23:29 Ticket #8079 (swapon: Function not implemented) created by dk_giuse <dk_giuse89@…>
Swapon not work in trunk r23424 […] […] […]
21:21 Changeset [23429] by jow
[backfire] merge r21987, r22002, r22147, r22148 and r22150
21:05 Changeset [23428] by mb
openl2tp: Enable parallel build
20:58 Changeset [23427] by mb
openl2tp: Remove -Werror. Fixes compile on 2.6.36
19:38 Changeset [23426] by mb
nginx: Try to fix openssl dependencies
19:09 Ticket #8078 (ZyXEL NBG318S) created by anonymous
please add ZyXEL NBG318S firmaware
18:58 Changeset [23425] by mb
keynote has broken internal dependencies. Force -j1 for now.
17:06 Changeset [23424] by mirko
linux kernel version is not (yet) released…
14:22 Changeset [23423] by nbd
wifi: change the default channel from 5 to 11, 5 was a really bad choice
11:09 Changeset [23422] by acoul
net/lsm: Upgrade to new upstream version 0.60. (thank you Brian J. …
10:34 Ticket #8058 (kernel panic - jffs not part of kernel, internet-box au1500) closed by acoul
07:26 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) reopened by anonymous
Sadly, the …
03:55 Changeset [23421] by lars
[xburst] Add 2.6.36 patches
02:33 Changeset [23420] by lars
[kernel] Add some missing symbols to 2.6.36 config


22:49 Changeset [23419] by jow
[generic] unify extended vlan id swconfig attributes. AR8216 and PSB6970 …
22:09 Changeset [23418] by nico
packages/freetype: update to 2.3.12
22:08 Changeset [23417] by nico
packages/gd: various fixes * fix patch to tweak configure.ac instead of …
18:47 Ticket #7992 (Wi-Fi: attempt to use HT40 channels completely kills device (Atheros ...) closed by nbd
18:13 Changeset [23416] by acoul
generic/config-2.6.36: Add missing symbols
17:59 Changeset [23415] by acoul
target/linux: Add support for cores with slow WDT clock like bcm5354. …
17:27 Changeset [23414] by acoul
target/linux: fix Geos baudrate. (thank you Philip Prindeville)
16:25 Ticket #8077 (add udproxy package) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r23413
16:24 Changeset [23413] by acoul
net/udpxy: add udpxy package. (closes ticket #8077)
16:11 Changeset [23412] by nbd
ath9k: fix a few ani issues
15:26 Changeset [23411] by acoul
net/click: update to click-20101002 git (#8072)
15:25 Ticket #8077 (add udproxy package) created by starix
Description: small-footprint UNIX/Linux daemon to relay multicast UDP …
14:04 Changeset [23410] by nbd
ath9k: fix channel time updates when the interface is idle
14:04 Changeset [23409] by nbd
mac80211: fix a crash in the netlink backport
12:59 Ticket #8076 (uci memory leak on commit) created by rene
not directly reproducible, but occurs regularly. uci eats more and more …
09:31 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) closed by acoul
fixed: try to test this
09:11 Changeset [23408] by kerneis
[package] babel: upgrade to version 1.0.2 This version works around a gcc …
08:46 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) reopened by anonymous
I am using a Dlink DIR-600 A1, running 10.03.1-rc3 and i have the exact …
06:55 Ticket #8075 (RS Pro won't mount SD to allow r/w) created by spencer.thomason@…
Hi there, I just built a new JFFS2 firmware for the RS Pro (ar71xx) on …
05:07 Changeset [23407] by jow
[scripts] remote-gdb: fix parsing of arch and libc from given path as well
03:15 Changeset [23406] by jow
[scripts] remote-gdb: - fix parsing of arch-libc tuples - automatically …


22:00 Changeset [23405] by nico
packages/chaosvpn: fix build, remove redundant vars
20:49 Changeset [23404] by tripolar
fix a typo in the patch
20:46 Changeset [23403] by tripolar
add CVE-2009-1759 patch to ctorrent for more info see …
19:18 Ticket #8071 (OpenWRT build fails for SourceForge packages using xv compression) closed by jow
duplicate: Looks to me like a dupe of #8034 and it is already fixed with r23247, …
18:31 Changeset [23402] by claudio
[at91] Tag the uncompressed image
18:31 Changeset [23401] by claudio
Add me as maintainer
18:31 Changeset [23400] by claudio
[at91] Update to
18:31 Changeset [23399] by claudio
[at91] Copy rootfs(s) inside BIN_DIR
18:31 Changeset [23398] by claudio
[at91] Add support for FOXGM carrier board
17:26 Ticket #8074 (IP address setting from /etc/config/network ignored.) closed by florian
15:56 Changeset [23397] by mb
aircrack-ng: Enable parallel build
15:49 Ticket #8018 (tkiptun-ng, easside-ng (and buddy-ng) and wesside-ng) closed by nico
fixed: Fixes in [23396], thanks !
