22:56 Ticket #8593 (rev 24920 breaks backfire xtables-addons compile) created by anonymous
rev 24920 breaks backfire xtables-addons compile […]
18:40 Ticket #8592 (Active Congestion Controller for QoS) created by candrews@…
Gargoyle/OpenWRT dynamically determines available bandwidth for QoS, …
17:24 Ticket #8591 (problem building package opkg) closed by jow
duplicate: https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/8418#comment:1
17:15 Ticket #8591 (problem building package opkg) created by Bart Swinnen <bartswinnen@…>
I get following error when building openwrt. […]
15:10 Ticket #8590 (l7 filter makes the nf_conntrack_count inconsistent with ...) created by anonymous
The detail is in this thread: …
10:59 Ticket #8535 (Regression: rev 24791 breaks trunk with recent kernels) closed by jow
fixed: I believe the issue is fixed by r24920, if not please reopen.
10:57 Changeset [24920] by jow
[packages] xtables-addons: the configure first calls "make kernelrelease" …
10:25 Ticket #8589 ([PATCH] Backfire: Embedd SVN revision text into /etc/openwrt_release so ...) created by hnyman
A compiled Backfire contains version information in /etc/banner and …
05:53 Changeset [24919] by swalker
[packages] fetchmail: update to 6.3.19, add ssl/nossl variants
05:52 Changeset [24918] by swalker
[packages] msmtp: update to 1.4.22
05:51 Changeset [24917] by swalker
[packages] dosfstools: update to 3.0.11
05:50 Changeset [24916] by swalker
[packages] nbd: update to 2.9.18, add kmod-nbd dependency, use PKG_INSTALL
02:33 Changeset [24915] by lars
[xburst] Drop support for older kernel versions
02:32 Changeset [24914] by lars
[xburst] Add 2.6.37 support


23:57 Ticket #8588 (missing command nvram on openwrt-atheros-wla-5000ap-jffs2-64k.bin package) closed by jow
invalid: Thats an atheros reference design, there is no such thing like boot_wait …
23:51 Ticket #8588 (missing command nvram on openwrt-atheros-wla-5000ap-jffs2-64k.bin package) created by js2002
This command is missing, needed to set boot_wait. Flashed WLA-5000AP …
22:29 Changeset [24913] by swalker
[packages] p910nd: update to 0.94, drop obsolete patch, use PKG_INSTALL
22:27 Changeset [24912] by swalker
[packages] i2c-tools: update to 3.0.3, refresh patches
22:19 Ticket #8587 (Trunk fails to build (r24910)) created by anonymous
A clean trunk was checked out of svn using the following command: svn …
20:27 Changeset [24911] by juhosg
package/mtd: make fixtrx available on ar71xx as well
16:34 Changeset [24910] by nunojpg
[packages] restorefactory: update to release 5
16:33 Changeset [24909] by nunojpg
[packages] watchcat: update to release 5
12:28 Changeset [24908] by swalker
[packages] unrar: update to 4.0.4, link against uclibcxx, use PKG_INSTALL
12:20 Changeset [24907] by swalker
[packages] l2tpv3tun: update to 0.2, use PKG_INSTALL and MAKE_FLAGS, …
09:48 Ticket #8586 (Problem of booting/running Backfire on Cyrix/NatSemi/Geode chipsets ...) created by Gordon Freeman <deusex25@…>
Gents, I have a problem of booting Backfire 10.03 (x86-combined-squashfs …
04:07 Changeset [24906] by jow
[generic] fix unbalanced mutex_lock/mutex_unlock in mini_fo getxattr op. …
03:48 Changeset [24905] by jow
[generic] disable CONFIG_EXT4_FS_XATTR on kernel 2.6.35 and 2.6.37, this …


