23:51 Changeset [24163] by nbd
ath9k: fix module reload on ar713x based systems with ar92xx
23:47 Changeset [24162] by hauke
brcm47xx: reorder patches like they were commitet upstream
23:40 Changeset [24161] by nbd
remove CONFIG_ADM6996_PHY=y for ar7 and atheros - this driver is …
23:33 Changeset [24160] by nbd
kernel: remove the bogus ext2/ext3 dependency on linux 2.6.30/31 - some …
23:11 Changeset [24159] by nbd
mac80211: add pending patches for throughput based led blinking and …
21:30 Changeset [24158] by jow
[backfire] backport r24041
20:27 Ticket #8322 (Backfire slows down Internet connection by ten times) created by bdrung@…
We have 30 Mbit/s downstream and 2 Mbit/s upstream. I get this bandwidth …
18:29 Ticket #8188 (backport vlynq fixes to backfire) closed by florian
17:08 Changeset [24157] by hauke
kernel: add missing config option
13:05 Ticket #8321 (tinyproxy: allow for user to set a stathost) created by arteq
With default StatHost set to I cant get a stat page. I need set …
09:34 Changeset [24156] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Remove 'Config.in' file - not used since r24151
06:24 Ticket #8318 (Add mpeg2dec to gst-plugins-ugly) created by flyn
Build mpeg2dec plugin. This patch requires libmpeg2 (see ticket #8317).
06:20 Ticket #8317 (New package: libmpeg2) created by flyn
Libmpeg2 is a library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams
00:11 Changeset [24155] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Remove broken flag from ripngd and add IPv6 dependency
00:09 Changeset [24154] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Generate configuration script
00:08 Changeset [24153] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Enable building of all daemons in SDK
00:05 Changeset [24152] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Build daemons of selected packages only
00:03 Changeset [24151] by acinonyx
[packages] quagga: Move package config in Makefile


23:59 Changeset [24150] by acinonyx
Revert "net/quagga: fix some compile issues on SDK" This reverts commit …
18:51 Changeset [24149] by acoul
package/ncurses: fix freebsd install issues
17:42 Changeset [24148] by mirko
[backport 23598] "Add HOST_FPIC. It currently always is -fPIC, because …
12:11 Ticket #8281 (Transmission every piece fails checksum test (possible uclibc problem)) closed by acoul
duplicate: dupe of #8166
10:49 Ticket #8299 (OpenWrt & DWL-2100AP) reopened by florian
I do not think this device works correctly with trunk, it needs fixing …
10:35 Ticket #8299 (OpenWrt & DWL-2100AP) closed by acoul
fixed: I am closing this ticket. thank you for testing and reporting.
10:30 Changeset [24147] by acoul
net/quagga: fix some compile issues on SDK
00:24 Ticket #8315 (Support disk directives in snmpd uci config) created by anonymous
Adding support for disk monitoring directives in this uci config file. …


23:54 Ticket #8296 (uShare won't compile after libupnp update) closed by florian
23:50 Ticket #3782 (DG834 v3: ethernet doesn't work) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with r24142.
22:49 Ticket #8314 (Polipo starting error ( sh: bad number )) created by GIUSEPPE <dk_giuse89@…>
Hi, I have last tunk r24120, […]
19:56 Changeset [24146] by acoul
tools/pkg-config: update to version 0.25
19:02 Changeset [24145] by jow
[package] opkg: ship pkg.m4, this fixes building on FreeBSD
18:03 Changeset [24144] by jow
[packages] ushare: fix compilation against libupnp v1.6.8
15:46 Ticket #8237 ([patch] make rfkill autload before cfg80211) closed by hauke
fixed: Thank you for reporting. This is fixed in r24143.
