22:40 Ticket #7657 (segfault while sysupgrade with 22322 and uClibc 0.9.31) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r23892 - full toolchain rebuild required.
22:38 Changeset [23892] by jow
[PATCH] ld.so: ldd crashes when LDSO_SEARCH_INTERP_PATH is not …
21:36 Ticket #8179 (Error in /admin/status/interfaces/ page with ESSID with special character) created by Kaliko <efrim@…>
Special characters like "&" are badly-formated in …
19:46 Changeset [23891] by florian
[ep93xx] add missing symbol spotted by buildbot.
19:05 Changeset [23890] by nbd
ath9k: fix ath9k_hw_apply_gpio_override so that it's effective I …
18:41 Changeset [23889] by acoul
target/linux: fix a wrong 2.6.37 patch (thank you acinonyx)
18:09 Ticket #8178 (Please provide useradd/userdel commands.) created by User294
Right now it's inconvenient to create new users in OpenWRT. And I prefer …
17:59 Changeset [23888] by mb
omap24xx: Add linux 2.6.37 config/patches
17:57 Changeset [23887] by mb
linux 2.6.37: Disable DEBUG_ICEDCC
15:35 Changeset [23886] by mb
n810 profile: add maemo-kexec
08:33 Changeset [23885] by kaloz
[orion]: the same DEFAULT_PACKAGES should be selected in the generic …
08:30 Changeset [23884] by kaloz
[orion]: only build squashfs images by default
04:06 Ticket #8177 (luci-app-statistics - no graphs under graph submenu) created by anonymous
No graphs under submenu. A discussion with xMff suggests a problem with …


23:11 Ticket #8154 ([patch][orion] Per subtarget image makefiles for Orion platform and ...) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r23883. thank you
23:10 Changeset [23883] by acoul
target/linux/orion: create subtargets (closes #8154)
22:56 Ticket #8175 (Transmission DHT dht_periodic failed) created by GIUSEPPE <dk_giuse89@…>
I have compilated last trunk (r23867) including packages …
22:47 Changeset [23882] by acoul
target/linux: extend r23881 for 2.6.37 too.
22:42 Ticket #8147 ([patch] Missing 2.6.36 kernel symbols in generic/config-2.6.36) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r23881. thank you
22:42 Changeset [23881] by acoul
target/linux: add missing symbols (closes #8147)
20:04 Changeset [23880] by mb
fso-gsm0710muxd: Fix dbus-binding-tool invokation on some systems
19:55 Ticket #8103 (WNDR3700 LAN LED colors are reversed) closed by nbd
fixed: committed in r23879
19:55 Changeset [23879] by nbd
ar71xx: Configure WNDR3700 switch LED colors properly (#8103) For …
19:53 Changeset [23878] by nbd
Revert "ar71xx: WNDR3700 WiFi LEDs should blink for activity (#7984)" on …
19:48 Changeset [23877] by nbd
ar71xx: WNDR3700 WiFi LEDs should blink for activity (#7984) Make the …
19:46 Changeset [23876] by nbd
ar71xx: Set eth1 MAC address from EEPROM for WNDR3700 The WNDR3700's …
19:39 Changeset [23875] by nbd
ar71xx: fix the wndr3700 antenna group setting for the first wireless chip …
19:12 Changeset [23874] by mb
elinks: Fix configure cache var for complex paths
18:25 Changeset [23873] by mb
xine-ui: Remove some braindamage
18:25 Changeset [23872] by mb
xine-ui: Fix some dependency issues
18:10 Changeset [23871] by nbd
ath9k: merge a few fixes from trunk
18:05 Changeset [23870] by nbd
ath9k: fix enabling SWBA interrupts
16:51 Changeset [23869] by mb
unfs3 is not parallel build safe
16:33 Changeset [23868] by mb
clearsilver is not parallel build safe
16:05 Ticket #8174 (rt2800_load_firmware: Error) created by s-g-r <sgr_@…>
Hi, plz help to make a LCS-8231N mini-pci card run on Routerstation. …
15:18 Changeset [23867] by kaloz
[avr32]: upgrade to 2.6.36
15:18 Changeset [23866] by kaloz
[toolchain]: use gcc 4.3.5 for avr32
15:17 Changeset [23865] by kaloz
[toolchain]: add avr32 support to gcc 4.3.5
15:14 Changeset [23864] by florian
backport r23862
15:10 Changeset [23863] by mb
recordmydesktop: Add missing zlib dependency.