15:49 Changeset [23396] by nico
packages/aircrack: enable unstable binaries (closes: #8018), use …
15:40 Changeset [23395] by mb
erlang: Bump release
15:23 Changeset [23394] by mb
erlang: Remove stray backslashes
15:02 Changeset [23393] by mb
erlang: Need extra -lz
14:37 Changeset [23392] by acoul
linux/brcm47xx: fix an initialization issue on 2.6.36 kernel
14:29 Ticket #8074 (IP address setting from /etc/config/network ignored.) created by anonymous
The current OpenWRT trunk seems to ignore the IP address setting for the …
14:03 Ticket #8073 (MPD can play the music) created by speeedfire@…
Hy! I use backfire (ar71xx, tplink 1043nd) 10.03 with packages from …
12:00 Changeset [23391] by acoul
linux/au1000: fix jffs2/squashfs au1500 boot issue (deals with ticket …
10:26 Ticket #7543 (AES loopback kernel module does no longer compile on 2.6.34) closed by florian
04:22 Ticket #8072 (New makefile for click package) created by shaddi@…
The makefile for the Click package seems to be a bit out of date; it's …
01:03 Ticket #8071 (OpenWRT build fails for SourceForge packages using xv compression) created by anonymous
I was trying to build OpenWRT trunk with xtables-addons package enabled. …
00:48 Changeset [23390] by jow
[Patch v2] Geos -- new x86 subtarget definition This defines the Geos …
00:45 Ticket #7338 (LuCI QoS page does not disable interface when the enable box is not ...) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed upstream
00:40 Changeset [23389] by jow
[buildroot] Add two debug rules the examine the values of runtime make …


23:41 Ticket #7861 (page errors in openwrt forum) closed by agb
fixed: URLs updated, closing.
23:00 Ticket #7996 (multiwan: add option to reduce system load, making it possible on tiny ...) closed by craigc
fixed: Committed revision 23388.
22:59 Changeset [23388] by craigc
[packages] multiwan: 1. option 'health_monitor' 'serial' starts only one …
20:27 Changeset [23387] by mb
ettercap: Fix parallel build
20:07 Ticket #8057 (Eggdrop fails to compile) closed by mb
fixed: Thanks for your bugreport. r23385 fixes this.
20:06 Changeset [23386] by mb
eggdrop: Fix parallel build
19:58 Changeset [23385] by mb
eggdrop: TCL8.5 compile fix
19:41 Ticket #8070 (fix p54common module loading: Unknown symbol crc_ccitt) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed in r23384
19:40 Changeset [23384] by jow
[package] mac80211: kmod-p54-common needs crc-ccitt, patch by loswillos
19:38 Changeset [23383] by jow
[package] kernel: underscores in package names are bad, rename …
19:27 Changeset [23382] by mb
omap24xx: allow CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_BEET as module
18:22 Changeset [23381] by nbd
ath9k: fix counter overflow in survey channel time stats for the operating …
18:16 Changeset [23380] by mb
boost: Enable parallel compile
17:41 Ticket #8070 (fix p54common module loading: Unknown symbol crc_ccitt) created by loswillios <loswillios@…>
[…] make p54common depend on kmod-crc-ccitt
17:00 Ticket #8069 (glibc toolchain doesn't build (LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains current directory)) created by loswillios
[…] could have something to do with setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH in …
16:15 Changeset [23379] by mb
ipsec-tools: Enable parallel build
16:14 Changeset [23378] by mb
ipsec-tools: Fix compile on linux-2.6.36
15:29 Ticket #7911 (strace package is broken in brcm-2.4 target for 10.03.1-rc3) closed by agb
15:26 Changeset [23377] by mb
wing: Enable parallel build
15:26 Changeset [23376] by mb
wing: Attempt to fix cross compile issues. The target build inherits …
14:28 Ticket #8068 (menuconfig mess) closed by jow
fixed: See r23375
14:27 Changeset [23375] by jow
[scripts] metadata.pl: don't emit LINUX_2_6 selects anymore
14:26 Ticket #8068 (menuconfig mess) reopened by anonymous
14:20 Ticket #8067 (uhttpd don't create simbolic link) closed by jow
wontfix: Thats by design, opkg installed services are not enabled by default.
14:19 Ticket #8068 (menuconfig mess) closed by jow
worksforme: Clean your buildroot and/or clear tmp/ to force a re-read of the archinfo.