15:45 Changeset [24143] by hauke
mac80211: cfg80211 should not depend on rfkill. If rfkill is build as an …
14:36 Ticket #8312 (wrt160nl wifi dead) closed by jow
duplicate: dupe of #8237
14:34 Ticket #8313 (WZR-HP-G300HN Sysupgrade Problem) created by pcartwright1981@…
I haven't been able to do a sysupgrade on my reouter for a long time. I …
14:33 Ticket #8264 (DIR-825: Wireless completely broken after changeset 24017) closed by jow
14:26 Ticket #8312 (wrt160nl wifi dead) created by anonymous
13:18 Changeset [24142] by florian
[ar7] patch 972-cpmac_multi_probe.patch correctly, thanks sn9
13:18 Changeset [24141] by florian
[ar7] rename 973-cpmac_handle_mvswitch.c to …
12:58 Changeset [24140] by florian
[ar7] handle mvswitch in cpmac, rework MII probing logic, patch from sn9 …
12:57 Changeset [24139] by florian
[ar7] handle new revisions of vlynq wrt reset sequence, patch from sn9
12:57 Changeset [24138] by florian
[ar7] increase flash window size to 32MiB, patch from sn9.
12:57 Changeset [24137] by florian
[ar7] update acx-mac80211 to 20101030 snapshot, patch from sn9
11:07 Ticket #8311 (build fails) closed by acoul
fixed: should be ok now
02:30 Ticket #8311 (build fails) created by anonymous
make[3]: Entering directory `/media/st500/opnwrt2/trunk/tools/mtd-utils' …


23:36 Ticket #8310 (reported build version differ) created by Silvio Peša <vpritiskovic@…>
Luci reports build r24038 and cli reports r24045. …
19:50 Changeset [24136] by kaloz
update to the latest stable kernels
17:21 Changeset [24135] by jow
[package] mtd: whitespace cleanup
17:18 Changeset [24134] by jow
[package] mtd: fix r24132
17:09 Ticket #8309 (add package: libfreefare) created by neomilium
libfreefare is a library for high level manipulation of MIFARE cards. …
15:54 Changeset [24133] by jow
[package] opkg: write error messages to stdout
15:10 Ticket #8308 (Add a no erase option to mtd for the write command) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r24132. thank you
15:10 Changeset [24132] by acoul
package/mtd: (enhancement) add option to prevent erase when writing to …
15:07 Ticket #8231 (trunk does not build successfully) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r24131
15:07 Changeset [24131] by nbd
change the recursive dependency template to use more make evaluation - the …
15:00 Changeset [24130] by acoul
tools/e2fsprogs: fix freebsd compile issue
13:05 Changeset [24129] by acoul
tools/mtd-utils: update to mtd-utils-20101124
12:59 Changeset [24128] by acoul
tools/e2fsprogs: update to e2fsprogs-1.41.12
12:06 Changeset [24127] by cshore
[brcm63xx] image Makefile: Removed extraneous tab from Image/LimitName16 …
12:01 Ticket #8308 (Add a no erase option to mtd for the write command) created by wmoors@…
Added a patch to add an option to prevent the erase of the block when …
11:01 Changeset [24126] by juhosg
ramips: add support for Belkin F5D8235 v2 board No support for usb for …
11:01 Changeset [24125] by juhosg
generic: add rtl8366rb switch vlan fid support Allows to use fids 0 to 7. …
11:01 Changeset [24124] by juhosg
ramips: Use NET_IP_ALIGN instead of hardcoding 2 Signed-off-by: Helmut …
11:01 Changeset [24123] by juhosg
ramips: DMA map the correct RX skb size The skb_reserve call prior to DMA …
11:01 Changeset [24122] by juhosg
ramips: Don't trigger BUG_ON due to skb allocation failure Instead just …
11:01 Changeset [24121] by juhosg
ramips: Remove unnecessary skb_put Signed-off-by: Helmut Schaa …
01:30 Changeset [24120] by nbd
uClibc: add back a few cflags that were being overwritten, might fix a few …
01:14 Changeset [24119] by zandbelt
[packages] asterisk-1.6.x upgrade to and add app_originate


21:17 Changeset [24118] by cshore
[brcm63xx] image: Limited image name put into the info1 field to 16 …
19:14 Ticket #8307 (include subtarget in BUILD_DIR and BIN_DIR) created by heil
when trying to build standard x86 and subtarget the path for the BUILD_DIR …
18:17 Changeset [24117] by flyn
Update dmapd and libdmapsharing to new upstream versions
17:42 Ticket #6677 (updated package: libnfc) reopened by neomilium
Hello, A new libnfc version have been release: 1.4.0. A patch will be …
17:41 Changeset [24116] by acoul
linux/brcm47xx: sync yhe BCM4710 fix with the upcoming upstream patch.