15:09 Ticket #8133 ([DG834Gv2] Not booting, crash upon cpmac_open()) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r23862, thanks to Wipster for also help finding the bug.
15:09 Changeset [23862] by florian
[kernel] fix mvswitch PHY polling setting (#8133)
14:26 Ticket #8173 (Atheros ath9k driver hangs for some minutes in trunk build after huge p2p ...) created by Gorby
I have Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. After a huge load under p2p 6MB up/down …
14:20 Changeset [23861] by mb
pcmanfm: Add missing dependencies
14:04 Changeset [23860] by mb
nginx: Add missing zlib dependency
13:56 Changeset [23859] by mb
lxappearance: Add missing dependency
13:42 Changeset [23858] by mb
InstallDev: Move the "find" out of the lock critical section.
13:28 Changeset [23857] by mb
Lock copying of directory trees to the staging dir with the "staging-dir" …
13:26 Changeset [23856] by nbd
ath9k: fix a few remaining issues in the xmit queue cleanup patch - …
12:30 Changeset [23855] by mb
deptest: Capitalize failure message. Makes it easier to spot in the logs.
12:23 Changeset [23854] by mb
iodine: Add missing zlib dependency
12:17 Ticket #8172 (rsyncrypto as package?) created by Ingo
could you please make rsyncrypto available as package in openwrt?
12:09 Changeset [23853] by kaloz
these belong to the generic config..
12:08 Changeset [23852] by mb
postgresql: deptest fixes. staging dir is not preserved. Put host-zic into …
10:01 Changeset [23851] by kaloz
update kernels to and
09:49 Changeset [23850] by kaloz
add missing 2.6.36 symbols
01:51 Changeset [23849] by mb
strongswan4: Enable parallel build
01:50 Changeset [23848] by mb
strongswan4: uClibc-0.9.31 fix
01:37 Ticket #7159 ([ar71xx] Openvpn uses 100% CPU) reopened by danimo
Problem still exists for me with r23842 and RB450g. strace reveals the …
00:20 Changeset [23847] by mb
mpd: Enable parallel build
00:18 Changeset [23846] by mb
mpd: uClibc-0.9.31 fix


23:45 Changeset [23845] by mb
dsniff: uClibc-0.9.31 fix
23:15 Changeset [23844] by mb
send: uClibc-0.9.31 fix
22:10 Ticket #8168 (Get Loop-aes working with util-linug-ng -> wrong patches...) created by p91@…
Hi, I am trying to get loop-aes to work on my OpenWRT setup. Problem is: …
22:07 Changeset [23843] by arteq
[packages] nzbgetweb: update to 1.4, add external xmlrpc library, add …
22:01 Changeset [23842] by lars
[kernel] Add even more missing symbols to the 2.6.36 config
21:38 Changeset [23841] by jow
[backfire] partly merge r23314 (#7745)
21:15 Ticket #3538 (Add Package for bwm-ng) reopened by anonymous
Patch in: https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/7743
20:12 Changeset [23840] by blogic
[ifxmips] * adds a rewrite of the tapi drivers + sip app. this is the …
20:10 Changeset [23839] by blogic
[ifxmips] * adds patch to 2.6.35 series to make dsl work
20:07 Changeset [23838] by blogic
[ifxmips] * remove broken flag from dsl-control app
20:06 Changeset [23837] by blogic
[ifxmips] * make dsl driver work with new kernel
20:02 Changeset [23836] by blogic
[ifxmips]: * bump kernel to * merge arcadyn mach files * fixes …
19:48 Changeset [23835] by mb
deptest: Do not clobber the base build and staging dirs
19:41 Changeset [23834] by obsy
[packages] proftpd: update to 1.3.3c
19:27 Changeset [23833] by mb
aircrack-ng is not 100% parallel safe. Disable parallel build.
