade, refresh patches
05:22 Changeset [23173] by jow
[package] kernel: flag as "hold", this is inherited by all kmods as well …
05:21 Changeset [23172] by jow
[include] add support for flagging packages
04:37 Changeset [23171] by jow
[scripts] feeds: restore previously active feed after install_package(), …
00:32 Ticket #2677 ([PATCH] Working b43 WiFi driver for brcm47xx (2.6) target) closed by nbd
fixed: Please don't abuse the bug tracker for support questions. Reopening bugs …
00:13 Ticket #2677 ([PATCH] Working b43 WiFi driver for brcm47xx (2.6) target) reopened by javahelpers@…
Replying to Gele: > The driver compiles and is working O.K. …


19:14 Ticket #8020 (wifi connection lost after ar71xx-wdt: enabling watchdog timer on DIR-615) created by Troex Nevelin <troex@…>
I'm using backfire on DIR-615 revю С2, from time to time wifi drops …
18:52 Ticket #8019 (Display Raw OpenVPN Options in Luci OpenVPN Advanced Interface) created by muttnik.sputnik@…
First I would like to thank all OpenWRT developers for a great product! I …
18:43 Changeset [23170] by acoul
package/grub: revert accidental/unessesery grub commit
18:39 Changeset [23169] by acoul
tools/mtd-utils: update to mtd-utils-20101001, fix FreeBSD (and hopefully …
17:14 Changeset [23168] by nbd
ath9k: fix regulatory issues with multiple cards
13:09 Ticket #8018 (tkiptun-ng, easside-ng (and buddy-ng) and wesside-ng) created by orange@…
May we modify the aircrack-ng Makefile to re-introduce tkiptun-ng, …
12:51 Changeset [23167] by mb
pwrtray: Fix CPU hog bug
09:11 Ticket #7471 (Initial support for jjPlus JWAP003) closed by juhosg
fixed: Applied in r23165. Thanks!
09:09 Changeset [23166] by juhosg
package-ipkg.mk: use the BOARD variable in opkg cmdline if ARCH_PACKAGES …
09:09 Changeset [23165] by juhosg
ar71xx: initial support for jjPlus JWAP003 Patch-by: Cezary Jackiewicz …
00:05 Changeset [23164] by mb
pwrtray: Improve screen and device locking
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