17:02 Changeset [24115] by obsy
[packages] transmission: don't convert value for config file
15:36 Changeset [24114] by acoul
linux/generic: add 2.6.37 support for the Cisco 7941/7945 IP phones: …
15:12 Changeset [24113] by acoul
linux/brcm47xx: add missing patch on r24112
15:08 Changeset [24112] by acoul
linux/brcm47xx: Broadcom BCM4710 does not belong in the BMIPS4KC family.
15:04 Changeset [24111] by acoul
linux/generic: refresh 2.6.37 patches
13:07 Changeset [24110] by hcg
[gumstix] Fix ext4 build
12:59 Changeset [24109] by hcg
[gumstix] Bump kernel version
11:16 Changeset [24108] by hcg
[gumstix] Remove NAND support
09:56 Ticket #8306 (Not build libiwinfo for gcc 4.4.5/eglibc 2.12) created by sav
Not build libiwinfo for gcc 4.4.5/eglibc 2.12 […]
08:37 Ticket #8305 (lsqlite3 Segmentation Fault) created by Dmitry Krylov <dmalkr@…>
I had installed lsqlite3: […] then I has wrote this program: […] …
06:30 Ticket #8304 (Not build coreutils for eglibc) created by sav
Not build coreutils for gcc 4.4.5/eglibc 2.12. Patch included
05:45 Ticket #8303 (mtd-utils build fail under Cygwin, the 120-cygwin_fixes.patch needs to be ...) created by Brady Zhu <bradyzhu@…>
Trunk and backfire use difference version mtd-utils, here is the patch for …
05:36 Ticket #8302 (mtd-utils build fail under Cygwin, the 120-cygwin_fixes.patch needs to be ...) created by Brady Zhu <bradyzhu@…>
Trunk and backfire use difference version mtd-utils, here is the patch for …
03:13 Changeset [24107] by nbd
mac80211: improve station mode nullfunc probing
01:27 Ticket #8301 (update spandsp to latest snapshot and added installation of spandsp.pc) created by Laigor <laigor@…>
01:09 Ticket #8300 (change Asterisk version to and add fax application) created by Laigor <laigor@…>
change Asterisk version to and add fax application


23:45 Ticket #8299 (OpenWrt & DWL-2100AP) created by Silvio Peša <vpritiskovic@…>
Neither one of generic builds from …
23:17 Ticket #8298 (Compile from trunk failure on mtd-utils, Error 1) closed by jow
fixed: No need to wipe everything. Fixed with r24106, run "make …
22:56 Changeset [24106] by nbd
e2fsprogs: fix libuuid installation
22:28 Ticket #8298 (Compile from trunk failure on mtd-utils, Error 1) created by Steve <ccdoggy2@…>
I have been building images for a few weeks now testing configurations and …
20:59 Changeset [24105] by nbd
mac80211: improve ad-hoc multicast rate handling
20:59 Changeset [24104] by nbd
iw: sync nl80211 header to fix the multicast rate setting
19:49 Changeset [24103] by nbd
use PREFIX/bin instead of PREFIX/sbin for all host builds (fixes e2fsprogs …
19:16 Changeset [24102] by acoul
linux/brcm47xx: properly fix r24096
18:50 Changeset [24101] by nbd
uClibc: fix ubicom32 compile error with 0.9.32
18:50 Changeset [24100] by nbd
uClibc: fix headers install on prepare with QUILT=1
18:49 Changeset [24099] by nbd
uClibc: make UCLIBC_HAS_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH generic
18:28 Changeset [24098] by nbd