19:26 Changeset [23832] by mb
ensure an empty BUILD_DIR variable is passed down u-boot's makefile
19:20 Changeset [23831] by arteq
[package] nzbget: add curses output mode
17:55 Changeset [23830] by acoul
package/madwifi: fix r23829 commit
17:18 Changeset [23829] by acoul
package/madwifi: Use sema_init() instead of init_MUTEX() (based on: …
17:13 Changeset [23828] by acoul
target/linux: add preliminary 2.6.37 kernel support
16:18 Changeset [23827] by mb
deptest: --force also overrides blacklist stamps
16:01 Changeset [23826] by mb
deptest: Add --force to force a test
15:58 Changeset [23825] by mb
deptest: Install of host tools has to be forced for every test, because …
15:56 Changeset [23824] by nbd
ath9k: fix cycle counter tracking
15:55 Changeset [23823] by nbd
ath9k: fix queue pending frame counter tracking by cleaning up tx queue …
15:55 Changeset [23822] by nbd
ar71xx: improve the wndr3700 quirks - move most of the code out of ath9k …
15:44 Changeset [23821] by mb
deptest: Add option for lean test
14:35 Changeset [23820] by mb
gpxview: Add missing dependencies
13:49 Changeset [23819] by mb
deptest: Add sanity check to avoid trouble with illegal package names
13:41 Changeset [23818] by mb
deptest: Support specifying certain packages to test on the commandline.
11:40 Ticket #8164 (Add 'identity' config option for eap=TLS when creating wpa_supplicant ...) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r23817. Thanks!
11:39 Changeset [23817] by acinonyx
[package] hostapd: Add 'identity' config option when eap_type is 'tls' on …
10:30 Ticket #8150 (new version of srelay available) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Updated to v0.4.8b3 in r23816. Thanks!
10:29 Changeset [23816] by acinonyx
[packages] srelay: Update to v0.4.8b3 (#8150)
10:23 Ticket #8167 (Refresh kmod-crypto-mv-cesa for orion) created by Nilfred <nilfred@…>
kmod-crypto-mv-cesa was enabled for orion in r23229 but disappear from …
09:24 Ticket #8165 (libtasn1 install pkgconfig .pc) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r23815. thank you
09:24 Changeset [23815] by acoul
libs/libtasn1: fix installation issue. (closes #8165)
07:19 Ticket #8166 (transmission-daemon and uClibc-0.9.31 socket problems) created by Joe Roback (dirtyfreebooter) <openwrt-devel@…>
Installed latest trunk, r23811, after starting transmission-daemon, logs …
02:40 Ticket #8165 (libtasn1 install pkgconfig .pc) created by porter.adam@…
When compiling an application which depends on libtasn1, the configuration …
02:36 Changeset [23814] by mb
fltk2: Add missing dependency
02:31 Changeset [23813] by mb
fltk2: Enable parallel build
02:27 Changeset [23812] by mb
fltk2: uClibc-0.9.31 fixes
02:10 Changeset [23811] by mb
deptest: Add optional blacklisting
01:27 Changeset [23810] by mb
deptest: Check for .config
01:24 Changeset [23809] by mb
