23:58 Changeset [23527] by mb
spandsp: We start with PKG_RELEASE:=1
23:49 Changeset [23526] by jow
[backfire] iptables: the iprange v0 match for Linux 2.4 is completely …
23:45 Changeset [23525] by mb
spandsp: Enable parallel build
23:43 Changeset [23524] by mb
Fix typo
23:35 Changeset [23523] by mb
From: Roman Yeryomin <leroi.lists@…> add spandsp library package
22:45 Changeset [23522] by florian
[package] change sigscheme lib installation directory This patch installs …
22:39 Changeset [23521] by jow
[include] netfilter: workaround a userspace/kernel mismatch on Linux …
22:38 Changeset [23520] by florian
[package] install gsl headers in usr/include/gsl Signed-off-by: Rainer …
22:38 Changeset [23519] by florian
[package] update heyu to 2.9.1 Signed-off-by: Raphael Huck …
22:38 Changeset [23518] by florian
[package] ruby: fix path to libiconv This enables encoding of iconv.so. …
21:49 Changeset [23517] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix platform_devices registration Signed-off-by: Tanguy …
21:49 Changeset [23516] by florian
[brcm47xx] Add support for cores with slow WDT clock (bcm5354) …
20:39 Ticket #8099 (tc operations on eth0 dumps kernel because eps is 0) created by tkmbe
Hw: Nanostation2 If you use anything from tc on eth0 like tc qdisc show …
20:39 Ticket #8032 (Add pyconfig.h to /usr/include/python2.6) closed by jow
fixed: Should be fixed with r23515.
20:37 Changeset [23515] by jow
[packages] python: ship pyconfig.h (#8032)
20:33 Changeset [23514] by acoul
net/usbip: add some upstream patches (sync to svn #152, may deal with …
20:27 Ticket #8098 (TP-LINK TL-MR3420 WLAN LED doesn't functional in trunk.) created by Domino_55
TP-LINK TL-MR3420 WLAN LED doesn't functional in trunk.
20:23 Ticket #8097 (Winchiphead CH341 USB-to-Serial: fix typo) created by obsy <cezary@…>
Patch included.
15:56 Ticket #8096 (gcc-4.5.1 fails to build (elf_getshdrstrndx)) created by loswillios <loswillios@…>
uClibc-0.9.32-ntpl and gcc-4.5.1: […]
08:58 Changeset [23513] by florian
[buildroot] make ModuleAutoLoad more readable When doing a build with …


22:03 Ticket #8095 (Imagebuilder for brcm-2.4 target failes on x86_64 hardware) created by anonymous
Using the imagebuilder OpenWrt-ImageBuilder-brcm-2.4-for-Linux-x86_64 …
21:53 Ticket #7882 (Add support for en25f32 for wa901nd v1.1) reopened by Nilfred <nilfred@…>
Without this patch tl-wr741nd-v1.9 not bootup. So merge to backfire branch …
20:20 Changeset [23512] by mb
xorg-server: Enable parallel build
20:15 Changeset [23511] by mb
xorg-kdrive: Enable parallel build
20:15 Changeset [23510] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.11, remove dependency -daemon from …
20:14 Changeset [23509] by mb
xorg-kdrive: Disable xsdl autoconf check
20:01 Ticket #8094 (Update for Package bind available) closed by jow
duplicate: see #8093
19:46 Ticket #7558 (Problem with BCM 6338 ethernet on D-Link 2640U/BRU/C) closed by florian
fixed: Applied, with the correct ethernet interfaces definition in r23508.
19:45 Changeset [23508] by florian
[brcm63xx] add bcm96338W2 e7t board (D-Link 2640U/BRU/C, #7558)
18:52 Changeset [23507] by mb
omap24xx: Remove 2.6.35 support
18:47 Changeset [23506] by mb
xf86-video-glamo: Fails to compile on some arches. Make it depend on …
18:32 Changeset [23505] by florian
[brcm63xx] remove 2.6.32 support
17:47 Ticket #8094 (Update for Package bind available) created by anonymous
Hello, openwrt still uses a outdated version of bind (9.6.1-P2). So I …
17:46 Ticket #8093 (Update for Package bind available) created by anonymous
Hello, openwrt still uses a outdated version of bind (9.6.1-P2). So I …
17:00 Ticket #3123 (AR7 serial is broken) closed by florian
fixed: Your problem is covered by #7324, closing.