23:08 Ticket #8585 (Missing web directory and files for clutch in transmission opkg package.) closed by jow
obsolete: It is packaged as transmission-web already.
23:08 Ticket #8585 (Missing web directory and files for clutch in transmission opkg package.) created by anonymous
Unfortunately, the webpages is not included in the transmission package …
22:53 Ticket #8584 (stuck trace on .../ath/ath9k/recv.c:535 on TP-LINK TL-WR741ND) created by kofec
Hi, I had stuck trace. Maybe this will be helpful for someone. […]
22:13 Changeset [24904] by nunojpg
[packages] sshtunnel: changed default retry time
22:12 Changeset [24903] by nunojpg
[packages] watchcat: changed initd sequence
18:47 Ticket #8583 (Add Actiontec MI424-WR to IXP4xx Supported Boards (dev wiki)) created by ledwards@…
The Actiontec MI424-WR (http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/actiontec/mi424wr) is …
18:20 Changeset [24902] by nunojpg
[packages] watchcat: added default settings
17:39 Changeset [24901] by kaloz
[package/mac80211/carl9170]: fix md5sum, use our mirror with a fixed-up …
17:15 claudio edited by claudio
16:09 Changeset [24900] by nunojpg
[packages] restorefactory: directory fix
16:02 Ticket #8582 (need /etc/qos.user script) created by luke-jr+openwrtbugs@…
using /etc/firewall.user requires starting firewall after qos. An …
15:35 Ticket #8581 (adm5120: software bridge between VLANs is not working) created by Alexey Torkhov <atorkhov@…>
Software bridge between VLANs on adm5120 board (I have Zyxel P-334WT) is …
15:20 Ticket #8529 (amule compile failed) closed by jow
fixed: Thank you for the input, the appropriate changes have been committed in …
15:20 Changeset [24899] by jow
[packages] libiconv: declare api functions as extern "C", solves linking …
14:45 Ticket #8577 (WAN port fails due to VLAN error on ramips device) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in r24898. Thanks!
14:44 Changeset [24898] by juhosg
ramips: ramips_esw: fix typos Patch from #8577.
14:44 Changeset [24897] by juhosg
ar71xx: make uci-default scripts executable Reported-by: Nuno Gonçalves …
14:04 Changeset [24896] by nunojpg
[packages] restorefactory: added default settings
11:50 Ticket #8580 (tx dma ring full on AG310) created by mark@…
Hi I can flash my router using the stock AG310 (AR7) backfire RC4 …
02:56 Ticket #8578 (Avahi won't compile under Backfire branch (INTLLIBS not set?)) created by ledwards@…
Building Avahi (avahi-daemon configured) for Backfire branch r24894 on …
01:37 Changeset [24895] by nbd
mac80211: fix a race condition during key deletion
00:57 Ticket #8577 (WAN port fails due to VLAN error on ramips device) created by daryl.tanner@…
Discovered problem on ramips device (DIR615 rev D) where incoming packets …


22:50 Ticket #8576 (Bug while building OpenWRT backfire build 24814 with php5 + phpcli + ...) created by michel.targo@…
Bug while building OpenWRT backfire 24814 with php5 + phpcli + …
22:19 Ticket #8575 (OpenVPN not working in ethernet bridging without selfcreated scripts) created by anonymous
Hi, I'm currently trying to get OpenVPN up and running on my WNDR3700. …
21:07 Ticket #8574 (libxt_physdev.so missing from iptables-mod-extra) created by Brian J. Murrell <brian@…>
On my KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r18617) based router I have: […] But …
20:52 Ticket #8569 (gphoto2 has no known cameras) closed by swalker
worksforme: […]
19:51 Ticket #8573 (package firewall is unremovable) closed by jow
worksforme: It is removable just fine. "luci" is an empty meta package which groups …
19:17 Changeset [24894] by kaloz
[package/mac80211/carl9170]: use the latest fw release
19:16 Changeset [24893] by kaloz
[package/mac80211]: tune ath dependencies - carl9170 can be used on …
18:58 Ticket #8573 (package firewall is unremovable) created by Brian J. Murrell <brian@…>
I just tried to remove the firewall package since I prefer the much …
17:37 Ticket #8107 ([patch] make wprobe-util script friendly) closed by acoul
fixed: applied in r24892. thank you.
17:37 Changeset [24892] by acoul
package/wprobe: {enhancement} make printing attributes optional. A delay …
17:13 Changeset [24891] by acoul
package/wprobe: fix kernel 2.6.37 compile issues
16:41 Ticket #8572 (tinyproxy init script missing DisableViaHeader option) created by anonymous
proxy_atom "$1" DisableViaHeader >> $CFGFILE should be added to …
15:27 Changeset [24890] by acoul
tools/mkimage: fix r24887
15:20 Changeset [24889] by kaloz
[toolchain/uClibc]: upgrade to latest git snapshot
13:59 Changeset [24888] by acoul
tools/qemu: fix FreeBSD compile issue
13:37 Ticket #8571 (Luci enable_vlan4k option) created by anonymous
Luci enhancement to add enable_vlan4k option under Network->Switch page.
13:31 Ticket #8570 (dhcp6 server does not need libncurses) created by roman.yepishev@…
[…] libncurses adds more than 100Kb to the image and none of its …
13:30 Changeset [24887] by acoul
tools/mkimage: fix compilation on FreeBSD
13:07 Ticket #8569 (gphoto2 has no known cameras) created by anonymous
gphoto2 compiles and installs fine, but doesn't list any ports or cameras …
12:39 Ticket #8568 (MiniDlna package missing in brcm-2.4) created by anonymous
10:59 acoul edited by acoul
10:49 Ticket #8567 (missing depency in package pptpd) created by info@…
control in pptpd_1.3.0-1_mipsel.ipk (brcm-2.4) shows --snip-- Package: …
05:33 Ticket #8565 (Tinyproxy does not respect some configuration parameters) closed by flyn
worksforme: I should have used "option FilterDefaultDeny 1" and "option SysLog 1." I …
02:48 Changeset [24886] by swalker
[packages] tmux: update to 1.4
00:13 Ticket #8565 (Tinyproxy does not respect some configuration parameters) created by flyn
I installed have the tinyproxy package (from revision 24636, I think). I …