deptest: Install the kernel at init stage
00:59 Changeset [23808] by mb
openswan: Fix uClibc-0.9.31 build failure
00:22 Changeset [23807] by mb
deptest: Better detection of base directory


23:48 Changeset [23806] by mb
deptest: Also make sure the toolchain is built in the initialization step. …
23:36 Changeset [23805] by mb
deptest: Also create "failed" stamps. This makes it easier to check what …
22:58 Changeset [23804] by mb
deptest: Add shbang
22:57 Changeset [23803] by mb
deptest: Fix indent
22:19 Changeset [23802] by mb
wide-dhcpv6: Compile for for uClibc-0.9.31. We need -D_GNU_SOURCE. …
21:10 Changeset [23801] by mb
matrixssl: Enable parallel build
21:09 Changeset [23800] by mb
matrixssl: Fix compile on uClibc-0.9.31
20:20 Ticket #7793 (Internet Connection not Stable on PPPoE (Backfire). Disconnected) reopened by anonymous
This problems exist on rc3
19:00 Ticket #8164 (Add 'identity' config option for eap=TLS when creating wpa_supplicant ...) created by mattes@…
When trying to configure /etc/config/wireless in station mode with …
17:56 Changeset [23799] by nbd
qt4: move the @DISPLAY_SUPPORT dependency to qt4-gui, however do not …
17:56 Changeset [23798] by nbd
pyqt4: select qt4-gui
17:40 Changeset [23797] by nbd
make IGNORE_ERRORS apply to deselected packages as well (backport from …
17:38 Changeset [23796] by nbd
make IGNORE_ERRORS apply to deselected packages as well (typically …
17:36 Changeset [23795] by nbd
qt4: depend on DISPLAY_SUPPORT
17:33 Changeset [23794] by nbd
gtk2: depend on DISPLAY_SUPPORT
17:32 Changeset [23793] by nbd
libX11: depend on DISPLAY_SUPPORT
17:28 Changeset [23792] by nbd
make the display support feature flag selectable (backport from r23791)
17:26 Changeset [23791] by nbd
make the display support feature flag selectable
17:22 Changeset [23790] by flyn
Add maintainer to openldap Makefile
17:19 Changeset [23789] by flyn
Add maintainer to db47 Makefile
17:18 Changeset [23788] by flyn
Add maintainer to netatalk Makefile
17:17 Changeset [23787] by flyn
Fix krb5 category and add maintainer
17:14 Changeset [23786] by flyn
Update libdmapsharing to 2.1.8
17:06 Changeset [23785] by mb
ekg: Enable parallel build
17:05 Changeset [23784] by mb
ekg: Fix internal dependencies
16:47 Changeset [23783] by mb
horst: Enable parallel build
16:30 Changeset [23782] by mb
horst: Fix parallel build. The "buildstamp" rule runs "make clean" in …
14:57 Changeset [23781] by kaloz
[toolchain]: switch to uClibc 0.9.31
14:57 Changeset [23780] by kaloz
[toolchain]: switch to binutils 2.20.1 (except for avr32 and ubicom32)
14:15 Ticket #8163 (ar71xx Include the web interface and distribute-0.6.10 error) created by sniperpr@…
ar71xx, i select "Include the web interface" Location ->Network …
13:56 Changeset [23779] by kaloz
[toolchain]: remove support for uClibc and
13:28 Changeset [23778] by kaloz
more 2.6.36 config symbols..