ath9k_htc: fix eeprom access breakage
18:28 Changeset [24097] by nbd
ath9k: fix key search for a-mpdu on ar9300
18:17 Ticket #8297 (compile gmp error!!) created by sniperpr@…
i use Ubuntu 10.10 x64. i try 4.3.2 4.3.1,is same error […] …
18:17 Changeset [24096] by acoul
linux/brcm47xx: mainline 2.6.37 602977b0d672687909b0cb0542ede134ed6ef858
17:29 Changeset [24095] by acoul
target/linux: sync kernel patches to 2.6.37-rc3
17:18 Changeset [24094] by nbd
uClibc: fix cris compile on 0.9.32
16:14 Changeset [24093] by nbd
uClibc: fix compile error on avr32
15:50 Changeset [24092] by nbd
uClibc: disable nptl on a few targets where it is not supported yet
15:26 Changeset [24091] by nbd
e2fsprogs: clean up the makefile and install libuuid
14:46 Changeset [24090] by kaloz
14:43 Changeset [24089] by kaloz
remove 2.6.25 support
14:31 Changeset [24088] by kaloz
[coldfire]: remove 2.6.25 support
14:29 Changeset [24087] by kaloz
[coldfire]: 2.6.31 support (WiP)
14:01 Changeset [24086] by kaloz
fix typos
13:58 Changeset [24085] by kaloz
[target/x86]: move x86 back to .32 for now
13:19 Ticket #8205 (kirkwood build error gcc-linaro-4.5-2010.10-0 and uClibc-0.9.31_eabi. ...) closed by kaloz
wontfix: the feroceon optimization is only available in the CS gcc. the patch isn't …
13:12 Changeset [24084] by kaloz
switch from ext2 to ext4 (w/o) journaling
13:11 Changeset [24083] by kaloz
use ext4 for ext2/3 on 2.6.32+
13:03 Changeset [24082] by kaloz
add 2.6.32 patches to use ext4 for ext2/3
12:34 Changeset [24081] by kaloz
[target/x86]: additional Kconfig options for newer kernels
12:33 Changeset [24080] by kaloz
[target/x86]: we don't need microcode updates
12:27 Changeset [24079] by kaloz
[package/grub]: add ext4 support
12:26 Changeset [24078] by kaloz
[tools]: add e2fsprogs to tools and use that instead of libuuid
12:03 Changeset [24077] by kaloz
add missing Kconfig symbols
09:34 Ticket #5172 (weechat throws compile error due to missing files) closed by maddes
fixed: Re-checked with r24049. Compiled fine. Ticket closed.
09:03 Ticket #8296 (uShare won't compile after libupnp update) created by anonymous
Revision 24066 update libupnp to 1.6.8, broke compiling of uShare. …
04:18 Changeset [24076] by mirko
[packages/triggerhappy] update Makefile to use a more recent version which …
04:12 Ticket #8295 (Openwrt large image creation problem) created by anonymous
I have been using Openwrt to build images from trunk for my WZRHPG300NH …
02:56 Changeset [24075] by marek
batman-adv: update package to latest release (2010.2.0)
02:48 Changeset [24074] by nbd
uClibc: 0.9.32 needs the ldso fix as well
02:28 Ticket #8294 (discrepancy between "web" and "opkg info"; still missing tos & length) created by markus_kubler@…
Using WR1043ND. Had r23991, just installed r24047. On vanilla then …
01:44 Changeset [24073] by nbd
uClibc: update 0.9.32 to latest git
00:27 Changeset [24072] by nbd
x86: add missing l1 cache shift change
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