16:49 Ticket #7243 ([bcm63xx] default in arch/mips/bcm63xx/gpio.c) closed by florian
worksforme: GPIO 24 and 25 look like GPIO connected LEDs, which is why they get …
16:18 Ticket #8092 (The configuration window, and the banner file still contains "Kamikaze" ...) created by Domino_55
If I checkout the latest trunk, then the configuration window, and the …
16:09 Changeset [23504] by florian
[brcm63xx] fix SPI driver, move register out of driver code …
16:09 Changeset [23503] by florian
[brcm63xx] restore kernel oldconfig Signed-off-by: Miguel Gaio …
16:09 Changeset [23502] by florian
[brcm63xx] refresh patches Signed-off-by: Miguel Gaio …
16:08 Changeset [23501] by florian
[brcm63xx] refresh nb4 support. Register 74x164 device Signed-off-by: …
16:08 Changeset [23500] by florian
[brcm63xx] add spi devices board info int bcm63xx_boards Signed-off-by: …
16:08 Changeset [23499] by florian
[brcm63xx] add 74x164 SPI chip support Signed-off-by: Miguel Gaio …
16:08 Changeset [23498] by florian
[kernel] backport SPI master with no RXTX support (from 2.6.36) …
16:08 Changeset [23497] by florian
[brcm63xx] register earlier extended platform devices Signed-off-by: …
14:50 Changeset [23496] by mb
firmwarehotplug: Fix parallel build
14:42 Changeset [23495] by florian
[x86] Use -pipe for net5501 and geos CFLAGS, same as all of the other …
14:21 Changeset [23494] by mb
xsupplicant: Internal LEX deps are broken. Disable parallel build.
03:12 Ticket #8091 (JFFS on Rocket M5, Rocket M2 bricks unit) created by ki4gyw@…
When you try to load the JFFS on a rocket M5 or M2 it Bricks the unit. …
03:02 Changeset [23493] by mb
gmediaserver links to uclibcxx and zlib. So add these deps.
02:55 Changeset [23492] by mb
gmediaserver: Fix parallel build
00:50 Changeset [23491] by zandbelt
[packages] asterisk-1.6.6: added app_alarmreceiver,app_setcallerid and …
00:46 packages edited by acinonyx
00:07 Ticket #6822 (gpsd cannot link with uclibc++) closed by mb
fixed: Should be fixed in trunk
00:02 Ticket #8090 (calling "make" in ImageBuildsystem fails if directory is not called ...) created by p91@…
Hi, I am pretty sure this is a bug. If you go: svn co …


23:50 Changeset [23490] by mb
btrfs-progs: Enable parallel build
23:44 Ticket #8086 (btrfs-progs does not build when using cache) closed by mb
fixed: Thanks. I committed this as r23489.
23:43 Changeset [23489] by mb
Fixes #8086
23:36 Changeset [23488] by mb
gnokii: Parallel build is broken
23:17 Changeset [23487] by mb
gnokii: Fix whitespace
23:12 Changeset [23486] by mb
maemo-kexec: Rename script to bootmaemo.
22:44 Changeset [23485] by mb
omap24xx: Update kernel
22:26 Changeset [23484] by mb
python-sip: Compile with -fpic
22:08 Changeset [23483] by mb
pwrtray: MIPS fixes
20:46 Changeset [23482] by mb
Fix typo
20:43 Changeset [23481] by mb
Use PKG_BUILD_PARALLEL:=0 to force-disable parallel build
20:42 Changeset [23480] by mb
Support force-disabling per-package parallel build with …
20:10 Ticket #8059 (opkg.conf url typo) closed by jow
invalid: Approach the creator of your specific build
20:09 Changeset [23479] by mb
mdnsreponder: Internal deps are broken. Force -j1
19:26 Ticket #7347 (Backfire device support) closed by florian
19:20 Ticket #8056 (dmapd: no 'vips' package) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r23478.