13:22 Changeset [23777] by kaloz
[ppc4xx]: add additional config symbols
13:21 Changeset [23776] by kaloz
[ixp4xx]: refresh 2.6.36 patches
13:20 Changeset [23775] by kaloz
[ixp4xx]: update the gpiolib patch
13:17 Changeset [23774] by kaloz
[ixp4xx]: remove unneeded patches
13:01 Changeset [23773] by kaloz
[ixp4xx]: support only 2.6.32 and 2.6.36
12:53 Ticket #8162 (IXP4XX not compile with Kernel 2.6.35 and 2.6.36 on Trunk (NSLU2)) closed by kaloz
fixed: 2.6.36 should be fixed with [23772]
12:52 Changeset [23772] by kaloz
[generic/arm]: add a patch to export dma_set_coherent_mask
12:50 Changeset [23771] by kaloz
this is not a platform specific patch
12:49 Changeset [23770] by kaloz
add some additional 2.6.36 symbol
12:23 Changeset [23769] by dingo
[patch-team] n2n update to release 3875 - Signed-off-by: …
09:37 Changeset [23768] by acoul
package/apex: fix a compile issue


22:46 Changeset [23767] by mb
n810-gui profile: Add xkeyboard-config
22:02 Ticket #8162 (IXP4XX not compile with Kernel 2.6.35 and 2.6.36 on Trunk (NSLU2)) created by Ernesto
The actual Trunk can´t be compiled/patched with success for Kernels 2.6.35 …
21:59 Ticket #8161 (Unknown HZ value! (89) Assume 100 on MARVELL/ORION) created by Ernesto
On Marvell/Orion with Backfire AND Trunk, Kernels 2.6.32 - 2.6.36 i got …
19:46 Ticket #8160 (wnr854t does not have leds nor input support.) created by erik___
The WNR854T board does not support leds nor input in the linux tree. …
18:29 Changeset [23766] by mb
openl2tp: More dependency fixes
16:52 Changeset [23765] by acoul
net/mini_snmpd: update to version 1.2b
16:10 Changeset [23764] by mb
openl2tp: Fix some internal dependencies
14:58 Changeset [23763] by acoul
net/quagga: cosmetic
14:09 Changeset [23762] by florian
[ep93xx] switch to 2.6.36
14:09 Changeset [23761] by florian
[ep93xx] set the mac address using the chip-unique serial number
14:09 Changeset [23760] by florian
[ep93xx] add support for 2.6.36 kernel
14:09 Changeset [23759] by florian
[ep93xx] resync kernel config
13:28 Ticket #3193 (added package libftdi) reopened by Micke Prag <micke.prag@…>
13:25 Ticket #8158 (Missing uci file ...) closed by agb
fixed: uci-2010-09-28.2.tar.gz uploaded to http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/
11:54 Ticket #8159 (ar71xx [rb433uah]: changeset r22862 does not work) created by anonymous
Error log: […]
11:15 Changeset [23758] by mb
From: Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu.z@…> fix gnuplot compile error
10:29 Ticket #8158 (Missing uci file ...) created by Gorby
06:13 Ticket #8157 (kmod-usb-storage-extras error trunk 23757 kirkwood) created by sniperpr@…
01:20 Changeset [23757] by jow
[package] uci: use a delete-safe iterator in the Lua :foreach() function …
00:32 Ticket #7953 (Missing dependence of LVM2 package) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r23756.
00:31 Ticket #7999 ([packages] postgresql: update to 9.0.0, fix dependency, add user if not ...) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r23755, thanks!
00:31 Ticket #8083 (Update mdnsresponder to 214.3.2) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r23754, thanks!
00:30 Ticket #8152 ([packages] utils/hdidle: Update to 1.01) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r23753, thanks!