14:08 Changeset [23374] by nbd
mac80211: update to a newer compat-wireless which fixes rt2800pci compile …
11:31 Ticket #8068 (menuconfig mess) created by anonymous


23:32 Changeset [23373] by mb
gdb: Enable parallel build
21:43 Changeset [23372] by mb
qt4: Fix tslib mouse dependencies
21:41 Ticket #8067 (uhttpd don't create simbolic link) created by pax0r
when im install uhttpd from ipkg , he don't create a simbolic link on …
19:55 Changeset [23371] by mb
pyqt4: depend on X11
19:53 Changeset [23370] by mb
Do not pass -B to python. It might not like it.
19:47 Changeset [23369] by jow
[package] iptables: don't use /bin/bash in autogen.sh, breaks FreeBSD. …
19:25 Ticket #8066 (ip17xx Driver is Missing Running State) created by cr
Because the interface to a switch is fixed, the PHY state should be set to …
19:19 Changeset [23368] by jow
[packages] aodv-uu: resolve reference to CONFIG_LINUX_2_6
19:01 Changeset [23367] by jow
[package] mac80211: don't use /usr/bin/bash in support scripts, breaks …
18:55 Ticket #8061 ([packages] net/peerguardian: Fix typo in changeset r23355) closed by mb
fixed: r23365 fixes this. Thanks a lot for your bugreport.
18:49 Changeset [23366] by mb
php5: Enable parallel build (patch by loswillios)
18:43 Changeset [23365] by mb
peerguardian: Fix typo
18:29 Changeset [23364] by mb
vncrepeater: Enable parallel build
18:28 Changeset [23363] by mb
vncrepeater: Fix link failure. Add missing -lc and -lgcc
18:08 Changeset [23362] by mb
uob-nomad: Internal dependencies are broken. Force -j1 for now.
17:43 Changeset [23361] by mb
ucmb: Fix compile on 2.6.36
17:12 Changeset [23360] by mb
st2205tool: Fix parallel build
16:58 Ticket #8065 (macaddr does not work for eth0 with atheros chip (fonera)) created by anonymous
config 'interface' 'wan' option 'ifname' 'eth0' option …
16:17 Ticket #8064 (Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init on DWL-2100AP rev. 4) created by e.kubrakov@…
Kernel crash log: […]
14:03 Ticket #8063 (Make multiple shares in Ushare work) created by thijs.withaar@…
Running backfire, svn r23115. Adding multiple directories in …
13:11 Ticket #8062 (LuCi-> NOT denied access with wrong password) created by anonymous
Hi, I have fonera 2202 I have installed trunk(r23351) The problem: If i …
13:10 Changeset [23359] by mb
sablevm-sdk: Fix parallel build
13:05 Changeset [23358] by mb
sablevm-sdk: Do not hardcode host paths.
12:29 Changeset [23357] by mb
pthsem: Update. This fixes parallel build.
12:23 Ticket #8061 ([packages] net/peerguardian: Fix typo in changeset r23355) created by anonymous
See included patch…
11:29 Changeset [23356] by mb
peerguardian: Bump release
11:11 Changeset [23355] by mb
peerguardian: Enable parallel build
11:08 Changeset [23354] by mb
peerguardian: Remove uclibc++ dep. Linking to uclibc++ and libstdc++ …
10:43 Changeset [23353] by mb
openswan: Fix compile on linux-2.6.36
10:30 Ticket #8060 ([OpenWrt Wiki] doc/uci/uhttpd: fix formatting) created by anonymous
Fix formatting at: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/uhttpd
07:38 Changeset [23352] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.10, start torrents as soon as they …
06:17 Ticket #8059 (opkg.conf url typo) created by anonymous
opkg.conf has a bad url. …
04:25 Ticket #8058 (kernel panic - jffs not part of kernel, internet-box au1500) created by anonymous
Hi, just compiled openwrt trunk and flashed. I'm getting: No …
02:36 Changeset [23351] by nbd
iw: add support for the new survey data
02:36 Changeset [23350] by nbd
ath9k: implement extended channel utilization statistics via survey
02:36 Changeset [23349] by nbd
ath9k: add a fix for an aggregation delimiter size rounding error
02:36 Changeset [23348] by nbd
mac80211: fix netlink backport for 2.6.31 and below
02:27 Ticket #8057 (Eggdrop fails to compile) created by anonymous
i have found an error on Makefile in eggdrop with TCL "TCL IS TOO OLD, …
02:22 Ticket #8056 (dmapd: no 'vips' package) created by nico
A dependency on a 'vips' package was added to the 'dmap' package in …
01:57 Changeset [23347] by mb
oldrd: Fix parallel build
01:31 Ticket #8017 (typo in kmod-video-ov511) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [23345] (trunk) and [23346] (backfire), thanks !
01:30 Changeset [23346] by nico
[backfire] merge r23345 (closes: #8017) package/kernel: fix Kconfig …
01:26 Changeset [23345] by nico
package/kernel: fix Kconfig symbol name for OV511 video driver (closes: …
01:13 Changeset [23344] by mb
nodogsplash: Parallel build fixes
00:54 Changeset [23343] by mb
nodogsplash: mkinstalldirs script does not exist. Just use $(INSTALL_DIR).