19:18 Ticket #7866 (New package: VIPS) closed by florian
fixed: Added your final version in r23478. Please note that patches should be …
19:15 Changeset [23478] by florian
[package] add vips library (#7866)
19:08 Changeset [23477] by mb
cdparanoia: Internal deps are broken. Force -j1
17:38 Ticket #7680 (new platform "vodafone Station") closed by florian
17:24 Ticket #8089 (reboot broken for au1500) created by anonymous
reboot is broken for au1500 (t-mobile internetbox) in trunk. reboot -f …
16:51 Changeset [23476] by mb
xglamo: Depend on s3c24xx
16:08 Changeset [23475] by mb
xine-lib: Fix compile. Configure/build may not include headers from the …
15:59 Ticket #8084 (mountd build error) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r23474. Thanks!
15:57 Changeset [23474] by acinonyx
[package] mountd: Rename uci_add_history to uci_add_delta (#8084)
15:13 Ticket #8088 (Add support WRT610N v2) created by anonymous
13:23 Changeset [23473] by tripolar
add maintainer to all of my packages
11:22 Changeset [23472] by juhosg
fix perl signal numbering for mips This is a followup to my 16 month old …
08:14 Changeset [23471] by flyn
Return 001-krb5kdc-dir-to-etc.patch; move database from /var to /etc for …
07:20 Ticket #8087 (soekris net4511) created by dako
i have this error when i boot the kernel there is no support for elan …
04:30 Changeset [23470] by nbd
mac80211: update to wireless-testing 2010-10-15, add a few ath9k fixes and …
03:12 Changeset [23469] by mb
nfs-kernel-server: Fix parallel build
02:45 Ticket #8086 (btrfs-progs does not build when using cache) created by sherpya@…
due to missing quotes the build fails if ccache is enabled, attached a …
02:13 Changeset [23468] by mb
collectd: Enable parallel build
02:13 Changeset [23467] by mb
collectd: Fix build on 2.6.36
01:40 Ticket #8085 (ASUS RT-N16) created by andrew ng
hi all, i just try backfire 10.03.1-rc3 with ASUS RT-N16 ASUS N16 RAM …
00:01 Changeset [23466] by mb
znc: Enable parallel build


23:57 Changeset [23465] by mb
znc: Fix call to g++-uc
23:43 Changeset [23464] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga{,-unstable}: Merge quagga-unstable package with quagga …
23:39 Changeset [23463] by acinonyx
[packages] btpd: Add default value for bool config options
23:24 Ticket #8084 (mountd build error) created by TianHP
mountd depends on uci, but uci(version 12012009 against rev 23430) rename …
23:23 Changeset [23462] by mb
xmpp4r: Fix ruby library path
21:58 Changeset [23461] by mb
ulogd: mysql config may introduce a stray -lgcc_s. Force remove it.
20:56 Changeset [23460] by mb
ruby: Fix parallel build
19:59 Changeset [23459] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga-unstable: Enable OSPF6, ISIS and RIPng daemons
19:41 Changeset [23458] by mb
send: Internal dependencies are broken. Force -j1
18:44 Changeset [23457] by mb
uclibc++: Also install .so to dev
17:06 Changeset [23456] by acoul
linux/atheros: fix another 2.6.36 patch issue
16:57 Ticket #8083 (Update mdnsresponder to 214.3.2) created by flyn
This patch updates the mdnsresponder package to 214.3.2.