00:30 Ticket #8141 (openl2tp-1.7) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r23752, next time please submit these as patches, not a tar …
00:30 Changeset [23756] by florian
[package] lvm depends on libncurses (#7953)
00:30 Changeset [23755] by florian
[package] update postgresql to 9.0.0 (#7999)
00:30 Changeset [23754] by florian
[package] update mdnsresponder to 214.3.2 (#8083)
00:29 Changeset [23753] by florian
[package] update hd-idle to 1.01 (#8152)
00:29 Changeset [23752] by florian
[package] update openl2tp to 1.7 (#8141)


23:52 Changeset [23751] by florian
[brcm63xx] remove empty directories
23:27 Ticket #8156 (Netgear DG834GT) created by pspmann
Hello, I've a netgear DG834GT which worked with r21333
23:19 Changeset [23750] by florian
backport r23746
23:18 Changeset [23749] by florian
backport r23737
23:18 Changeset [23748] by florian
backport r21404, r21409
23:17 Changeset [23747] by florian
backport r21457
22:46 Ticket #7548 (Clock timing completely out on AR7 (TNETD7200) (DSL-502T Generation II)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r23746. It was not safe to use msleep that early in the kernel …
22:45 Changeset [23746] by florian
[ar7] initialize clocks earlier for lpj to be correct (#7548)
22:45 Changeset [23745] by florian
[ar7] refresh 2.6.32 patches
21:56 Ticket #8155 (96348GW-11 board USB host wrong IRQ, error -145) created by anonymous
About two months ago, I had the USB subsystem working on 96348GW-11 board …
17:41 Ticket #8154 ([patch][orion] Per subtarget image makefiles for Orion platform and ...) created by maddes
Reason for this change is to remove existing cross-subtarget dependencies …
16:36 Changeset [23744] by nbd
remove an obsolete comment for the flock template
16:33 Changeset [23743] by nbd
fix usage of flock - use the command mode instead of locking a file …
15:33 Changeset [23742] by nbd
mac80211: backport the nl80211 crash fix from r23741
15:32 Changeset [23741] by nbd
nl80211: fix a station dump crash triggered by sending an invalid ifindex
14:53 Changeset [23740] by nbd
hostapd: merge operstate cleanup from r23738
14:51 Ticket #7888 (make download produces md5s errors) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r23739
14:49 Changeset [23739] by nbd
add missing SH_FUNC for remaining md5s calls (#7888)
14:49 Changeset [23738] by nbd
hostapd: move the madwifi segfault fix to the right place
14:48 Ticket #8153 (tcptraceroute6 does not work) created by gmazzurco89@…
trying to running tcptraceroute6 i obtain this: root@OpenWrt:~# …
14:31 Ticket #7900 (Module crashes on TP-Link TR-1043ND during scp over WLAN) closed by nbd
fixed: This log refers to a very old version of compat-wireless. Recent versions …
14:30 Ticket #6800 (Problem linking libnl-tiny) closed by nbd
worksforme: works for me in recent backfire versions. selecting ath5k as module …
14:11 Ticket #7324 (TI AR7 boot hangs after vlynq0) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in r23737, thanks!
14:10 Changeset [23737] by florian
[ar7] vlynq: try remote clock first, then external (#7324)
14:10 Changeset [23736] by florian
[ar7] refresh 2.6.32 patches
14:10 Changeset [23735] by florian
[kernel] refresh 2.6.32 patches
14:08 Changeset [23734] by nbd
oprofile: add a separate package for extra utilities
13:47 Changeset [23733] by nbd
merge mac80211, iw, hostapd from trunk to backfire
13:37 Changeset [23732] by hauke
crda: fix circular dependency Backport from r22304
13:36 Changeset [23731] by nbd
madwifi: merge ar5416 devid removal from r23730
13:28 Changeset [23730] by nbd
madwifi: remove device ids for AR5416
12:37 Ticket #8152 ([packages] utils/hdidle: Update to 1.01) created by anonymous
Patch included.
09:48 Ticket #8151 (Backport TL-MR3420 v1 to Backfire) created by arteq
Please backport TL-MR3420 v1 support to Backfire - …
08:53 Ticket #8150 (new version of srelay available) created by anonymous
Hi, I told the author of srelay that you created some patches for his …
06:50 Ticket #8149 (dir-300 wifi segmentation fault) created by cavishay@…
hello, i have dir300 (dlink, with atheros 4/32) after latest trunk has …
00:35 Changeset [23729] by florian
[package] add kmod-leds-net5501 Signed-off-by: Philip Prindeville …
00:35 Changeset [23728] by florian
[package] prefer the cs5535 gpiolib driver after 2.6.32
00:35 Changeset [23727] by florian
[x86] resync config-default, enable gpio support
00:35 Changeset [23726] by florian
[package] ep80579 depend on their corresponding subtarget
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