00:36 Changeset [23342] by mb
nginx: Add openssl dependency. Also fix parallel build.
00:15 Changeset [23341] by mb
mrd6: Compile fixes. Do not use uClibc++. It causes linker errors with …


23:31 Ticket #7997 (Beginner's Guide has been defaced.) closed by agb
23:20 Ticket #7757 (typo in target/ar71xx/base-files/etc/diag.sh) closed by agb
fixed: Fixed in r23340
23:19 Changeset [23340] by agb
[backfire] merge r22631 linux/ar71xx: add nanostation-m signature (thanks …
22:57 Ticket #7621 (QoS crashing network) closed by nico
fixed: The QUEUE target is used to pass packets to userspace. If you don't use …
22:47 Changeset [23339] by mb
mini_snmpd: Fix parallel build
22:38 Changeset [23338] by mb
mdk3: Fix parallel build
22:14 Changeset [23337] by mb
loop-aes: Update. Fixes compile on 2.6.36
21:59 Changeset [23336] by mb
lirc: Update. This fixes compile on 2.6.36
21:37 Changeset [23335] by mb
libsynce: Fix parallel build
21:10 Changeset [23334] by mb
librpcsecgss: Fix parallel build
20:54 Changeset [23333] by mb
libmpd: Enable parallel build
20:50 Changeset [23332] by mb
libmpd wants glib2
20:30 Changeset [23331] by mb
libgssapi: Fix parallel build
19:57 Changeset [23330] by mb
libdlna: Fix parallel build
19:11 Changeset [23329] by mb
krb5: Enable parallel build
18:56 Changeset [23328] by mb
krb5: Remove leftover manual patching
18:52 Changeset [23327] by acoul
linux/ar71xx: workaround an rb4xx hard-lock until we get a proper fix.
18:46 Ticket #8055 (kernel: enable inotify) created by obsy <cezary@…>
It is required for watch-dir option in transmission and watch in minidlna. …
17:23 Changeset [23326] by acoul
net/lsm: add link state monitor package. (thank you Brian J. Murrell)
17:05 Changeset [23325] by kerneis
[package] babel: include upstream patch until next release Fri Sep 24 …
15:50 Changeset [23324] by jow
[backfire] backport r23318
15:43 Ticket #8052 (traffic redirection DNAT order changed) closed by jow
fixed: r23318 should restore the previous behaviour
15:39 Ticket #8054 (ping fails until connection attempt in both directions) created by lmg - kishalmi.net
situation: client1, wired lan client2, wifi client3, wifi the router …
15:29 Ticket #8053 (ar8216/ar8316 Secure Ingress Mode Does Not Allow Tags on Egress on Trunk ...) created by anonymous
The secure ingress mode does not allow tags on egress on trunking …
15:10 Changeset [23323] by mirko
[target:xburst] do not override CFLAGS - the default ones are fine
15:10 Changeset [23322] by mirko
[alsa-lib] use static's instead of extern's, as latter ones may result in …
15:10 Changeset [23321] by mirko
[qt4] do not depend von QT4_WS_X11 as it creates a recursive dependency …
14:18 Changeset [23320] by mb
gmp: Fix parallel build
14:15 Changeset [23319] by acoul
linux/ar71xx: (2.6.36) add a missed patch
14:11 Changeset [23318] by jow
[package] firewall: insert SNAT and DNAT rules according to the order of …
14:10 Changeset [23317] by acoul
linux/ar71xx: add preliminary 2.6.36 kernel support (refresh patches)
13:52 Changeset [23316] by mb
flite: Parallel build fixes. It does not parallelize well due to the …
13:27 Ticket #8052 (traffic redirection DNAT order changed) created by moo.tinys@…
in changeset [3024] line 60 vs 84, you'r changing $ to , are you sure? i …[…]
11:22 Ticket #7745 (Can not build with new GNU patch; refuse to patch read-only files) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed by r23314
11:21 Changeset [23315] by jow
[include] quilt.mk: export PATCH for patch-kernel.sh
11:21 Changeset [23314] by jow
[scripts] patch-kernel.sh: utilize --force (#7745), also use the PATCH env …
11:02 Ticket #4125 (PPP interface not appearing in KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r13003)) closed by jow
fixed: I believe this is fixed by now
10:37 Ticket #7483 ([rb532] via-rhine broken) closed by florian
09:46 Ticket #8051 (Hello i need assistance please :() closed by jow
invalid: Use http://forum.openwrt.org/
08:43 Ticket #8051 (Hello i need assistance please :() created by cute_johnjoseph@…
im using a tp link hub. it has 4 ports i am connecting my 3 laptop and 1 …
00:06 Changeset [23313] by mb
batman: 2.6.36 compile fixes
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