16:32 Ticket #8082 (PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS is wrong) created by anonymous
I have defined PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=package_indep depends1:package_dep …
16:21 Changeset [23455] by acoul
target/linux: fix a path issue on previous commit
16:05 Changeset [23454] by acoul
linux/atheros: add preliminary 2.6.36 kernel support (refresh patches)
09:52 Changeset [23453] by acoul
tools/mtd-utils: add two upstream patches
01:14 Changeset [23452] by jow
[backfire] partly merge r23451
01:08 Changeset [23451] by jow
[ar71xx] remove remaining references to dev-ap91-eth.h, patch by Stijn …
00:04 Ticket #8081 (Parallel build fails while building toolchain) created by Jonathan Bennett <jbscience87@…>
This isn't a show-stopper, just an annoyance. after running 'make …


18:44 Changeset [23450] by acoul
net/quagga-unstable: Enable parallel build
18:42 Changeset [23449] by acoul
net/quagga-unstable: fix a cross-compile issue. this need to go upstream. …
18:41 Changeset [23448] by acoul
net/quagga-unstable: fix compile issue on FreeBSD 8.1
18:13 Changeset [23447] by mb
osiris: Fix parallel build
17:55 Changeset [23446] by nbd
merge umask change from r23445
17:53 Changeset [23445] by nbd
set the umask in toplevel.mk instead of forcing the user to adjust it
17:46 Changeset [23444] by mb
opennhrp: Enable parallel build
17:42 Changeset [23443] by mb
opennhrp: Fix compile on 2.6.36
16:25 Changeset [23442] by jow
[include] add a prereq check for umask 0022, other settings will result in …
16:22 Ticket #8080 (about NVRAM credentials!!!) closed by jow
invalid: Support is available through openwrt at lists.openwrt.org, …
16:03 Changeset [23441] by jow
[backfire] merge r23419
15:54 Ticket #8080 (about NVRAM credentials!!!) created by as
Hi, My goal is gateway box act like a router with wired and wireless …
15:49 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r23439, r23440
15:49 Changeset [23440] by nbd
ar71xx: merge ap91_eth removal from r23439
15:41 Changeset [23439] by nbd
ar71xx: remove dev-ap91-eth.c. switch its only user (RB-750) to the new …
15:32 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) reopened by dave@…
Routerboard 750: Same applies to this model as above 2 models. Not sure …
14:41 Changeset [23438] by nico
packages/zabbix: use common CONFIGURE_ARGS var, cleanup
14:40 Changeset [23437] by nico
packages/znc: remove redundant configure args
11:22 Changeset [23436] by acoul
net/quagga-unstable: add some upstream patches
11:08 Changeset [23435] by acoul
package/busybox: update to busybox-1.17.3
02:17 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) closed by nbd
fixed: New image uploaded for you, change committed to trunk in r23432, backfire …
02:17 Changeset [23434] by nbd
ar71xx: merge dir-600-a1 fix from r23432 (fixes #7563)
02:17 Changeset [23433] by nbd
wifi: merge default channel change from r23423
02:14 Changeset [23432] by nbd
ar71xx: use the new ar7240 switch driver on the DIR-600-A1 as well (fixes …
02:14 Changeset [23431] by nbd
libnl-tiny: fix a compiler warning that shows up with -pedantic
02:14 Changeset [23430] by nbd
uci: update to 2010-09-28


23:29 Ticket #8079 (swapon: Function not implemented) created by dk_giuse <dk_giuse89@…>
Swapon not work in trunk r23424 […] […] […]
21:21 Changeset [23429] by jow
[backfire] merge r21987, r22002, r22147, r22148 and r22150
21:05 Changeset [23428] by mb
openl2tp: Enable parallel build
20:58 Changeset [23427] by mb
openl2tp: Remove -Werror. Fixes compile on 2.6.36
19:38 Changeset [23426] by mb
nginx: Try to fix openssl dependencies
19:09 Ticket #8078 (ZyXEL NBG318S) created by anonymous
please add ZyXEL NBG318S firmaware
18:58 Changeset [23425] by mb
keynote has broken internal dependencies. Force -j1 for now.
17:06 Changeset [23424] by mirko
linux kernel version is not (yet) released…
14:22 Changeset [23423] by nbd
wifi: change the default channel from 5 to 11, 5 was a really bad choice
11:09 Changeset [23422] by acoul
net/lsm: Upgrade to new upstream version 0.60. (thank you Brian J. …
10:34 Ticket #8058 (kernel panic - jffs not part of kernel, internet-box au1500) closed by acoul
07:26 Ticket #7563 (Changeset 2205 causes tp-link wr841n v5 to thrash on it's switch ports ...) reopened by anonymous
Sadly, the …
03:55 Changeset [23421] by lars
[xburst] Add 2.6.36 patches
02:33 Changeset [23420] by lars
[kernel] Add some missing symbols to 2.6.36 config
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