21:53 Changeset [24885] by hauke
brcm47xx: fix compile problem when serial is deactivated. Thank you …
21:23 Changeset [24884] by swalker
[packages] ipv6calc: update to 0.80.0, use PKG_INSTALL and MAKE_FLAGS
21:22 Changeset [24883] by swalker
[packages] conntrack-tools: update to 0.9.15
20:18 Ticket #8564 (Add noatime to /etc/config/fstab) created by quiet.dragon@…
It might be a good idea to add noatime to the mount of /dev/sda1 to since …
19:31 Changeset [24882] by swalker
[packages] aoetools: update to 32 * add kmod-aoe and libpthread …
17:23 Ticket #7102 (brcm47xx: wireless broken by default because of wrong macaddr) closed by jow
invalid: The fix was added after 10.03 and will be part of 10.03.1. Released builds …
16:53 Ticket #7102 (brcm47xx: wireless broken by default because of wrong macaddr) reopened by rmm200@…
openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin dated 6 Apr 2010 (current version) in …
10:23 Changeset [24881] by swalker
[packages] psmisc: update to 22.13 * drop obsolete patch * add killall …
09:29 Changeset [24880] by swalker
[packages] bind: update to 9.7.2-P3 (CVE-2010-3613, CVE-2010-3614, …
09:28 Changeset [24879] by swalker
[packages] pv: update to 1.2.0, use PKG_INSTALL
02:23 Changeset [24878] by jow
[tools] missing-macros: add as-unaligned-access.m4
02:14 Changeset [24877] by jow
[tools] missing-macros: add as-compiler-flag.m4 and as-version.m4
01:54 Changeset [24876] by jow
[packages] imspector: remove iconv workarounds
01:22 Changeset [24875] by jow
[packages] libtheora: avoid libSDL build dependency by removing call to …
01:09 Changeset [24874] by jow
[packages] libshout: fix linking
00:34 Ticket #5599 (build fails after feeds update) reopened by anonymous
I am still (or again?) having this issue with r24872 on FC14
00:26 Changeset [24873] by jow
[packages] subversion: get rid of libintl dependency
00:16 Ticket #8539 (lsm compile fail - trunk r24839) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r24872 - I believe the issue has been dealt with.
00:15 Changeset [24872] by jow
[packages] lsm: fix compilation with ccache (#8539)
00:14 Changeset [24871] by jow
[packages] ettercap: use mini iconv (again)
00:11 Changeset [24870] by jow
[packages] libiconv: extend the library to support more charset …


22:19 Ticket #8563 (mkimage compile error) closed by jow
worksforme: This is an issue with your system clock.
22:18 Ticket #8563 (mkimage compile error) created by anonymous
compiling mkimage shows this message Continuously: make[4]: Warning: …
21:45 Ticket #8562 (DDNS update nslookup failure) created by quiet.dragon@…
There are several problems with the use of nslookup in …
17:52 Ticket #8557 (DDNS update should use monotonic clock) closed by jow
fixed: Committed in r24869 - thank you!
17:52 Changeset [24869] by jow
[packages] ddns-scripts: use /proc/uptime as time reference, this makes it …
17:10 Changeset [24868] by hauke
crda: update to version 1.1.1 and update regulatory database to most …
17:03 Changeset [24867] by jow
[package] e2fsprogs: revert r24848 as well
16:58 Ticket #8561 (Trunk fails to compile - error in e2fsprogs) closed by jow
duplicate: Dupe of #8550
16:57 Ticket #8549 (Netgear WGT634U busted again, no ethernet) closed by jow
invalid: closed due to user request
16:56 Ticket #8561 (Trunk fails to compile - error in e2fsprogs) created by andrew.lyon@…
Building trunk r24865 compile errors at e2fsprogs: make[6]: Leaving …
16:55 Ticket #8560 (Trunk fails to compile - error in e2fsprogs) closed by jow
duplicate: Dupe of #8550
16:54 Ticket #8552 (e2fsck fails to link) closed by jow
duplicate: Dupe of #8550
16:52 Ticket #8560 (Trunk fails to compile - error in e2fsprogs) created by andrew.lyon@…
Building trunk r24865 compile errors at e2fsprogs: make[6]: Leaving …
16:51 Changeset [24866] by jow
[tools] revert r24851, it breaks compilation on many hosts
16:18 Changeset [24865] by hauke
tools: add some missing dependencies
16:10 Ticket #8559 (Can not check for webif update) created by misca@…
Dear Sir or Madame When pressing the button "check for webif update" in …
15:05 Changeset [24864] by swalker
[packages] mercurial: update to 1.7.2, refresh patches
10:42 Changeset [24863] by swalker
[packages] git: update to, refresh patches
07:59 Changeset [24862] by swalker
[packages] gnupg: update to 1.4.11 * update patch to include the post …
07:54 Changeset [24861] by swalker
[packages] miau: update to 0.6.6 * drop the local outdated miaurc in …
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